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Glossary of terms (M):



Seeing also : Demiurge, Chaos

Maat is the incarnation of the Truth-Justice, that represents the cosmic order just as established by the Demiurge, that social and political order is the one that administers the pharaoh, therefore, every individual should act according to Maat so that reign the divine harmony on the Land.

Maat represents the force of cohesion that without the one the world of the forms would not be able to exist, and in this way Maat is the “organizer” of the Chaos, that dissolves the entropy in the declared world.



Seeing also : Feerical; Hermes

The generality of the to the natural laws. But without perceiving it, the immense majority of the present men live immersed in a “magical ” world full of subliminal suggestions that are being bombarded permanently by the television and the informative media, creating an immense collective hallucination that has been given in calling “culture of masses”.

We should refer now to the studies of the great egyptolog M. Chabas, and the inhabitants of the old Egypt:

<< Without resorting to the imposing ceremonies of the wand of Hermes, neither to the dark formulae of an impenetrable mysticism, a hypnotizer introduce it in secret places, to guess the thought of the absent, to read letters closed, etc... The cave of the modern sibyl is now works written beyond the tomb. The limits of the human credulity are not today more narrow than it were in the dawn of the Historic times... [M. Chabas; Magical Papyrus] >>


The magic, for the old was a natural art that every adept arrived as a result of its asceticism and that only represented a phase more to be surpassed for the sake of the spiritual evolution. Thus, Pselo said that ‘the magic was the last part of the priestly science, that investigated the nature, the power and qualities of all the sublunary things , the elements and its parts, the animals, the plants, the herbs and the stones'.

The magic thus understood is a natural art that does not contradict at all the laws of the Nature, but elevates and situates them in vibratory levels of upper energy. But: ¡Oh of those that dare to exercise the black magic! Therefore the world will close on their Éliphas Lévi assures us:

<< I have there certainly a frightening revelation for the evocative of spirits and the fans to the loudspeakers tables. It is what in preceding works we have called larvae and vampires , coagulations and unhealthy projections of the astral light; according to the book of Henoch, they would be these the monstrous and hybrid souls, formed by the commerce of the Egregors with the prostitutes of the old world; the souls of the giants exterminated by the flood, morbid exhalations of the land and of the saliva of the snake Python. [Éliphas Lévi; The Book of the Splendors]>>


Mahanga: ( Mahynga)

Seeing also : Brâhatmah ; Mahatma

The Mahanga or Mahynga is the third figure that composes the Trimurti that governs the destinies of the Paradesa, Âgarttha, the Brâhatmah.

The narration of Ferdinand Ossendowski tells us the following thing in his book Beasts, Men and God:

<< The Kingdom of Agharti, in which, in palaces of marvelous crystal, the invisible rulers of all the live pious people , the King of the World or Brahytma that can speak with the same God, and its two assistants, the Mahytma, that knows the plans of the future events , and the Mahynga, which governs the causes of those events… [Ferdinand Ossendowski; Beasts, Men and Gods] >>.


Maharshi: (Mârshi)

Seeing also: Archi

The Black Archi, the Mârshi or Prince of the Death is that that conducts al soul during the trance of the death, through the Devakán, the mansion of the Happiness, the one that forms the Zero of the Arcane and not al belongs world of the living. The Maharshi is the to be physicist that represents him and he complies in the Âgarttha the function of rector of the Sacred Magical School, at the same time that Initiation Prince.


Mahat: (Manas)

Seeing also: Dhyân Chohans; Logos

Mahat, is the Universal Mind that discovered to itself. In its first reflection, Mahat assumes its awareness awaking of the dream of LayaLogoi, was the Father of the World. And finally to the fall of the afternoon, in his last form, he created the Men, gifted of the quality of the impurity, therefore in them the impurity or passion dominates. The Man, he is thus the last one of the beings self-conscious created in the room “body ” of Mahat or Universal Mind.

In the construction of the body of the man they intervene the beings self-conscious previously created, thus the Pitris or Devas , they mold the etheric body of the man and they fill it absolutely, creating in this manner its Etheric-Physical body; the same as they carry out with everything that exists in the universe declared. The Dhyân Chohans express the evolutionary archetypes of the bodies that should be created and they control their genetic evolution, granting to the men the Astral body or body of the feelings. And finally the Suras, grant the men their Mental body as exudation of their own astral bodies. Finally , the Immortal Spark or Monad takes possession of the form created generating the soul, or nucleus of causal awareness that should reach its union with the nucleus of the personality formed by the three previous bodies.

Simon the Magician, noticeable figure of the first Christian century that even came compete in doctrine with the same Saint Peter it previous said about the function of the Mind:

<< The Father was one; because containing in itself the thought, was alone. Nevertheless, it was not the first one although were preexistent; but being declared to itself from hidden Father in it, this is, to the hidden power in itself and the power (dunamis) and the thought (epinoia) they are male-female; but to be corresponded reciprocally, they are one alone. Thus in the upper things is the power, and in those of down the thought. It occurs, therefore, that though is one it declared by both, appears, duple, therefore the androgynous one carries in itself the female element. Thus the mind and the thought are inseparable one of another by being one, although they appear in duality. [Simon the Magician; Philosophumena] >>


Mahatma: (Mahytma)

Seeing also : Brâhatmah , Mahanga, Satiagraha , Aparigraha , Samhaha.

Al the same as happen with the description of the Brâhatmah , and of the Mahanga, the Mahatma is the figure that complete the Trimurti of the planetary throne , that was written down in the Paradesa. The Âgarttha, the 'White Island ', the City, the Greater Planetary Center during the cycle of Ram , was the headquarters of the Central Sanctuary. The narration of Ferdinand Ossendowski in its book called Beasts, Men and God speaks us of the Mahatma in the following terms: " the Mahytma, is that that knows the plans of the future... events "

And it is exactly that figure mythical call also the Soul of the World, the one that attracts powerfully our attention al to compare it with the most universal figure of the 20th century: Mahatma Gandhi.

