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I am the Supreme and Intelligent activity of my Mind and my Heart. 

[Saint Germain; The Book of Gold of Saint Germain]  




Dawn of Gold or Golden Transition:

Investigation and Chosen Works from Other Authors:

This section is born as a result of the work of personal search which have carried out during last year in the web and in many other books. Work that has found their fruit in the articles included in the following pages.

Articles in those that it is shown the study and compilation of some of the messages channeled by Mike Quinsey and Nancy Tate in those that we will discover a reality based on the work carried out by our siblings of the cosmos and the high entities that are already among us, guiding and channeling their energy by means of the groups that have been denominated ' Light Workers'.

  New Man I:

From: mike quinsey [mike@quinsey.wanadoo.co.uk]
Date: Monday, 12 of December 2005 9:11
To: etfirstcontact@voidzero.net
Subject: [ET First Contact] Atmos121205

Atmos 12.12.05.

Let us look at a human Being, an extraordinary creation that is totally suited for the physical conditions of Earth. Versatile and adaptable as the demands change, and with an inbuilt urge to survive the most fiercest challenge. Yet, in other ways susceptible to the unseen that continually invades your body in many forms such as you call bacteria and viruses. The invisible enemy is around you the whole time, and you battle with it through your immunity system without thought of the function involved. Indeed, all of your bodily needs carry out their commitments quite naturally. Have you ever considered what a wonderful organ your heart is that pumps blood around your body thousands of time per hour, and you are hardly aware of it.

Just think of the extremes in temperature that your physical body can survive, and its power of recovery. There is a factor outside of all of this that has a great import on what happens, and that is you. Your will to live can overcome the hardest challenge, and the greatest depravity. How you think about yourself is so important, and if for some reason you hate yourself it is possible to cause your body to become out of balance. It could lead to your death, and I am sure you have heard of people with a death wish. This is not a pleasant subject, and I mention it only to illustrate how powerful your thoughts are where you yourself are concerned.

You will almost certainly understand how your power of thought can effect the healing of your body. You may perhaps be a healer, and have seen proof of this where others are concerned. Placebos are a perfect example as to what I refer, and it would seem reasonable to assume that belief in the power of healing applies alike to both the patient and the healer. There is of course another factor that sometimes makes a mockery of these beliefs, and that is karma. Occasionally, it is to be the experience of one who is a disbeliever to be healed when they have no confidence in spiritual healing. These are exceptions, and in no way can take away the power of thought behind successful healing.

Many times you are reminded of your power of thought, and encouraged to use it in many different ways. No task is too big, and if you are inclined to join groups for healing vast tracts of land or sea, know that it is possible. Even when you are unaware of the extent of your power, it is perpetually creating and reshaping things around you, and it has been so for millennia of time. Now that the cleansing of Earth has started your services take on a more important dimension, and are essential to Mother Earth. At present the imbalances are all around you, and it is asked of you that you respond in a positive and active way. You do not necessarily have to go chasing off to a foreign country, and most healing can be carried out from exactly where you are now.

Remember, I am referring to the power of thought, and when you quieten yourself and concentrate on the using of that power, it is most potent. Used in groups, it increases tenfold and in recent times you have the example of the power of the Harmonic Convergence that was established through millions of dedicated souls who grounded those energies. As you can see, your power of thought can be used in many different ways. In days to come you will begin to see the results much quicker, and you will be guided in ways to fully use your ability.

Now let me come back to my original points about your physical self. There has never been a time when you have been subjected to so many viruses, and as you know some are lethal and one such as AIDS has already killed millions of people. Eventually all of the different strains will be negated, and there is a cure for all of those who are already infected. Indeed, there are cures for every conceivable illness or disability, and the methods used go far beyond anything you can currently imagine. Illness is endemic of your world, that has suffered from hundreds of years of neglect which has arrived with your Industrial Age. Lack of understanding is one thing, but to be aware and ignore the damage you are doing to the Earth and its people, is a crime against all of humanity.

There will be a period before we arrive where you would be well advised to practice self healing, until we can fully introduce our own technology. You can place protection around yourself, which along with your natural immunity will help keep you free from illness. Firstly, you need to visualize either a ring or aura surrounding your body, and the gold or violet flame would be ideal. Practice doing this each day, and at any time you feel that your surroundings offer some threat. Mixing with many people all day at work or in your travels, means you are perpetually under attack by all manner of viruses. Secondly, give yourself every chance by keeping a healthy life style, and make sure your food intake contains as much fresh fruit and vegetables as you can.

The Human physical body has come a long way since its original conception, and it has been genetically modified many times to arrive at what you see today. When you dropped down into this lower dimension, it was prepared especially for your environment. There is no connection between you and the animal kingdom, as you are separate and distinct species. Your links are with Beings such as myself from other parts of your Galaxy, and you are yourselves truly extraterrestrial. Over eons of time, different civilizations long gone have experienced in bodies somewhat different to yours. However, throughout time every soul has remained Universal, and each one has a common source in the Creator.

