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Kabhalah Kabirim Kalpas Kâma Karma Karttikeya
Khum Kinay Kosmos Kumâra Kundalini Kung

Glossary of terms (K):


Kabhalah: (Kabbala) (Kabalah) ( Ha-Kahalah) (Qabbalah) (Qabalah) (Cabala)

Seeing also : Zohar

The Qabalah, according to C. Of Leiningen, is possibly the most adequate term for an ancient name transmitted in system of allegoric and mystical interpretation of the Old Testament, like an assembly of theosophical doctrines based on the Sacred Writing, that through an esoteric method of interpretation and transmitted through initiation, intends to reveal to the initiated hidden doctrines about God and the world.

Although, this classical definition really does not contribute a lot about to be the own Qabbalah who be defined to itself, and in this search, we find in the Sepher Jetzirah these instructive words:

<< Seeks, thinks, combines, imagines, and places each creature in the place that has assigned him the Creator. [ Sepher Jetzirah] >>


Of this curious way we understand the Qabbalah as the mathematics of the human thought, a kind Philosopher (FilosofoV ), as ‘the one that knows the hidden causes in the visible things'.

On the origin of this science has speculated a lot, although there is a very simple and even ingenuous version counted by the cabalists of the Middle Ages that relate us the following thing:

<< The Kabalah primarily was taught by the same God to a select group of Angels that formed a theosophical school in the Paradise. After the Fall, the Angels communicated funnily this heavenly doctrine to the ‘disobedient son of the Earth' to provide to the protoplasts the middle to return to their pristine nobility and happiness. [C. Ginsburg; The Kabalah] >>


Who says that this was not thus…? Iknown that the children are the unique that are used to speaking the truth…

For the Jews, the Kabalah came from the Caldean through Daniel and Esdras, and from the Egyptians through Moses. But it is exactly the Caldeics the one that conducts us by Mesopotamia and Persia to the India and to the arian invasions. Thus quickly we see multitude of cabalists carrying out the Cabala Marquis Saint-Yves D' Alveydre explains:

<< The Kabalah is not only Jewish, but this science was imported by them in different moments of its evolution from different cultures. Thus, this science came in part from the Caldeics, through Daniel and Esdras, and part from the Egyptians through Moses. But itself, this constituted the fundamental middle of the Geomantic calculation. Thus the Brahmans utilize the 24 Vedic signs, along with the 49 letters of the Sanskrit Devanagari and the 19 vocal semivowel and diphthongs of the Massorah of Krishna, the alphabet Vatan or Adamic. In turn, the Arabs and the Persians do Cabala use their monthly alphabet of 30 letters. [Saint-Yves D' Alveydre; The Mission of the India in Europe] >>


Nevertheless, the esoteric science indicates us that all these systems of calculation were not more than mere intents and disorderly fragments of the Irdin, the cosmic language utilized in the confederate universes to express the creative essence and the evolutionary archetypes that unify awarenesses and worlds. Which was introduced in the land during eons, by the guides of the different Root Races.
In the West we see that, later to the cultural renaissance of the modern age, a spiritual and intellectual renaissance in the western world is produced. An abundant group of occultists, Gnostic and freemasons originating in diverse sects and secret societies they flourish in Europe. These groups are originating from very various sources, that fundamentally they were grouped in two large tendencies: the ones based on the Greek-Persian traditions; and the Jew-Egyptian rites. All these Masonic sects based on the Egyptian, Jewish, Persian, Greek and Caldeict margin of the unbearable oppression of the Catholic Church, that culminates with a notable public ascent of some occultists figures of special relief in the middle-class society of the epoch and, the corresponding ferocious repression favored by the recently created Catholic Inquisition.
Nevertheless, aside from some figures with certain significance, like Paracelsus or Saint Germain, the majority of these movements fell in the same errors and conducts that criticized. At same time as the rabbis converted the message of Moses in a closed dogma, and the Christian priests enclosed the word of Christ in “jails of gold”, the occultists initiated quick they fell in the idolatry and the despotism, being lost the fundamental keys of the doctrine of the wisdom. By dint of hiding to the profane their secrets, they were lost hopelessly by them same. As  Éliphas Lévi, one of the greater European would relate centuries later with sadness:
<< All is true in the dogma of Moses; what is false is the exclusivism and the despotism of some rabbis. All is true in the Christian dogma, but the catholic priests have committed the same lacks that the rabbis of the Judaism. These dogmas are completed and some are explained by the other, and its synthesis will be the religion of the future. The error of the disciples of Hermes has been the following one: ‘Is precise to leave the error to the profane and to do the impenetrable truth to everyone, except to the priests (of Hermes)'. The idolatry, the despotism and the attacks to the priests, have been bitter fruits of this doctrine. The consequence of these errors has been the protest of the nature, the science and the reason, that cause the believe, for a moment, in the loss of all the faith and in the annihilation of every religion in the land. [Éliphas Lévi; The Book of the Splendors] >>


