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Glossary of terms (I):


Iaô: (Iah) (Jah) (Jâho)

Seeing also : Jehovah; Thoth; Hermes

Iaô, is the Moon Regent and chief of the Moon Pitris. He is who, in the current time regulates the spirit of the Moon like source of wisdom and evolutionary progress toward the Earth. 

And thus we find as the old writer Origenes give us the name of the Planetary Entities or Geniuses:

<< The Geniuses of the planets were: Adonai of the Sun, Iao of the Moon , Eloi of Jupiter, Sabaoth of Mars, Orai of Venus, Astaphai of Mercury, and finally Ildabaoth of Saturn … [C. W. King; Gnostics and their Remains] >>

King tell us how the Egyptian and Christian Gnostic sects, had a special pre-eminence by Abraxas Iao, name assimilated to the God Egyptian Horus just as C. W. King narrate:

<< This is tested so much, of undeniable way by the pagan jewels as by the Christian Gnostics. In the collection of Matter of such jewels there is a Horus Seated in the lotus, recorded : ABRASAX IAW EIS ZETS SARAPI(Abraxas Iaô Eis Zeus Sarapi) in the contemporary pagan jewels, that only can be translated for ‘Abraxas Iao is the Jehovah One' …The numerical or kabalistic value of the name of Abraxas refers directly to the Persian title of the God Mithras, regent of the golden year since the most primitive times under the surname of Iaô. [C. W. King; Gnostics and their Remains] >>


Again Helena Petrovna Blavatsky explains to us a different etymological route to understand all the shades of the Mysterious Name: 

<< Any deity presents so much variety of etymologies as Iaho, and neither exist another name that can be pronounced of so many diverse ways. Only associating it with the Masoretics points, the last Rabbis obtained that Jehovah would to be read as "Adonai", or Lord. Filon of Biblos writes it in Greek letters IEGW , IEVO. Theodoret says that the Samaritans pronounced him Iabé (Yahva), and the Jewish Iaho; which would cause be, as , IEVO. Theodoret says that the Samaritans pronounced him Iabé (Yahva), and the Jewish Iaho; which would cause be, as we have indicated, I-Ah-O. Diodoro declares that "among the Jews is narrated that Moses called to the God IAO". Under the authority of the same Bible, we maintain that Moses, before his initiation by Jethro, his father-in-law, never had known the word Iaho. [H. P. Blavatsky; Isis Unveiled Vol. I] >>


Iberah: (Ibez)

Seeing also : Shamballa ; Miz Tli Tlan

The meaning that the word Iberah has in this work does not have direct reference with the old Iberians towns of the European Iberia or of the old Caucasian Iberia one, but with the central intraterrestrial known as Iberah or Ibez, which, was the first active nucleus of the planet that treated with the stabilization of the central magma and gave start to the Third Root Race. Thus therefore, the archaic term of Iberian does not keep any relation with this first planetary nucleus… ¿OR perhaps yes…?

One of the oldest known texts in which is named the Iberians itself is due to Rufo Festo, who toward the century IV B.C., transcribe to Latin an older text, dated toward the 600 B.C. and called Ora Maritime. This text relates a Marseilles voyage by the old Iberia, in which appears some strange customs related to a Iberian ‘infernal goddess' that inhabits in a cave… but lets we enjoy this beautiful text in Latin:

Iugum inde rursus et sacrum infernæ deæ

divesque fanum, penetral abstrusi cavi

aditumque cæcum, fine propter est palus

And (t) rebea dictates, quin et Herbi civitas

stetisse fertur his locis prisca die,

quæ pr (or) eliorum absumpta (tem) pestatibus

faman atque nomen alone liquit cæspiti

at Hiberus inde manat amnis et crazy fecundat

Unda. plurimi former ipso ferunt

dictos Hiberos, nom ab illo flumine

Quos restless Vasconas prælabitur.

nam quicquid amnem gentis huius adiacet

Occidum ad axem, Hiberiam cognominat.


