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Tantra Târâ Tau Teraphim Thaykhuma Theos
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Glossary of terms (T):



Seeing also : Yoghina ; Magic

The Tantra is the spiritual practice of the transmutation of the energy, in which the total control of the mind was taught, by means of the practice of the ritual tantrics.

In the India thousand-year-old, this ritual implied complete changes in the Hindu social practices and changes in the physiological processes. Also it changed the Hindu orthodoxy with regard to the uses and customs, like the regulation of the different food utilized for the purification; in the tantra these they become the series of the "five em's" : maithuna (exchange), matsya (fish), mansa (meat), mudra (toasted grain) and mada (came).

The followers tantrics learn of a guru this process or tantrics ritual (sadhana), that begins with a systematic viewing of the deity, member to member, and materializes through the utilization of visual diagrams (yantras) and of magical incantations (mantras).


Târâ: (Târakâ ) (Târakâ-Maya)

Seeing also : Vâch ; Soma; Eloi; Sophia

The very noble and old city of Târâ, was erected in commemoration of the Creative Mother: Târâ, or Târakâ. The Akashic files, defined the approximation of the Mother Târâ to this planet just at the moment of the fights of the Triad, the War in the Skies. In the epoch that exactly is called in this planet the Târakâ-Maya. Târâ was the consort of Eloi the Regent of Jupiter, that was abducted by the Prince Tao of the Moon , or Soma, like he is called to the influence of the lunar essence on the Earth. Soma, is the God of the mystery that dominates on the nature of the man of surface. Târâ represents the wife of the solar high priest and the union among both lights of Buddha; the to Superior Being in the sacrifice of its descent to the matter for the elevation of the human beings in its evolutionary road.

Târâ is therefore the Mother of the Buddha; the Wisdom represented by the planet Mercury in this solar system. This symbology affects especially to the beings of the Earth, therefore the Buddha shows the road of the sacrifice and the renunciation. But is not only She, the Mother of the intraterrestrial race, but also that of the Fifth Race of surface. When the fights of the Triad were puting an end to the impious race of the Atlanteans. She interceded before Eloi, Jupiter, so that this to permit the Titans, the Kabiri, the formation of the Fifth Root Race. She, is the incarnation of the Sophia Divine, the Light of the Logos, the Root of the mental 'I-Am' and also of the physical 'I-Am'. She is Vâch, the Daughter and the Mother of the Logos; the Divine Vâch, the “Queen of the God”. Whose with his flowers creates the Mystical Language. And they are exactly his mystical flowers the same that take care of themselves to come in the City of Gold as the only place in all the planet Land in which still the Flowers of Vâch can be found, the Mystical Flowers of the Desert...

The old city of Târâ, that etheric reflects itself in the desert of the Sahara, has been a city permanently covered by the mist of the legend and of the inaccessibility. Few they have spoken of it, but if we went back to the large initiated and teachers of these last centuries, we find us with a referring very important one; the teaching of the Count of Saint Germain:

<< Over the main deserts, etheric cities exist; more higher than the Desert of Arizona is the etheric city of John, the beloved Disciple. There is another on the desert of Sahara, another on the desert of Gobi and another in Brazil, that is the etheric city of the South America...

Since the radiation of the Great Electronic Waist them project this today; since the heart of the City of Gold are projected the Rays Twins on which are the word, the light and the sound.

The time has reached us quickly and we should be more awake with respect to the large electronic belts that surround all the creation since the Deity to the individual single. The electronic waist. That surrounds the City of Gold is impenetrable a lot more than it could be a wall of steel of many feet of width... [ Saint Germain; The Book of Gold of Saint Germain] >>



Seeing also : Svastika

The letter Hebrew Tau represents to the third divine aspect that originates all as much as exists in the animal kingdom, is besides the symbol of the man , since symbolizes the culmination of the creation, so that the man comes to be the culmination of the material work.