The Hebrew Kabalah is composed by a summary of texts which define what has been given in calling the theoretical part of the Kabalah composed mainly by the Bereschith of the Sepher Jetzirah and the Mercavah (the carriage of Elias) in the Zohar, and the practical part defined by means of the rites and magic formulae of the Clavicles of Solomon and other airtight texts. Pertinent and this last group, is commented, that one copy of the Kabalah in the Vatican exists, that belongs to the Count of Saint Germain, and which contains the most complete exposition of the magic doctrine, even the doctrines attributed to the Lucianists and to the Luciferians, sects of the centuries III and IV respectively. In they said exemplary would be spoken of the theory of the “Central Sun ”, and of the system of three secondary suns that the cabalists affirm that exists in every solar system.

The Kabalah is constituted thus in a key of fundamental knowledge, just as exposes it the Dr. G. Encausse, best-known by Papus:

<< The Kabala constitutes the key of vault of all western tradition. Every philosophy that aspires to the highest conclusions than the human mind can reach, going necessarily to the Kabala, and this has occurred with philosophers as Ramón Llull, Spinosa or Leibniz.

All the alchemists have been also cabalists, and the secret society the deeper of their know-how and thus they declare it more or less openly. [Papus, Dr. G. Encausse; The Cabala] >>


Finally, it can seem surprising that we find a new and unusual meaning for the name of Kahalah , understanding this as a religious and social structure of evolutionary kind that has only been known in the terrestrial surface by the Esenies and some other groups of contemplative religious. We can understand his symbology by means of the works of the Marquis Saint-Yves D' Alveydre:

<< Ha-Kahalah, the social state, and at the same time the MOShIWo, the liberating of the yoke of the matter, that will be situated above the HaGO or administrative been...

Krishna, the founder of the present Brahmanism, was called Go-Leg, by to have done a Concordat, to expenses of the Proto-Synthesis, that of ISOUA-Ra, with the Proto-Paganism, that of the Soudras.

GO is the antinomian of the normal type Kahal, Kahalah, Kahalim. The social Canon of the sacred Tradition is locked in this last hierogram. The root Vattan, Vedic and Sanskrit Ka united to AL. Ka signifies the Union of the Spirit, of the Soul and of the Body, be in the individual, be in the Societ Manu. [ Saint-Yves D' Alveydre; The Arqueometre] >>


Kabirim: (Titans) (Dioscures) (Kabir)

Seeing also : Mahat; Aryan.

The Kabirim are the genuine archetypes of all the human beings of the Fifth Root Race or Aryan Race. Known also as the seven divine Titans. The Kabirim were really the Sons of Mahat, who contributed to the Fifth Race with their Concrete Mind, they were Asuras incarnated in their new bodies on the incipient Race Aria, the life-giving of the human plant, they are the water that fall in the dry floor of the latent life and the sparks that living in the human animal. These Seven Lords of the Fifth Race were calls the “Dragons of Fire of the Wisdom”, from whom the old hidden books say:
<< Seven Lords created seven Men; three Lords were saints and good; four were less heavenly and full of passion… The Châyâs (ghosts) of the parents were like they… [Book of the Dzyan, according to H. P. Blavatsky; The Secret Doctrine] >>


These seven “God” or Asuras, were calls in the India the Prajâpatis (ancestors of the humanity) therefore created each one to an initiators group of men their own race of color carrying already the genetic code of the evolutionary terrestrial animals. The men thus created were born in different centers of the new continents in formation, although proceeding of a same common origin.
The three first races of color created, they were more spiritual: the orange, the blue and the green have been extinguished nowadays on the face of the land or they have been mixed with the following four second races a lot more material as were the black, yellow, red, and white colors, although in many cases the final mixture has given as a result to the yellow-orange mixed races, the black-azure one, the red-greenish one, as well as a large class of chromatic tones of difficult cataloguing, that culminated with the cinnamon color man in the last sub-raze of the Fifth human Root Race. The seven divine Titans or the Kabirim were the large Manus of the seven human races of color, Sons of Noe the Atlas and its woman (represented as Cronos and Rea by the Greeks.) The Kabiris, are acquaintances also as the “Dioscurs” by the strong polarities that lived in the interior of each one of them, which, they separated them and were causes that formed two interest groups contrasted, the first one of them known like the Camites and composed by the three Kabiri, known by the Greek civilization as the God parents Zeus (ZeúV), Hera (Hra) and Apollo ( /Apollwn). The second group, known as the composed, Semitic group by Axieros (Demeter- Dhmh' thr ), Axiopersa (Persephona-Persephona ), Axiokersos (Pluto or Hades- / AidhV ) and Kadmos or Kasmilos (Hermes- / Ermh<V). The humans, that were under the direction of the Kabiri assumed also these groups of influence. The Wise and instructors that taught to the Fifth Race, after to have instructed at two preceding races; governed on the land during the “Divine Dynasties”, and finally they were sacrificed, to reborn in various different critical moments, when was necessary for good of the humanity. Until in their last incarnations they were converted truly in “parts of a part” during their terrestrial incarnation. This is the meaning of “Dioscures”, just as remained reflected symbolically in the Zohar or Kabalistic book:
<< The Light reflects itself inversely in the Nature and in the Matter , being becoming the Darkness [Rabbi Simon Ben Jochai; The Zohar] >>

