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Nadis Nâgas NaHaSH Na-Noah Nat-Our Nazarenes
NePheSh Nihil Noumen Nouminous    

Glossary of terms (N):


Nadis: (Sushumnâ) (Îdâ) (Pingalâ)

Seeing also: Chakra; Kundalini

The Mûladhâra Chakra is the Chakra in which the Kundalini resides, the ruler or vital force of the human beings. Normally the force Kundalini counteract and it is balance by three energy flows or Nadis, that run along the backbone, called the Sushumnâ, the Îdâ and the Pingalâ, being situated one in the central conduit of the spinal column, the second, at left side and the third in the right side of the spinal cord.
The first Nadis, the Sushumnâ, is the base of the other two, these other, the Îdâ and the Pingalâ controled the passive operation of the force Kundalini in the normal human beings. The Îdâ and the Pingalâ are therefore mechanism of security that restrict the elevation of the vital energy to the upper centers of conscience with the only purpose to adapt the flow of vital energy to the degree of control of the awareness Monadic on the phenomenal bodies.


Seeing also: Magic; Kundalini; Ofites.

The Nâgas (sacred snakes) are considered in the ancient traditions as a community of beings that devoured the know-how and the wisdom to the ones that had reserved access. Thus, these special men were called adept, to be converted then in human Nâgas. These adeptss composed a variety of very diverse schools and of different instruction, which, when traveled through the dark path, finally they produced an astral dislocation if the elevation of the Kundalini did not accompany to the Monadic evolution.

These different sects and schools have left constancy of their step by the different epochs and civilizations of a subtle but unmistakable form. In the old India, the Nâgas were considered as a mysterious people that lived in Nâga-dvipa, one of the old antediluvians continents. The Seraphim Hebrew are another example of ‘sarpas', beings semi gods with human face and queue of dragon. In China, the Heavenly Men, are calls the twelve Tien-Hoang, the angels with human face and body of dragon, in an amazing similarity with the Seraphim Hebrew.

The Snake has represented always to the wisdom and to the ‘hidden knowledge', being in Egypt the symbol of Thot and Hermes, this last call in Babylonia Hea or Hoa. In The Upanishads all can be discovered treaty about the ‘science of the snakes', or Science of the Hidden Knowledge.

In Greece, Esculapio cures through the snake delegating in her its powers. In Rome, the Vestals take care of the ‘sacred snakes' at the same time that feed the sacred fire.

All over traces are found of their Ancient presence, the Nagales in Mexico, the Men Snake in China.

The Snake (Nâga), is the Ophites symbol by excellence and at the same time the symbol of the healing and the wisdom.



Seeing also : PhI; Kabhalah.

The NaHaSH is the time in spires. NaHaSH, at the moment of the to awake of the Universe is represented according to the hierograms sacred as a point in the interior of a circular, is the Nicod Bilo ShOPh cosmic, the point in the infinite, personified also by ours old and wanted number PhI, the word or mouth of IHOH , The Greatest.

The Nahash Hebrew signifies the Spirit, the disincarnate being and also ‘dispossessed' of its original purity that wanders by the intermediate plans seeking, by means of the material experience, the elevation of its being toward its nucleus of eternal life.

The Spirit separated from the Supreme Being, search the redemption to reach again the state of immaculate purity, utilizing for it the long road that crosses the valley of the Matter; and thus, initiates with its own search, the temporary concept of the events that will finalize with its return to the origin in a new state or evolutionary spiral.


Na-Noah: (Noah) (Xisutros) (Nuah)

Seeing also: Manu; Arka; Enoch; Kabirim

The second Atlantean flood is the one that has remained marked in the terrestrial ancient traditions of all continents as that of the “Great Flood of Noah” of the Semitic tradition, and the traditions referred to Xisutros, the “Noah Caldeic”, or the legends of the “Noes” Aztec and Chinese.

Noah, or Na-Noah, in the tongue of the Bereschith , signifies “the Rule”, “the Orthodoxy” of Noah, and is equivalent to the names: Manu, Menes, Minos and Minoa. In all these traditions they have remained reflected common factors like the seven mysterious companions of each one of the “Noes” of the different legends, when finally is related that they descend to the land sign transported in its “Chests of Salvation”.

In the book of Enoch refers to Nuah : “Floating in its ‘Argha' on the water... ” Being Noah the father of the seven Kabirim, the genuine archetypes of all the human beings of the Fifth Root Race or Aryan Race.


Nat-Our: (Nature)

Seeing also: Noumen; Khum

The “Nature” in the first correspondence of the Inaccessible Light. Thus, we find to the figure of the Divine Essence or Ishva-Ra, King and Lord of the Alhim, who is shown us in the Hindu imagery as the owner and mister of the Nature. He remains seated on the Tigre that embodies by force of the Creative Verb representing to itself the lines of the tiger to the space-temporary and luminance-energy waves that generate the worlds declared. The water that surround to the sitting figure are the Water of the Space, the Khum, the Darkness Mother of all the beings. The trident represents the Triloka, the government of the Three Worlds, and the Snake of Wisdom rolled to its neck, signifies the Cosmic Mind that is curled on the trunk of the Asvattha, or Tree of the Life, bearing fruit.

