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Paradesa Pâtâla Phams_Rhaat PhI Pitâ Prâna
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Glossary of terms (P):


Paradesa: (Paradesha ) ( Pushkara)

Seeing also : Âgarttha ; Shamballah; Mérou

The Paradesa, was known like Âgarttha, the 'White Island ', the City, the Greater Planetary Center during the cycle of Ram , it was the headquarters of the Central Sanctuary, which, was inhabited by the Brâhatmah.

In the old tradition of the Purânas, can be appreciated that it is  situate to Puskara, ‘the land of the God' al North of the mount Meru:

<< The two countries, at North and South of the Meru,  have the form of arch... the half of the surface of the Land is at the South of the Meru and the other half to the North of the same one, beyond which is the half of Puskara. [ Wilson ; Vishnu Purâna] >>

Not only the old traditions speak of the Paradesha, also we can listen the following explanation of the theosophist headlines by Madame Blavatsky:

<< The " Children of the Wisdom ", were the first born as Children of the Mind of the Third Race. Nevertheless, was not the only cradle, neither the primitive cradle of the humanity, although, truly, was the copy of the cradle of the first Man as divine thinker. It was the Paradesha, the mountainous land of the first people that spoke the Sanskrit, the Hedonic, the country of the delights of the Greeks, but was not the "Bower of the voluptuousness" of the Caldeics , therefore this last one only was its reminiscence; neither was there where occurred the "Fall of the Man" after the "separation". The Eden of the Jews was copied from the Caldeic copy.

The Fall of the Man in the generation occurred during the first period of what the Science calls the Mesozoic's



Seeing also : Amenti

The Pâtâla, is the empire of Pluto, The Pâtâla is the abyss where blackberry the vital fire of the planet, and were the igneous door of the Sheol is situated. That sphere is known also as the Hades or place where is transmuted the death, the door that gave access to the mythological hell, where the Soul purged the sins contracted in the material life. Origins, the writer and Christian theologian of the century III and its school, they taught that the purpose of these punishments was purgatorial, and that was proportional to the fault of the individual. Origins maintained that, with time, the Purification effect would arrive at all, even to the devils, that the punishment would cease and that everyone of the hell would be, at last, returned to the happiness. This doctrine was condemned by the second council of Constantinople in the year 553, and the belief in the eternity of the punishments of the hell was characteristic, so much of the orthodox Church as of the Roman Catholic since then.




The celebration of the Phams Rhaat, that coincides in date with the Christian festival of All the Saints, mark the annual astrological zenith of the transmigration of the souls toward the different spheres of the round of the Seven Globes. It is when the Rupa , the phenomenal soul is elevated toward the Arupa, or being without form, in the investment of the cycle of materialization.

In that day they are favorable the ascents of the souls to higher spheres, being produced also, with more facility , the liberation and ascent of the souls trapped in the astral world after the death toward the upper plans of reality.


PhI:(Phi + Pi)

Seeing also : Kabhalah

PhI, signifies esoterically: The word or mouth of IHOH , The Large one.

PhI, is the Creative Verb, is the law that permits to the round thing to transform into square, to the infinite universe to transform into finite, to the spirit to transform into matter, and therefore, possesses the secret of the evolution and of its final goal in the elevation of the Matter, again, toward the Light; since the circle to the square, from the sphere to the cube, the deity transcends the cycles of the incarnation in the universe without time.
The schemers believe that the Sacred or Arcane Key is found in the geometric relation of the area of the circle recorded in the square, or that of the cube in the sphere, being related to the proportion of the diameter of the circumference or number PhI (Phi ‘f ' + Pi ‘p ') aforesaid in integral, and being PhI, the supreme reason related to the names of the God Elohim and Jehovah. Thus, the Pythagoreans taught the connection and relation between the God and the Numbers, in a called: Arithmomancy science.

In the Sepher , Jehovah (YHVH, Yod-Hé-Vau-Hé) is the Sacred Name, the Word that cannot be pronounced by the Israelites, and only the Great Priest pronounces it once at year in the middle of the shouts of the profane town. This name is considered, like the one that confers to the mortal, that manage to discover its true pronunciation, the key of all the human and divine sciences.

In the Kabalah is established that the value of the name of Jehovah is that of the diameter of a circle, Jehovah ( h w hy ) : Yod, Vau and two I Have they equal to 10, 6 and 5; or al number 1065 and also to three times seven = 21. These figures would tell us nothing if was not by a mathematical groins, John A. Parker, who discovered that the use of the integral reason of the diameter to the circumference is 6561 for the diameter and 20612 for the circumference.

The cabalists have always identifying a secret relation among the name of the Elohim or Alhim and the number cabalistic-Phytagorics of PhI (f + p). According to Ralston Skinner, author of The Source of Measures. The value of the letters of the name Alhim ( £ yhl ')is: 13514, which, is at the same time a combined in the secret calculations of the number 31415 or number p (Pi) 3'1415. Thus the Kabalah says explicitly that Elohim is a ‘general abstraction'; what is called in math a ‘ Constant coefficient' or ‘general function', that is to say not individual to each approach, that participates in every construction as the general reason from 1 to 31415. In the Zohar, is shown clearly that in the principle the Elohim (Alhim) were calls Achad, (One, or the deity ‘One in Many').

