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From the Harmony emanates the knowledge; of the Emotion the desire; of the inertia, the error, the ignorance and the laziness. Those that are located in the Harmony ascend to the high thing. The assets live in the intermediate region. The inert ones collapse wrapped in the vilest qualities.

[Annie Besant ; Bhagavad Gîtâ]

The Gentleman in the Mire


Gupta Vidya

The Revelation of the Mysteries:

The Gupta Vidya is the clarification of the hidden knowledge, the revelation of the mysteries locked in the three qualities, the three “Gunas”....


Our friend Claudia:

(p) FIRST MAIL (Comment II):

Appreciated Sebastian:

In rigor really, it was resolved to continue the reading of your book without interruptions, but in occasions, the voice goes into it runs off with so vigorously that it prevents me to continue any task until it doesn't put attention to its urgency. For that reason, even when it can contain the feverish mental activity that is unchained starting from what you mention, there are some points that specifically they claim priority so that it pours an opinion, somehow urgent, before passing others.
In relation to the chapter that you title The Hollow Earth", in which mention the activity of Hitler and their henchmen, two things arose in my mind. The first one is related with a secret teaching of which will speak to you in another moment, and the second, it took me to remember certain article that mentioned the relationship between Hitler and the city of Agartha. In fact, and the same as it happened to " Antonio ", I didn't close that connection. Of there that, as I was not able to play with my genius, in that moment I projected the query (just as in another moment I explained to you), and the answer appeared dispersed in brief data that once again should gather to arm the square.
The first hint appeared in the Letters of the Mahatmas. There, among other things I read what that then pointed for not forgetting it. Then, coordinating the message, this appeared in view of my mind in extremely clear form: it Tries not to be grown impatient, respectable Mister. The world was not made in one day, neither the line of Jak was developed in one year. That the evolution follows its course in a natural way -no it is that we deviate it and let us produce monsters showing off that we guide her. [...] Therefore I say, WAIT. [...] Wait their opportunity; the registration book is well kept. Only, have much care: the Dugpas and the Gelukpas are not only fighting in the Tibet. [...] I tell him that the Shammars is already there, and their pernicious work intervenes everywhere in our road. Don't consider this like a metaphor, but as a real fact that can be demonstrated some day. M." 

We realize that it comes closer the moment in that we will be forced to choose between the victory of the Truth or the Reign of the Error -and of the Terror. We have to communicate a great secret well to some elected -or to allow that the infamous Shammars guides the most brilliant minds in Europe toward the most senseless and fatal in the superstitions -the Spiritism; and we feel as if we gave an entire load of dynamite in hands of those that we are anxious of seeing how they defend against the Siblings of the Shade, the Red Caps. [...] Those words and the following ones, disturbed me. To be honest, I was not happened who could be the " Dugpas " or the intriguing Red Caps." As Siblings of the Shade, it could associate them directly with the secret teaching of which spoke to you, but of the distinguishing characteristic that I didn't have any idea. The logical and following step was to look for it in the Internet and the result was this on the web page  www.argemto.com.ar/budismo.htm found a material of Santiago Bovisio's book: 'Compared Religions', where in the article 13 of the second titled part The Yellow Buddhism is said: 

13. The Lamas of red cap they are those that lost the true doctrine and they practice the black magic.  

That didn't tell me great thing, and for that reason I decided to look for if some fact existed about the Dugpas. Don't ask how, because the certain thing is that when it was amid another investigation, I gave with a site Gnostic that has a searcher of terms on purpose Even of the work of Samael Weor. Although I don't coincide with all that has written, I don't stop to recognize that it contributes information on some topics that any other one has loosed up to now. There I found the following thing: 

