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Ra RaHa Râkshasas Ram Roth ROuaH-ALHIM

Glossary of terms (R):



Seeing also : Chaos ; Ishva-Ra; Theos; Shu

Ra, was among the Egyptians, the main divinity that represented the creative force of the Sun. Ra unites with Atum or Aton, the spirit of the Sun , to reject the Chaos by means of the Light. Ra appears in the Egyptian mythology as the ‘great judge' that maintains the equilibrium between the factions of the light and of the darkness visiting regularly to the worlds of his creation in an endless cycle. For the Vedantins Hindu, this same figure is represented by Ishva-Ra, that is a King and Lord of the Alhim or active regents of the universe.

According to the old traditions conserved by the ancient cultures; Chaos is transformed into Kosmos by means of the brilliance of the ray of original light, created by the great magical power sprouts as its primogenitor. Ra creates then their own members, being formed to itself and creating later to the other God so that they help him in their constitution forerunner task of the world declared.

We listen now what Blavatsky counts ourselves about the “The God that arises from the Egg of the World”:

<< The Lord of the two sexes, inhabited in the Egg and he left from it are derived. The God Ra, in the Book of the dead is represented radiant in its Egg, and undertakes its march as quick as the God Shu, awakes him and impulse gives him. " He is in the Solar Egg , the Egg al that him is given Life among the God". The Solar God exclaims: "I am the Creative Soul of the Celestial Abyss. Nobody sees my Nest, nobody can break my Egg; ¡I am the Lord! ”. [ H. P. Blavatsky, The Secret Doctrine Vol. II] >>


RaHa: (Raja)

Seeing also : Gupta Vidya; Sat

RaHa or Raja in a specific state or, the phenomenal world declared; and finally Tamas, the darkness or unique principle.

In the elevation of the man, Rajas is the vertical line of the cross.


Râkshasas : (Raksasas)

Seeing also : Asuras

Commonly we understand that the devils are mythological beings whose function is that of tormenting incessantly to the sinners during all the eternity for some committed sins during a life, a period of so small time in comparison that would not represent not even the blink of an eye.

Therefore well, it is not this the meaning that in the Veda or for badly, we should continue the maximum one: ¡the Truth will do you free!

Who are then the fearsome Raksasas? Discovering it we should respond to the words of the Bhagavad Gîtâ and to know the answer to this enigma of the lips of the own Krishna:

<< Value, sincerity, perseverance in the Yoga of wisdom, charity, negation, control of itself, devotion , austerity, rectitude, mildness, truth, patience, self-sacrifice , calm, sincerity, compassion of the living beings, chastity , benevolence, modesty, constancy, firmness, mercy, fortress , purity, humility, indulgence: You Have here, ¡Oh Bhârata!, the virtues of whom was born in divine condition.

Hypocrisy, proud, presumption, anger, harshness é ignorance: These are, ¡Oh Pârtha!, the vices of whom was born in demonic condition.

The virtues conduct to the liberation; the vices to the slavery. But do not fear, ¡Oh Pândava! You were born in divine condition.

Of two lineages they are in this world the animated creatures : divine and demonic. Already I have described you the divine one. Listens now , ¡Oh Pârtha!, what is the demoniac.

The men of demonic nature ignore the action and the omission. Neither purity neither honesty neither truth there is in they.

Thus they say: ‘In the universe nothing one must be truth neither do neither there is any God that govern it. All the beings proceed of the sexual union without more causality than the lust.'

With such ideas they are shown like the enemies stirred up for the destruction of the human kind these men prepotents, of rudimentary and brutal actions discernment.

Slaves of insatiable appetites, possessed of vanity, presumption and proud, you induce them the error to false concepts and they do moved by impure decisions.

They forge infinities projects whose term is the death, and they believe that in the satisfaction of its desires the Supreme one consists well, twisted convinced that all itself figure in this.

They maintained in slavery by a hundred ligatures of false perspective, they are abandoned blindly to the passions and they endeavor in collecting for illicit media piles of wealth with which satisfying their appetite of sensual enjoyments.

They they say: ‘This I gained today; this I propose me to gain. Already is mine this wealth and also tomorrow will be it such another.»