T Tau or astronomical cross also related to the idea of the new birth of the man through the spiritual regeneration. On the other hand, the Semites put a special emphasis in the aspect of procreate their species, relating the aspects procreative through the so much, numerical-cabalistic method as geometrically. Thus we can deduce it for which reads itself in the Bible, according to what tell us Ralston Skinner, author of The Source of Measures:

<< All the Jewish system seems to have been considered old as based on the nature, and like to adopt it for the nature, or God, as the base or law of the practical exercise of the creative power, this is, was the creative... plan whose practical application was the creation. This seems established by the circumstance of that, under the employed system, the measures of the planetary time served coordinately as measures of the size of the planets and of the particularity of its structures, this is, of the extension of its polar diameters and equatorials... This system seems to be the base of all the biblical structure, like base of its ritualism, and for demonstration of the works of the Deity that refers to the architecture, by the use of the sacred unit of the measure in the Garden of the Eden, in the Noah's ark , in the Tabernacle and in the Temple of Solomon. [Ralston Skinner; The Source of Measures] >>


The cross as sacred symbol has been a constant in infinity of cultures. The God Ra appears many times represented in the seated Egyptian monuments and having a cross, symbol of the four Quadrants or Elements, united to a circle. This and other many examples illustrate the importance ritual and magic of the cross, just as tell it Gerald Massey:

<< The circle and the cross are inseparable... The Ansata Cross unites the circle and the cross of four extremes. Leaving from this, the circle and the cross were at times interchangeable. For example, the Chakra, or Disk of Vishnu, is a circle. The name denotes the circle, to give returns, periodic, the wheel of the time. This the God uses it as a weapon to launch to the enemy. Of a similar way, Thor throws its weapon, the Fylfot, a form of the cross of four feet [the Svastika] and of the type of the four quadrants. Thus the cross, is equivalent to the circle of the year. The emblem of the wheel unites the cross and the circle in one, as happens with the hieroglyphic and the tie-Ankh. [Gerald Massey, The Natural Genesis] >>


The cross has been always a symbol related to The initiation tests. In all the old cultures, the esoteric rites required that the candidate to the initiation were tied to the Tau or astronomical cross, and even in some rites he is spoken that the initiated he was ‘nailed in a cross' or ‘crucified before the Lord' or the Sun. Who better he can clarify us these aspects he is H. P. Blavatsky in the following paragraphs, in which they are qualified us certain ideas to the respect:

<< ...Thus it is, but their spirit always badly has been understood. "To crucify before (not against) the Sun ", is a phrase used in the Initiation. Comes from Egypt, and native of the India. The enigma only can be deciphered, seeking its key in the Mysteries of the Initiation. The Initiated Follower, that had passed with fortune for all its tests, was ‘tied', not ‘nailed', simply tied in a bed in the shape of Tau in Egypt; in the shape of Svastika, without the four additional extensions, in the India; its immersed in a deep dream -the "Dream of Siloam ", as is called still today among them Initiated of the Asia Smaller, of Syria and even in the Upper Egypt-. Him it was left in this state during three days and three nights, during whose time their Ego Spiritual told that themselves "plotted " with the "God"; descended to the Hades, Amenti or Pâtâla, according to the country, and did works of charity to the invisible Beings, already were Souls of men or Elementary Spirits; remaining their body during all the time in a crypt or subterranean cave of the temple. In Egypt was placed in the Sarcophagus in the Camera of the King of the Pyramid of Cheops, and carried during the night of the next one third day to the entrance of a gallery, where to certain hour the rays of the rising sun gave of full in the face of the Candidate in state of "trance", which awoke for to be initiated by Osiris and Thoth, the God. [ H. P. Blavatsky, The Secret Doctrine Vol. IV] >>



