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Ananta-Shesha is a form of Vishnú, the Sacred Spirit of Preservation, and symbol of the Universe, on which he sleeps during the intervals of the days of Brahmâ. The seven heads of Shesha sustain the universe.of the human race.

[Wilson; Vishnu Purâna]

The Cross of Ice



Chaos, Theos and Kosmos:


The Greeks deepened, as many other previous cultures, in the theogony of Chaos, Theos and Kosmos. Which is one of the keys teachers of the spiritual knowledge contains, we can listen this way Hesiodoto saying: <<Of all the things, the Chaos was the first one produced. [Tomas Taylor; Parmenides of Plato]>> 

Then the Chaos went in this way even previous to the Divine Fire or Theos being obtained, with the union of both, the radiant, such Kosmos and as we know it today. <<The Chaos obtaining felt by this union with the Spirit, it glows of pleasure; and the Protogonos was produced this way (the primogenital Light). [Hermas; Ancient Fragments of Cory]>> 

Although again they were the Hindu those developed this doctrine more thoroughly, creating the most beautiful allegories to express that idea: 

<<In the principle the darkness only existed (Tamas). It was in the Supreme thing and, moved by the Supreme thing becomes unequal. It becomes this way darkness (ragas). Then this darkness, being moved, becomes unequal. It becomes this way kindness (sattva). Then this kindness, being moved, makes flow the essence. This is that part (or state of the Being) that is totally intelligent, reflected in the man (as the sun it is in different vessels of water) knowing the body (kshetragña), confirmed by their imagination, wanting and believing that it is Pragapati, called Visva. [A. Duperron; the Upanishads]>> 


Our friend Claudia:

(p) FIRST MAIL (Comment III): 

Appreciated Sebastián, 

I have arrived until the page 213 of your work, and well, there are some things that they don't finish closing to me. 
For example the association that is made among The Dhyân Chohans and The Space Gardeners." To see, according to I understand it, different evolution levels should exist inside oneself Hierarchy. Because as well as there are human beings that have developed their mind to a certain extent, ending up using the intelligence in self-centered form, other human beings that have been able to develop also exist even more the mental principle, as much as to use it as a means through which can show the intuition or Budhi (expert as perception in a plane immediate superior or of quicker vibratory frequency) . 

On this base it is also logical to think that inside a superior Hierarchy as the one that define as Dhyân Chohans, those that completed their learning when concluding the previous cycle could exist also and others that not. Being this way, it is logical to think that those that promoted, were qualified to continue their work starting from the manipulation of mental substance of the superior or abstract sub-planes (arûpa), as long as the stragglers should begin again starting from the employment of the concrete mental substance (rûpa), or starting from the mental unit. Of there that in the work of H. P. B. be mentioned Dhyân Chohans and to Dhyân superior Chohans . 

Now then. The difference that exists among the abstract and concrete levels of the mental plane is that in the highest sub-plane in the abstract level is the permanent mental atom, as long as in the highest sub-plane in the concrete level it is the mental unit. If one thinks that in the third sub-plane (the most inferior inside the abstract sub-planes) is formed the causal body", it is clear why so much stress it has become in the construction of Salomon's Temple." Because that " temple ", build with the extracted stones of the quarry of the personal life, is exactly the causal body or Egoic Lotus in whose interior hides the " spark " monadic which returns to its origin source when it takes place the first bigger initiation. 
This would speak clearly of which the situation went to the moment to begin the work in this system, so much on the part of those who were promoted as well as of those that were behind. But the curious of the process, is that those that are behind should work more; that is to say, they should begin before in order to prepare the land of those who have advanced more and they require more refined material to be able to begin their work. Only in this way understands each other that The Children of the Flame embodied in an intermediate race. But how characteristic it possessed that intermediate race?" Would not this be conformed by causal bodies"?, because known it is that without an unit mental this body it cannot be formed and without him states could neither be reached beyond the human. 
Another of the confused points of the topic of the "Space Gardeners", according to the version that you manage, they are the times of their intervention and that  related them with Hierarchies that left the three worlds of the human evolution behind. Because if the things were given just as they say, what Lobsang Rampa relates in its book The Hermit would lack sense and it is there where they don't in fact close me the data. There is a couple of sentences in that book that they made me think enough, because great part of the descriptions that lead us Lobsang, they coincide fully with other Writings that I possess, which in fact come from a messenger of the Space Gardeners. This, on the other hand, explains the history in a way something different and as if it was little, other sources also exist where common informations can be detected, although the strangest thing is that not all give oneself version of the facts -something that without a doubt in fact forces us to be formed our own truth tossing hand to all that seems to be hopelessly dispersed. Therefore, I find that it would be very useful to continue the exchange of points of view, although apparently they seem disparate. I attach you a brief compilation of that said by L. R. A cordial greeting. 