Finally the knot that forms its hair in the high of its head, and the one from which a rainbow leaves, is a metaphor that is alluding to Nat, the knot and to Our, the living light, which symbolize the Nat-Our.

The Universe has been created continuing an ideal plan, just as defines it Paracelsus:

<< All the things are the product of an effort universal creative... Nothing exists “died” in the Nature, All the things are organic and alive, and therefore the entire world seems to be a living agency. [Franz Hartmann; Paracelsus] >>


But the Nature is not a great one to be unconscious or inert, like they want to imagine ours scientific, but, as Hartmann and other many authors exists maintained as unique awareness, being called the Nous:

<< The Universal Being that exist and contains all, puts in movement the soul and the World, all as much as the Nature understands. In the multiple unit of the universal life, they distinguished innumerable individualities by their variations, they are, Nevertheless, united in such a way, that the assembly is one, and all proceeds from the Unit. [Anna Kingsford; The Virgin of the World] >>


  Nazareus:    (Esenies)

Seeing also: Brâhatmah

The Nazareus constitute a new class of priests that is born in the town of Israel during the epoch of Moses; these were calls the Nazareus, or Nazareos, that educated by Arón and Jetró, they constituted a monastic order of initiated pure and delivered completely to the meditation and the rule:
<< It spoke YAHWEH (Elohí) to Moses, saying: ‘Speaks the children of Israel and talk: If one, man or woman, does vote of consecration, being consecrated to YAHWEH (Elohí), will abstain of wine and of every beverage intoxicating... During all the time of their vote of  Nazarean will not pass the knife by his head, until comply the time by the one that was consecrated to YAHWEH (Elohí)… [The Bible; Numbers VI : 1] >>

The Nazareus were dissolved and pursued to the death of Moses, and would not be spoken again from them as group, until later of the captivity of the Hebrew town in Babylonia, when Daniel and Esdras gave a new impulse to the cultured solar of Adonai. During the time of the captivity of the Hebrew town in Babylonia a figure called Zarathas or Nazaratos, astral descendant of Zarathushtra, teach to the initiated Hebrews the Road of the Right, the rites and secret knowledge of the solar worship to Adonai. Fortifying and renewing thus the teachings received of Moses many centuries before. Inside the community of the Nazareus, quick emerged a human group very evolved that impacted largely on the etheric breeze of the planet, to prepare the arrival of the Essence Christic. This group, the ones who formed it until today, knows by the humanity of surface as Esenies. Really, inside the monastic Esenic community, embodied intraterrestrial beings and from other planets of the solar system, especially of Venus, to prepare and to write down the great impulse that the Christic Light would print in this planet, with the arrival of the great cosmic event that would be produced years later.

The Esenies had active communities in Palestine and Syrian, his capacity of priest and his hidden knowledge  were fruit of the interior contact with their Monad and with the conscious knowledge of the nuclei intraterrestrial that guided them. The Esenies remained withdrawn and sections of its environment, and one of the basic conditions of every contender for its inclusion in the group was that of the silence. The reasons of this conduct were obvious, the surrounding human society and their eternal enemies, the Levites, they would not yield in the systematic destruction of the smaller outcropping of the cosmic laws. The Esenies put a lot of emphasis in the fulfillment of the Law, they were careful with the use of the word, as to be this conductor of energies , they reflected in every moment the truth and the simplicity in all its acts and they maintained a deep sense of fraternity with all its brothers, what caused that they were very well valued and wanted in the Hebrew communities of its environment. Really they introduced the high and purest monastic spirit that the humanity of surface had known up till then, being in fact , the precursors of the authentic Christian spirit that would flourish fully with the arrival of Christ.

Jeshu Ben Pandira (Jesus son of Pandira), this Esenic leader was a noble and great personality that gave a doctrine forerunner of the Christianity and was also been supported and united with Shamballah and with the Melki-Tsedek, the King of the World, the Brâhatmah representative live representation of the terrestrial Logoi; so that was initiated the preparatory cycle of the Great Arrival of the Christic light.
Melki-Tsedek, the King of the World, appears constantly reflected in the writings Esenies of the community of the Qumran, that have been transmitted the present humanity, as an imperceptible gift of the passed times to the presents. An unconscious inheritance, that still lasts in the liturgy of the catholic mass, when is pronounced...: ‘ et quod Tibi obtulit summus sacerdos Melchisedech…'.
Apollonius of Tyana represented the values and supported the doctrines of Christ, having as an objective the adequate channeling of the Christic energy on the surface of the planet. He was, besides, the leader and teacher of the new nazoreans, or Nazareos, the Esenies that would form the first and purer Christian communities, which, they would keep until today the authentic Christic message.

Really the efforts that have been carried out to conduct toward the light to the humanity of surface they have been exceptional. The most evolved human of surface, the Master Jesus, the soul that previously there was incarnate in Jeshu Ben Pandira, and in Jesus of Nazareth during its childhood, again , was delivered to the unembraced task of driving to the men by the narrow road that flanks the terrible cliffs of the error, under a new human figure; that was Apollonius of Tyana.