The divine Titans, the Kabirim, were cosmic and heavenly God in their quality of Manus, but at the same time they were terrestrial and therefore mortal in certain sense. According to the mythology: “The Titans were giants children of the brother of Saturn, Titan. They should inherit of Saturn the throne of the Olympus; nevertheless, Jupiter son of Saturn, expelled its father of the kingdom of the God and became Lord of the Skies and of the Land, therefore, its reign elapsed in the middle of fights with the Titans”.

Nevertheless, little by little, the concept of the Dioscures entities embody in phenomenal world dragged the own impurities of that plan.

The Kabirim appear to the, therefore this signifies ‘the Measures of the Sky', of Kob, ‘measure of', and of Urim, ‘Skies'. Thus, Blavatsky speaks us of it in these paragraphs:

<< The Powerful (the Kabirim) each time that penetrate inside our mayavic veil [atmosphere], they execute their large works and they leave after imperishable monuments to commemorate their visit. Thus they teach us that the large pyramids were built under their direct inspection, "when Dhruva [then the north Star], was found in their lower culmination, and the Krittikâs [Pleiades] contemplated it from above [they were found in the same meridian, but on top] to watch the work of the Giants”. Thus, therefore as the first pyramids were built to the principle of a Sidereal Year, low Dhruva (Alpha Polaris), this must have happened 31,000 years ago (31,105). [ H. P. Blavatsky, The Secret Doctrine Vol. II] >>


There are also other authors that speak us of the construction of the pyramids, work attributed to the direct mediation of the own Kabirim:

<< The histories referred by the Egyptian priests and other, about the computation of the time in Egypt, they begin now to seem less false, in opinion of all the ones that have escaped to the biblical slavery. They have been found ultimately in Sakkarah inscriptions, that mention two ‘sotiacs cycles... ' registered in that epoch, does now some 6.000 years. Thus it is that when Herodotus was in Egypt, the Egyptians had observed -as is known now -, at least, five different cycles sotiacs of 1.461 years.

The priests declared to the Greek investigator, that computed the time since a so remote epoch, that the sun had left two times where then was put, and there was itself placed two times where left then. This... only it can be understood as a truth in the Nature, by effect of two cycles of precession, or a period of 51.736 years. [Gerald Massey; The Natural Genesis] >>


For the Hebrews, the Kabirim were the ‘God of the mysteries', thus the own word Kabir, Keber or Gheber drifts of the ‘mysterious and ineffable Word' and were worshipped by means of the Teraphins, that were utilized by the Hebrews to consult the oracles of the Urim and Turim in the city of the Anakims or Anakas (Kings and Princes). To understand this mystery, as well as the one that encloses the Greek word Titan (Titan),that signifies ‘the Giant that wanted to assault the sky ', we can refer us to the reading of the Genesis in which we find us to the Sons of God “awaiting” to the daughters of the men…

<< Seeing the Sonsunited with the daughters of the men. [The Bible; Genesis I SAW] >>

And to continue deepening a little more in its meaning, we will continue our search in the book of Enoch of the hand of our preferred cabalist Éliphas Lévi:

<< The book of Henoch counts us that they existed Egregors, that is to say, geniuses that do not sleep never, leaders of multitudes, and that twenty of these geniuses were separated of its principle to be drop.

It is there the darkness of the truth in the world. The numbers are separated the final and original unit. The letters of light become letters of shadow... and żwhy?

It wasunited by means of a sacrilegious oath…

Further on, the author of the book of Henoch, adds this notable passage: "The souls of the born giants in a monstrous alliance, are spiritual half and material half; its impure origin returns them criminals, and are the spirits of malice that vagabonding in the atmosphere.

Natural enemies of the justice, they form and they project the impure currents. They live without food and they do not touch the meat of the sacrifices. They produce the visions and the ghosts but they are subject to fall and to be diminished. They have died in another part and they should resurrect jointly with the other children of the men". [Éliphas Lévi ; The Book of the Splendors]>>


And we see at end, how the creators descend to the condition of the same beings that helped to create…

<< Seven men (principles) were generated in the Man... The nature of the harmony from the Seven of the Father and of the Spirit. The Nature... produced seven men in accordance with the nature of Seven Spirits... that had in itself, potentially, the two sexes. [St. Marc; Divine Pymander – Mercure Trismegistre, Pimandre] >>

Finally San Augustine in their book: The City of God speaks us of God-devils that do the function of speakers between the supreme God and the men in a speculative dichotomy of the deity:

<< Some writers have thought that there are also bad and good God; but other, feeling with more mildness of the God, they honored them and they praised so much, that themselves did not they dare to believe that had any God that were evil; and the ones that sat down as certain that the God some are good and other are evils, called likewise God to the devils, and although were God, nevertheless, very few times they appointed with the dictation of devils, of such luck, that confess that to the same Jupiter, that want be the king and prince of the others, called him Homer devil; but the ones that affirm that all the God are not but good, and a lot more excellent and better than the men that they are deemed for good, with reason they are touch and they scandalize of the works that practically can be talk by the devils, which can deny, and understanding that of no way can do them the God who think that all are good. [San Augustine; The City of God] >>



Seeing also : Manvantara

The Kalpas or stellar cycles are perfectly definite periods as established in the Purânas. A Kalpa can be one Age (a Day of Roars), or even one sidereal and astronomical Kalpa. These calculations, that are found perfectly established in the Hindu tradition, they can have different duration, as for example the Year of the Seven Rishis, 3.030 years, and the Year of Dhruva 9.090 according to the Linga Purâna.

In the Bhagavad Gîtâ tells themselves that the astrologers compute a Kalpa by the Life of Brahma. The smaller Kalpas, like Samvarta and the others, are numerous and they signify here every period of Destruction.

The Pralaya is a term that applies to each Night of Brama, also called the Dissolution of the World that continues to each Manvantara, which is equal to 71 Mahâyugas, and applies also to each "Obscuration", and even to each cataclysm that puts an end, through the Fire or of the Water, to each Root Race.

And it is in the same Bhagavad Gîtâ, where Krishna offers us these indicative words of the essence of the cycles:

<< All the beings, ˇOh Kaunteya!, they are absorbed in my lower nature to the term of a Kalpa and of My they emanate again as to begin a new Kalpa.

Hidden in My lower nature, which is my slave, without aid I emanate time after time all this crowd of beings, by the only being of the material nature.

These works do not tie me, ˇOh Dhanańjaya! Enthrones in the heights, I am indifferent to the actions.

Under my forecast produces the Nature the movable and the immovable. By this, ˇOh Kaunteya!, tour in rotation the Universe. [Annie Besant; Bhagavad Gîtâ] >>



Seeing also : Móloc; Mâyâ

Kâma is the desire, the instinct whose intensity and development they vary with the species.

In its lower nature, Kâma is the seat of the terrestrial passions and animal desires, the impulse that carries us physiological and physically to desire everything that produces us pleasure, leading to the first feeling of sin or guilt, as well as the fear to the lack of pleasure, that is to say, to the arrival of the painful experience.

The portion of the animal human being is the one that impels to the intelligence in the search of the utopian happiness through the illusion of the temporary pleasure. Kâma is, therefore, determined animal, but with a power such that drags to the own conscience annulling in fact, in many cases, the liberty of action of the human being, this is represented often as you Manas succumbing to the temptations of Kâma.

The same Krishna relates us in the Bhagavad Gîtâ, the following thoughts directed to Arjuna:

<< Kills every desire of life, such desire situates only in the body, the vehicle of the I-incarnate, not in the I that is eternal and indestructible, that neither kills neither is killed. [ Annie Besant; Bhagavad Gîtâ] >>



Seeing also : Lipika

Karma is a term of many meanings from among the ones the egotistical act is found, the Karma in their pejorative concept signifies the execution of some act to achieve an object of egotistical and mundane desire that unfailingly will impact in damage or lessening of the interests of those that fight for the same object. Something as simple as the material competence, based on the human envy is the authentic motor of the present society, therefore the most coveted object of desire is exactly the one that another enjoys and one not.

The great Law of the Universal Harmony depends entirely of the altruism, this is the authentic spirit and the interminable motor that causes rotates the spheres and galaxies in its endless going and coming, although the altruistic act is not but the counterpoint of the egotist, and thus, both should be finally stable by the Law of Harmony in each change of cycle or Kalpa. At final of each cycle the scale should be perfectly stable weighing the plate of the exactly equal selfishness of the altruism, so that the beings that comply its cycle elevate to a new level of the NaHaSH, the spires of the time.

This is the equilibrator aspect of Karma, or Law of Ethical Causation, the one that could denominate as Law of Absolute Balance, is shown in the ancestral traditions under the symbol of the Lipika, those fabulous beings that toil with each man's destination and with each boy's birth whose life is already traced in the Astral Light, although not in a fatalistic way, because the Future, the same thing that the Past, remains always presently  alive.