Mahatma Gandhi is then the incarnation of the Mahatma, the Soul of the World , that that knowing the plan of the future events delivers itself al world to offer the salvation through the spirit of the Satiagraha, composed by the Ahimsa , not-violence ; the Aparigraha , not-possession and the Samhaha, equality or constancy.

But the world did not want to listen him... and therefore, here we find us.... Expecting distressed the end of the times... ¿or perhaps we still we have time of listening its hot voice?...

<< As well as we cannot look at the Sun, neither to see the God face to face without dying, do neither we be able in the world of the appearances to carry out in the action a single absolute one. The same Love Really has taught me the beauty of the commitment. [Ana Fraga; Mahatma Gandhi] >>



Seeing also : Avatar, Kabirim

A new Manu governs today the destinies of the planet , embodying in it a new Planetary Logos. The Manus, or Demiurges Planetary that are generated for the Septuplet Ray emanated through the Solar Regent, they are the force directors of the worlds, that in itself they are not good neither bad, but the origin of good and of evil, which they assume through the aspects differentiated of the Nature.

The man, at same as existing every matter in this solar system, is the product of the Three Fires acting on the Four Elements; the three basic fires that form al man are the Fire by Friction, the Electric or Solar Fire and the Cosmic Fire.

These three fires are the force conductive of the life that encourages them and that at the same time, they express it in the four elements; Land , Water, Fire and Air, that are in itself, the principles that qualify the substance that forms the different dense or subtle levels of the human bodies. The fires constitute the note on which the Logoi Regent capture its work through the Manus and of the Pitris or Devas, building the threads that join with the different human bodies.
The Fire by Friction prevails in the Mental, Astral, and Etheric-Physical bodies, while the Electric Fire prevails in the body of the Soul and the Body of Light; finally the Monad and the Regent Avatar they work with the cosmic fire.

The “Creative” of the Fifth human Race or Manus, they were the “God imprisoned in the matter” and , therefore, they were in reality Asuras them “Fallen”.

All this we can read it if we seek among the classics with attention, thus Beroso speaks us of Titaea the Great that was later called Aretia by the Egyptians and by the Hebrew (Arts and Arets) and Rhea by the Greeks. Rhea and Idâ are the goddesses that presided the Land and were calls the Mothers of the Manus or Manes, the Titans-Kabiri of the Fifth Root Race.


Titaea-Aretia was worshipped in the antiquity as Horchia, the Goddess of the Land:

<< Sicanus deificavit Aretiam, et nominavit eam linguà Janigenà Horchiam [Beroso; Antiqued] >>


Manvantara: (Mahâyuga)

Seeing also : Kalpa

The Manvantara is the vast period of demonstration of a universe, equivalent to a Day of Brahmâ, to what continues the Night of Brahmâ or Pralaya, that is the period of dissolution in which the archetypes of all the rest elements declared in the Manvantara are finalized, and thus, to permit the creation of other new universes in the following greater cycle or Mahâyuga.

In the Bhagavad Gîtâ we can find to Krishna defining the sense of a Manvantara with these significant words:

<< In incessant swaying emanate the worlds from Brahma and to Brahma they return, ¡Oh Arjuna!; but the one that  arrives, ¡Oh Kaunteya!, does not reborn never.

Those who know that the day of Brahma continue thousand ages and the night other thousand, they know the day and the night.

When arise the Day, all declared arises of it immanifested and to arrive the night all is absorbed in the immanifested being.

This crowd of beings repeatedly are produced, and are dissolved to arrive the night, and by divine ordering arises again, ¡Oh Pârtha!, when arise the day. [Annie Besant; Bhagavad Gîtâ] >>


The Manvantara cannot be considered as a cosmic period subject to the chance or to the sporadic development of dark and blind physical forces, but to a process perfectly planned and orchestrated by great companies called the Rishis (wise) by the Vedas, and thus is like the Atharva Veda tell us:

<< The Time carries us ahead; horse with seven rays, thousand eyes, untiring, full of fertility. On him they mount the wise intelligent; their wheels are all the worlds.

Thus the Time goes on seven wheels; has seven ships; the immortality is their axis. He is now all these worlds. The Time hurries forward to the first God.

The Time contains a full container. We see it existing in many forms. He is all these worlds in the future. They call him "the Time in the highest Skies". [Dr. Muir; Atharva Veda] >>



Seeing also : Brill; Ono-Zone

Kapila, is the fabulous lord that according to the Astra Vidya, would reduce to ashes to ten thousand men and its elephants from his Agni-ratha. Nevertheless, he was not but the first Atlantean “superman”, that utilized the destructive powers of the depraved energy that the Atlanteans called Mash-mak, that is not more than the antithesis or forms devaluated of the universal energy Brill or lower short of the omnipotent energy Ono-Zone.

But the energy Brill does not have anything in common with its stepsister, the depraved energy Mash-mak of the Atlanteans. The “supermen” of the priestly class of the Root Race Quarter, they had understood that the sound, as the same as the smell, is a real substance that emanates from a body, and it is being produced by percussion, in the case of the sound, generates the expulsion to the exterior of corpuscular absolute inter-atomics particles of matter that reduce the mass of the body transmitter. The substance that thus is disseminated is a part of the agitated mass, that if is maintained in this agitation passes through the atmosphere to a high point of resounding vibration of the same energy level of the body than gave him in the origin.

This is exactly what tells us John Worrell Keely, of Philadelphia, the strange inventor of mysterious machines that only he could handle:

<< I affirm that the sound, the same thing that the smell, is a real substance of unknown marvelous tenuousness, which emanates from a Body, produced by percussion and launching to the exterior corpuscular Absolute of matter, particles inter-atomics, gifted of a velocity of 1.120 feet by second; in the void, 20.000. The substance that thus is disseminated, is a part of the agitated mass, and if is maintained in this agitation continuously, would be in the course of certain cycle of time, completely absorbed by the atmosphere; or, more well, would pass through the atmosphere to a high point of tenuousness pertaining to the class of subdivision that presides its detachment of the Body that was originated... gave him The sounds of the Vibratory, they produced so that they originate etheric harmonious, while by a part they diffuse their tones (composed), they empathize for another to all the substances that are found inside the limit of their atomic bombardment. As to touch a bell in the void is putting at liberty to these atoms with the same velocity and volume that to the air free; if the agitation of the bell maintained of a continuous way during some millions of centuries, the matter that was composed would return completely to its primitive being. [Bloomfield-Moore ; Keely' s Secrets] >>


The sound is therefore the Creative Verb that transmits the substance through the dimensional spaces, and, therefore , can do also that the material substance disintegrate for impact or transmigration. This was therefore, the sad use that the “supermen” of the Atlantean Race did of it.