[ I drain ; Prays maritime, Fontes Hispaniae Antiquae I]


The translation of this text tells us the following thing:

<< Later, again a tip and the rich consecrated temple to the Infernal Goddess, with cave in hidden hollow and dark crypt. close to it there is a great marsh called  Erebea. Also it is counted that there was primitively in these places the city of Herbi, that annihilated by the storms of the wars, has left only its fame and its name to the region. Later it flows the river Hiberus, whose water fertilize these places. Many affirm that of it they receive name the Iberians, and not of the river that runs among the restless vascons, and all the land that is situated in the western part of that river is called Iberia. [ Avieno, Ora maritime] >>


This old text leaves us polite sample of an ancient rite to the infernal or igneous goddess that inhabits in the depths in caves or caverns… ¿is this only a coincidence or there is something more…?

In the Lemurian race, the center which governs of the planet it was located in its interior surface, in the city that corresponded to the authentic center of the governs planetarium, governed by cosmic consciences that looked after the harmonic development of the planet in the subtle planes. This nucleus, well-known as Iberah or Ibez, although existent at the moment, it was interiorized after the end of the Lemurian human race, and substituted later during the coming of the Atlantic race by the center of Shamballah or Agarttha, as they know it at the moment their residents. 

The planetary center in that recently materialized planet, settled down to work with the main substance of the same one and with its own essence, the fire that was being interiorized and controlled so that it flowed as the revitalizing blood of the planetary matter. But their energy was too potent for the future humanity that would not support the direct contact with the same one… 

We should resort now to the writings of José Trigueirinho Neto to know its own definition of this mythical city:

<< Iberah is one of the hidden nuclei that supported the spiritual development of the planet. Ancestor of Shamballah, was formed like regent center of the Earth in so remote epochs that is considered them legendary. Its mirrors are projected in different points of South America, among them: in the center of the Brazil, in the region of the gap of Iberá (Corrientes, Argentina) and in the region of Viedma (Rio Negro, Argentina). [José Trigueirinho Neto; Esoteric Dictionary]>>


IHOH: (IONaH ) ( Sôd)

Seeing also : Adonai; MIHAEL

IHOH is the God-Life as it is the Marquis Saint-Yves D' Alveydre, in these lines:

<< IHOH, I-the-Life, I-Am is the CaVi, the Creator by his Verb, the God Poet, the inspiring heavenly one or MAeTATRON, the ISHO, Divine Sky, and the MATA-TRON or Matesis of Salvation, in the HâOuR, or heavenly time without limits… The Father is IHOH, God-Life. This name it reads itself in vattans characters designed in precious stones on the hood of gold of the Bratmahs of the Nepal, old  Pontifical and universal Sovereignfrom which, Moses appoints the antediluvians ancestors under the name of Népalim or Nefilim; and, in this Name of the Father, as we will prove it in another part, is aforesaid its Essence, that is the Life; its Existence, that is its living Verb; its Substance, that is the Living creator. It is for this reason that Moses, after the Vedas and the first Zoroaster, says: "Our God is a devourer fire." And this word is repeatedly in the Gospel. This spiritual Fire is, in fact, so terrible for the villains as candy for the good, and when its rage rebelled itself against the first for the defense of the seconds, unchains to the central fire of the Stars. That be not able, ¡oh!, any modern Babylonia to be devoured instantly in the bowels parched of the Land and under the thunders of the sky. [Saint-Yves D' Alveydre; The Arqueometre] >>


One of the main keys that clarify us the concept of IHOH as the God-Life, we can find it in the Bible, where we read the following text:

<< Sámec. The secrets of YAHWEH are for the ones that they fear him, that will bring them to light its confidence. [The Bible ; Salms XXV, 14,] >>


The fiftieth Hebrew letter (s ) Samec or Samek (ª m ws ) represents to the eighth name of God, that is called Mikael (l'k and m), which is indicating us a direct relation of Mikael with Samek and, therefore, with the ‘secret of YAHWEH'. Nevertheless, we should attend also to what Dunlap in its Mysteries of Adoni, relates us with regard to the word Sod (d ws ), as the arcane mysterious of the Jews, basing his allegation on the Penteglott of Schindler dating in 1201. According to him, a diverse esoteric interpretation for that biblical text exists, in which the ‘mystery of YAHWEH ' remains reflected as ‘Sod IHOH' (h w h And d ws ) in which IHOH would pass to be represented as the ‘Holy of the Saints', which would keep its secret or Sod in the name and figure of Mikael.