37. HITLER met the doctrine of the Super-Man? 
Yes he met it, but then HITLER strayed soon after a visit that made him the man of the green gloves", an emissary of the Tibet; but not in fact of the Kingdom of AGARTHI –as Hitler supposed –but a correspondent of the Clan of DAG DUGPA (Black Magicians of red hood). The Führer went well –occultly speaking–but, I repeat, the man of the green gloves deviated it. It was then that I found a good part at least of what you mention in the investigation that " Antonio " continued, in that referred to the occult order that was formed in the Germany Nazi and to the vrill. However, according to one of the books that I read this summer titled: Illuminati of Paul H. Koch, the history would have been something different to the one conceived by " Antonio ".
In accordance with that mentioned by this author, the curious theory of the possible Jewish origin of Hitler exists. According to this, the German secret service seized during Anshluss, the annexation of Austria, of a documentation elaborated by the old Austrian chancellor Engelbert Dollfuss, according to the one which, in 1836 Salomón Mayer Rothschild,...
Notes (1): The origin of the famous last name is to look for it in the nickname for which everybody knew to Meyer Amschel, because in the facade of the building where he had installed its business, hung a shield of red color -in German, rot is red and schild means " shield ". As it consists in the book, Meyer Amschel was born in 1743 in the German city of Frankfurt am Main and the banker's was son of a Jewish goldsmith Moses Amschel Bauer. Recapturing the text, in 1836 Salomon Mayer Rothschild (who should count with 93 years for the date...)
... then residing in Vienna, took to its service to a young maiden of the counties called Maria Anna Schickgruber. The banker, of Jewish origin, seduced the girl who made him the bed in the mornings and at nights he came undone it. With so much adjournment, Maria Anna was pregnant and when being discovered its state it was returned to Spital, its native town, where she got ready a marriage of convenience with Johan Georg Hiedler. In 1837 the small Alois was born that was never recognized by Hiedler. This way, during forty years it weighed their mother's last name until he decided to be changed it by that of Hiedler or Hitler. This Alois Hitler, in turn, had several children. Among them Adolf. The documents that would prove the facts, have never appeared but it is said that when the Furher had knowledge of its existence it ordered a deep investigation on its paternal lineage to check it and, if it was necessary, to erase all the hints." But in any event, existing the possibility that in fact it descended of a Rothschild, many authors say that Hitler was supported as much in the political thing as in the financial thing, due to the connection of that family with the Illuminati, sect with which was closely related. In this sense, the theory has two slopes. "According to one of their interpretations, Adolf Hitler was a simple marionette in hands of the organization [...] According to the other version of the theory, the secret society lifted up Hitler until the chancellery, but once there, he was who decided to become independent and to follow its own road..." 

Among another of the things that they are mentioned in the book is also said that: One of the most polemic projects was the related with Schwarze Sonne or Black Sun. The geologic and astronomical theories that the Nazi scientists managed assured that the Earth, as the rest of the cosmic bodies, is in fact a hollow and not solid planet to whose interior you could consent under the appropriate conditions. Instead of a central nucleus, it was believed that an interior, or black sun existed, in opposition with the external Sun that illuminated and it allowed the life and the growth of plants, animal and also more developed men that those that walked on the surface of the planet that they could become powerful allies. The Ahnenerbe organized several trips to try to find the entrance to the interior world in diverse points of Asia and America of the South. One of the favorite readings of the expeditionary ones was the book published few years before the explosion of the Second World War, Beasts, men and gods, in the one that the Russian traveler Ferdinand Ossendowsky counted its personal incident through Central Asia. In that text he referred to the mythical King of the World explicitly and he affirmed that so much the baron Unger Khan von Stenberg like the Dalai Lama they had received their emissaries and they maintained contact with him. 
The good known expedition was the one directed by the official of the SS and ethnologic, Ernst Shaffer that returned of the Tibet with a series of curious objects, among them two important documents. The first of them, a parchment in which the Dalai Lamas signed a treaty of friendship with the Nazi Germany and it recognized in Hitler to the boss of the Aryans." The second, of more interest still, was the Tantra of Kalachakra, the supreme initiation of the Buddhism that assures the rebirth in Shamballa in the moment of the final battle against the forces of the Wrong." I stop here because again there is something that doesn't close. Lobsang Rampa had mentioned something that was not always kept in mind. Let us revise the years. In their book The Doctor of the Tibet", it counts that in 1927 Chakpori should leave to study medicine in China. In the page 109 the following phrase appears:   

"My -son, my son, I have very serious news that to give you. The Most secret, Thirteenth Dalai Lama, the last of its line, it is about to leave of this world. The old one Lama, the one Lama that it visited me, he told me that he approached the end of a cycle and that the Dalai Lama it should leave. He told me that he should return to Lhasa..." 

And in the P. 111 clarify: It could not erase of my mind my lover's memory it Guides, the Lama Mingyar Dondup [...]. 

I also reminded my dear boss the Thirteenth Dalai Lama, the last of their line, because the prophecy said that the Thirteenth  Dalai Lama would die, and with its death a new order would reign in the Tibet. In 1950, the communist Chinese began the invasion of Tibet, but before that, the Third Communist Column had been in Lhasa (to See The Third Eye"). I thought of everything what knew it will happen -the I knew in 1933, I knew it before 1933 because everything you happened of agreement to the prophecy." 