Matih-Apaneya: (Mesmerism) (Hypnotism)

Seeing also : Aj

The Matih-Apaneya was a very strict protocol that all initiated since its first lesson should learn and to apply with sum neatness. The right to the intimacy of The mind is a sacred right that all being without distinction of degree should apply.
In the mechanism of broadcast of the thought each speaker should project his dialogues on a part of his mind that is open to the public communications, reserving his intimate thoughts to another part perfectly protected and safe from intrusions. The first years of instruction of all initiated are dedicated to improve the control and to guarantee the management of said protocol, so much in the respect and practical, as in the detection and defense, otherwise, therefore one of the social marks of the humanity of surface is the practice of the black magic in one of its worse facets, the same one that the humans know as Mesmerism or Hypnotism. The forces involutionary do not doubt never in using practical happiness, whenever they include someone so weak or unprepared as to permit it to him. The Matih-Apaneya, is a very strict protocol that implies that under no concept a being can enter into the mental-spiritual nucleus or subconscious of another being without its authorization.


Mâyâ: (Mayan)

Seeing also: Móloc

The universe declared, as well as the beings and existing objects in it, are images, simple projections without own existence. Therefore the awareness is deceived when is identified with the images reflected in the world of Mâyâ and of the desire or Móloc.

The same Krishna clarifies us in the Bhagavad Gîtâ, these ideas directed to instruct to the intrepid Arjuna:

<< By the illusion of the peers of opposite, ¡oh Bhârata!, that sprouts of the attraction and repulsion, wandering every creature by the universe entirely hallucinated. But those men of pure action in who the sin, free of the illusion of the peers was extinguished of opposite, they worship me constantly in their devotion. [Annie Besant; Bhagavad Gîtâ] >>


Mérou: (Meru)

Seeing also : Omphalos

The Mount Mérou has constituted one of the most extended mysteries of all the antiquity, and the reference to that mount can be found in almost all the religions and old cultures. In the Vendidâd it is known like Airyana Vaêjô, in the Puranas is known as Shveta Dvipa, in the Vedas is the Mount Meru, the Mansion of Vishnú; in the Bible, in the Hellenistic traditions and in multitude of ancient cultures clear references to this peculiar mount exist where inhabit the divinities...

Where is situated so peculiar “mount”? Obviously, if we have to attend to all the traditions old acquaintances, they owe to exist multitude of different... locations ¿OR not?... Well yes... and... not. Going by parts...

The occultism indicates to the mountain range of the Himalayan as the “navel” of the World, and situates the roots of the mount Meru, the fabulous mountain in the center of that land, to the north of this mountain range, at the same time that other chronicles also situates it in the North Pole...

The mount Meru, according to the arcane books is located “in the central region that never perishes”, the region where the day of the mortal takes six months and the night other six. As remains aforesaid in the enigmatic words of the Vishnú Purâna:

<< For the North of the Meru exists therefore always the night, while is during the day in other regions, therefore the Meru is at North of all the Dvîpas and Varshas (islands and countries). [Wilson ; Vishnu Purâna] >>


But these supposedly “absurd” indications do not stop there, but they enlarge in complexity....

In the Sûrya Siddhânta tells itself that Meru is in a “place without latitude” (Niraksha), where is found the Mansion of the God. On them goes the Sun when is situated on the equinoxes; does not have equinoctial shadow neither elevation of the pole (Akshonnati). In both directions on the Meru there are two north stars (Dhruvatârâ), fixed in the middle of the firmament for the ones that they are situated in places without length (Niraksha), the two have its place in the horizon.

So great quantity of nonsense cannot move to the present scientific more than to the laughter or to the grief about the “ignorance” of the old scriptures... But... ¿Why the occultists are impelled in continuing curls the curl?... ¡ And on top of it all is that Blavatsky turning over the same thing! :

<< Meru, the Mansion of the God, as has been explained before, was placed in the North Pole, while Pâtâla, the Lower Region, it was supposed that was found toward the South. As each symbol in the Esoteric Philosophy has seven keys, Meru and Pâtâla have, geographically, a meaning and represent localities, while, astronomically, they have another and they represent the "two poles "; whose last meaning has induced to that many times have them itself interpreted in the sectarianism exoteric as the "Mountain" and the "Abyss", or the Sky and the Hell. If we summarize us for now the signified astronomical and geographical, will be seen that the Old knew the topography and nature of the Arctic regions and better Antarctic than none of our modern Astronomers. They had good reasons to called  the "Mountain" and to the another the "Abyss". As it explains partially the author before cited, Helion and Acheron signified almost the same thing. "Heli-on is the Sun in its greater height ", Heli-os or Eli-os signifies the one that higher", and Acheron is the 32 degrees on the Pole and 32 underneath , being supposed for this that the allegoric river touches the North horizon to the 32 degrees of latitude. The vast hollow, for always hidden to our view, that surrounded the South Pole, was called by the first Astronomers the Abyss, at step that observing, toward the North Pole; that always appeared on the horizon certain circuit in the sky, they called it the Mountain. As the Meru is the high mansion of the God, told themselves of these that they elevated and they descended periodically; with which they signified (astronomically ) the God Zodiacal, the step of the original North Pole of the Land to the South Pole of the Sky. [H. P. Blavatsky, The Secret Doctrine Vol. III] >>


All this verbiage would finish putting the tip hairs to the more cool investigator, with its enigmatic theological references and all that... But,  if these descriptions did not were only reserve guards? ¿ And if a physical place in the land could exist that to comply all those conditions?...

