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When the Seer notices that the qualities are the only agent; when he knows to WHO has more than enough qualities he prevails, then he participates of My nature. When the resident of the body moves the three qualities from which emanate all the bodies, he gets rid of the birth, of the age, of the affliction and of the death, and he drinks the nectar of immortality.

[Annie Besant ; Bhagavad Gîtâ]

The Silver Lion



The Sacred Mission:

The three Gunas according to the Hindu theology was: Sattwa, the conformity to the being's pure essence or Sat, the root always present, eternal and without change. Rajas, the impulse that causes the being's expansion in a certain state or Asat, the phenomenic world manifested; and lastly Tamas, the darkness or unique principle. The Greeks met those three principles like Chaos, Theos and Kosmos. In the man's elevation, Rajas represent to the horizontal line of the cross, the world manifested in the one that the soul ascends from Tamas, the darkness toward the Sattwa, the being's pure essence forming the vertical line of the cross. 


Our friend Claudia:

(p) FIRST MAIL (Some impressions of your work):

Appreciated Sebastian:

I have advanced in the reading of your work until the page 71, and I have observed some points that have been for me,during many years,  a motivate of deep reflection. But I should say that only in this last period it has been possible to figure out the meaning of some of them.

Don't misinterpret me, to find somebody with who to share points of view at this level is not something frequent. In my experience I have noticed exchange, they escape literally when I try to use the pure reason so that they also can see in that way, under that light, the glimmer of a possible deep meaning. But as they are abstract ideas that only can be perceptible when certain mental sensibility has been developed, it is clear where the difficulty resides to share the impression.

As the Old Lady  observes: "To a certain extent, it is admitted that the Occult Teaching is even allegorical. To make arrive this to the ordinary intelligence, the use of the symbols is needed in an intelligible form. Of here the allegorical and semi-mythical narrations in the exoteric teachings, and the representations only semi-metaphysicians and objective in the occult ones. Because the pure and momentously spiritual concepts only adapt to the perception of those that come without eyes that hear without hearings and they feel without organs, "according to the graphic expression of the Comment."

Perhaps for that reason, one of the topics that maintained me busier -until that understood it partially- it was in fact the difference between The Children of the Wisdom and Those Lords of the Flame or of the Mist of Fire."

The key Sloka, if it is allowed the term, it was the following one:

24. "The Children of the Wisdom, the Children of the Night, ready to reborn, descended. They saw them the vile forms of the First Third. "We can choose, they said those Lords; we possess the Wisdom." Some entered in the Chhâyâs. Others projected a Spark. Other they differed him until the Fourth. Of their own Rûpa the Kâma filled. Those that began became Arhats. Those that only received a Spark remained deprived of knowledge; the Spark burned weakly. A Third remained without mind. Their jivas was not willing. These were put separated among the Seven. They became of narrow head. In these we will live", they said those Lords of the Flame and of the Secret Wisdom."

As sentence H. P. B., since, in the exoteric stories, the Asuras is the first created Beings of the Body of the Night" (Pralaya), while the Pitris leaves the body of the " Twilight " (Manvantara); and for that in the Vishnu Purâna Parâyara places to the " gods " among both, being developed of the Body of the Day", it is easy to discover a certain purpose of veiling the order of the creation." [...]

"The allegory is very ingenious. A great intelligence and too much knowledge is an arms of two edges in the life, and instruments so much for the well as for the wrong. [...] to the step that, applied to altruistic and humanitarian ends they become the means of the salvation of many."

"This way, because, to the step that the God or Dhyân Chohans (Devas) they come from the First Cause -that is not Parabrahman, because this is the EVERYTHING it CAUSES, and it cannot be mentioned as the First Cause" - whose First Cause is called in the Brahminic Books Jagad-Yoni, the Womb of the World", the Humanity emanates of these active agents of the Kosmos. But the men, the First one and Second Races, they were not physical beings, but the future men's mere rudiments; Bhûtas that came from Bhûdati, the " origin " or the original place of where the elements arose." Of here that they proceed, as everything the rest, of Prabhavâpyaya, the place of where everything originates and where all the things are dissolved", according to the Commentator she explains to it in the Vishnu Purâna. Of there they also proceed our physical senses, and until the highest created Deity, in our Philosophy. As one with the Universe, let us already call it Brahmâ, Îshvâra or Purusha, it is him a Manifested Deity and, therefore, created, or limited and conditioned.  
physical creation (that of the man), we see the -left Primordial Man of the bodies of their Progenitors spiritually without fire" - described as aeriform, not compact and without mind. He didn't have half Principle that served him as connection among the superior thing (the triangle) and the inferior thing (the square) -the spiritual Man and the physical brain -, because it lacked of Manas.
"The nature, the evolutionary physical Power, it could never develop the intelligence, without help; she can only create unconscious forms" [...] The Manasa-Dhyânis is those that fill this hole, and those that represent the evolutionary power of the Intelligence and of the Mind; the knot of union between the Spirit and the Matter, in this Round.

