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As in a mirror, thus is this body 

(where Brahma can be seen clearly);

as a dream, thus is seen in the world of the Parents;

as in the water, thus is seen in the world of the Gandharvas;  

As in the light and in the shadow, thus is seen in the world of Brahma.

[ The Upanishads]

The 3 Heads of the Elephant



Welcome to the Main Page of: The Three Heads of the Elephant. A Web of Investigation and Reflection open to all the ideas and current thought. 

Discover a New Vision of the Reality that you believed to know. . . 

Joint with us in a fascinating trip to the Interior World, by means of the conductive thread of the work of Sebastián Salado and also of the other many authors and collective that open us a perspective different from the accustomed one, when leaning out to the Mysterious World that surrounds us. 




“The Three Heads of the Elephant” and the Keys of our Current Holography:


This work can be understood as an occult novel, in a style a so much Baroque and motley for the use of words and concepts that seemingly fell many years ago in disuse, together with the names of the authors, cultures and doctrines that coined them.

Those terms have a specific purpose since they are part of the language that the secret societies used as well as different groups of power which managed and controlled our formal reality behind wings for thousands of years.
It is as simple as to visit any archaeological museum to find in almost all their works vestiges of the earlier ofita and Baphomet cult (See objects of the Museum of Berlin) and other...
Which is the reason why the modern man doesn't know anything about these “pagan rites” that still continue being practiced, and more than ever, for the elite in the shade that dominates all the aspects of our society in absolute way?

Finally we can understand this book as a rehearsal, as an investigation work and perception that it marks reference landmarks in the way to the aware interpretation of our holographic reality
Many have been the consulted learning sources, and still to risk of losing the north in this intricate labyrinth of ideas and concepts, the main trafficked roads take us toward the Path of the Initiate one in their strictest protocol…


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THE IMMORTAL (OM KHEPER): The world of the first gods Annunaki in the Egyptian Mythology

Sebastian Salado narrates to us in this book the world of the old Egypt from the perspective that contemplates to the first gods Annunaki in the Egyptian mythology, the Annu-na-Ki, “those that came from Annu (Nibiru) to Ki (The Earth)” and to its descendants, those “Sen-Su-Hoor” (Partners of Horus) which are related in the mysterious wall of Abydos like representatives of the pre-pharaonical dynasties lost in the fog of the mythical semi-gods.

This is a full history of present time connected to the millenary legends of the apocalyptic new visit of the Nibiru planet to our solar system according to the controversial Mayan and Christian prophecies . 

The narrative is integrated with airy balance between the mythology and the fantasy combining the historical data that we obtain of the arcane documents that have been able to conserve until our days, how is the case of the Aigyptíaka of Manetón. The terms used in this novel, as well as the names, localizations, incantations, rituals, etc. has been taken out of the relationship of older books conserved as: The Book of the Deads (Peri Em Heru), The Book of the Doors (Am-Tuat), The Book of Enoch, The Papyrus of Ani, The Papyrus of Hunefer, The Bible, The Epic poem of Gilgamesh...


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Contact information

We all believe to know that the current world is furiously materialistic and utilitarian, in which there is not space for dreamer or free minders. But we are many those that we say that this is only an illusion, if we have a look attentively to our surroundings, we observe committed restless and very active communities that struggle to diffuse and to explain another form of understanding of the world that surrounds us.

It is also certain that it is not gold all that glitters, for that reason we dare us to recommend and to select in this page, many of the places Web with those contents tune to ours that are expressed in this same forum. This task is itself a gratification, similar to our believes there are more people who freely and courageously they are consequent with its own compromises. 

If after thumbing through this page, you doesn't find completely indifferent we would appreciate their opinion and their comments a lot, the most comfortable way is to make use of the mailbox of the web page; simply to go to " Comments " and to type some sentences, if you wants some answer can be leaved by E-mail, if not, it is not indispensable. In any way, all the comments or information are very received to the address of mail Web indexed to the web mail box.

This page doesn't have any commercial interest, it seeks on one hand, to promote the work of Sebastian Salado and to diffuse the message of this independent forum, although it doesn't only seek to be a personal page, but an open forum where they fit the opinions and the works of other many 'solitaire walkers' ... 

In this web you can discharge the novel during the time of promotional diffusion, to carry out an interactive reading of the same one with links to the glossary and other interesting webs to obtain the images, to consult the glossary of occult terms, the bibliography and the " Links " to other interesting web sites and all are completely free, although we only ask that the author's Copyright must be respected as well s the rights of the other Web Sites... What is given freely should not be used commercially...

If you enjoy this Web Site it is our biggest satisfaction, if it is not, you don't worry this way, it is better to allow it to run... Although it is always very advisable to allow oneself to be guided by own smell; remember than there is not anything fixed...!

General information: sebastian@sebastiansalado.com 
Administrator of Web: web@sebastiansalado.com




 Forum and Mail Lists: Contacto Global

Stay informed daily of all the topics that we try from your own electronic mail! Participate with your ideas and expose your doubts in the following forum and mail lists of Contacto Global:

Contacto Global is a mail list where you will be able to find articles and data related with the New Golden Age and to participate sending your own messages, translations, video files, pictures or works to the other members of the list.


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Message to our non Spanish Guests:

Unfortunately there is some web pages on this site which are not pre-translated to English yet. If you find one of those Spanish pages in which the derived translation button don't take you to the  proper translated page, don't bother, you may be able to translate it by yourselves using the translation tools of this web placed in the translation page [Translation] following the easy instructions over there.

Enjoy the reading...

Thank you,

Sebastian Salado        


General information: sebastian@sebastiansalado.com 
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The words have a Predecessor, the actions have a Master. As anybody  understands this, neither nobody understands me .

                                        [Lao Tse, Tao Te Ching]





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