Annex on: Lobsang Rampa; The Hermit:

'There now came upon the crowd around me a hush; not a silence, for there cannot be a silence where people are congregated. In the hush I could distinguish very sharp footsteps which ceased abruptly. "Be seated!" commanded a curt, military voice. There was a relaxed rustling, the rustling of stiff cloth, the creak of leather, and the shuffling of many feet. A scraping sound as though one of those strange seats had been pushed back. The sound of a man rising to his feet. A tense, expectant hush pervaded the place for a second or so and then the voice spoke.

'"Ladies and Gentlemen," carefully enunciated this deep, mature Voice, "our Surgeon-General considers that this native is now sufficiently recovered in health, and indoctrinated, so that he may without undue risk be prepared with the Knowledge of the Past. There is a risk, of course, but we must face it. If the creature dies, then we must again resume the tedious search for another. This native is in poor condition physically; let us therefore hope that his will is strong and his hold on life firm." I felt my flesh creep at this callous disregard of MY feelings, but the Voice went on:

'"There are those among us who consider that we should use only written Records revealed to some Messiah or Saint whom we have placed upon this world for that purpose, but I say that these Records have in the past been given a superstitious reverence which has nullified their benefits, because they have so often been misconstrued, misinterpreted. The natives have not sought the meaning contained within the writings but have taken their face value alone, and often falsely interpreted face value at that. Frequently it has harmed their development and has set up an artificial caste system under which certain of the natives assume that THEY have been chosen by Higher Powers to teach and preach that which was NOT Written.

'"They have no real conception of us of outer space. Our patrol ships, when sighted, are deemed to be various natural celestial objects or mere hallucination on the part of the be-holders who are therefore mocked and their sanity is frequently questioned. They believe that Man is made in the image of God and therefore there cannot be life greater than Man. They have the firm conviction that this puny world is the ONLY source of life, not knowing that the inhabited worlds are greater in number than the grains of sand upon this whole world, and that their world is one of the smallest and most insignificant.

'"They believe that THEY are the Masters of Creation and all the animals of the world are theirs to prey upon. Yet their own life-span is but the twinkling of an eye. Compared to us, they are as the insect which lives for but a day and has to be born, grow to adulthood, mate, and mate again, and die all within hours; Our average life-span is five thousand years, theirs a few decades. And all this, ladies and gentlemen, has been brought about by their peculiar beliefs and by their tragic misconceptions. For this reason they have been ignored by us in the past, but now our Wise Ones say that in the span of half a century these natives will discover some of the secrets of the atom. They may thereby blow up their little world. Dangerous radiations may escape into space and constitute a threat of pollution.

'As most of you know, the Wise Ones have decreed that a suitable native be caught - we have caught this one - and his brain be treated whereby he may remember all we are going to teach him. He will be so conditioned that he can reveal this ONLY to one whom we shall in due time place upon this world with the task of telling all who will listen to the facts and not the fancies of others in worlds beyond this small universe. This native, a male, has been specially prepared and will be the recipient of the message, which has to be transmitted later to another. The strain will be very great, he may not live through it, so let us all think strength to him for if his life ends upon this table, then we have again to commence our search for another, and that, as we have found, is tedious.