«I got rid of myself this enemy and of equal way I will get rid of me other. I am the owner, the enjoyment. I am fortunate, powerful and happy.'

‘I am rich, noble, ¿who as I? I will offer sacrifices, I will give charity, I will live happy.' Thus the ignorance deceives them.

They fought by multitude of thoughts, wrapped in the networks of the error, attentive to the satisfaction of their desires, they finish for being sunk in stinking hell. Egolatries, stubborn, possessed of pride, drunken in the greed of wealth, offer sacrifices by vain ostentation, contrarily to the mandates of the written Law.

Egotistical, haughty, insolent, sensual é irate, these harmful men hate Me in the alien bodies and in his own.

To these impious, evil and full of hate, the most despicable among the men of the world, I throw them perpetually in demonic headquarters. And they fallen in demonic breasts, being hallucinated of birth in birth, me do not they reach, ¡Oh Kaunteya!, and in the deepest abysses they submerge.

Three are the doors of this destructive hell of the being: lust, anger and avarice. Thus therefore it owes the man to be set apart of them. [ Annie Besant; Bhagavad Gîtâ] >>


As we have been able to listen, the definition that Krishna does of the Raksasas or “diabolic men” is unfortunately the same one that would be able to do today for the typical modern man in the present society. Although we would neither be able to speak of a general decadence of the human race, but, more well, of a chronic stagnation in the evolutionary aspects that the human being should have undertaken a long time ago. Therefore only with take a look at the “old customs” we give us quickly realize of it...

The old magic practiced by all the old towns in which rituals were established where blood was spilled suspiciously is seemed, if we compare it with multiple passages of the Bible , to the magic that the Raksasas utilize in the Ramayana:
<< The evil hero Indragit, humiliated, ran to sacrifice in the fire, continuing the rites established, and on the place destined to the victims. The avid warrior in battles, beheaded I live a male black flock of goats , and poured in the fire, according to the rites, the blood that emanated of its neck. A great exempt flame of smoke, was lit of sudden , sign that foretold the victory. The fire inflames in itself, and returning to the noon the spiral of them you call color of pure gold, received funnily the oblation of fat clarified. Immediately the fire left a magnificent car, dragged by four beautiful horses without brake and that, provided of diverse darts and covered with rich clothing , armed of large spears, walked invisible. It mounted, Indragit, in the air invisible car, wounded with its steel darts to Rama and to Laksmana. [Valmiki ; The Ramayana] >>


Thus therefore, it is ours arduous to owe the reflection Raksasas or “diabolic men”, with what, ours “flaming humanity ” would pass to be, in strict Vedantine terminology , nothing but an amorphous conglomerate of vicious and perverted devils.


Ram : (Rama) (Nârâyana) (Yama) (Kaimurath)

Seeing also : Adam; Kumâra ; Vishnú

The Adam Aryan known as Ram, also called Kaimurath by the Persians, Rama by the Hindus and even Hercules by the Greeks. And also, finally, known as Ram , by the Caucasian and northern Europeans tribes. Rama is represented as the same as the Semitic Adam-Kadmon, like the Archetype Man, reincarnation of Vishnú, related to Agni and Indra.

Vishnú is The Conservative, he lives in the mount Meru and its symbol is a conch and a disk. He is also a Kumâra, identical to Agni, the God of the Fire or Sun, and equal to Indra, the shining God of the firmament that kills Vritra or Ahí, the Devil-Snake, and conducts to the army of Devas set against the other God revealed against Brama, by which him is given the nickname of Jishnu, the ‘conductive of the celestial host'. Really, Rama is the lofty being that prompted to the Arian Race toward a physical and spiritual elevation. He is also be destined to stabilize the human race of the planet, by means of the control of the Raksasas  devils:

<< ¡ Rama, Rama of the long arms, remind in your heart of yourself ! You are Nârâyana, the happy, incarnate in this world to save it from the Raksasas! Remember only of the son of Vinata , the divine one Garuda, of immense vigor, and who devours the snakes! [Valmiki ; The Ramayana] >>


Rama is the human-divine prototype that removes the world of the tremendous chaos that was produced, what it is called: “War of the God”:

