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This work is simply a ‘Elephantine Story' that arises from the fleeting shine of the upper reality, and the shadows that its brilliance produces in our mind. And is exactly this play of lights and shadows the one that accompanies permanently to the interior explorer. He penetrates in the dark caverns and in the forgotten temples at the another side of the mirror, armed simply, with the pale and fluctuating light that the spirit grants to the reason.

[Sebastián Salado; Las 3 Cabezas del Elefante]

 The 3  Heads of the Elephant

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Brief Synopsis:

What is this novel?:

This work can be understood as an esoteric novel, in a multi-colored and a little baroque style by the use of words and concepts that fell in disuse many years ago, along with the names of the authors, cultures and doctrines that minted them.

Those terms are searched among the old books forgotten in the dusty bookcases situated in junk rooms and dormers; withdrawn many of them from the present bookstores and libraries, deserted these of expectations and ambitions, where the abandoned books claims from the lethargic although restless dream by the unwarranted thing of their exile.

The author, nevertheless, prefers to consider it as a “dream” product of its interior search, to see it like the placid digress that accompanies him during the reading of those eternal works. 

But Sebastian Salado, incorrigible curious, always has enjoys seeking “the three feet of the cat” in everything that surrounded him, and even looking for “the three heads of the elephant... ” He is like a boy, or perhaps as a lunatic... or still worse: ¡A dreamer!

However, he knows that he is not alone... ¡there is so many inadvertent dreamers! That... ¿Where they are? Everywhere, behind their suits of indifference, on their platforms of smoke, at their machines of noise, in the silence at night, in the laughter of their children, in humming of a song...

This novel can also be understood as of “Science-Fiction”. How much part there is of Science, as much as Fiction?... This is something that himself would not know, let said... ¿how much reality there is in the fiction if many times the same reality surpasses us much more than the most absurd novels?

But there remains the work carried out, in fact, finalized, as a small milestone on the road that indicates toward none splits, only is there, exists for itself calling the attention of all on its own existence.


Plot of The Work:

The work is in reality a triptych composed as image of a baroque altarpiece, which states with profusion of details and artistic circumvolutions which goes describing three different biographical sketches that converge at the end of the work in its central body like the current of the streams forms the spring that precipitates with fury on the peaceful and sunny reservoir. 

The three different stories that the novel develop vary in time and in narrative frequencies, constituting three different octets of the main literary key. Their environment is very diverse, abrupt and bluff some times is dry and scrawny from time to time, to be stopped other in places of singular beauty to the edge of leafy elfics valleys.

Small “traps” have gone arising in the descriptive cadence of the novel to surprise and to activate the self-critical side of the reader inducing him into investigate and confront the different histories with their own personal reality. If this be thus or not, is part of the risk of the artist... ¡Always there have to be different inclinations for all opinions!

The dictionary utilized is exuberant, and alternating in difficult equilibrium the colloquial tone with the formal one and the last one with deep-rooted terms in the Sanskrit, Hebrew, Greek and Latin to develop the classical esoteric terms along with the new concepts and revelations that conform a surprising narrative iconography by its esthetic continuity. 

Recovering the work of the large classics is a constant obsession in the novel, at the risk of popularizing the large teachings of the teachers, the contest of these is considered indispensable for the last content of the work that finally shines with its own light.

Philosophers, thinkers, mystical and prophets are the lighthouses and guides of this trip toward the unknown thing that crosses our formal world as a subterranean river navigating the unpredictable water of the intrigue, the Neo-Platonism, the freemasonry and the occultism to penetrate in the Herculean caverns in construction of the New Age; carved Philosophers, thinkers, mystical and prophets are the lighthouses and guides of this trip toward the unknown thing that crosses our formal world as a subterranean river navigating the unpredictable water of the intrigue, the Neo-Platonism, the freemasonry and the occultism to penetrate in the Herculean caverns in construction of the New Age; carved from the recent revelations of theosophist, orientalist and Gnostics in general. 

As act of penitence by the excessive utilization of arcane words and esoteric technical terms the author undertook the inexhaustible task to prepare a glossary of terms that facilitated to the reader the difficult task to clear a road long time abandoned by the mist of the indifference. 

Those same roads that the man rejected for be not adapted to their cosmist blindness  are utilized today by solitary travelers that bravely seek in them the answers that the present times cannot offer.


The Author:


Sebastián Salado exteriorly responds to the classical characteristics of the medium citizen under extinction. Employee of a multinational has been a compulsory traveler, a gray man of the ones that wander like ghosts in the cold rooms of the airports and the hotels of steel and crystal; far from Momo, smoking anxious its own time and other people time too. 

But he, at last, was always dreamt of the mountains and the Sea, their Sea... Playing the intrigue, as an old alchemist was discovering that his road is not writing in any star, but the tracks of their stepped configure their own star chart. From Athens to Saint Louis, from Hamburg to Rome, he verified that the works of the man are not always what it seems, that the magic exists winking him the eye in each corner and making fun between laughs about the jeer of its stumpy smile

Good-bye beautiful fairy... Will dance tonight among my dreams...?   

                     Sebastián Salado.


The supreme quality is like the water. The quality of the water consists in that it serves without conflict to all.

[Lao Tse, Tao Te Ching]  




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