I am Atmos of The Galactic Federation, and we bide our time as events are coming together that will soon see us arrive on Earth. You know by now what is required for this event to take place, and I am sure those of you that follow politics are seeing the breakdown of your last cabal. One way or another they will be removed from office, and it will not take much more before you see that shift occur. The greatest celebrations of your lives are edging ever nearer, and so are we. Remember, that what we do is out of Love for you all, and your time for completion of this life cycle.

Thank you Atmos.

Mike Quinsey. 

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New Man II:

From: mike quinsey [mike@quinsey.wanadoo.co.uk]
Date: Wednesday, 14 of December 2005 9:07
To: etfirstcontact@voidzero.net
Subject: [ET First Contact] SG121405

St. Germain 12.14.05.

If you think about the fact that you have all had hundreds of lives on Earth, with different civilizations and a multitude of different backgrounds is it not provident that you cannot remember all of them. It would be a weight to carry that would weigh heavily upon your mind, and you would be sidetracked from your main purpose for coming into your present incarnation. Can you imagine trying to put right the wrongs of the past, when perhaps your present life did not offer such opportunities? You would find it hard to make progress, and we know that a number of you are pre-occupied with past incarnations. For some it is meant to feature in their life, and in that there is a specific purpose.

Many of you know little or nothing of your past lives, although some have a limited recall of certain events that impinge upon their consciousness. You cannot get on with this life if you are frequently chasing an earlier one, and this is why by and large you are cut off from past memories. What you do have is essential to your progress, and that is a consciousness that has learnt lessons that now determine how you respond to events in this lifetime. Often, you will play out a role the exact opposite of what you have played before, and this is how you manage to balance yourself.

If for example you were a professional criminal in an earlier life, let us suppose that when you passed over and reviewed it you were full of remorse. You may want to turn that experience into one where you joined the Police Force, because you felt society would be best served in that way. Because of your experience, you may feel well equipped to enforce the law knowing that you could understand the mind of the criminal. You could become a great success, but there is always the chance that you could be drawn back into your old ways. This is where the testing comes in, and everyone brings with them vows that they have made to overcome their weaknesses. Tested you will be, and there is no judgement if you fail again. However, you will for certain be confronted with further challenges until you can handle them successfully.

Karma is such a complicated matter, and situations have to be set up so that it can be cleared. Your Angelic presence will guide you into the right place at the correct time, and as you might say, for better or worse you will go through your designated experience. At all times there is compassion and love with you as you deal with your Karma. Strange as it may seem, there are times when you are clearing negative Karma and entirely turn the situation around to your greater advantage. When you feel at your lowest point, you are often open to your Guides influence, and you can be lifted up and helped on the road back.

The so called pleasures of life are often short lived, and there is no reason why you should not be able to turn inwards and find your true self. I hear you say, “that was not like me, I do not know what came over me” and already you have acknowledged your shortcoming. Life is a series of episodes like that, and as long as you can move on, no undue harm has taken place. It is admitting your errors that are the hardest thing for you. Hiding from what is obvious to everyone around you, and pretending you do not have a problem. You have to see yourself for what you are, but also resolve to better yourself whilst you are on Earth. This is the place 
Where daily opportunities will come your way and enable you to make progress towards the Light.

In these end times, are the last opportunities to clear old Karma and try to recognize it for what it is. You do not need any one else to spell it out, as in your subconsciousness you fully well know what is expected of you. Mistakes are not held against you, but you would be well advised not to make them twice over. Life is about experiencing all that you can, and no one can say that any particular one has more merit than another. They all go towards expanding your consciousness, and the sum total is precisely what you are today.

Do you now understand the edict that no one should throw the first stone? How can anyone make judgement of another soul, it is presumptuous to do so as no one else can know the precise circumstances surrounding their actions. At this stage of your lives, you will have starred in many roles, and also had your share of dark experiences. Judge no one least you judge yourself, and as we often ask of you, be compassionate where you see another has fallen. You really are all in this together, and as a Human Race you will come together in One Consciousness benefiting from the experiences of the whole.

We know you do not have much longer to spend in duality, but it is an intense period where so much Karma is being released. You only have to look around you to see how hectic these times are, and it is as if everyone is in a hurry to make their slate clean. There is a sense of urgency as changes are rapidly taking place, and as you might say, tomorrow is a different day. That elusive peace you seek is coming nearer, and soon you will be able to step up into a new vibration having to never again enter this cycle.

I am St. Germain, and I know that events around you give much cause for concern, but allow them to follow their own path to fulfillment and you shall see all come to completion. Concentrate on what you recognize as your remaining Karma, and be sure to fulfill your life plan. If you feel comfortable with what you are doing now, it would be reasonable to assume that you are well on the way along your chosen path. There is love beyond measure flowing onto Earth, and the outpouring will continue unabated. Everyone has an equal opportunity to partake of these wonderful uplifting energies.

Thank You St. Germain.