Ilda-Baoth: (Ildabaoth) (Ialdabaoth)

Seeing also : Lucifer

Ilda-Baoth is composed of Ilda (dly) the Boy, and Baoth (t w ' b), that is composed at the same time of 'the Egg' (v w x b ) and 'the Chaos' (t w x b); its meaning is the ‘Boy born in the Egg of the Chaos', or also, the ‘Son of the Darkness', whose mother Sophia Achamôth was at the same time daughter of Sophia, the Divine Wisdom that Moorish in the Akasha. He is one of the seven Elohim, the Seven Creative Spirits, and he is who produces at the same time, from also the ‘Spirits of the Face'. (Lkh(.

This definition is us King:

<< Ilda-Baoth, the Son of Sophia Achamôth the daughter of Sophia or Wisdom, whose region is the Plerôma. Ildabaoth produces from itself those six stellar Spirits: Iaô, Sabaôth, Adonæus, Eloæus, Oræus and Astaphæus. [C. W. King; Gnostics and their Remains] >>


Esoterically it is spoken subsequently of the ‘Great Rebellion' carried out by some of the stellar Spirits created by Ilda-Baoth or Ialdabaoth, whose meaning for this solar system is that Ildabaoth Regent of Saturn, with Sabaoth of Mars, Ahriman, the Terrestrial Planetary Prince, and the Prince Tao of the Moon, they were aligned with Ialdabaoth, the Galactic Regent in defiance. The main reason of the schism was that Ialdabaoth, the Galactic Regent of the sector to which this Solar System belonged, had challenged to the own older Prince and Creative Son of the universe in which the assembly of galaxies is found.

King relates us again in explicit form which was the authentic aspect of Ialdabaoth:

<< Ilda-Baoth was far from being a pure spirit; the ambition and the pride dominated in their constitution. Therefore, he resolved to break every relation with his mother, Achamôth, and to create a world only for him. He was helped on that task by its Six Spirits, who created to the Man, destining him to be the image of its power; but failed completely in its work, therefore its Man resulted a great monster without soul, that slid for the land. The Six Spirits were seen obliged to bring again its work before its father so that encouraged it: thus caused communicating him to the man the ray of Divine Light that himself had inherited of Achamôth, who, by this loss, punished him for its pride and presumption. It favored thus the man by Achamôth, at the cost of its own son, continued the impulse of the Divine Light that she had transferred, met a greater quantity of the creation with which was mixed, and began to present, not the image of its creative Ilda-Baoth, but more well that of the to Supreme Being, the "Fundamental Man". Seeing this spectacle, the Demiurge was filled of rage and envy because he have produced a being grater than him. Its looks, inspired by its passions, were reflected in the Abyss, as in a mirror, the image became instinct with life, and arose "Satan in the shape of snake", Ophiomorphos, the incarnation of the envy and of the cunning. [C. W. King; Gnostics and their Remains] >>


An explanation less impassioned of the story, is that one in which Ialdabaoth had refused to carry out one of their sequential effusions of the Quarter Patrols, by the one that each Stellar Hierarchy obligatorily should enter into the Rupas, shadows or images of their lower, and to comply the evolutionary tasks that are assigned as the humblest one of the beings united to them. Thus has prevailed since the principle of the formation of the universe, and thus will prevail to its dissolution in the culmination of the Manvantara under way. Ialdabaoth had been the creator of the Ten Lords of the Being, from which, among his descent he was found the Solar Regent of this system, who, at the same time, created the seven Manus, or Planetary Awarenesses.