Apollonius of Tyana arises in the human historic perspective, during the century I of the Christian Age, in Tyana, locality of Capadocia, and since the first moment he emphasizes as one of the most advanced children of the Pythagorean School. As teacher of this , he travels by the East being initiated in the thousand-year-old doctrines of the India , Egypt and he Caldeics, until acquiring a control on the cosmic laws never reached by any human on the face of the planet. He carried out infinity of blessed prodigies to resemblance of Jesus of Nazareth, such as the healing of sick and the resurrection of the dead persons. Its life and its work are marked by the deep love and an immense charity toward their similar.
But Apollonius, represented an imminent danger for the “Parents of the New Church”, that already they had begun to cover with a material power and important politician as opposition organized to the power of Rome. And of the same form that was happened with Jesus of Nazareth and the members of the Sanhedrin Jewish, the fights and the disagreements arose with a ferocity and insanity on the part of the “Parents of the New Church” toward the followers of Apollonius, that imprisoned in monasteries and communities of Nazarenes, or Esenies, were the authentic precursors and divulgators of the Christic doctrine by the world. They constituted the spirit of the Christians of the First Love, those that harshly they were pursued and exterminated in the following centuries to the Council of Nicea, where the “Church of Christ” passed to be the “Church of the Empire”.


NePheSh:  (Nefesh) (Nephesh)

Seeing also : Kabhalah; Nahash; Rouah

NePheSh or Nefesh is the Living Soul that experiences consciously the world declared, which, when the physical body dies should be high to break its tying with the material world.

The Gnostic gospel by excellence; the Pistis Sophia, explains it us saying that Nephesh is the source of the physical appetites, the desire that constitutes according to the Bible, the Blow of Life, the basic force that mobilizes the material beings in its fight by the survival.

Thus we should consider to Nephes only as the Blow of Life or Vital Soul, and not As to the also called, Divine Spirit or Ruach, that assures to the man the immortality as deity.



Seeing also: Monad; Avatar

The spirit is not the body and, therefore, the orientalist have called him the not-body, the not-thing, the “nobody” or the “nothing”, that is to say, the Nihil. As defines it Schopenhauer: 'In reality there is not neither matter neither spirit. The gravitation of a stone is as inexplicable as the thought of the human brain… If the matter can fall to the floor without nobody know reason, can also think without nobody succeed the cause.'

The word ‘nihil' or ‘nothing' should not be understood as the negation of everything that exists, but like the beating of the feeling of distancing with the world that surrounds us, thus the Being and the Kosmos are a unit integrated that develops inside the multiple temporary forms that appreciate for our external senses.


Noumen: (Nous)

Seeing also : Numinous; Holistic

The Noumen contains an implicit awareness in all the Universe, the which is at the same time the essence or hypothetical causes of the phenomena.

The “Mundane Intelligence”, is also called the “Nous”, the principle that exists absolutely separated and free of the matter, and that work in accordance with unknown purposes. This Nous, is what constitutes the conscience of everything that exists, since an atom to a planet. The concept of the Nous essential or universal mind as motor of the matter and encouraging soul immanent in all the atoms, collided head-on with the concepts of Democritus, who thought that the atoms were prompted blindly by some abstract forces. This last thought, is obviously, the one that reigns today in the official Academic Science, in spite of the fact that in the western culture always currents have existed like the one supported by Hegel and the German transcendentalists, that were maintained in their conception of the “Absoluter Geist” or “Absolute Spirit”, suggested by Von Hartmann, in their pessimistic philosophy of it “Unconscious”.

According to Hegel, the Unconscious thing would never have undertaken the vast and laborious task to unfold the Universe, more than with the hope to reach the clear awareness of itself. In those legends the keys of the understanding they are found and the symbolic representation of the great fight among the divine wisdom, the Nous, and their terrestrial reflection, the Psyche, or better defined between the Spirit and the Soul.


Nouminous: (Noumen)

Seeing also : Holistic ; Noumen

Numinous is that pertinent or relative to the Noumen as religious or magical demonstration of powers. The Noumen has been related to the God of the classical mythology, being the cause or motive of the inspiration of the artist or writer. The Nouminous, aims That the conscience of the numinous (absence of any definite border between the spiritual world and the natural one), is the mystical experience, and this has a definite place in the human brain. Being found located this central, in the right hemisphere of the cerebral structure. Just in the temporary lobe of the right hemisphere that forms part of the associative limbic bark, of the one that splits the sense of the attention and the sensation of the to awake. This cerebral zone would act as a holistic user (understood like an all) instead of the classical binary user of the left rational brain.

Another interesting aspect in this reasoning, if we understand that the mechanism responsible for that we visualize the time as a sequence of effects resides particularly in the left or dominant hemisphere, is that the conventional mystical experience alters the conception of the time like sequential entity. Blavatsky, in its work “The Secret Doctrine” defines “Nouminous”, or more exactly the “Noúmeno ” as the demonstration of the world of the truth or Sat, of which, radiates the energy of the Reality One or nameless Deity. It is therefore this, the essence or hypothetical causes of the phenomena, according to the news that the understanding receives of the senses or of the own awareness.




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