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Laya Lemuria Lha Lipika Logos Lucifer

Glossary of terms (L):



Seeing also : AEter, Alaya, Akasha

The Laya center or point zero, is that one in which the interior being can not be related to the physical matter neither with no phenomenal fact, therefore in that state, the being is not neither I, neither Not-I, but in truth the unique origin of all the demonstrations and ways of existence conceived as the liberation of Maya, just as is conceived in the following word: ‘Manas, dies in the Akasha to enter in Laya'...

The esoterism defines the concept of Laya as the point in which begins the scale of differentiation, that at the same time is divided into seven Laya centers, or seven “points zero”, called also the ‘Seven Children of Life' relating to the ‘Seven Construction Rays' that transporting the living energy to the entire universe. Thus he tells itself that ‘Fohat produces seven Laya centers to make it rotating in perpetual tuning during the Manvantara'.

All this can seem pure metaphysics –and in fact it is-, and even would be able to cause to think about the total lacks of utility of similar type of abstractions... but we would not mistake us. We will not have to forget our nice friend Mr. Keely of Philadelphia? :

<<It has not been found never the way to produce a neutral center, to project the machines until today built. If it had been obtained, they would have had term the difficulties of the Investigators of the continuous movement, and this problem would have come to be a established fact... All the constructions require foundation of a resistance which is provided to the weight of the mass that should bear; but the foundation of the Universe they are based in an a lot more tiny empty point than a molecule; in a word, and to express with accuracy this truth, in a point inter-etheric, for whose comprehension an infinite mind is needed. To investigate the depths of a central etheric one, is exactly the same thing that to seek the confines of the vast space of the ether of the skies, with the difference that one is the positive field, while the other is the negative. [Bloomfield-Moore ; Keely' s Secrets] >>


Lemuria: (Lemurian Race)

Seeing also : Atlantis  

Perhaps were the Roman legends the ones that did to the German naturalistic Ernst Heinrich Haeckel in 1869 to associate the name of Lemuria to the vanished continent in their work Pedigree of Man. In the same way as he minted other terms like the ecology, derived from the Greek oikos (home). But the certain thing is that a great number of authors of the 19th century utilized it also to define the beings that according to the esoteric science constituted the Third  Root Race.

When the Third Root Race, or Lemurian race, materialized in the surface of the Land, this was sexually active, as opposed to the two previous Root Races that were sexless. Although, during their two first Subrazes, these individuals were androgynous, that is to say, hermaphrodites, possessing the incarnate sexual duality in a single body. Of this epoch proceeds, and is established in the Land the androgynous symbol by excellence, represented in the Sphinx (Sfigx). Symbol that the present humanity knows for the impressive figure of the Great Sphinx of Gizeh, build much time after this epoch, but carrying all the powerful Lemurian symbology.
Although the Sphinx is a lot more than that, represents to the Divine Wisdom being embodied in the Land, and being forced to test the bitter fruit of the personal experience, of the pain and the suffering obtained in the experience of the transit by the terrestrial matter. The Sphinx is in itself the imperishable witness of the evolution of the Human Races, the same as contains the enigma of the  unfathomable Ages.

The Lemures, as teaching us the arcane knowledge, they had developed a technology of nuclear transmutation that although of Mercurial origin, it had been perverted with dark knowledge coming from the ancien memory originate on the old Lunar planet. That technology, established the level of energy control in the Fourth Son of Fohat, or level of control of the inter-atomic vibrations whose circuit of double spiral of atomic interaction has been reflected in the terrestrial historical memory with the symbol of the Caducei of Mercury, the one which represents the Unique Eternal Element in the Nature from whose first differentiation springs the roots of the Tree of the Life periodically. 



Seeing also : Pitâ; Sheu; Kinay

In Tibetan, the word Lha signifies spirit, or etheric being settled in a place or environment; a generic term which have therefore so much amazing ambivalence that can be valid for a soul disincarnate (Sheu and Kinay), as for feerical beings (Pitâ or Pitris), and even spiritually advanced beings as the initiated and other entities that utilize the astral trip, and that therefore, they can be included in their characteristic of spirits -also called ‘lohans'-,When they employ consciously such that practics.

Only thus it is understood that the mythical capital of the Tibet has been called Lha-ssa, or City of the spirits.