To begin... ¿Why the mount Meru has to be a “mount”? Why cannot be a magnetic vortex in the crust of the earth? That is to say... ¡a gigantic hole in the same bark!

We imagine for an instant that we approach one of those gigantic holes described by William Reed and Marshall B. Gardner in the terrestrial poles, those that would be permanently covers by storms of snow and hardly winds produced by the permanent polar magnetic storm. We imagine that we penetrate in that strange hole that would be in fact a “place without latitude” (Niraksha), and that obviously would give the sensation to rise a mountain and not to descend to a abyss, given the immense magnitude of the same one and the effect of the seriously radial force in the walls of the immense abyss. But him more curious is that once inside... ¡we would not see more the Sun! But, two strange opposite stars in the horizon, one, the north Star and the other the Planetary Central Sun. What agrees exactly with the description of the Sûrya Siddhânta and also with the one of the Vishnu Purâna when says that: ‘ For the North of the Meru exists therefore always the night, while is during the day in other regions '...

But still other mysteries exist by being watchful, as for example: ¿ What reason tells itself that Meru is located in the mountain range of the Himalayan one and at same time in the North... Pole? The reason is that ‘on those regions goes the Sun when is situated on the Equinoxes and they do not have equinoctial shadow neither elevation of the pole (Akshonnati)? By speak not of the rigmarole of the ‘32 degrees on the Pole and 32 underneath'...

To answer these questions we should resort to the esoteric theory of the “ ten vortexes or magnetic tunnels”, two would be the South and North poles, and the other eight, four vortexes in the North Hemisphere and other four in the South, that would be situated to a latitude of 36 degrees and with a drift of 72 degrees each one. All they situated in more enigmatic places as: The Triangle of the Bermudas; the Coast of the Moroccan and Iberian Peninsula; Area of Afghanistan (mountain range of the Himalayan one); Sea of the Devil, etc...

These hypothesis they would give rise to the implicit existence of ¡Twelve Mounts Meru! And not only one, which would be able to comply the definite outlandish demands for a same concept, that of being presented as magnetic-physical vortexes and not simply mountains...

And what to say has the symbolism of Hellion and Acheron , or Meru and Pâtâla; and the mystical river that unites them... ¿OR is not so mystic that river?...

If we remove of the trunk of the memories the writings of our friend alchemist of the century XVI, The Cosmopolitan; we will be able to observe some enigmatic paragraphs that speak us of “certain river that circulates between the North Pole and the South” moving the water from one hemisphere to the another...

<< We return to our purpose on the course of the water and the flow and reflux of the sea, and we show how do they pass for the polar axis to go from one to another Pole. There are two Poles, one Arctic, that is in the northern upper part, and another Antarctic, that is under the Land in the southern part. The Arctic Pole has a magnetic force to attract and the Antarctic Pole a force of magnet for repel; what the Nature has given us for example in the magnet. The Arctic Pole attracts therefore, the water by the axis, which, having entered , they leave new by the axis of the Antarctic Pole. and as the air that compresses them does not permit to run with inequality, they are again obliged to return al Arctic Pole, that is their center, and to conserve continuously their course in this manner: they roll without ceasing on the axis of the world since the Antarctic, that is their center, and to conserve their course this way continually: they rotate unceasingly on the axis of the world from the Artic Pole to the Antarctic, they expand for the pores of the Earth, and according to the greatness or littleness of their course, they make be born big or small sources that later meet to each other, they grow in rivers and they return again to place of where they had left. What is made unceasingly by the universal movement.  [The Cosmopolitan; New Alchemy Light or the Cosmopolitan's twelve treaties]>>


For a big laughter.... ¿Or not?... Yes, yes! But... The case is that there are three American young men of the 20th century that say more or less the same thing, just as describes it the Dr. Raymond Bernard in its book The Hollow Earth:

<< William Reed says that the gravitational tug is stronger on the half of the length, just in the edge of the vortex around the curve that carries to the interior of the Earth, in whose bark the center would be situated seriously. The gravity is there so strong that the salt water and the fresh water of the iceberg (what, like we will see continuation, they come from the interior of the Land) they remain without mixture, being maintained the salt water layers some feet under the fresh water. This permits to one to obtain fresh water drinking it of the Arctic Ocean. But ¿how can it be found fresh water in the north extreme, where only there should be salt water of the ocean?, and ¿how the iceberg to be formed of fresh water , and not the water of salt? The only explanation, like Reed and Gardner indicate is that; this fresh water comes from rivers that were formed in the warmest interior of the Land, and that, after they reach the coldest surface, they chill suddenly and they become iceberg , that being precipitated to the exterior,  to enter in contact with the sea produce a strange ice waves effect that the explorers of Arctic have observed in the north distant, and what has confused them always.

Both, Reed and Gardner, they assume that the temperature inside the the Earth is a lot more uniform than outside, being warmer in winter and fresh in summer. There is also an adequate rain a lot more favorable, vegetable development than in the surface, but never as cold as to snow. Is an ideal climate of the subtropics type that is free of the oppressive heat of the so much tropics as of the cold time of the temperate zone.

They also affirm that the north polar opening is larger than the south, and they say that there exists a “Land of Paradise ” in the other side of the Great Barrier of the Ice, that should be passed before from That one power reaches a warmer climate. This land remains beyond the magnetic pole, and constitutes the strange region on the one that the Admiral Byrd flew.

Around the curve of the polar opening another ring of ice exists , that is called:

The Great Barrier of Ice. Here it is where the iceberg they are originated. Each winter, this ring of ice is formed of fresh water that flows since inside of the Land. During the months of winter , trillions of liters of that water, coming from the rivers, that run inside of the Land they go flowing toward the outside through the polar opening, and they chill in its mouth and forming composed mountains of freshwater ice, whose mere presence in this region would be inexplicable if the Land was a solid sphere.