Ialdabaoth therefore was a creative entity of first magnitude, as describes it A. Kingsford in the Appendix ‘The Secret of Satan' in its work Perfect Way:

<< And in the seventh day, took place in the presence of God it appears a powerful Angel of anger and devouring ways, and God gave him the control of the extreme sphere. The Eternity produced the Time; the Unlimited gave birth to the Limited thinks; the Being descended to the generation. Among the God there is no none that resemble that, in whose hands they are placed the kingdoms, the power and the glory of the worlds. The thrones and empires, the dynasties of kings, the fall of the nations, the birth of the churches, the triumphs of the Time. Satan is the guardian of the door of the Temple of the King; he maintained in the portal of Solomon; guard the Keys of the Sanctuary. [ A. Kingsford; Perfect Way] >>


Ialdabaoth, or Lucifer, like is known in the terrestrial mythology, he was belonging to the first creation, along with the majority of its “Fallen Angels”, being Ialdabaoth created the first one, as the wisest one, and the most beautiful of the Suras, the first creative God that form the first emanation or primary creation from the Darkness to the Declared Life. Ialdabaoth, the Shining Star and Daughter of the morning, is previous to the Dhyân Chohans, or evolutionary Regents of the Time and the Space, and to the Pitris, or sons of Pitâ, the Father, and creative collective of the World and of the Men.
Unfortunately, at the moment of the “Great Curse” or the “Great Shadow”, like we know it at present, the Earth as fourth planet of the system, had a colligation fundamental with the seventh one of this planetary system that was Saturn, therefore the Seventh members and the fourth of a chain of Septenaries Worlds  maintain a union and special tuning between them inside the assembly of global relations.

And the cycles were complied, and the time arrived in which the effusion in the form of a human creature, that was refused by Ialdabaoth, the previous galactic regent, should be consummated by Mihael. The Law of the Sacrifice is indispensable for the evolution of the declared universe; this Law was always and will be followed by the large and small Cosmic Entities for living and to support the universes of the matter. During the cyclic effusions of the macrocosmic entities in the worlds of their relative microcosm, the breeze of these entities , formed by the emanation of its atoms, living and elevates the vibration of the gross material life toward the spiritual world. When Ialdabaoth refuses the fulfillment of the Law, and to enter in the Rupas, shadows or images of its lower beings, to comply with his evolutionary tasks; he did not only disregard one of its obligations toward the worlds created by him, but infringe a point of dangerous inflection in the flow of the Living Energy (Ono-Zone), that flows continuing the strict Law of the Symmetry among the world declared the ethereal one. The entire cosmos arises from an only breath, and by the Law of the Symmetry, the Absolute nameless one, transmitting to the universe the impulse to produce that all the particles carry out the evolutionary cycle that corresponds to their nature; the Symmetry organizes the matter so that it reflects the essence and the archetypes by which was created.
The break of that cosmic Symmetry can lead to unforeseeable consequences; thus the Rouah or cycle of the eternity; the Nahash or time in spires that differentiates the sequential states of the Light and the Darkness, they would be able to be unbalanced, and if the Light did not reach its complete cycle, the Rouah would stop and the Light would stop existing plunging to the Universe in a night without time.

The Dark Fraternity exists because usufruct the universal goods without being of their property, they are taken it unpunished in spite of the Law. The incompliance of the Law by the side of the involutionary beings, gives to them, an apparent advantage on those that are seen submitted to the demands of the Cosmic Law. But that “advantage” is only apparent, therefore the law of the Symmetry and the Compensation can not be mocked for any material or spiritual being; therefore even above the Creative Son exist the Father Omnipotent. Thus the sublime act of love carried out by Mihael, to embody the Law in the position of Ialdabaoth implies that the last one, is obliged likewise, from that moment, to embody in this planet with the closing of the cycle. And thus, like the prophecies say: ‘The Christ will have an Anti-Christ, the message of light will have an anti-message of darkness, the love will become in hatred, the humanity will be tested to separate the grain of the straw, and the planet finally he will be freed'.