The present world, causes believes us that everything that observe is composed, and can be explained for a simple mathematics that can be conceived for the mere rational practice, without that for it be necessary none key or predefined concept that permit us to open the secrets of the Arcane one. The large wise of the antiquity The present world, causes believes us that everything that observe is composed, and can be explained for a simple mathematics that can be conceived for the mere rational practice, without that for it be necessary none key or predefined concept that permit us to open the secrets of the Arcane one. The large wise of the antiquity they knew that great truth and themselves they were not tired to repeat it:

<< The things that the man really knows, they do not be able, in any way , to be compared numerical with the ones that are strangers to him. [ Chuang ; Shan Hai King] >>


The Phytagoric school, in West, hid cleverly the key of the arcane numerical in two numbers or diverse factors, one exoteric or number Pi ‘ p ' and another esoteric or number Phi ‘f ' which they conformed the value of the four-dimensional number or number PhI, where Phi ‘f' is the ‘ complex constant coefficient ' of the natural number Pi p '. Thus the cabalistic metaphor of the ‘quadrature of the circle' passes for ( p+f ) = Ñ

An example of it we have it in the Hyperbolic curve Catenaries, this is a curve of an impeccable symmetry, its basic composition, is an exponential function, that integrates a curve sinusoidal (sinusoidal and Cosenoidal). Apparently, the curve sinusoidal seems very little to the curve exponential, the curve sinusoidal is waiving, while the curve exponential always elevates and each time more fast. The deep connection that exists between e x and cos x, is explained totally in the theory of the complex numbers because when x is the square root of a negative number. Becomes a mixture of curves sinusoidal. The curves exponential and sinusoidal share thus an important property of symmetry, that relates the form of the curve to the form of the slope of the curve, as occurs in the hyperbolic curve catenaries.

Of the same way Pi p ' is complemented with the number Phi ‘f ' to form the complex coefficient that opens us the doors of the quarter dimension; the number PhI.



Seeing also : Lha

The Pitris, are the collective creators of the World. The Indian esoteric books, they mention Seven Classes of Pitris or Devas , and among them two different species from ancestors: the Barhishad and the Agnishvâtta; or the “possessed by the sacred fire” and the empty of him. The Agnishvâtta are represented as the ones that having lacked to their duty of maintaining the Sacred Fire in their passed lives in another Manvantara , they have lost their right to that them they be offered oblations with fire. On the contrary, the Barhishad, having conserved the sacred fires of their dwellings, they are in this way venerated until today. The Agnishvâtta are the Devas that cannot create to the spiritual alone man because it possess the Fire of the Triangles and not the Fire of the Perfect Cubes, that represents the angelic beings. Therefore the Agnishvâtta are the Devas “rebellious” or “active” that have left to be “pure” to become intelligences independent and free.

Many similarities among the esoterism exist between the Aryan or Brahmanism and the Egyptian, with reference to the Pitris; called also: The Lunar Ancestors of the men. The Egyptians did of the God-Moon, Taht-Esmun, the first human ancestor, the first “Father” or Pitâ, as we see as follow:

<< The God Moon, expressed the Seven powers of the Nature, that were previous to him and that were found in it synthesized as its seven souls... from which was he the exhibitor , like the Eighth one. The seven rays of the Heptakis or the Caldeic Iao in the Gnostic stones, they indicate the same septenaries of souls... The first form of the mystic Seven, it was seen figured in the sky by the seven large stars of the Big Dipper, the constellation assigned by the Egyptians to the Mother of the Time, and of the seven Elementary Powers. [Gerald Massey; The Seven Souls of Man] >>


Prâna: (Prana)

Seeing also : Aum ; Om ; Ono-Zone; Brill

Prâna can be respected like the alive energy, the Love; the law of the AUM or Om that filled in full to all what it created.

The fundamental energy or Ono-Zone is composed by three different classes from energies qualified as: The Radiant Energy, the Energy Brill and the Energy Prâna. All they compose the eternal energy Ono-Zone as expression of the First Greater Logos.

Prâna engenders the material lives from the material of the Soul and serves them of living; the physical body can be considered then as the vehicle of the Soul or creation of Prâna.

Among the Vedantins, Prâna is also meaning of the air breathed, in concrete of the inspired, being Apâna the name assigned al air expired.



Seeing also : Archetype

It is called pristine also to every light that shines with a pure and clear intensity as extracted of the whiteness of the creation.

The intrinsic concept of ‘pristine', speaks us of somewhat new, original, recently created, something that keeps still the brightness of the lofty archetypes with the ones that was conceived the original and first work ; and therefore does not keep still the vices and deformations that it will adopt in the following replicas of itself.


Pundit:(Pandit ) (Panditas)

Seeing also : Adept ; Anâgâmin; Initiation

The Pundits are those initiated that they were in charge of the high studies in the Schools and the Sacred Schools, like Ferdinand Ossendowski collects in the secular traditions of the Lamas of the region of Urga in his book called: “Beasts, Men and God”:

<< The throne of the King of the World, is surrounded by millions of incarnate God. They are the sacred Panditas (Pundit). The own palace is embraced for the palaces of the Goro (Gûrû) that possess the secret of all the visible and invisible forces of the land , of the hell and of the sky and who can do all that is needed for the life and the death of the man. [Ferdinand Ossendowski; Beasts, Men and Gods] >>


During the initiation test of the Anâgâmin, The ascetic is submitted to the Small Death, like part of the official tests of contender to Pundit. Thus the Pundit can be considered as: 'The one that does not encourage to Móloc'. (the desire or conscious will)




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