P. 117. "And now the Tibet was without Dalai Lama, the last one had left and the one that will arrive, according to the prophecy, would serve foreign masters, he would be a slave of the communism." I am also sure of having read that great part of what was in the Temples was taken to the high mountains before the invasion, but I don't remember in which of the books it is mentioned. Anyway, it is interesting the topic of the years, because in the supposition that a connection existed between the government of Hitler and East...

Good, to clarify it we see that he says the chronicle of the time. (Some seconds ago I found it in the web, in the http://usuarios.iponet.es/casinada/22tibet2.htm

<<Their Sanctity the thirteenth Dalai Tubten Lamas Gyatso (1876-1933), it began a process of modernization of the Tibet. In 1903 the British colonel Francis Younghusband forced the Tibetan government to accept a commercial treaty with the India that, in fact, it only favored the British interests. In 1.904 the Englishmen sent troops to the low Tibet the pretext of a growing Russian influence in the area and, the Dalai Lama escaped to Mongolia and it remained in the exile up to 1911. The English in 1906 established the bases of a treaty bilateral anglo-Chinese by virtue of which the Chinese empire acquired the recognition of its sovereignty in the Tibet in exchange for the payment from a great compensation to the English that, later on they moved away their troops. In 1907 the British governments and Russian signed an agreement of no-inferencial in the Tibetans matters. 
In 1910 the Chinese general Chao Erh-Feng penetrated easily in the Tibet with the objective of annexing the country to China. Chao, in spite of the publicity and, mainly of the used violence it didn't get it. After returning to China, Chao was executed by the nationalist leader Yin Chiang-heng, in 1912. In this same year the Tibetans were able to expel the Chinese and to proclaim their independence. In 1914, the British governments' representatives, Chinese and Tibetan celebrated a conference in Simla, where they reached the agreement on the mutual relationships and, specifically, the frontiers. In 1918 the tensions between China and the Tibet culminated in an invasion intent for Chinese part. With British help, he/she remembered a truce in September of that same year. Between 1931 and 1933 the Chinese war was renewed - Tibetans and the Tibet had to give part of its territory. In spite of everything the Tibet maintained its independence until 1950 and the Dalai Lama governed without foreign interferes. 
After the death of the Decimotercer Dalai Lama, the monk Reting Rinpoche was chosen to be the temporary regent of the Tibet.  Unfortunately this monk turned out to be very authoritarian, it broke his monastic votes and a corrupt government established. Their only important contribution was the one of offering the reincarnation of the Tenth Fourth Dalai Lama, overdraft in 1937. >>

Now then, according to the history, the President Paul von Hinderburg designated in January of 1933 as chancellor of the Republic of Wismar to Adolf Hitler who headed a coalition of right parties. March of that year 5, it wins the elections, but starting from 23 in the same month it began to govern for ordinance.
This means that during their government, none of their emissaries could have had contact with the Dalai Lama, for the simple reason that  in that moment it was carried out the expedition, the Thirteenth Dalai Lama there was already disincarnate, opening the way to the new era of darkness of which spoke the prophecy.
In a next mail I will send you the one that I found about this last. 

A warm greeting. 



(p) SECOND MAIL (Talai-Pho-Brang): 

Hello Sebastián,  

Here sends you an extract of a declaration made by Talai-Pho-Brang in 1928. To this it continues him another extract that I took of a page dedicated to Roerich who, besides traveling for east, to their return to Europe and among many things, he was devoted to the diffusion of the Agni Yoga. As you will be able to observe, in the extract that corresponds Shamballa, the first part of the following sentences is only mentioned, for that reason I include here those that are omitted. The curious thing is that some punctual words of this first part, again take me to observe two different appreciation angles, one occult and the other exoteric. 

In short, readings. 

More greetings. 


"It approaches a great time. The Sovereign of the World is clever to fight. Many things are showing. The cosmic fire is coming closer again to the earth. The planets are manifesting the new times. But there will be many cataclysms before the new era of prosperity. Again the humanity will be put on approval, to see if the spirit has progressed enough. The underground fire now search to find contact with the burning element Akasha; if all the good forces don't combine their power, the biggest cataclysms are inevitables. 