Seeing also : Adept

The initiations have constituted the middle by which the man has expanded his awareness toward the subtle worlds, which would remain unattainable in another way. Multiple examples of the importance of the initiation in the old world offer it us the classics; Píndaro tells us about the initiation:

<< Happy who arrive initiated to the tomb, because knows the purpose of its life and the kingdom given by Jupiter. [Píndaro; Fragments] >>


Cicero speaks us in the same way when proclaim its virtues:

<< The initiation does not only teach us to be happy in this life, but also to die with hope in somewhat better. [Cicero; Of Legibus] >>


In the same way speak Plato, Pausanias, Estrabón, Diodoro and many other that show their conviction of the great gift that represents the initiation. Herodoto, Tales, Parménides, Empedocles , Orfeo and Pythagoras they learned directly of the Egyptian hierophants the divine wisdom, with the longing to resolve the problems of the universe. Filon says: ‘The Mysteries reveal the hidden operations of the Nature'.

And the same time Plato dedicates to the initiated these words:

<< The initiated are sure to be participants of the company of the God

It is evident that the founders of the Mysteries, or secret assemblies of initiated, were not simple mortals, but powerful geniuses that since the primitive times tried to give us to understand through those enigmas, that who arrive impure to the invisible regions, will be hasty in the abysses, while the one that the reach, already purified of the spots of this world, and expert in virtues, will be received in the dwelling of the God. [Plato; Fedro] >>


Nevertheless, much often, the image of the initiated is popularly associates to the magician or necromancer that utilizes its know-how selfishly, or to the priest that extracts those know-how from the dogma of its religion. Nothing further than happens in the routine reality. The initiated knows, as affirms Éliphas Lévi, and therefore, ‘all confronts, and keeps silence' :

<< You will be able to observe him often sad; never discouraged neither desperate. Often poor; never humiliated neither abject. Often pursued; never flinched neither conquered. Because recalls the widowhood and the murder of Orfeo, the exile and solitary death of Moses, the martyrdom of the prophets, the tortures of Apollonius, the cross of the Saviour. It knows in what been of abandonment died Agripa, whose memory has slanders itself until nowadays; knows what tests has to suffer the great Paracelsus, and all as much as bore Raimundo Lulio before its bloody death. It recalls that Swedenborg had to simulate the deviation and even lost the reason before was forgiven him what knew; that San Martin has to be maintained hidden all its life; that Cagliostro died forgotten in the jails of the Inquisition; and that Cazotte perished in the guillotine. It is the successor of all these victims, and although nothing fears, understands the need to keep silence. [ Éliphas Lévi; Dogma and Ritual of the High Magic] >>


Why this forced silence? Why this anonymity until a good day he is impelled to discover to the world his secrets…? Therefore simply because the world does not forgive to those that do not continue the rules established, to those that break the straits and the stiff mental molds in which takes refuge the immense majority of the humanity.

We can have it an example of it in ours intrepid Heroine, madam Blavatsky, which, in itself, represents a restless soul that always broke every formulism and stereotype about the image of the initiated. Blavatsky, that was the founder of the theosophical movement, She shows in their own life a daring adventurer than of a pious mystic.

Helena Petrovna Hahn Blavatsky was born in Ekaterinoslav in 1831, passing his youth in a pressing misery that obliged it to act in a circus mounting to horse, married subsequently with a Russian general of the one that was separated to be the lover of a Slovene singer, and successively, of a English business man, of a Russian baron and of a merchant of the Caucasus that was established in Philadelphia. During its life also gave classes of piano, became woman of business and exercised finally as medium.

Greek P. Blavatsky in its risky life was a controversial figure and pursued by the public opinion, confidant of Tibetan lamas and associate of an American lawyer in the famous adventure to go to the India. But its final work was being founder of the International Theosophical Society, and to be constituted as one of the maximum exponents of this philosophy that shone insistently in the first half of the 19th century. It wrote, various treaties among the ones that are found: The Secret Doctrine, Isis Without Veil, Theosophical Glossary, The Voice of the Silence, The Key of the Theosophy, etc. Blavatsky died finally in 1891 being a figure very disputed in its epoch.