Another of the figures that have represented this aspect of the Karma of more understandable way to the western mind, has been the goddess Nemesis of the Greek philosophy. Among the primitive Greeks, from Homer to Herodotus, Nemesis was not a goddess more, but a moral perception, and thus declares it Decharme:

<< “The one that violates the barrier for evil and the immorality makes a sacrilege to the eyes of the God and is pursued by Nemesis”. But with time, that feeling was deified, and its personification became a Goddess always fatal and punishing, Therefore, if we relate to Nemesis with Karma, we have to verify it in its triple character of Nemesis, Adrastea and Temis. Therefore, while the last one is the Goddess of the Order and of the Universal Harmony, as Nemesis, is responsible for repressing all the excesses, and of maintaining to the man inside the limit of the Nature and of the rectitude under suffering severe penalties, Adrastea, the “inevitable”, represents to Nemesis like the immutable effect of causes created by the same man. Nemesis, like the daughter of Dikę, is the fair Goddess that reserves its rage only for those driven crazy by the pride, the selfishness and the impiety. [Mesomed ; Mythologie of the Grčce Antique] >>

In similar terms itself express Helena Petrovna Blavatsky when speaks us of the myth of Prometheus:

<< There is an Eternal Law in the Nature, that spreads always to adjust the opposite and to produce a final harmony. Due to this Law of spiritual development all physical and purely intellectual recover, the humanity will be seen free of his false God, and he will be seen, finally, redeemed by itself.

In his final revelation, the old myth of Prometheus (whose prototypes and anti-types are found in all the old Theogonies), he situates, in each one of these, in the same origin of the physical evil, because he is on the threshold of the human physical life. Cronos is the Time, whose first law is that the order of the successive and harmonic phases in the process of the evolution during the cyclic development, be conserved strictly under the severe grief of the abnormal development. [ H. P. Blavatsky, The Secret Doctrine Vol. III] >>


Thus therefore, we should clamor to that supreme deity as does the Count of Montlosier:

<< The stricter and still more large divinity than the God of this world of whom is supposed so “good” is Karma. And this true Divinity sample that the smaller divinity, our internal God, does not have the power to stop the powerful hand of this larger deity. [Count of Montlosier; Mistčres of the Vie Humaine] >>


Who is that terrible deity, called also in the Vedas: ‘The Purificator', who reduces to ashes all the Karma accumulated during millions of existences…?

To penetrate in that ‘very deep secret' we should listen among frames the words that Krishna dedicates to Arjuna in the Bhagavad Gîtâ:

<< To you, the without malice, I go to reveal you in truth this very deep secret in which the wisdom joint itself with the knowledge. When know will remain the free of badly. This is the Secret sovereign, the sublime science, the Purificator supreme, adequate to the rectitude, understandable by intuition, easily implemental and imperishable.

The men without faith in this knowledge do not arrive to My, ˇOh Parantapa! They return to the paths of this world of death. In My immanifested aspect, I penetrate I the entire Universe. All the beings have its root in My and I do not have root in them. And, nevertheless, do not have the beings root in My. I have here my Sovereign Yoga! The support of the beings does not situate in the beings. My Spirit is its efficient cause. [Annie Besant; Bhagavad Gîtâ] >>


Karttikeya: (Krishna)

Seeing also : Vishnú

Karttikeya or Krishna as it is know in the Vedas, is one of the Dhyân Chohans that embodied in the Earth to serve during this tumultuous terrestrial period of settlement of the Fifth Root Race, this powerful solar company was in reality a projection of the Great Kumâra Virgin acquaintance also like Sanat Kumâra, the Great Karttikeya, the God of the War, that was suckled by the Krittikâs, the Seven Pleiades. The own Karttikeya reincarnated, who went pursued and he fought on the terrestrial surface agains the Asuras rebels, the Kabirim, and to his armies of devils Râkshasas to the ones that finally he conquered. But what is really important, was the spiritual impulse that Krishna, printed in the breeze of the planet, influencing on the incarnate heavenly beings and on the incipient humanity of the Fifth Root Race.

Krishna, fought against them Asuras in the terrestrial plan continuing the guidelines given by Ishva-Ra in the skies. The old companions of evolution, Suras and Asuras fought among them in a confused war that faced old companions, common lineages and even to entire families in a ferocious fight by the control of the terrestrial phenomenal plan. Krishna, is defined to himself, and to the characteristics of their own nature, with the marvelous appointments that appear in the Bhagavad Gîtâ:
<< I Am the Spirit of the time to Occur, their principle, their medium state and their end. From among the beings I am the noblest one of all it created. Among the spiritual beings I am Vishnú; among the stars the Sun; among the lights the Moon; among the elements the Fire; among the mountains the high Mérou; among the water the great ocean of the world; among the rivers I am Gandha; and Ashvattha among all the trees; I am the Regent, in the true sense of the word, of the men and of all the living beings; among the snakes I am the one who exists eternally, the Great Circle of the Time, that is the base of the human existence [Annie Besant; Bhagavad Gîtâ] >>


We see here as the construction aspect is identified of Vishnú is identified with the one of Krishna, but Krishna also adopts the destructive figure of Shiva, the God of the War, in other passages of the Vedic book:

<< I am the devastating time of the world, in the land manifest for extermination of the human race. None of these warriors that to fight they prepare will escape from the death. Only you will survive them. Rise up, therefore; reaches fame, yields your enemies and enjoys the kingdom of full wealth. Conquered are they all already by Me. Been you the arm executor, ˇOh ambidextrous! Destroys without fear, that I have given death to Drona and Bhîsma, Jayadratha and Karma and all the warriors that there crowd. Lets fights! In the country you will crush your rival. [Annie Besant; Bhagavad Gîtâ] >>



Seeing also : Anu

The Khum is called the Water of the Space, the extension “empty” that inhabits between the spheres pulsates of the universe and that impregnates and circumscribes all the universe declared, acting as a network I live composed by the regulating impulses that the Logoi transmit to the purpose of the Law regent on each universe.