(...) Lamas, you said that the enemies of Shambhala will perish. How will they perish?
- It is certain, they perish in due course of time. Their own atrocious ambitions destroy them. Rigden Gyeppo is merciful. But the sinners are aggressors of themselves. Who can say when it surrenders the deserved prize? Who can discern when help it is truly needed? And which the nature of that help? They are necessary many catastrophes, and they have their purposes. Only when our limited human intelligence is convinced that everything is destroyed, that all hope perishes, then the Sovereign's hand projects its powerful ray." Talai-Pho-Brang, 1928.
Shamballa, Shambhala is a myth that transcends of the geographical thing, to the human spirit; and of the past, to the prophetic hope. It is no longer a country, neither an age of gold, neither an individual messiah, neither a town, but the whole humanity in a future state of the souls, it is the spiritual Kingdom of the beauty, in the invisible country of the immortals, in the mystic city of Light according to the news picked up by Roerich in the heart of Asia. According to the tradition of all Asia, a community of big sages, the Mahatmas, lives in a paradise of sacred science and spirituality in some place to the north of the Tibet, among the solid of Altirtag and Kun-lum, Altai in Mongolia, Tsaidan and China, that is to say, in some place of the desert of Gobi. This mystic city would be the custody of an older tradition that the same Humanity. From that Supreme center possibly are correspondents emissaries with missions pacificators or with object of contributing the human beings the necessary means for their own elevation. "Truly the town of Shambhala appears from time to time in the world –they affirmed the Lamas to  Roerich. It counts Roerich that in 1924, a cultured one Lamas, faithful the founder's of the Monastery of Ghum pupil, in the Nepalese frontier, he told them before an impressive effigy of Mr. Maytreya: truly, the time of the great coming comes closer. According to our prophecies, the time of Shambhala has already begun. Rigden Jyeppo, the Sovereign of Shambhala, is already preparing their exercise invincible for the decisive battle, and all their assistants are embodying and official. While it visited the sacred places of the India, a Tibetan Lama was in the train with an old Hindu sadhu that he didn't speak Tibetan. By chance the Lama began to speak to him and although the sadhu answered him in Hindustani, both they understood each other. When being the Lama this experience, he added: Only in the time of Shambhala all the languages will be understood without having studied them: because we hear and we not understand the external sound, and we not do with the corporal eye, but with the third eye that is symbolized in the forehead of our images: such it is the eye of Brahama, the eye of the wisdom omni-living. In the peaks of Sikkim, skirts of the Himalayas, among the rhododendrons in flower and aspiring the aroma of the fragrant balu, the healthy plant, a Lama, similar to a medieval sculpted effigy, told us, pointing out the five summits of Kinchenjunga: there is the entrance there to the sacred earth of Shambhala. Crossing for passageways that cross wonderful underground caves of ice, some fair they have arrived, even in life to the sacred place where all wisdom, all glory, all splendor are contained. Another Lama of the Red Sect spoke to us of the wonderful Asaras, of Hindustan aspect, long hair and white gears that often appear in the Himalayas: they are the wise ones that know how to dominate the interior energy and to unite them with the cosmic energy." According to the Lamas, the director of the School of Medicine of Lhasa, an old Lama cultured, he knew personally to those Asaras and they were in direct relationship with them. We ask to a Lama about the men of snow and he responded in turn, in amazingly calm and affirmative form: TO those men of snow they are very rarely seen. They are the faithful guardians of the Himalayan regions, where the secret Ashrams of the Mahatmas hides. In the past, until in Sikkim we had several Ashrams of the Mahatmas. These wise Mahatmas of the Himalayas directs our lives, by means of work and incessant studies. They dominate the supreme powers. They usually show as common people in diverse places, here, beyond the ocean and in the whole Asia. In the old writings there are suggestive indications on a New Era, on the humanity's big changes coming saviors, about the sacred city of Kalapa, of the efforts of the century Arahates in century, to wake up the humanity's sleeping spirit. We see same indications in the Doctrines of the Big Mahatmas and in the writings and relating sagas to Shambhala. In Sanskrit, in indostano, in Chinese, in Turk, in the languages calmuca, mongólica and tibetana and in smaller many Asians the same ideas are expressed, the same indications regarding the Future. It approaches a great time. The sovereign of the World is clever to fight. 