Seeing also : Kabirim ; Shiva; Jehovah; Chaitans; Moses

The Black Magic practiced, still under the aegis of Moses, by the Hebrew town, induced  indirectly by the Levites Followers of Ammon-Jehovah brought serious consequences on the etheric body of many of the medical assistants of the cultured one ophite. As it is declared in the Bible in the passage of the bronze Snake:
<< They live the mount Or in direction to the Red sea, surrounding the land of Edom; and the town, impatient, murmured along the way against God and against Moses, saying: ‘¿Why have you removed us from Egypt to die in this desert? ; There is not bread neither water, and we are already tired of so light delicacy as this (the Manna)'.
It sent then YAHWEH (Jehovah) against the town poisonous snakes that bit them and died many people of Israel. The town was then Moses and he told: ‘we have sinned murmuring against you; asks to YAHWEH (Elohí) that move away of us the snakes'. Moses interceded for the town and YAHWEH (Elohí) Moses told: ‘Do you a bronze snake and put it on a shaft; and as many as bitten look at it, they will heal' [ The Bible; Numbers 214-9] >>


The old worship to the Teraphim, or statues that represented figures of snakes, native was established by Terah, father of Abraham, representing to the figures of the Seven Kabirim (Habir or Kabar), the parents of the races pursuit-atlases worshipped in the old city of Hebron, the city of the Anakimes or Anakas (Kings and Princes). That worship was now perverted and utilized by the Hebrew town in the desert to worship to the snake God Kiyun or Kivan, who was not more than the Shiva Hindu, the “God of Seven Letters” or Jehovah.
Moses raised the Nâga of Fire as banner of the town of Israel , the Snake of Wisdom, that forming an Eight, bite-sized itself the tail, was the emblem of the Seraphim Jewish. It is therefore, the bronze Snake, the Ogdoaga or Eight Mystic that is symbolized in the Caduceus of Mercury and he represents the equilibrium of the four androgynous nuclei of the etheric body, the Sefirot: Kether, Tipheret, Yesod and Malkuth.



Seeing also : Târâ ; Vâch; Miz Tli Tlan

Thaykhuma manages the Spirit of Life in this planet, she is today the being that represents the Universal Mother. Thaykhuma , is a High Hierarchy inside the triad that governs the Regent Planetary Center of Miz Tli Tlan, and manager of the Mirrors of the Cosmos installed in all the intraterrestrial cities, which, they unite with the pattern and the energy of Life that leave from the Central Heavenly Government:

<< The Universal Mother, Divine Mother or Cosmic Mother, is one of the main intermediaries in the contact of the terrestrial awareness with the Central Heavenly Government. It is the fifth Hierarchy of Miz Tli Tlan and, at same time, regent of the inner Earth centre of  Erks. It can be projected in the field of perception of the human beings, generally in that of who they are linked to the Hierarchy Mirrors, and, with an appearance individualized, to transmit them instructions. [José Trigueirinho Neto; Esoteric Dictionary] >>



Seeing also : Chaos ; Kosmos

Theos is the impulse or spirit of the Divinity that prompts to Chaos to transformers in Kosmos.

What can it tell itself of that Divine Spirit...? Only the impossibility to cover it can be recognized as unapproachable, to agree to the inaccessible thing to the mind, just as Trimegistro talk to Tatios:

<< Speaking of God is impossible. Therefore the corporeal thing cannot express the incorporeal... what does not possess body neither appearance , neither form, neither matter, cannot be understood for the senses. I understand, Tatios, that it is the impossible thing to define, what is God. [ Stobaeus ; Physical Eclogues / Florilegium] >>


Nevertheless, since the most remote antiquity has tried to explain the deity through the negation of the attributes that are not inherent in the same one. How the inexplicable thing can be explained? :

<< God is not a mind, but the cause that the Mind exist; is not a spirit, but the cause of the Spirit ; is not light, but the cause of the Light. [St. Marc; Divine Pymander – Mercure Trismegistre, Pimandre] >>