Says Sprague of Camp that the six tremendous volumes of The Secret Doctrine are an exhaustive collection of previous documents, like the Indian text Vishnú Purana which was composed by Parashara and translated H. Wilson; The Geology Compared; The Atlantis of Donnely; Life of the World of Alexandre Winchell; The Stays of the Dzyan that is a compilation in old Sanskrit, and the Hymn of the Creation of the Rig Veda.

Madame Blavatsky was a lot more than a determined adventurer with exotic ways, she represented the guide of a great number of admirers of the occultism, and the source of inspiration for a great philosophical current as is it the Theosophy. Subsequently, new current like the Anthroposophy, founded by Rudolf Steiner, they became the authentic precursors of the culture of the New Age and the Ecologism.

We could not say if the society from its time anger pursued she due to her sour character, or if the last one was simply the result of the violent “allergic reaction” that the public opinion developed toward the ideas that she represented; but to serve of some aid to the reader, to understand this binomial of love and hatred, I have included here a brief passage that reflects the opinion of this brave forerunner of the modern esoterism:

<< The humanity is, at the maximum, a sad panurgic flock that blindly follows to the shepherd that conducts it in one determined moment. The humanity, at less in his majority, does not like to think for itself; and it takes for insult the smaller invitation to leave, even for an instant, the common roads, to enter for his foot in new paths of different course. Give him to resolve a serious problem, and if his mathematician do not like to study it, the people not familiarized with the mathematics will remain with the fixed view in the unknown quantity, and at been entangled between the z and the y they will return on the back, trying to broke into pieces to the inopportune disruptive of its mental nirvana. [ H. P. Blavatsky, The Secret Doctrine Vol. V] >>


But what is really important is that without her, it had been lost an immense cultural bequest that had died of distaste in the “libraries cemetery” before the impassiveness of the “official science”. We can see now what H. P. Blavatsky tell us about the old rites of initiation:

<< The initiated, submerged in a deep dream -the "Dream of Siloam", as is called still today among the Initiated of the Smaller Asia, of Syria and even in the Upper Egypt-. He was left in this state during three days and three nights, during whose time their Spiritual Ego it was told that themselves "plotted " with the "God "; descended to the Hades, the Amenti or Pâtâla, according to the reference country, and did works of charity to the invisible Beings, already were Souls of men or Elementary Spirits; remaining their body during all the time in a crypt or subterranean cave of the temple. In Egypt was placed in the Sarcophagus in the Camera of the King of the Pyramid of Cheops , and been carried during the night of the next third day to the entrance of a gallery, where in certain hour the rays of the rising sun gave of full In the face of the Candidate in state of "trance", which awoke for to be initiated by Osiris and Thoth, the God of the Wisdom. [ H. P. Blavatsky, The Secret Doctrine Vol. IV] >>


Today, nevertheless, the initiation is not produced in this exotic way and formal, but this is internalized, being produced in the subtle plans, without having that to exist some formal exteriorization, it is nowadays as the light air current that enlivens the asleep spark that later, with the running of the time, will devour in its fundamental fire everything that be found around it.

An example of it we find it in this impeccable definition of Trigueirinho:

<< The Initiations elapse in subjective plans. Some they are lived for the soul; other, more extensive, by the monad and other, even more comprehensive, by the monadic regent. Each Initiation reflects itself in the diverse nuclei and bodies of the being, and also in the universe where inhabits. 

The Initiations have as goal to conduct to the individual to its origin; its purpose is not to grant him hidden and magical powers. Nevertheless, to reach levels increasingly more high, he manages to control energies that gifts confer him; which will be used on behalf of the demonstration of the divine life and in communion with the laws which it manage in their sphere of action. In the past, the initiation ceremonies came to be celebrated in the physical plan, secretly, in pyramids and Centers of Mysteries. But, with the time, they were collected to the interior plans of the existence.