In time of summer, the large icebergs, of several miles of long, they break and they float to the drift by the outside of the Land. The mystery that these icebergs be composed freshwater, when there only they would be able to stem from the existing saline water in the poles, itself is not explained unless the fresh water of the one that these icebergs are composed should to come from the interior of the planet. [Dr. Raymond Bernard; The Hollow Earth] >>


MIHAel: (Miguel) (Michael) (Christ)

Seeing also : Ishva-Ra ; Ialdabaoth; Kumâra ; Samâna

MIHAel, is the Creative Son, that represents the Central Function of the Powers of the Verb, also called the ALHIM. Thus Mihael was invested with all his magnificence in the Body of Action; when being reflected in the figure that the humans knew as Gabriel or Ishva-Ra approached for the first time to this world.

In its second approximation to this world as Creative Son , He was deep involved in the redemption of this planet of a form that very rarely it can be imagined for any human mind, only the heart is capable of sensing the greatness of such sacrifice.

Only the highest beings know the mysteries of the Great Duality in which Ialdabaoth is presented equal to Mihael, when tells that Tselem (the Image), reflects likewise to Mihael and to Ialdabaoth. Both proceed of Rouah (the Spirit), Neshamah (the Soul) and Nephesh (the Life).

Mihael, is the Upper Wisdom and Ialdabaoth, is the Hidden Wisdom. But both wisdom diverge in a point, therefore while Mihael, is influenced by Neshamah (the Soul); Ialdabaoth, remains with not influence or static; generating thus, the immobility in the pendulum  movement of the Living Light. Mihael, the Creative Son, he is the Great Kumâra virgin. He is the Guha, the Mysterious one, the Leader of the Seven Rishis of the Pleiades, the spirit that inhabits in Vishnú, the Vittoba Hindu that suffers in the cross of the material or Mayan universe and in which the marks of their passion are visible and venerated by their followers. He is Nârada, the one that refusing procreate, and conducts the men to become God , is the Face of the Hidden God, the one that charges on its shoulders the sin of the world to redeem the matter. He is Sanat, the Elder, the Prince of the Khum, the Water of the Space, the Sanat Kumâra solar, the Leader of the Seven Kumâra that conduct to this solar system in their ascending road. He is the Ophis, the Divine Wisdom or Christos, that charges on his shoulders the lacks and omissions of his creatures and who covers the holes in the rows of his legions. He, being the First one, is shown like the Last one, as the most helpless one of their creatures, and he accepts with humility what other despise with sufficiency. Thus the Macroprosopo cannot penetrate in the Microprosopo, but is through its creatures. The Source does not arrive to the Sea without continuing the stormy course of the river bed. The Light should be reflected in the mirrors to penetrate in the most hidden and unaffordable darkness… AND thus, the Regent Avatar of the local universe was projected on the loftiest solar Monad, and this at the same time on the most developed human soul. Jesus of Nazareth was born as direct incarnation of the most evolved human of surface up to now, Jeshu Ben Pandira. The favorite son of Melki-Tsedek, the Brâhatmah, the alive representative of the terrestrial Logoi. He is, the heir by own right of the Hierophant of Three Heads (Zarathushtra-Hermes-Abraham). And the living incarnation of the Law of Moses.

When a macrocosmic entity lofty as Mihael, should embody directly in the material microcosm and not through one of its bodies of action, like was given in this planet with Ishva-Ra or Krishna. An effect has to be produced known like transmutation Monadic, that is the replacement of the energy source of the body of light and of the phenomenal body from one Monad to another. This transmutation can be given also in the planetary Logoi and even among the Logoi manage of the local universes.
Christ was carried to the cross in front of the disdain of the town that had praised it days before, in front of the shameful absence of their disciples, in front of the ferocious hatred of the dark beings that plotted against Him, and in front of the infinite shame of a decadent race and of a desolate planet.
But He on the other hand, resurrecting to the third day in their body of glory blesses to this planet and to this race, of a so luminous form that any doubt can already darkens the future of the same one. Mihael, is the magnificent replacement of a elusive and megalomaniac Ialdabaoth, which was in reality the creator of this system and the authentic figure of the King Prophet of the one that spoke David, and to which expected with anxiety the Jewish town. And, therefore, the divide and human profile of the Christ was not adjusted adequate to the expectations of the humanity of surface that expected him.

Just as the Bible collects, and is shown in the Gospel of Saint John, Jesus gives the keys of the genealogical paternity of the inhabitants of this planet:

<< You consider father to the devil, and want to do the desires of your father. He it is homicidal since the principle and itself was not maintained in the truth. because the truth was not in him. When he speaks the lie, speech of its own will, because he is a liar and father of the lie. But to my, because I speak you the truth, you do not believe in me. Who of you will dispute me of sin? If I speak you the truth, ¿why you do not believe me? Who is of God hears the words of God; therefore you do not hear them, because you are not of God. [The Bible; Saint John, 8, 44-46] >>


In spite of all, this orphan humanity was a guest of honor with the best and greater gift that a local universe can expect: The personal and intimate visit of the maximum creative being. We can obtain a global vision of this sublime act with the following narration extracted of the book of J.J. Benítez; The Rebellion of Lucifer:

<< This Christ-Micael, creator of Nebadon, has provided an in equable example to all the creatures that populate their local universe. In his seventh and last effusion (it registered exactly in our planet), this Creative Son acquired the complete experience as the Son of the Man, taking subsequently, with full right, the role and God Son title, Supreme Sovereign of the local universe that had created and the one that only was a vice-manager before to have suffered physically, the same experiences that the mortal beings that he had created. You know that many people have considered Jesus of Nazareth only as a man. Other, on the other hand, they qualify the unique and exclusively as God. The truth is that He «fused» these two natures in an unique one, to his step by IURANCHA. Today, Christ-Micael is the Supreme and undisputed sovereign of Nebadon. Of a side, because has been confirmed in this seventh effusion by God. On the other hand, because all the creatures of Nebadon worthy to survive obey and they serve voluntarily, by love to Him and on account of its marvelous and inspiring forms to pass the hardest tests than can suffer a to be incarnate... [J.J. Benítez; The Rebellion of Lucifer] >>



Seeing also: Shamballa; Agarttha; Aryan .

Miz Tli Tlan is the planetary center at present regent in this planet, in the Irdin tongue signifies: ‘the Wise Men' and is the heir of all the planetary tasks previously developed in Shamballa.