Many things are showing. The cosmic fire is coming closer again to the earth. The planets are manifesting the new times. But there will be many cataclysms before the new era of prosperity. Again the humanity will be put on approval, to see if the spirit has progressed enough. Again we approach to our great Kalachakra. This teaching of the Kalachakra, this use of the primary energy, it has been called: Teaching of the Fire. What is what Kalachakra reveals? It is true, anyone can achieve it. Really, each one can hear the pronunciation of the word Kalagiya. To reach this state, a man should be devoted entirely to the creative work. Those that work with Shambhala, the initiate ones and messengers, are not confined, they travel everywhere. With a lot of frequency, people don't recognize them and they are not sometimes recognized to each other. But they carry out their work, it doesn't stop their own profit, but for the great Shambhala. All they know the great symbol of the anonymous character. They seem sometimes rich and, however, they lack possessions. Everything is for them, but they don't take anything for yes. Beyond Kinchenjunga there are old menhirs of the great cult in the sun. Beyond Kinchenjunga the place of the birth of the sacred Swastika, sign of the fire. Now, in the day of the Agni-yoga, the element fire entering in the spirit is again and all the treasures of the earth are worshipped. During the stay of the Roerich in Yarkend, Kashgar and Kuchar and Suelimán, a Saïs, pointing to a mountain of the southeast, he said: There, behind that mountain, saints live. They abandoned the world to save the humanity by means of their wisdom. Many tried to arrive to that district, but few they achieved it. They know that there is that transponders the mountain; but as soon as they cross the summit, they stray. He can notice himself easily that these legends mention to Shambhala and that their own geographical indications point to the same address that Shambhala to that of all the Nations. A Lama counted that he saw a great crowd of nations, and all looked toward the West. Then, a gigantic horseman appeared in the sky in a fire steed, surrounded of flames and hoist the flag of Shambhala: the own Blessed Rigden Jyeppo. And The Same one ordered to the crowd that becomes western toward this. Buriatos and Mongolian cultured they spoke of a mysterious light that shines on the stupa of Khotán; of the next reappearance of the lost Chalice of Buda, as well as of the miraculous stone, coming from a distant star that appears in diverse places before the Great Coming. It is said that the Great Timur possessed a time that stone, to which foreigners usually take completely unsuspectedly. Likewise, it has sometimes disappeared, to be discovered again in a totally different country. The biggest piece in her remains in Shambhala, and another circulates for the world, conserving its magnetic linkings with that. Endless legends are related on that Stone. It is affirmed that the King Salomon and the Emperor Akbar also possessed it. These sagas make think unwittingly of the Lapis Exilis, sung by the famous meistersinger Wolfram von Eschenbag who puts an end their song to this verse: "Und diesser Stein inst Gral Gennant! And this stone is called the Graal!" Who it has traveled for the strangers plateaus of the Tibet whose atmosphere has currents magnetic peculiar and strange electric phenomenons and it has listened present witness and he has also done a lot with its own eyes, as it happened to the Roerich, he understands that he knows a lot about the Mahatmas. It is not to convince anybody. The true knowledge must only enter for open doors. If there is prejudice, they will be eradicated by buds interiors. We care to prove, with real facts, in what immense extension an alive conscience exists and how vigorously it is prompt and willing to follow the future evolution. Kalagiya, Kalagiya, Kalagiya. Come to Shambhala! 



(1) In connection with this second work, perhaps would be convenient to clip some parts so that it is not so extensive and they can be appreciated the data of value more clearly, as for example that the expedition that Hitler sent to the Tibet took place after the death of the thirteenth Dalai Lama. For that reason I don't know if really is worthy to include the rumors of the Jewish origin of Hitler or the whole content of the page where the biography of the thirteenth Dalai Lama, because the interesting thing is exactly the Monk's history Reting Rimpoché that assumes the power until the following Dalai Lama can take it. According to that expressed in the page, that Rimpoché broke its monastic votes while it exercised its position and the interesting thing is that he discovers the new Dalai Lama (as always a boy) newly in 1937. Now, observes this::

According to the dates obtained in the web http://libreopinion.com/members/neuschwabenland/ahnenerbe.htm 

The AHNENERBE (Inheritance of the Ancestros", abrev. AE), a section of investigation of the SS was founded July 1° 1935 by the professor Herman Wirth, Heinrich Himmler and Walter Darré. The own Himler was its president, during certain period, and it is also mentioned that among the expeditions organized by its members to the Tibet it is counted. Apparently, in that expedition they looked for the doors of the interior world." That expedition, it was directed by the Ethnologic Dr. Shäffer of the SS. and it also participated to the Austrian mountaineer and equally member of the SS. Heinrich Herer. Later on, he clears up which was the date of the expedition. "The sadly lieutenant of Adolf Hitler, in their delirium and in the belief that has in the arts of black magic, telepathy, hypnotism and addicted sects to the occultism, more and more obstinate in it, he decides in the year 1938, to send a team of German Scientifics [...] no more, no less that to the Tibet . 

Now. If just as it is exposed in the biography, Their Sanctity the thirteenth Dalai Tubten Licks Gyatso, was born in 1876 and he died in 1933, and to this it sinks that the fourteenth Dalai Lama was discovered in 1937, the only possible answer is that the members of the expedition organized by Himmler established contact with the monk Reting Rimpoche and not with the fourteenth Dalai Lama, a boy that the following years would pass in preparation before being active in his position stops then. 


The words that say the truth are not beautiful, the beautiful words don't say the truth.

[Lao Tse, Tao Te Ching]  



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