"'A crewmember has protested that we should take a native from a more developed country, one who enjoys high standing among his fellows, but we believe that that would be a false move; to indoctrinate such a native and let him loose among his fellows would be to ensure his immediate discreditment among others of his kind, and would seriously delay our programme. You, all of you who are here, are going to be permitted to witness this recall of the Past. It is rare indeed, so remember you are being favoured above others."

'No sooner had this Great One ceased to speak before there came a strange strange rustling and creaking. And then a Voice, but WHAT a Voice! It sounded unhuman, it sounded neither male nor female. Hearing it I felt my hair rise and little pimples form on my flesh. "As Senior Biologist, responsible neither to the "navy" nor the army," rasped this most unpleasant Voice, "I desire to put on record my disapproval of these proceedings. My full report will be forwarded to Headquarters in due course. I now demand to be heard here." There seemed to be a sort of resigned gasp from all those assembled. There was for a moment much fidgeting and then the first speaker rose to his feet. "As Admiral of this fleet," he remarked dryly, "I am in charge of this supervisory expedition no matter what specious arguments emanate from our disgruntled senior biologist.

However, let us hear once again the' arguments of the opposition. You may continue, Biologist!"

'Without a word of thanks, without the usual formal salutation, the drawling rasping voice continued: "I protest at the waste of time. I protest that we should use any more endeavours on these faulty creatures. In the past, when a race of them were unsatisfactory, they were exterminated and the planet re-seeded. Let us save time and work and exterminate them now before they pollute space."

'The Admiral broke in, "And have you any specific suggestion as to WHY they are faulty, Biologist?"

'"Yes, I have," the Biologist remarked angrily. "The females of the species are faulty. Their fertility mechanism is at fault, their auras do not conform to that which was planned. We caught one recently from what is referred to as one of the better areas of this world. She screeched and fought when we removed the clothing with which she was swathed. And when we inserted a probe into her body to analyse her secretions - she became first hysterical and then unconscious. Later, conscious again, she saw some of my assistants and the sight deprived her of her sanity, or such of it; as she possessed. We had to destroy her and all our days of work were lost."'

The old hermit ceased to speak and took a sip of water. The young monk 'sat almost stupefied with horror at the strange things he had heard, at the strange things which had happened 'to his superior. Some of the descriptions were in a strange way FAMILIAR. He could not say how, but the hermit's remarks evoked strange stirrings, stirrings as though suppressed memories were being revived. As though the hermit's remarks were indeed a catalyst. Carefully, without spilling a drop, the ancient man set his bowl of water by his side, folded his hands together, and resumed...

'I was upon that table, I heard and understood every word. All fear, all uncertainty left me. I would show these people how a priest of Tibet could live, or die. My natural rashness constrained me to utter, loudly, "See, Sir Admiral, your Biologist is less civilized than we, for WE do not kill even those who might be termed inferior animals. WE are the civilized ones!"

For a moment the whole of Time stood still .Even the breathing of those about me seemed to stop. Then, to my profound amazement and indeed shock, there came spontaneous applause and not a few laughs. People smacked their hands together which I understood was a sign of approval among them. People uttered cries of delight, and some technician near me bent and muttered, "Good for you, Monk, good for you. Now say no more, do not chance your luck!"

'The Admiral spoke, saying, "The native Monk has spoken. He has demonstrated to my satisfaction that he is indeed a sentient creature and fully capable of completing the task allotted to him. And, er, I fully endorse his remarks and will embody them in my own report to the Wise Ones." The Biologist snapped out sharply: "I will' withdraw from the experiment." With that, the creature - he, she, or it - made a very noisy withdrawal from the rock chamber. There was a collective sigh of relief; obviously the Senior Biologist was not a person in great favour. The murmur died down in response to some manual admonition which I could not see. There came a slight shuffling of feet and the rustling of paper. The air of expectancy was almost tangible.