Shamballah extended her influence to the Fifth Aryan Subraze or present human race, and it finalized with the culmination of the cycle of Ram. In the human date marked as the 8-8-1988, began a new galactic and solar cycle that has led to some gigantic subtle changes to cosmic scale, but that as usual they have passed totally unnoticed for the human race of surface. As a result of those changes Shamballah, has left to represent the role of Planetary Regent Center, role that now plays the intraterrestrial nucleus of Miz Tli Tlan, situated in the inner Land region that corresponds in its locating opposed, to the exterior of the planet, with a region of the Andes in Peru. The Sacred Island arose including stimuli of Venus, whose influence was determinant for certain progresses in the Land. The main function of Shamballah as regent center was that of stimulating the mental development in the human kingdom. Shamballah or Agarttha, like they know it at present, prepared to the beings that today are capable of perceiving and to contact consciously the realities and the supraphisics civilizations that at this time help the human civilization of surface. And thus, the Fifth human Race Root arrived to the final of their cycle of demonstration in August 8, 1988 .

The Brâhatmah, the Being of Compassion, closed finally the cycle that the Regent Center of Shamballah had assigned for the execution of the universal task judged to this humble planet. Being the source of energy of this entity transmigrate to other plans of the universe. The being that constituted the Logoics nucleus of the planet and the supreme power of its Hierarchy, initiated as the same as the planet a new evolutionary cycle, but this time separated from its planetary physical body.
Nevertheless, a new being was transmigrate to adopt the control of the planet and the load of the evolutionary conduction of the same one. Amuna Khur, is today the Planetarium Regent, the Logoi, Oeaohoo, the Eternal Youth; the Melki-Tsedek , the being that controls to the human races of the planet and that will do it until the human beings transcend the Law of the Purification, and a new race. The Sixth Root Race, will be found and developed completely on the face of this planet. But did not only it displace the energy nucleus that managed the planet, but the change affected also to all the subtle structure of the same one. The energy that had transmitted from Shamballah, since its locating intraterrestrial in the vertical with the exterior region of the planet understood between the Himalayan and the desert of the Gobi, was transferred to the city of Miz Tli Tlan, situated in the inner Earth counterpart  of the south cone of Spanish America. The new planetary center awoke to the new cycle, along with other intraterrestrial nuclei that form the new planetary regency. The beings that composed the hierarchies and awarenesses of Shamballah, gradually they occupied other activities in the recently awoke ‘Cities of the Light', to help and monitorial the huge tasks that the planetary transition requires and will require in a nearby future. The planetary transition awakes some subtle nuclei and defuses other, thus the radiant energy of Shamballah, of male sign is transmuted to the one related to the mirrors of Miz Tli Tlan, of eminently female energy sign. The transition will culminate with the change of the terrestrial planetary axis and the consequent rearrangements of the subtle and physical structures of the exterior surface of the planet.

Thus it describes it us Trigueirinho Neto in its cosmogonist vision of the planet:

<< Miz Tli Tlan is the major active Mirror of the Land; its name, in Irdin, signifies "wise men". It grasps the divine purpose for the Land and is the intraterrestrial center one more powerful in demonstration in the planet. Up to now themselves it was not projected in the physical plan, but can be contacted in the internal plans of life by who they are prepared to enter in the vibration of their breeze. It receives and transmits the impulses emanated from what is called esoterically the heart of the Sun, impulses that assure the continuation of the existence in the Earth according to upper evolutionary parameters. The planetary Logos does converge its energies in the interior of Miz Tli Tlan through Amuna Khur, the Lord of the World. Leaving from Miz Tli Tlan, they spread themselves for all the planet. [José Trigueirinho Neto; Esoteric Dictionary] >>


Moses: (MeShIaH ); ( MOShIWo)

Seeing also: Adonai ; Jehovah; Ab-bâ

Moses was, by its rank and position in the Egyptian hierarchy, a high initiated ophites, that knew perfectly the rites of Ammon-Jehovah and participated in the initiation rites of elevation of the Kundalini. He knew how large was the power of those God of Egypt, therefore himself was an experienced of initiated coached in his more secret rites. But a good day his life changed totally and was seen rejected and banished to the deserted by the same God to the ones he had worshipped.
Moses was welcomed by Jethro, its future father-in-law, Who the same Bible identifies him as “priest of Madián”. “Madian” was not only a geographical locating, as is given to understand, but also, a God, the same God of Zarathushtra: Ahura Mazda or Adonai. Jethro, initiated Moses in the solar rites and of search of the interior reality approaching its internal being or Monad.
A day Jethro considered that Moses was ready for his rite of solar initiation and him he was carried to the deserted. Just as he prays today in the Bible:

<< Now Moses fed the sheep of Jethro, his father in law, the priest of Madian: and he drove the flock to the inner parts of the desert, and came to the mountain of God, Horeb. And the Lord appeared to him in a flame of fire out of the midst of a bush: and he saw that the bush was on fire, and was not burnt. The Lord appeared... That is, an angel representing God, and speaking in his name. And Moses said: I will go, and see this great sight, why the bush is not burnt. And when the Lord saw that he went forward to see, he called to him out of the midst of the bush and said: Moses, Moses. And he answered: Here I am. And he said: Come not nigh hither, put off the shoes from thy feet; for the place, whereon thou standest, is holy ground. And he said: I am the God of thy father, the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob. Moses hid his face: for he durst not look at God. And the Lord said to him: I have seen the affliction of my people in Egypt, and I have heard their cry because of the rigour of them that are over the works... For the cry of the children of Israel is come unto me: and I have seen their affliction, wherewith they are oppressed by the Egyptians.  But come, and I will send thee to Pharao, that thou mayst bring forth my people, the children of Israel, out of Egypt...