Now these Manasa-Dhyâni were who also receive the name of The Children of the Wisdom? H. P. B. was categorical:

"If it was said to the reader, like in the allegories semi-exoteric that these Beings were Nirvânis in return of previous Mahâ Manvantaras -ages of incalculable duration - with great difficulty he would understand the text correctly; to the step that some vedantines could say: "This is not this way; the Nirvânîs doesn't never return"; that which is true regarding the Manvantara to which belong, and erroneous in what refers to the Eternity. Because as one says in the Sacred Slokas:

"The Radiant Thread that is immortal and it is only dissolved in the Nirvâna, arises again from him in all their integrity the day that the Great Law calls all the beings another more time to the action."

It is here where it charges sense that:

"The Children of the Wisdom or the Spiritual Dhânis [...] they only Reborned for reason of karmic effects. They entered in those that were prepared, becoming the Arhats or Sages [...] they were " Essences ", " Intelligence " and Conscious Spirits", developed [...] they had to go by terrestrial human experiences to end up being all wisdom and power to go for the upward cycle of turn."

But according to the Sacred Slokas, in the beginning, some in the primitive ways were only taken as habitation of these advanced intelligence, because the first one third were conformed by vile forms that had not still reached the degree of materiality that then would characterize them. So that the first one third could not be another that the first sub-raze of the third Lemurian race, the one which, for that time, had not still separated in different sex. 

"The Archaic Comments [...] they explain that of the Host of Dhyânis to who corresponded to embody as Egos of the immortal, but unconscious Monads in this plane, some obeyed (to the Law of Evolution), as soon as the men of the Third Race [...] they separated in sexes. According to what we are said: "These were the first conscious Beings that adding the conscious knowledge and the will then to their inherent divine purity, they created for Kriyâshakti to the man semi-god that was in the Earth the Seed of future Initiated."

Now then. Judging by that expressed in the Sloka 24 mentioned, as much the first group as the second, responding to the Law of Evolution, they embodied neither well the race separated in sexes. But of these two groups only the first one, composed by those who had occupied the vile forms of the First Third", they ended up creating for " Kriyâshkti " to the man semi-god. As it is written, the first subrazes, impelled by the creative instinct without sex, they had developed an intermediate race in which they embodied those Lords of the Flame or Dhyân Chohans " superiors ". (D.S. III., 268).

As it will remember, the first race root disappeared and the second were destroyed. For that reason, if one has present that the last processes are recapitulated, it is clear that in the first subrazes of the third root race it should take place a recapitulation of the processes that took place in the previous races,  which took to those that had entered in the First Third, to embody in more material organisms when these separated in sexes. However, these contrary to who only projected a spark, were the first conscious Beings truly, because those that differed their descent or occupation in the vile ways, didn't end up foreseeing that due to the growing materiality in the one that began to submerge the form, for Evolutionary Law, they would be unconscious in this plane." The matter is clear as the water, since of the three groups mentioned in the Sloka, the second that only projected a spark, was lacking knowledge, as long as the third group was literally without mind."

In accordance with the Sloka 31:

"The animals separated the first ones. They began to engender. The double man also separated. He said: "Let us make that that them; lets we joint and let us make creatures." They made it in this way...

But those that knew the way of creating for Kriyâshakti, refused:

"When we have checked the extension of the universe (and let us know all that there is in him), we will multiply our race the Children of the Will they -answered and of the Yoga to their siblings of the same race that invited them to make that them."

" [...] therefore, when it took place the physiologic separation in the natural course of the evolution -when the whole animal creation was also untied, and the males were attracted toward the females -, that race fell, not because has eaten of the Fruit of the Knowledge and knows the Well and the Wrong, but because they didn't know another thing."