'"Ladies and gentlemen," came the voice of the Admiral, "now that we have disposed of objections and interruptions I propose to say a few words for the benefit of those of you who are fresh to this Supervisory Station. Some of you have 'heard rumours, but rumours are never reliable. I am going to tell you what will happen, what it is all about, that you may the better appreciate the events in which you will soon participate.

'"The people of this world are, developing a technology which, unless checked, may well destroy them. In the process they will contaminate space that other infant worlds in this group could adversely be affected. We must prevent that. As you well know, this world and others in this group are our testing grounds for different types of creatures. As with plants, that which is not cultivated is a weed; in the animal world one can have thoroughbreds or scrubs. The humans of this world are becoming of the later category. We, who seeded this world with humanoid stock, must now ensure that our other stock on other worlds is not endangered.

"'We have before us here a native of this world. He, is from a sub-division of a country which is named Tibet. It is a theocracy, that is, it is ruled by a leader who places greater importance in the adherence to a religion, than he does to politics. In this country there is no aggression. No one fights for the lands of another. Animal life is not taken except by the lower orders, who almost always without exception are native of other countries. Although their religion appears fantastic to us, yet they live it completely and do not molest others, nor do they force their beliefs on others. They are most peaceful and require a very great amount of provocation before they will resort to violence. It was therefore thought that here we could find a native with a phenomenal memory which we could even in-crease. A native in whom we could implant knowledge which has to be passed on to another whom we shall later place upon this world.

"'Some of you may wonder why we cannot tell our representative direct. We cannot do it with complete satisfaction as it leads to omissions and aberrations. It has been tried on a number of occasions but never has it been as we wished it to be. As you will later see, we tried it with fair success with a man whom the earthlings named Moses. But even with him it was not COMPLETE and errors and misunderstandings were prevalent. Now, in spite of our respected Senior Biologist, we are going to try this system which has been worked out by the Wise Ones.

'"Just as their superb scientific skill millions of earth-years ago perfected the faster than light drive, so have they also perfected a method whereby the Akashic Record itself can be tapped. In this system the person who is within the special apparatus will see all that happened in the past. So far as his impressions will tell him, he will actually LIVE all those experiences; he will SEE and HEAR precisely as though he were living in those long bygone days. To him HE WILL BE THERE! A special extension direct from his brain, will enable each one of us vicariously to participate. He you - or should I say 'we' shall to all intents and purposes cease to exist in this time and will, so far as our feelings, sight, hearing and emotions are concerned, be transferred to those ages past whose actual life and happenings we shall be experiencing just as here. Now, we have been experiencing ship-board life, or life aboard small patrol ships, or working in this world far below the surface in our subterranean laboratories.

'"I do not pretend to understand fully the principles involved. Some of you here know far more of the subject than I, that is why you are here. Others, with different duties will know less than I and it is to them to whom I have been addressing these remarks: Let us remember that we too have some regard for the sanctity of life. Some of you may regard this native of Earth as just another laboratory animal, but as he has demonstrated, he has his feelings. He has intelligence and - remember this well - to us at present, he is the most valuable creature upon this world. That is why he is here. Some have queried, 'But how will stuffing this creature with knowledge save the world?' The answer is that it will not."

'The Admiral made a dramatic pause. I could, not see him, naturally, but I assumed that others also experienced the tension, which was overwhelming me. Then he continued, "This world is very sick. WE know it is sick. We do not know why. We are trying to find out why. Our task is first to recognize that a state of sickness exists. Second, we must convince the humans here that they are sick. Third, we must induce in them a desire to be cured. Fourth, we must discover precisely what is the nature of the illness. Fifth, we must evolve a curative agent, and six, we must persuade the humans to do that which will effect the cure. The sickness is connected with the aura. Yet we cannot discover why. Another must come, must be not of this world - for can a blind man see the ailment of his fellows when he too is blind?"