Moses said to God: Lo, I shall go to the children of Israel, and say to them: The God of your fathers hath sent me to you. If they shall say to me: What is his name? What shall I say to them? God said to Moses: I AM WHO AM. He said: Thus shalt thou say to the children of Israel: I AM, hath sent me to you. [The Bible; Exodus 3] >>

Really “I AM” (hyx '), is the Regent Avatar of Moses united with the Logoi Planetary Solar , therefore the bramble burning is the same Monad of Moses, which not to will stop giving him the opportune indications for the good end of its mission. And thus, the same as Ahura Mazda speaks by mouth of Zarathushtra, Adonai, speech by mouth of Moses to its people.
But to the same time it is established a concealed fight between the followers of Elohí and those of Ammon-Jehovah, who tries to deceive Moses in several occasions. Thus “the jealous God” is presented Moses in very diverse occasions as appears reflected in the Bible:
<<... Because I am YAHWEH (Jehovah), your God, a jealous God, that punishes in the children the iniquities of the parents to the third and quarter generation… [ The Bible ; Exodus 20 5-6] >>

Moses and his town, or better said, the Levites, they would maintain always a fight buried that would last to the death of Moses; this was therefore , the authentic curse that YAHWEH (Jehovah) imposed on Moses by his stubborn resistance to recognize him as absolute God of Israel.
The great fight between the White Magic and the Black one, between Moses and the Levites, he is declared in the Bible in the passage of the bronze Snake:
<< They left the mount Or in direction to the Red sea, surrounding the land of Edom; and the town, impatient, he murmured along the way against God and against Moses, saying: ‘¿Why have you removed us from Egypt to die in this desert? ; There is not bread neither water, and we are already tired of so light delicacy as this (the Manna)'.
It sent then YAHWEH (Jehovah) against the town poisonous snakes that bit them and died many people of Israel. The people was then Moses and they told: ‘we have sinned murmuring against you; asks to YAHWEH (Elohí) that move away from us the snakes'. Moses interceded for the people and YAHWEH (Elohí) Moses told: ‘Make you a bronze snake and put it on a shaft; and as many as bitten look at it, they will heal' [ The Bible; Numbers 214-9] >>

According to the Kabalah, the corresponding number to the name of Moses (hHm ) is 345 and that of Jehovah ( h w hy ) is 543, thus therefore, Moses is cabalistically the contrary Face of Jehovah, and the sum of both, the number 888 is the number attributed to Mihael ( l'h and m)And also the cabalistic Gnostic number of Jesus or Joshua( 'h s and).

Another more hidden version of the figure of Moses, in which this is shown like the‘liberating of the yoke of the matter ', the Marquis Saint-Yves D' Alveydre offers it us in its work The Arqueometre:

<< BWâL, The Sun that is the RASh (husband), of the Moon or AïShaH, thus the MeShIaH is the RASh of the Ha Kahalah, the social state, and at the same time the MOShIWo, the liberating one of the yoke of the matter because will be situated above the I Do or administrative been. [ Saint-Yves D' Alveydre; The Arqueometre] >>


Móloc: (Eros) (Malach)

Seeing also: Mâyâ

Móloc is the desire or conscious will that is declared in the world of Mâyâ.

Móloc in the Greek tragedy is declared for the desire or vehement affection that Eros unfolds from its physical senses developing an abstract yearning by the Nature directed to the blind Instinct of procreation.

The Hebrews knew the material desire with the name of Malach, or Malech that was synonym of Móloc, and that signified ‘The King' but in a material sense to be able that in final was governed by the own desire to be able and wealth in the purely physical world and that was assimilated to the deity of the planet Saturn, Jehovah, and also to the God Seb of the Egyptians.

Subsequently the Yezidis, the ‘Worshipers of the Devil', they gave worship to Muluk Taoos, the “Lord Royal Turkey”, emblem of the pride and of the ‘Intelligence of a Hundred Eyes'; that was expelled of the sky along with Satan, according to the oldest oriental traditions.



Seeing also : Avatar ; Logos

The Monad, according to the system of Leibniz, signifies : ‘Each one of the indivisible substances, but of different nature, that compose the universe'. Each particle has an awareness in its center, polarized according to the different levels of its process to awake. A particle of the cosmos, possesses a central nucleus that acts as source of life and awareness for all the bodies that form its being in the different dimensions in which inhabits. This nucleus is only a transformer of the energy that emits the First Source, through a more powerful chain of nuclei done not individualize, that at the same time they receive the energy of still more sublime nuclei than they are elevated until arriving to the Unique Origin of all it created and increate. So that the awareness emanated of the Monad can be declared in the material world, this creates in each one of the dense levels a vortex seed or atom root that will shelter the body of expression of the being. He this nucleus is the middle of contact of the awareness with the middle that surrounds it, and is composed by the existing matter in the level in which himself is found, responding, therefore, to the specific laws of the plan of awareness Universal in which he is found.

All the beings that compose the different liberal arts of the galaxy have a vortex-seed by each level of awareness, there being three basic nuclei that compose the structure of the being: the Regent, the Monad and the Soul. These three basic nuclei permit the development of the awareness of the beings in the different plans or environments with the ones that interact. The Monads of the evolutionary beings that form the liberal arts of the galaxy belong al order of the Hierarchies of the Mutant Orders.

In its fourth level, in its prior phases lived in the animal, vegetable, and mineral kingdoms; the Monads did not determine the course of its material experiences, but was expressed in the nature through a Soul Group, that controlled to an assembly of beings with a same root, and whose evolutionary path was designed by greater awarenesses. Nevertheless, the human Monad is now capable to build an only projection of itself that would act in the material plans with complete decision of the situations that are presented him to their physical bodies in the fulfillment of their evolutionary task.

Krishna, printed in the incipient humanity a new clairvoyant vision in which the knowledge of the Upper Worlds is not acquired only since the exterior reality of the being, but mainly since the union with its I Upper or Monad. In this way the I common have itself united to the I Upper, which is, in itself, the Divinity.