However, the worst part played those that lacked spark (the third group mentioned in the Sloka 24):

32. "And those that lacked Spark, took for they enormous female animals. And they engendered with them silent races. Silent they were themselves. But their languages loosened. The languages of their offspring remained quiet. Monsters engendered. A race of curved monsters, covered with red hair, walking to cats. A silent race, to keep quiet their shame.

33. Seeing that which, the Lhas that men had not built (because they abstained from entering in the chhâyâs to endow of you flow the man-animal) they cried saying:

34. The Amanasa (without mind) they have profaned our future mansions. This is Karma. Let us inhabit others. Let us teach them better to avoid bigger wrongs." They made it in this way...

Now, what could it have passed after the ellipses of the Sloka 34? According to the following extract, the following thing:

"The human individualization by the middle of the third root race. It was produced by a great destruction in the ways denominated man-animal, and rarely this point has been presented in the teachings. The coming of those Gentlemen of the Flame and the electric tempest, introduced by the man's period, it was characterized by the disasters, the chaos and the destruction of many beings of the third Kingdom of the nature. It was implanted the spark of the mind, and the force of their vibration and the immediate effect of Their presence they caused the death in the animal way, producing this way the immediate possibility that the causal, again vitalized bodies, they vibrated with such an intensity that they had to adopt new vehicles. This constitutes the manifestation of the aspect Will in the fourth beat, in connection with the human family." (Treaty on Cosmic Fire)

35. Then all the men were endowed with Manas. They saw them the sin of those without mind."

"Fortunately for the Human Species, the Elect Race had already become the vehicle of incarnation of the highest Dhyâni (intellectual and spiritually), before the humanity has become totally material. When the last subrazes -excepting some of the most inferior - of the Third Race they perished together with the great Lemur continent, the Seeds of the Trinity of the Wisdom", they had already acquired the secret of the immortality in the Earth, the gift that allows to the Great Personality to pass 'ad libitum' of a wornout body to other."
The Children of the Wisdom" that differed their incarnation until the Fourth Race, already spotted (physiologically) with the sin and the impurity, they produced a terrible cause whose result karmic weight on them until nowadays. It took place in themselves, and they became payees of the seed of iniquity for future egos, because the bodies that had to cheer up had corrupted because of their delay."
[... ] 
"Therefore, it is very important to have present that the Egos of the monkeys are entities forced by their Karma to embody in animal forms that are the result of the bestiality of the last men of the Third Race and the first of the Fourth. They are entities that had already reached the human degree before this Ronda. Therefore, they are them an exception to the general rule."
"Similar anthropoid they constitute an exception; because they were not wanted by the Nature, but rather they are the direct product and the man's creation without reason." The Indus grants a divine origin to the monkeys, because the men of the Third Race were gods of another plane that had become humans without reason." This matter has already been treated in Isis Unveiled, already twelve years ago, with all the clarity that was then the reason of the consideration that keep the monkeys.

"The monkey is sacred in the India because his origin is very well-known for the Initiate ones, although it is hidden under the veil of the allegory."

Final comment: If it is not a lot to abuse of your time, when you can (and only when you can), I would be interested to know why in the P. 33 of your book mention to the Gardeners of the Space next to the Children of the Flame and of the Fire, because up to where I could see, the topic of the Gardeners is certainly complex and the reliable sources that mention them, could tell you that they enter in a land to which I would call of high tension."
Also, if you find opportune, since inevitably as I advance in the reading they go arising other unavoidable points, I would like to come closer other comments. But in any event, knowing that demanded that you are with your work, I will wait to that in some other moment the occasion is presented of treating them.

A warm greeting.


(A) FIRST MAIL (Some impressions of your work):

Dear Claudia,

I am very interested in your comments, to those that I consider of a great depth and of a not very common sensibility, as you comment, a lot of people it doesn't exist willing to confront these subtle realities that surround us frankly, and which conform our physical reality in a firm way finally.
I prefer to wait that you read the book completely to comment the questions that you make me, although I like your spontaneity and the investigation mood that you demonstrate in this. 
Nevertheless I think that they are very positive in your mail, send them to me as a knowledge of singular beauty.

An affectionate greeting.




Doors and windows are holed to create a bedroom, but the value of the bedroom rests in its vacuity.

[Lao Tse, Tao Te Ching]  



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