This “alive network” is not an abstract concept, but a real entity that determines and communicates the parameters of light and life that conform the Seven Cosmic Rays.

The Egyptians were one of the towns that in the antiquity, more wise they handled this type of concepts according to what transcribe Kircher in their book Ćdipus Egyptiacus. We see now this paragraph of Blavatsky that quotes to Kircher, in its work The Secret Doctrine:

<< The Deceased glows in his Egg when he crosses the Country of the Mystery. He is the Egg of Seb. The Egg was the symbol of the Life in the Immortality and in the Eternity; and also the sign of the generating womb; while the Tau, that was associated with him, was only the symbol of the life and of the birth in the generation. The Egg of the World was placed in Khum, the Water of the Space or the abstract female Principle; being converted Khum, with the "fall" of the humanity in the generation and the phallic, in Ammon, the Creative God. When Ptah, the "Flaming God", carries the Egg of the World in the hand, then the symbolism comes to be completely terrestrial and concrete in its meaning. In conjunction with the Hawk, symbol of Osiris-Sun, the symbol is double, and refers to both Lives: the mortal and the immortal one. The engravings of a papyrus in the Ćdipus Egyptiacus of Kircher, they show an egg floating on the mummy. This it is the symbol of the hope, and the promise of a Second Birth for the dead person Osirified; its Soul, after the duty purification in the Amenti , will have its gestation in this Egg of the Immortality, to reborn of him in a new life on the land. Therefore this Egg, in the Esoteric Doctrine, is the Devakán, the mansion of the Happiness; the Winged Beetle being also another symbol of the same thing. The Winged Globe is not but a form of the Egg, and has the same meaning that the Beetle, the Khopiru -of the root ‘Khopru', to come to be, to reborn-, which relates to the renaissance of the man and with its spiritual regeneration. [H. P. Blavatsky, The Secret Doctrine Vol. II] >>



Seeing also:  Sheu; Dakini

The Sheu and the Kinay, are spirits disincarnates, also called hungry spectra. They are the human spirits that after dead persons are attached to a place or area specific, being the Kinay the female form of the Sheu. The western missionaries that visited the different zones of the East rarely knew to describe them and to represent them in its correct idiosyncrasy, and not simply as atavistic devils of coarse local legends; this is the case of Monseigneur Delaplace in its work: Glossary of the Propagation of the Faith:

<< The Sheu and Kinay are men that were found in a state of different existence from what lives the ordinary men, and of the one that had in their bodies. They are spirits disincarnates, spectra and larvae that, nevertheless, they live with objective form in the land, and they inhabit in the harshness of mountains, inaccessible to everyone who of them does not obtain permission to visit them. [Monseigneur Delaplace; Glossary of the Propagation of the Faith] >>


Although Monseigneur Delaplace was not the unique high representative of the Catholic Church that recognizes openly the existence of so “etherics” personages; one of the large parents of the Catholic Church, San Augustine speaks us also of they being referred to the beliefs of the platonic:

<< He says that the souls of the men are devils, and that of men hearths are done, if they are of good merit, and if of evil, lemurs or larvae, and that when is ignored if they have good or bad merits, then are called God Manes. [ San Augustine; The City of God] >>


Kosmos: (Cosmos)

Seeing also : Khum , Chaos, Theos

In the trinomial: Chaos, Theos and Kosmos; Kosmos represents to the Son that is born of the Chaos, to the matter in perpetual evolution impregnated by the spirit of Theos. Therefore two universes in perfect symbiosis exist, the tangible universe and the intangible one, and both have an only goal, the evolution of the awareness of all the beings and atoms that inhabit it.

All he is an alive and single entity in which each heavenly body is a cell or atom of this indescribable being that wraps us like an all. The stars compose thus an infinite series of energy joints that go defining the evolutionary process of the conscious beings individualized that they compose them.