The Initiations of an incarnate individual in the surface of the Land differ significantly of those of the worlds intraterrestrial evolved, but in both cases they are carried out with external stimuli. At present, the initiation process in the Land is in transformation; the bodies of the man redeemable are being sutilized, its internal nuclei, transmuted and its awake monad to the cosmic life. Also its energy system is changing and begins to respond to the new laws that now they are established. All the Land enters in this road, and therefore is passing for a purification Global. [José Trigueirinho Net; Esoteric Dictionary] >>


Trying to explain this present process of initiation, we can continue the indications of José Trigueirinho that announces us that in the Cosmic Physical plan, seven levels exist, defined as : Etheric-Physical, Astral, Mental, Intuitive, Spiritual, Monadic and Divine. The full awareness in these levels is obtained through the initiations. The Third Initiation enabled, the development of the energy centers -previously awoke in the prior initiations -, which in ascending order are: Cosmic Plexus, Heart Center, Cerebral Center and Central Second Supraluminar. The to awake of the First Supraluminar Center begins radiant in that initiation as main instrument of union with the Monad. In the energy structure of the liberal arts of the cosmos, there is a vortex called: I-Conscious, that constitutes the assembly of energies that influence directly in the life declared by each being. That vortex, the I-conscious, is expanded continuously among some specific bands of energy, which, when is precise that break those bands, they reproduce some internal processes that constitute the Initiations. The expansion of the awareness inside a same part energy band of a lower point to cover more extensive fields in constant expansion. Defining progressively higher frequencies and margins of vibration increasingly more narrow. From the Quarter Initiation, the evolutionary being that reaches it, interacts with the Cosmic Fire to establish conscious contact with its Monad. This living power fire  the Monadic will, favoring the projection of its energy in the Body of Light. In the Quarter Initiation, the Soul is transmigrate to the Body of Light where resides its nucleus of awareness in perfect harmony with the Monadic will. In the Fifth Initiation, the Monad culminates its action on the Body of Light, revealing to the initiated the deep mysteries of the cosmic and planetary existence. The Monad gathers just then the energy of the nuclei infra-monadic, and by the action of the Cosmic Fire, absorbs them receiving the new power of creating vehicles of expression in those levels, being dissociated then of the law of the birth and of the law of the physical death. The initiated of fifth level, is able then, to carry out the material projections in the dense and subtle bodies that be necessary for the fulfillment of its cosmic task.



Seeing also : Vattan; Sanskrit

The same Universal Hierographic Language that the intraterrestrial called Vattan is the one that the Brothers of the Cosmos call Irdin. But we take from the Esoteric Dictionary of Trigueirinho Neto the definition of the word Irdin:

<< Irdin: cosmic Language utilized in the confederate universes. By expressing the creative essence and archetypes of the evolution, it is dynamic and is covered with the most adequate form the state of awareness of the planet in which is declared. As vibration, is in the origin and in the base of all the other languages. The words and the symbols of unify awarenesses, worlds and evolutionary cycles. The cosmos would be extinguished if did not were for the inaudible sound that sparkles in inaccessible plans for the majority of the human beings, putting in movement the ethers, agglutinating particles, creating and dissipating structures. The language should be the emanation of an activity and of a capable internal disposition to elevate the awareness. To the extent that this humanity reach the unification mental, he will diminish the use of the verbal word and thus he will be able reencountered his hidden value and to take up again his sacred use. [ José Trigueirinho Neto; Esoteric Dictionary] >>



Seeing also : Harappa; Âgarttha; Aryan.

The esoteric chronicles speak of the Schism of Irshou as one of the facts more prominent so much for the world intraterrestrial like for the world of surface.

Irshou was a harappa that had been faced to the tests of acceptance as yoghi and had failed, beginning subsequently in the Âgarttha, a crossed by the liberation of the town Harappa, which finished with the deportation of hundreds of thousands of men from the intraterrestrial world to the world of surface.

These hundreds of thousands of Arianni, expelled of the Agartha toward the year 2.500 B.C., they were united of violent form by means of invasions to the different towns of their environment, as much Ramidean as Turanian and even Semitic, contributing their upper culture and their language; the Sanskrit. To this town of “unknown origin” according to the present archaeological science belongs that which was called Aryans, and in this study we call it more exactly Arianni.