Seeing also : Karma; Chaitans.

The Lipika are those lofty beings that carry the registration of the events that are writings in the Astral Light of the Akasha and they handle the scale of the Karma, directing each one of the four armies of spiritual beings as the Large Kings of the Devas. And they are, thus same represented as the four zodiacal Chaitans or the four Alive Creatures.

The Lipika have been represented in all the old religions by powerful God that act as the writer and are the agents of the Karma in the land. Thus they are represented as the Vedic's Gandharvas or the Jewish Querubim, Seraphim and Auphanim; but perhaps the most definite image than is found of them in our western culture is the one that appear in The Bible in the vision relates to Ezequiel and its Flaming Wheels :

<< And it clamored in my ears with hardly voice: ¡Approaching the ones that should punish the city! And six men arrived along the way of the upper door of the side of the Septentrion, each one with their destructive instrument in the hand. There was in the middle of them a man dressed of linen, that brought to the waist an ink bottle to write, and, entered, they went to be put together to the bronze altar. The glory of the God of Israel was raised from the cherub on the one that was, toward the threshold of the house, and, calling to the man dressed of linen that carried the ink bottle of writing, he told him: Passes through the middle of the city, by the middle of Jerusalem, and put for sign a Tau in the front of those who they hurt himself of all the abominations that are committed in the city. And to the other he told them:

You pass after him by the city and wound. Do not forgive your eye, neither have compassion: old, youths and maidens, children and women, kill to exterminating them, but do not arrive at none of the ones that they carry the Tau...

Appears then in the cherubs a man hand form under their wings. I looked at and I saw four wheels next to the cherubs, a wheel to the side of one and another to the side of another cherub. In sight the wheels seemed like of turquoise, and as for its form, the four were equals, as rolls inside wheel. When they moved, they went to their four sides, and themselves did not they return behind to go. All the body of the cherubs, spine, hands and wings, and the wheels, they were all in surrounding full of eyes, and the four had each one their wheel. To the wheels, like I heard it, they called them whirlwind. Each one had four aspects: the first one, of bull; the second, of man; the third, of lion, and the fourth, of eagle. [The Bible; Ezequiel 9:10] >>


The Lipika separate the world of the Pure Spirit of that of the Matter, those that descend and those that are elevated, the Monads that embody in human forms and the men that persist, fighting for the purification and elevating… all which they will cross the circle Not-To-Pass in the day Be-With-Me.


Logos: (Logoi) (Oeaohoo)

Seeing also: Laya, Kosmos

The Planetary Logos is the Verb of the Divine Thought, the Son of the Sun that contains in itself the seven creative hosts. He is Oeaohoo, The Youngest one, represented in the sign of seven directors, the New Life that becomes the germ of all the things. The Tetragramaton, the one that tells itself: 'Who bathes in the light of Oeaohoo, will never be deceived by the veil of Mâyâ'.

The same Creation, is a work of the Logoi through Mahat, the Universal Mind that is discovered to itself. In its first reflection, Mahat assumes its awareness awaking of the dream of Laya or Eternal Night, and in its awake since the night to the day create to the Suras, the Shining Beings. Continuing with his creation, she give the form of the Day and he creates the Dhyân Chohans, gifted with the quality of the kindness. Subsequently he creates to the Pitris, gifted with the quality of the passiveness, therefore he thought about this point, that, the Regent Logoi, was the Father of the World. And finally to the fall of the afternoon, in his last form, he created the Men, gifted of the quality of the impurity, therefore in them the impurity or passion dominates.

We can contemplate his deep meaning, through the words of Trigueirinho Neto:

<< Any heavenly body, in its deep and ethereal essence, is a Logos, as well as the man is a spirit or a monad. The Logoi develop, and each one of them is in an evolutionary degree. The Logoics evolution represents the immediately upper point of Avatar. The evolution goes processing for the fusion of particles in nuclei increasingly more extensive and by the ascent to more subtle levels of vibration. Thus, when seven monads melt in the monadic regent, this enters in the state of Avatar, and one of the roads that can take is that of being join with other Avatars, reaching later the state of Logos. The Logoi cover the evolution of innumerable spheres of awareness. The body of demonstration of a Logos that itself express through a planet, for example, includes Entities, Avatars, monadic regents, monads and other particles of life. The initial level of Logoic evolution is the planetary awareness. In more advanced phases, agrees to the stellar one, later to the galactic one and to other vaster regions. A Logos is a point of convergence of the ethereal light that nourished the cosmic existence. [ José Trigueirinho Net; Esoteric Dictionary] >>