"'Our native, when he is prepared by us, when we have finished with him, will be taken to a place where he can live out, the days of a (to him) very long life. He will not be able to die until he has passed on his knowledge. For his years of blindness and solitude he will have inner peace and the knowledge that he will be doing much for his world. But now we will have a final check on the native's condition and then we will commence."

Now there was considerable, but ordered, bustle. I sensed people moving swiftly about. My table was grasped, raised, and moved forward. There came the by now familiar tinkle and chink as glassware and metal came into contact. The Surgeon General came to me and whispered: "How are you now?"

'I hardly knew HOW I was or WHERE I was, so I merely responded by saying, "That which I have heard has not made me feel any better. But do I still have no sight? How am I to experience these wonders if you will not give me sight once again?"

'"Just relax," he whispered soothingly, "everything will be all right. You will see in the best possible way at the right moment."

'He paused a moment while some other person came and addressed a remark to him, then continued, "This is what will happen. We shall draw upon your head that which to you will appear to be a hat made of wire mesh. It will appear cold until you become accustomed to it. Then we shall put upon your feet articles which you may interpret as wire sandals. We already have wires going to your arms. You will first experience some strange and quite possibly uncomfortable tingling, but that will soon pass and you will have no further physical discomfort. Rest assured that we will take every possible care of you. This means a very great deal to all of us. We all want it to be a great success; there is too much to lose for it to be a failure."

'"Yes," I muttered, "I stand to lose more than any, I stand to lose my life!"

'The Surgeon-General stood up and turned away from me. "Sir!" he said in a very official tone of voice, "the native has been examined and is now ready. Permission requested to proceed."

'"Permission granted," replied the grave voice of the Admiral. "Proceed!" There came a sharp click and a muttered exclamation. Hands grasped me behind the neck and raised my head. Other hands pulled what seemed to be a metal bag of soft wire over my head, over my face and then they fumbled beneath my chin. There were three strange pops and the metal bag was tightly over me and fastened around my neck. The hands moved away. Other hands meanwhile were at my feet. Some strange, greasy evil-smelling lotion was rubbed in and then two metal bags were pulled around my feet. I was not at all used to having my feet thus constrained and it was truly most unpleasant Yet there was nothing I could do. The air of expectancy, of tenseness, was growing.'


In the cave the old hermit suddenly toppled over backwards. For a long moment the young monk sat in petrified horror, then galvanized into action by the emergency, he jumped to his feet and scrabbled beneath a rock for the special medicine placed there in preparation for just such an occurrence. Wrenching out the stopper with hands, which shook somewhat, he dropped to his knees beside the old man and forced a few drops of the liquid between his slack lips. Very carefully, so as not to spill a single drop, he replaced the stopper and laid aside the container. Cradling the hermit's head on his lap he gently stroked the old man's temples.

Gradually a faint trace of colour returned. Gradually there came signs that he was recovering. At last, quaveringly, the old hermit put out his hand and said, 'Ah! You are doing very well, my boy, you are doing very well. I must rest awhile.'

'Venerable One,' said the young monk, 'just rest here, I will make you some hot tea, we have a little sugar and butter left.' Tenderly he placed his folded blanket under the old man's head and rose to his feet. 'I will put the water on to boil,' he said, reaching for the can which was yet half full of water.

It was strange, out in the cold air, to reflect upon the marvellous things he had heard. Strange, because so much of it was FAMILIAR. Familiar, but forgotten. It was like waking from a dream, he thought, only this time memories were flooding back instead of fading away as does a dream.

<< Extracted from the book [Lobsang Rampa; The Hermit ] >>



The depth determines the quality of the thought. The love determines the quality of the gift. The truth determines the quality of the word.

[Lao Tse, Tao Te Ching]  



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