Seeing also : Shamballa ; Agarttha

The nuclei intraterre active in each epoch , always have had subtle counterparts in the area or areas of the exterior surface of the planet that correspond to the intraterrestrial nucleus to which were polarized. Thus in certain places of the exterior surface of the planet sudden apparitions of realities are produced or of objects and beings that themselves are not visible some moments were found before, and even, during certain remote epochs in the antiquity, constant currents of fields of force were open, maintaining cities and beings, called as the magicians, in the physical etheric country of some zones of the surface of the planet. This is the case of the sempiternity city of Thulé, that was one of the spiritual centers that with different names appeared to a large extent of the traditions and old cultures. Thulé, has been located in different places, and confused at times with the tradition of the Hyperborean land, of the North Pole, in the epoch Atlas. But the memory of that island has remained reflected in the Great Book or Book of Dzyan, in the following terms:
<< A lot before the days of Ad-am (Unit and Universality), and of their wife He-va, where now alone desolate sterile deserted and salty lakes are found, there was a vast interior sea that extended on the Asia Central, al North of the arrogant mountain range of the Himalayan , and of their western extension. In this sea there was an island, that by its beauty without pair, did not have rival in the world, and was inhabited by the Sons of Will and Yoga... This race could live with equal facility in the water, in the air and in the fire, because had unlimited control on the elements. They were the Children of God; not the ones that saw the daughters of the men, but the true Elohim. They were the ones that communicated to the man the most strange secrets of the Nature, and they revealed them the ineffable “Word”, now loss. This “Word”, that is not word, has circulated once for all the globe, and still languishes like a distant and dying echo, in the hearts of some privileged men. The Hierophants of all the Priestly Schools knew the existence of this island; but the Word only was known of the Java Aleim, or main Lord of each School, and was transmitted to its successor only at the moment of the death. There were many of those Schools, and the old classical authors speak of them… [ Book of Dzyan] >>


Soon, the conflicts among the hierarchies dethroned and the attacks that Asuras them incarnate they did on the “Island”, to start him the “secret” that would return them to their original state of God, they did that the material projections of Thulé abroad of the planet withdrew toward other more subtle vibratory levels, losing the direct relation with the declared world.


Tiamat: (Vritra ) (Ahí)

Seeing also : Ananta ; Hermes

Tiamat, is the Dragon died by Merodach in the astral waves. In this manner the old human legends they narrate it, as well as in the books of the Acadians, Semitic and caldeic traditions ; when they related:
<< The Great Ocean, the Watery Abyss, was the place of birth and mansion of Ea, the Wisdom, the infinite Deity and incognoscible. But the Ocean impoundable of the Wisdom, becomes the  gross Matter, the mortal substance, being Ea, transformed into Tiamat, the Dragon died by Merodach in the astral waves. [H. P. Blavatsky, The Secret Doctrine Vol. V] >>


Tiamat is also also known as Vritra or Ahí, the Devil-Snake.


TOT : (Thoth)

Seeing also : Hermes; Enoch; Seth; Kabirim; Lipika

TOT is the first Lipika and older librarian, the Hierophants Sacred that governs the world through the verb, and is the creator of the sacred tongue.

According to the Egyptian Gnostics Thoth (Hermes) was the Leader of the Seven Kabirim, and the inventor of the Egyptian alphabet, because of it , the letter Tau passed to be the last letter of the Semitic alphabets, in which his meaning took the meaning of “end”, “perfection” and “culmination”.

He is also the Lord of the Word, called also the tongue of Ptah, and among his functions he is found that of being the boss of the libraries along with Seshat.

As Lipika and older librarian, Thoth is who writes in the fruits of the tree Ished the years of reign of the sovereigns; although he himself figures as one of the first sovereign of Egypt, just as notes it Champollion about the synchronic board of Abidos, shown in the papyrus of Turin, the most notable one of all, according to the words of the Egyptologist De Rougé:

<< Champollion, full of deep surprise he saw that he had before his own eyes the remainders of a list of Dynasties that covered the most remote mythical times, or the ‘Reigns of the God and Heroes'. Since the same principle of this curious papyrus, we have to convince us that even in a time as remote as the period of Ramses, these heroic and mythical traditions were such as Manethon had transmitted them us; we see figuring in them , like the Kings of Egypt, to the God Seb, Osiris, Set, Horus, Thoth-Hermes, and to the Goddess Ma, being assigned to the reign of each one of these for a long period. [De




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