That great mystery have itself likewise reflected in another passage of the Vedas:
<< If aside from myself, another to exist, would describe me to myself through him. Since the eternity I have existed, and I will exist eternally. I am the primitive cause of all; the cause of everything that exists in the West, in the east, in the north, in the South; I am the cause of all up there in the heights, down there in the depths. I am all; I am older than all the existing thing. I am the Regent of them manage. I am the same Truth; I am the cause of the Revelation. I am the Knowledge; I am the Devotion, and I am the Right. I Am Omnipotent. [Annie Besant; Bhagavad Gîtâ] >>


Mú: (Khui) (Bread)

Seeing also: Atlas ;

The colonel of the British army James Churchward, theosophy and investigator schoolfellow of madam Blavatsky, was the discoverer and defender of the evidences that configure the modern esoteric theory of the existence of the continent of Mú.

James Churchward, to the season British colonel destined in the India Colonial of ends of the 19th century, he carried out a great quantity of trips and investigations for all the India, Siberia and Mongolia in search of the archaeological evidences of the submerged continent of . Churchward relates in their books, as a ‘rishi' in the India, showed him some ancient boards kept in the secret cameras of an arcane Hindu temple, which were engravings in a language ideographic strange that, according to him they counted the priests of the temple, they formed a tiny portion of the treasures rescued by the Naacals before the cataclysm that submerged the seven sacred cities that existed in the Continent of Mú.

Churchward tell us an emotional narration taken of John Ballo in its work Oahspe, in which narrate the last hours of the continent of Mú, also called Bread, or the land of Khui:

<< And the Land gave jolts as a ship in the sea and falling torrential rains; noisy booms stemmed from under the flat of the world. And in the vertex of the Land closed the extreme, and from there, ¡the Land was broken! An enormous continent remained removed of its subjection, and the fires of the Land arose flames and wrapped in dense clouds and with tumbling roars, and the floor gave jolts from a side to another as a ship in a sea maddened, and again the vertex of the Land was unhinged all over, and by the pressure the floor plunged itself under the water, for be not raised already never. [ James Churchward; The continent lost of Mú] >>


According to wath is narrate in the esoteric doctrine, This second flood, serves to put an end to the last large civilizations situated in the peninsulas of Routa and Daitya, of the Atlantean continent, as a result of the devastating wars with the inhabitants of the continent of , leaving only a remainder organized of the culture Atlas in the island of Poseidonis, which would be destroyed many thousands of years later as a result of the geological actions that It fragmented the last remainders of the gigantic continent Atlas of Kusha , and waste the continent of Mú.

We can find these traditions occultists related in: 'L'Histoire des Vierges: les Peuples et les Continents Disparus', the work of Louis Jacolliot, in which is counted us this unusual history:

<< One of the oldest legends of the India, conserved in the temples by oral tradition and written, refers that does various hundreds of thousands of years existed in the Pacific Ocean an immense continent, that was destroyed by geological convulsions, and whose fragments they can be found in Madagascar, Ceylon, Sumatra, Java, Borneo and the main islands of the Polynesia.

The high plateaus of the Hindustan and Asia, according to this hypothesis, only they would have been, in those distant epochs, large adjacent islands to the central continent according to the Brahmans, this country had reached a high civilization, and the peninsula of the Hindustan, enlarged by the displacement of the water, in time of the great cataclysm, has not done more than continuing the chain of the born primitive traditions in that place. These traditions give the name of Routas to the towns that inhabited this immense equinoctial continent, and of their language Sanskrit. The indus-Hellenic tradition, preserved by the most intelligent population than emigrated of the plains of the India, refers also the existence of a continent and of a town, to the ones that gives the names of Atlantis and Atlanteans, and that situates in the Atlantic one, in the North part of the Tropics.

Aside from this fact, the supposition of an old continent in those latitude, whose traces can be found in the volcanic islands and the mountainous surface of the Goshawks, the Canaries and the islands of Green Tip, is not disproves of geographical probability. The Greeks, that on the other hand never they dared to pass beyond the Columns of Hercules, because of their fear to the mysterious Ocean, they appeared too late in the antiquity, so that the histories conserved by Plato can be more than an echo of the India legend. Besides, when we throw a look on a planisphere, in sight of the islands and widespread small islands since the Malayan Archipelago to the Polynesia, since the Strait of Probes to the Island of Christmas, is impossible , leaving from the hypothesis that there were continents that preceded the ones that inhabit, to stop placing there the most important one of all,

A common, religious belief to Malaca and Polynesia , this is, to the two opposite extremes of the world of the Oceania, affirms because all these islands formed once two immense countries, inhabited by black and yellow men, that always they were in war, and that the God, tired of its complaints, they entrusted to pacify the Ocean, and this swallowed the two continents, and since then has been impossible to obtain that return its captives. Only the crests of the mountains and the high plateaus escaped to the flood, by the power of the God, that perceived too late the error that had committed".

Be what it could have in these traditions, and any those have been, the place where developed an older civilization greater than  Rome, Greece, Egypt and or the India, the certain thing is that this civilization existed, and imports a lot to the science to find again their tracks, by weaker and fugitive that it can be. [Louis Jacolliot; L'Histoire des Vierges: les Peuples et les Continents Disparus] >>



Seeing also : Kinay ; Tantra; Chakra

In the Mudra of Fascination, as in any of the so much more mudras that compose an important part of the ritual of the tantras; can be appreciated, how do these compose a part more than the enigmatic series of the five em's" : ‘maithuna' or “exchange”, ‘matsya' or “fish”, ‘mansa', the “meat”, ‘mudra', the “toast grain” and ‘mada', the “came” that they compose this secular science of the Tantra Hindu.

The followers tantrics learn how to free their energy so that the power of the snake curled or Kundalini, that is located in the base of the backbone displace themselves through successive focal points, the chakras, until reaches the higher chakra, in the upper part of the skull, and they experience in their interior the union of the God and of the goddess. In the called process ‘sadhana', in which begins a systematic viewing of the deity.


Mystoe: (Mystai)

Seeing also : Epoptai, Arcontes

The Mystoe is an impure seer, one that sees the things wrapped in the fog of the imperfection, they were acquaintances in the antiquity in the Greek smaller mysteries celebrated in Âgra, near Athens.

The Mystai are calls ‘them watched' because only can see the things of the spirit as wrapped in a fog; while the Epoptai are ‘the ones that see the things without any veil'. And they were only these last the ones that learned truly the mysteries of the Zodiac.




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