The splendor of a universe sprouting of itself is moved for a force omnipresence called: ‘The Spirit of God ', just as defines it us madam Blavatsky, in its work The Secret Doctrine:

<< It exists everywhere and form the first one Upâdhi [Foundation] on which our world [Solar System] is built. Out of this last one, only can be found in their pristine purity among [the solar Systems] the Stars of the Universe, the worlds already formed or being formed; remaining in the meantime in their breast, the ones that are found still in Laya. As their substance is of a different species from the acquaintance in the Earth, and the inhabitants of the Earth SEEN TROUGH OF HER, and they believe in their illusion and ignorance, that is an empty space. Does not exist neither the thickness of a finger [angle] of empty Space, in all the unlimited [Universe... ] [ H. P. Blavatsky, The Secret Doctrine Vol. I] >>


Kumâra: (Sanat Kumâra)

Seeing also : Dhyân Chohans; Avatar

The seven Kumâras are acquaintances in the Vishnú Purana as the Sons of the Maker or the Sons of Brama, and they remain divided into two groups, the four exoteric called: Sanatkumâra, Sananda, Sanaka and Sanâtana; and the three esoteric: Sana, Kapila and Sanatsujâta.

The term of Kumâra signifies in Sanskrit, always children, that is to say, always pure and innocent. In this way the name of the Elder of the Days, Sanat Kumâra can be transcribed in ‘always young'.

Likewise we find in the Vishnú Purâna a passage that explains briefly its origin and function:

<< The Kumâras are the Dhyânis immediately derived from the Supreme Principle, that reappear in the period of Vaivasvata Manu, for the progress of the humanity. [Wilson ; Vishnu Purâna] >>


The Kumâra Lords are the Children of the Solar Fire that form to the Internal Man. One of the Dhyân Chohans that embodied in the land to serve during this tumultuous terrestrial period known as Krishna. This powerful solar entity was in reality a projection of the Great Kumâra Virgin acquaintance also as Sanat Kumâra, the Great Karttikeya, the God of the War, that was suckled by the Krittikâs, the Seven Pleiades.

In the case of the incarnation of large Avatars, as happens upon Jesus of Nazareth, the Monad that controlled its soul; that is to say, the same entity that gave life to Joshua Ben Pandira; complied its phase of development in the childlike body of Jesus of Nazareth to the age of twelve years, when the event occurs that remains reflected in the gospels, like the moment in which Jesus is presented in the Jerusalem and converse with the doctors of the temple, showing to possess an upper lighting. Just then the Monad of Sanat Kumâra, the solar entuty that embodied millenniums behind in Krishna, itself transmutes in the body of light and in the phenomenal body of Jesus of Nazareth.
But the authentic macrocosmic transmutation did not occur up to summit the baptism in the Jordan, when Jesus, by the intercession of John the Baptist, is consecrated like the humblest one of the Sons of the Man. In that precisely moment, the major event produced in this universe, was complied with the materialization and the effusion in the physical world of the Creative Son, exactly, in a simple human creature in this humble planet. Converting to the Earth, in the germ of what will be in a nearby future, a Sanctuary Planet.

Mihael, with all his legal authority, takes the body of light of Sanat Kumâra, and penetrated in the phenomenal body of Jesus of Nazareth and, was in that same instant, when the message of the Omnipotent was listen in all the Galactic and Earthly Globe: ‘You are my beloved Son, in you I please me'.



Seeing also : Chakra

The Műladhâra Chakra is the Chakra in which the Kundalini resides, the ruler or vital force of the human beings. Normally the Kundalini force is counteract and balance by three energy flows or Nadis, that run along the backbone, called the Sushumnâ, the Îdâ and the Pingalâ, being situated one in the central conduit of the column, the second, at left side and the third in the right side of the spinal cord. The first Nadis, the Sushumnâ, is the base of the other two, these other, the Îdâ and the Pingalâ control the passive operation of the force Kundalini in the normal human beings.

That latent force is known by the yoghis as Kundalini Shakti, the power or forces that moves in form streamer or in curves; and it is, the same power of which Krishna speaks to Arjuna in the Bhagavad Gîtâ:

<< It recognizes through the Annaya and the Vatireka that the Atma penetrates all the body transcends beyond the three states of conscience: wakefulness, daydream and dream.

Who has been capable of seeing for an instant its thought in a simple point is liberated himself of the faults of its multiple passed births.

By the right side it extends the Pingalâ Nâdi brilliant and refulgente as the Sun. This product of virtue is called vehicle of the Devas.

By the left side extends the Departure Nâdi, whose a lot smaller shine is like that of the Moon. It resides in the breath of the window left and him is called vehicle of the Pitris.

As the back of a harp, since the raquis to the head of the human being extends the long column of bone with several junctures that Meru-Danda are called.

Since the Műla-Dhara to the head crosses from part to part of the number thorn a narrow hole by the one that passes a Nâdi called by the yogis Sushumnâ ó Brahma Nâdi.