Mike Quinsey

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New Man  

From: mike quinsey [mike@quinsey.wanadoo.co.uk]
Date: Thursday, 19 of January de 2006 9:54
To: etfirstcontact
Subject: [ET First Contact] Ela011906

Ela 19-Jan-06

Dear Ones, I come from Arcturus and my services are through the Galactic Federation. Our role is one more in a teaching capacity and we already have a number of channels that perform in this way. At this time you have so many souls that are awakening, but they are of course at different levels of understanding. It is therefore necessary for all manner of channels to be open with varying degrees of vibration. Our energy is such that we attract you who have developed a greater knowledge of the higher truths.

There was a time not too long ago when you were at the beginning of your personal quest for knowledge. The normal view of spirit and its manner of working were generally tied to orthodox teachings. As you realize, these have their limitations as they are based on teachings that were for a different era. They had to be very simple for the people of that time, and because they were lacking depth much was given without true explanation. The facts were dressed up to be acceptable to people who had backgrounds that contained much ritual and superstition.

Much has been said against your so called pagan worshippers, but even so many of their spiritual beliefs were incorporated into present day religious teachings. This is also relative to those called Druids, and theirs were also very spiritual and what you may refer to as those more up to date. The difficulty with religious teachings is that most are in a time warp and cannot move on without altering the original concepts. All teachings contain much of truth, but it is almost impossible to be discerning when they are looked upon as the immutable word of God.

How can you arrive at today’s greater understanding without allowing yourself to move on? It is the time for growth, and is necessary if you are to accept the opportunity of Ascension. You have to apply yourself to the new understanding, and let go of that which no longer serves your interests. It is a fact that many religions promise spiritual rewards for their followers, and it is a means of keeping their loyalty in place. On the one hand you have to follow that which you feel comfortable with and that gives you succor, but the present period gives an opportunity for a great leap forward.

You must be able to become more open to other ideas and not be fearful of the consequences. No one at spiritual levels is going to chastise you for trying to grow in consciousness. One of the biggest problems to overcome is related to channeling such as I am doing now. In some religions it is absolutely frowned upon, and even considered to be the work of negative entities. In some instances it is certainly of a dubious origin, but the proof should be apparent within the message. True messages do not demand obedience from people, but are put forward for your consideration. You are in fact encouraged to accept only that which you feel comfortable with and they are never imposed upon you.

It should be obvious that truth can be seen from different levels, and its expression will differ accordingly. It is the inner message that is important and it will carry the energy with it. It is what you feel at ease with, and in this way you will grow at your own pace. The written or spoken word has influenced you for eons of time. Today you stand with a consciousness that has developed from your age old experiences, and subconsciously it affects your present understanding. Your most recent lives may have a more dramatic effect upon you, as the memories lie only just beneath the surface. Let us say you have been persecuted for your beliefs and the painful memories are still with you. Would it not for example be possible for it to account for an underlying dogmatic approach to all religion, where you find you reject all creeds and beliefs?

I make only the point that it is not easy to understand yourself, or what is responsible for strong feelings one way or the other. Yet somehow you must try to overcome them if your are to take the wonderful opportunities that are now in front of you. These are very important times, that present you with the chance to finally move out of duality, but you must accept it and become that which you envisage. No one can do it for you although help will be given, and it is you who have to take that first step. It will be a bold decision to take, but if you wish to move into the Light you must acknowledge its full existence.

As you progress you will gravitate to higher and higher levels and this is where we come in. There is no value in trying to understand a level of teaching that is way beyond your comprehension. It would not satisfy you or necessarily advance your understanding. Our purpose is to take people to that higher level that embraces the whole of God’s Laws and creations. We can do this because we have gone before you and are Masters in our own rights. We can lift your consciousness up and you will understand the greater truths. However, there is a time for such a leap forward and we shall find each other when you are ready.

Spiritual Laws are simple and easily understood, but need to be put into practice if you have aspired to step up your evolution. The first principle is the understanding of Love, and you must reach the point of being able to give Unconditional Love. It will not happen overnight, but once you decide to put it into practice you will eventually succeed. It means treating everyone equally with Love, knowing that if you harm another you do it to yourself. Also, being compassionate without favor and being non-judgmental. This is at first extremely difficult as you have been brought up in a society that sometimes delights in being exactly the opposite. Give it your thought and realize what a difference it would make, because herein lies the answer to complete joy and happiness.

There is a paradox here as you have all time on your side as life is infinite. However, time is now racing by at an ever quickening speed and if you are to get onto the path towards Ascension that decision needs to be made now. For some the prospect will be too daunting and certainly no one will apply any pressure to make them do otherwise. Just be aware of the times you are in, and know that any progress towards a greater consciousness will serve you well in the future. The cycles come and go and always another opportunity will present itself. No one is left out or behind, and it ultimately comes down to your choice alone.

I am Ela and will be one of many of my kind that will come to Earth. We will be of immense help to you and it is with joy we look forward to meeting you. Some we shall take to our home on Arcturus, so that you can see and experience the higher dimensions. The beauty, the wonderful energies and the feelings of Oneness will enthrall you. It will be glimpse of what awaits you at Ascension, when your Earth shall also become a paradise in Heaven. Until then we send our Love and Blessings.

Thank you Ela.

Mike Quinsey. 

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