<< Long time ago, in the time of the war between the God and the devils, it was requested your invincible husband by the king of the Immortal, to confronted those battles. It descended to the southern beach in the region called Dandaka, where the God that carries in its banner the image of the fish Timi, possesses a city called Vedjayanta. There, a great Asura, not conquer by the heavenly armies, called Sambara, powerful in the magic, waged a battle with Sakra. The king was injured by an arrow in that terrible day... (The fights that thus began, they were prolonged during several generations, up to the arrival of Rama, who was seen wrapped in similar battles…) at that time, desirous to witness the great battle, the Risis  responded, and the Sidas and the Sioses, the main Gandarvas, and the famous choruses of Apsaras.
As soon as the devil of vehement boldness, Kara, arrived near the holy hut, Rama and its brother they saw some sinister figures, and the major of the Ragüidas, said:
- We Have in our hand the victory and the enemy the rout, therefore my appearance is serene. Looks as glows!
And looking at the Kakútstida to all sides, saw the battalions of Raksasas that came to fight him. It seized the arch, prepared the arrows, and prepared to fight. The aspect of the terrible son of Ragout produced stupor to the Raksasas, that stopped a little altered, and they remained motionless as a mountain. Kara, possessed of impetuous bravery, was launched with its car against the valorous offspring of Kakutsta, the same thing that Rau split the star that produces the light. When the raksasa army seen that Kara entered battle stringed by the furor, was launched after him in compact phalange, producing the noise of the thunder, own of the squalls and the collision of the large armies.
And, they made angry, the large nocturnal devils threw on Rama a rain of projectiles, that received impassive, the same thing that the ocean receives the tribute of the arrows. And already it begun the battle, sent gold darts multitude, untamable and irresistible, similar to the tie of the death. The heads of the enemy parted by the darts, in the shape of hook, they fell for land to thousands, agitating convulsed lips and mouth. Then the remainder of the enemy took refuge together to the monarch and its brother Dusana, surrounding him as a flock of elephants. Kara, seeing his battalions decimated by the arrows of Rama, said to the general of his troops, warrior of frightening vigor and of ardent heart:
- ¡ Hero, revives the value of my army! Do a new effort!
Dusana precipitated on the offspring of Kakutsta with the same furor that did it in another time the devil Namuchi. Likewise, all the bad geniuses, seeing Dusana next to them, they were launched also on Rama for the second time provided of every luck of projectiles. The hero of long arms, the same thing that if played , cut skillfully, inside the circle of the bad geniuses, heads and arms...
The field of battle remained clean of combatants, therefore the fire of the arrows of Rama had devoured them to all. In that day Rama gave death to fourteen thousand Raksasas, frightening, audacious, brave and, nevertheless , he was a single individual on foot, ¡an alone man! [Valmiki ; The Ramayana] >>



Roth : (Varuna)

Seeing also : Âdityas; Atlas; ; Âgarttha.

Roth was the prince adyta that guided the intraterrestrial forces, the fervent Children of Ad, the Sons of the Will and the Yoga, and to the inhabitants of the continent of that fought bravely against the king Thevetat, the command of the Daityas and the devils Râkshasas that controlled the continent of Kusha.

The king Thevetat fought cruel and fierce against the Âdityas and the Sâdhus or wise guides of the Atlantean Race, headed by Roth, the Brihaspati of the Vedas.

The terrible consequence of the devastating war concluded with the second and final Atlantean flood. This war, besides , decided the destinies of the two towns, the intraterrestrial and the pertinent one to the world of surface in two cultures separated and different realities inside the same planet. The traces of this terrible war remained engravings in the collective mind of the present humanity and reflected in many of its traditional legends, in which , still the departure of the Elfs (Âdityas) cries toward the Sacred Island (Âgarttha).
Roth lives on one hand in the great figure of the Lipika, the legislator that acts in tuning with the Seven Manage, the Seven Circles or Invisible Spirits that support the bases of the Law or Karma in this and other worlds. Of them the own one told Roth: ‘they are Not neither the Sun, neither the Moon, neither the stars, neither the dawn, but the supporting elements of this luminous life that exists, by telling it thus, behind all these phenomena'.