Sushumnâ is a delicate nerve that passes between Ida and Pingalâ. Of this Sushumnâ they are born all the nerves sensorial and this is called nerve of the knowledge. [Annie Besant; Bhagavad Gîtâ] >>


That force can be freed, artificially by the human being by means of the scientist and regular suppression of the breath, and in this way is permitted that the force Kundalini be high by means of the Sushumnâ, since the lower energy centers to the plexus solar and the upper centers, the human being is converted thus in a superior being over the common of his species, which, he would be found qualified to use the 100% of his cognitive and intellectual potentiality, instead of the 8% utilized as average by the present human race of surface. When the Kundalini is liberated, by said, in illicit way, enables the elevation and control of the upper bodies since the lower, forcing to the Soul to obey the impulses of the Material Body with what closes the circle of death and renaissance, permitting a level of similar phenomenal control to an initiated of fifth level, but with the polarity invested, as proclaim the dark Necromancers: ‘Be upwards as is downwards…'
This uncontainable force, is really the Snake of the Eden that not only tempt to Adam-Eva or Jah-Heva, but converted to Adam-Kadmon in the Java-Aleim, leader of the Hierophants the initiated in the science of good and evil of this world. But, Kundalini cannot be awoke unpunished by beings not prepare spiritually and done not it sufficiently evolve, therefore the insanity and an immense karmic load wait for the ones that try to be jumped the Cosmic Law of the cycles and the initiations. The Kundalini is the ruler or vital force of the human beings that can be represented as a ray of energy or “Snake” that is introduced in the human “Tree” of the cervical column since its lower nuclei, to reach the “Apples of Gold” or central superiors of awareness. This representation created the myths of the current telluric originating in the center of the land among the called “initiated” of the race of surface, and the frantic search of “special” places to carry out in them the rites of artificial promotion of the Kundalini energy.



Seeing also : Arka-Maetra; Archetype

As well as in the material world there are invisible colors and inaudible sounds, the esoteric teachings show that in the spiritual world, where themselves is forge the phenomenal world, there is audible colors existing and visible sounds which define and molding to the physical forms. Thus the Creative Force molds the physical plan as like a sublime melody was treated. The key or tone of that melody in this local universe, is the note Fa of the also called, diatonic scale the Kung, the Great Tone. Therefore, in the Matter, the music of the proportions, of the forms, the colors and the music of the sounds are inseparable and they are intimately united, being some consequences of the other. The harmonic laws of the proportions, of the lengths of the cords and those of the forms, that is to say , of the vibrations and of the harmonic laws of the music, the harmonious sounds form an inseparable element.

Thus it explains us madam Blavatsky with singular dexterity:

<< The creative force, in their incessant work of transformation, produces colors, sounds and numbers, in the shape of vibratory gradations that add and disgorges atoms and molecules, Although invisible and inaudible for us in detail, we can hear the synthesis of the assembly in the material plan. This is what the Chinese call Kung or "the great tone", according to confession of the same science, the musicians affirm that the present tonic of the physical world is the Fa medium of the piano. We hear it differently in the voices of the Nature, in the rumors of the ocean, in the murmurs of the forest, in the distant bustle of the cities, in the wind, in the storm, and in all as much as sounds and echoes in this world. To the ears of whom listens all these voices arrive in defined tone of imperceptible pitch, that, like we have said, is the Fa of the diatonic scale. [ H. P. Blavatsky, The Secret Doctrine Vol. VI] >>



Seeing also: Atlantis;

Kusha is known like the Atlantis, one of the two large continents that knew the magnificent Atlanteans kingdoms that unfortunately did not know to develop the greatness of spirit and the nobility that was to them reserved. Kusha, was the continent situated in the present Atlantic zone on the North Tropic, and , the continent situated in the subtopic zone of the Pacific.

Finally, the global war leveled to the planet. The king Thevetat, on command of the Daityas and the devils Râkshasas that controlled the continent of Kusha fought cruel and fierce against the Âdityas and the Sâdhus or wise guides of the Atlantean Race, headed by Roth, the prince adyta that guided to the forces intraterrestrial and to the inhabitants of the continent of Mú. The Gigantic war destroyed the Atlantean race, leading way to our present race, the Aryan Race, understood this last one as the global race that frames to all the subrazes at present, that is to say the humans that at present populate the planet.

But the noble name of Kusha that signified at the beginning ‘prosperity' and ‘welfare', passed to signify also, with the course of the time, ‘damage' and ‘pain'. In the Indian text Vishnú Purana that composed Parashara and translated by H. Wilson, we can scrutinize still the name of Kusha as one of the continents blessed by the God and that, as count the writings, was surrounded by sugar cane juice seas, of wine and of fat in comparison of the salt water that surrounds the great insular continent of Jambu-dvipa, our interior world, that remains separated from the other...

Kusha is also the name given to the herb that with its penetrating fragrance fortifies the will of the yogis, purifying its thoughts and wills, like this passage of the Bhagavad Gîtâ:

<< Let the yogi constantly make Yoga and dies in hidden spot, with body and mind subdued, free of hope and desire. In place uncontaminated establish its fixed seat, neither very high neither very low, adorned with herb kusha upholstery with a fabric and a black skin of antelope. There, firm in its seat, with the mind concentrated on a same point of conversion, with the thought subdued and restricts the functions of the senses, practice the Yoga to purify its being. [Annie Besant; Bhagavad Gîtâ] >>




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