Lucifer: (Satan) (Baphomet)

Seeing also : Ialdabaoth

Lucifer had been the creator of the Ten Lords of the Being, from which, among his descent he was found the Solar Regent of this system, that at the same time he was created to the seven Manus, or Planetary Awarenesses.
Ialdabaoth, or Lucifer, like he is known in the terrestrial mythology, he was belonging to the first creation, along with the majority of its “Fallen Angels”, being Ialdabaoth created the first one, as the wisest one and the most beautiful one of the Suras, the first creative God that form the first emanation or primary creation since the Darkness to the Life Declared. Ialdabaoth, the Shining Star and Daughter of the morning, is previous to the own Dhyân Chohans, or evolutionary Lords of the Time and of the Space, and also previous to the Pitris, or children of Pitâ, the Father, and creative collective of the World and of the Men.
Unfortunately, at the moment of the “Great Curse” or the “Great Shadow”, like we know it at present, the Earth as fourth planet of the system, had a colligation fundamental with the seventh one of this planetary system that was Saturn, therefore as is known, the Seventh members and the fourth of a Septenaries chain of Worlds maintain a union and special tuning inside the assembly of global relations.
But the Light and the Shadow are only the two faces of the same being, like centuries later would describe the cabalists in the mythical figure of Baphomet: ‘Binary verbum vitae morten et vitam equilibrans'.
Baphomet is the dark side of the Divine Face, the guardian of the keys of the temple, the black God that the tradition shows with the beard and the horns of the male flock of goats. He is also the being of two faces and therefore, not even the own Baphomet can impede that behind its face be hidden the hieroglyphic figure of God, therefore: ‘Demon est Deus Inversus'.
The Creative Forces as conscious and living entities, they will not confuse never the Cause with the Effect, neither they will admit to the Spirit of the Earth, Jehovah, like Parabrahman or the eternal Ain Suph. Therefore they know that the great Soul of the Astral Light is of divine nature, but their body is infernal. He, like the representative of the Astral Light, is shown, just as appears in the Zohar, in the symbol of the Magic Head, the Double Face on the Double Pyramid, the emblem that evidence to the Black Pyramid being raised set against a white field, with a head that shows its white face on the black triangle, reflected, this last of the White Pyramid inversed, of which, the black one is only Its image, and is this, at the same time, the one that is shown discovering the black reflection of the white face on the dark water.

The answer to the great questioning that hides the figure of Lucifer is offering us again by Éliphas Lévi:

<< ¿What is, therefore, the devil in last analysis? The devil is God doing evil. Definition as rigorous as revolutionary, because affirms the impossible thing. We say better: the devil is the negation of what God affirms. Now, well said God affirms the being, the devil affirms the nothing. But the nothing can not to affirm; of been affirmed, while it is a negation, it is really nothing but; of luck, that if the last definition of God, according to the Bible, is this: "The one that is", the definition of the devil should be necessarily: "The one that is not".

We have said enough against the black idol, against the false God of the Persians and of the Manichaean, against the Satan colossal and almost omnipotent with which still dreams the superstition. It remains for examining the Satan Chief of the Egregors, the fallen angel that keeps a remainder of liberty, since its final judgment not yet has been pronounced, and that takes advantage of it to drag to the weak, as if expected to reduce its sin by the number of its accomplices.

We do not find anything in the Genesis neither in all the Bible that do allusion to a sin and to a fall of the angels; to be exact, to find tracks of it, we must to resort to the apocryphal book of Henoch. This book, evidently previous to the Christian epoch, since is cited for the apostle San Judas, was of great authority among the first Christian.

But the book of Henoch tell us that existed Egregors, which is to say, geniuses that do not sleep never, leaders of multitudes, and that twenty of these geniuses were separated of its principle to be drop.

It have there the darkness of the truth in the world. The numbers are separated of the final and original unit. The letters of light become letters of shadow... [Éliphas Lévi; The Book of the Splendors]>>




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