For the Seven Lords, the Time is only an illusion produced by the succession of our states of awareness, in our trip through the Eternal Duration. Thus, one of the Seven Gentlemen , Ahura Mazda, itself is not constituted in the center of the power but in the messenger of The Word, whose source is found also in the heart of the same Zarathushtra. Therefore, Ahura Mazda and Ahriman are the two poles of a same force, but only Ahura Mazda sacrifices voluntarily its glorious demonstration for the sake of its Fravarshi, that is in reality the Eternal Light.

The first Mazdeites, they did not believe that the Light and the Darkness were eternal and antagonistic, but they arose like cyclic evolution of the Time without Limits, the Unknown Cause to which they same called Zeruâna Âkerne.
According to it, Roth defines to the adytas:
<< The Thought, the Divine one, that is Light and Life produced by middle of its Word, or first aspect, the other Thought user, which being the God of the Spirit and of the Fire, built Seven Manager that they enclosed in their circle to the World of the Senses, called “Fatal Destiny”. [Darmesteter ; Zend Avesta] >>


According to other authors, Roth is likewise living incarnation of one of those same Lords, in concrete of Varuna or Uranus, the Lord that controls the Water:

<< Uranus is a Varuna modified, the one that "surrounds to the Universe", the one that "all covers it", and one of the older Vedic's Deities -the Space, the maker of the Sky and of the Land.- since both came to the demonstration of its seed. Later it was when Varuna became the leader of the Adityas and in a species of Neptune, mounted in that of Leviathan " Makara, now the most sacred and mysterious one of the signs of the Zodiac. Varuna, without which "any creature neither even to blink ", was degraded the same thing that Uranus, and as he fell in the generation; therefore their functions -" the most magnificent cosmic functions ", like Muir called them- they were degraded of the Sky to the Land, by the exoteric anthropomorphism. The same one as says the orientalist: "The attributes and functions attributed to Varuna in the Vedas, give their character a moral elevation and a holiness that outbid in a lot to the ones that are attributed to all another Vedic Deity". But to understand correctly the cause of its fall, as well as that of Uranus, one must see in all the exoteric religions as the imperfect work and sinner of the fantasy of the man, and also to study the mysteries that tells that Varuna communicated to Vasishta. Only that... "its secrets and those of Miter should not communicate the fools". [H. P. Blavatsky, The Secret Doctrine Vol. III] >>


Roth also illustrates the searing, not since its negative aspect or nigromantic , but since the science that transcends the concept of the temporary differentiations by the “Unique Form of Existence” as base and origin of all the things.

The science that instituted and developed Roth in the intraterrestrial world, is known in the world of surface by means of the deity Egyptian: Thoth-Hermes, and represented by the symbol of an open eye, acquaintance in Egypt as the Eye of Ra, associate to Isis.

The Sighted Science also is known in the India as the Eye of Ziva, and in the Himalayan like the Open Eye of Dangma. The “Open Eye” is in reality the spiritual and internal eye of the seer, related to the “Third Eye”, source of the spiritual and clairvoyant knowledge.


ROUAH-ALHIM: (Ruach-Elohim)

Seeing also : ALHIM

ROUAH-ALHIM is the Spirit that feeds to the Forces of the Creative Verb, which they have themselves united to the ROuaH, the cycles of the eternity and the NaHaSH, the time in spires.

Jeshu Ben Pandira continued the tradition of Moses, promoting a deeper knowledge of his interior being or Monad, and of the true nature of his I-Am; being converted thus the Man, in the potential germ of the God that lives asleep in his Regent Avatar; being approached a lot of the concepts of the Holy Spirit, the “RUACH-Elohim” (Rouah-Alhim ) that Christ would preach.

The Ruach Hebrew represents also to one of the four elements, in concrete the “Air”, being these elements Iam (water), Nur (fire), Ruach (air) and Iabeshah (land), which they form the anagram INRI, curiously the same one that was utilized in the crucifixion of Christ ...


Seeing also : Arupa

The Rupas are the physical forms, or more well the Archetypes of the bodies declared, also called material Spirits.

All declared beings possesses two “bodies”, one etheric-physical and the other spiritual one or Monadic, thus the Rupa and the Arupa combine to give form to the universes.

The spiritual beings do not possess body Rupa -which is only necessary to live in the material world-, but they acquire it for carry out their experiences in the world of Mâyâ.




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