Really these constitute a point of important inflection in the history of all the old existing cultures in the center of Asian at that epoch; thus we see that toward 1.700 B.C., the magnificent and well adorned Ramidean cities  of Mohenjo, Daro, Chanju Daro and Harappa, were destroyed without piety by a warlike people originating in the plains of Asia Central that is defined as: ‘battle-hardened men, of clear skin and prominent nose, and even of white and blond', and that known as the Purandara (the destroyers of cities). The old southern capital of the river Indus, acquaintance today as Mohen-jo Daro (city of the dead persons), owes its present name to the terrible killings favored during its destruction by hand of the Aryans or descendants of the Arianni.

These invaders far from being barbarians compared with the magnificent builders of the cities conquered that promoted the great culture of the Civilization of the Valley of the Indus, they possessed a culture and some upper techniques, contributing besides the Sanskrit, father of all the languages writings, a religious and cultural background that was consolidated in the Vedic period ( 1500-600 B.C.) and the Brahmanism (600-300 B.C.) as the cultural period of greater importance in the history of the modern humanity.

The Vedas, are composed for three large collections that are known at present as the Rig-Veda, the Sama-Veda and Yajur-Veda and more late the Atharva-Veda. Giving us an approximate idea of the importance of these know-how poured in texts known Sanskrit “officially” already since the 800 B.C., we can imagine swallowed the extension and depth of this great work knowing that only the Rig-Veda, or Veda of the Praises, gathers 1.017 hymns grouped in ten cycles  of stable and eclectic style, develops hymns, prayers, exorcisms and magic formulae that asking for the divine thing through the God or Devas, being the book that more clearly discovers the deep keys of the Aryan esotericism.

In the great crucible of races that was the low Mesopotamia, we discover the Sumerians fighting desperately against Asian invaders to defend his cities of Ur, Uruck and Adab; fights collected in the ‘Stella of the Vultures' toward the 2400 B.C.

Subsequently the king Sargon or Sharru Kin (legitimate king) case a new dynasty establishing at the same time the Acadian empire (2300 a.C.), when defeated to the king of Uruck, Lugalzagesi, that had managed to conquer previously every area of Summer. Sargón continued its campaign of expansion toward the West conquering the important cities of Mari and Ebla arriving to the Amanus and to the Taurus as well as al Mediterranean Sea.

Subsequently, and coinciding with the invasion in the India (1700 B.C.), they are produced in Mesopotamia the same Aryan invasions that altered all the Assyrian-Babylonian equilibrium, When the invaders create the powerful state hurrita of Mitanni, whose area of influence arrived since the Mediterranean to the mounts Zagros.

Also references they consider itself that epoch of the invasion of Palestine and the powerful Egypt by the hicsos, also an indus-European people come from east, which, they occupied Egypt toward the year 1580 B.C., though the domination hicsa was not understood in Egypt as an oppression but like a “peaceful occupation” by a people of “upper culture”, this surprising expression we extract it of the writings of Manetón, of the century III B.C. :

<< By motives that we do not know the rage of God discharged on us, therefore surprisingly some foreigners of oriental origin, they invaded our country and they conquered it without being taken the inconvenience of unsheathing the sword. [Manetón; Ægyptiaca] >>


We see then as many cultures and civilizations advanced of it was of the bronze they stagger and they fall under the enormous pressure of a new race, that advances impetuous, since some indefinite place in the Asian steppes toward the most important cultural nuclei of the epoch, like happened also in the large cultures written down in Afghanistan and the banks of the Oxus.

As for the personal figure of Irshou, this disappears repudiated after the immense disaster of the deportation of all its town to the exterior of the planet, but not thus its political figure of ‘leader' or ‘head of horde', we recall the meaning Sanskrit of the word ‘Irshou' as ‘the head of the human snake' or ‘the one that goes to the head of a row'. We see thus the spirit of Irshou in the tenacious and fratricide search of the return to the Âgarttha, still by the force, that marked powerfully the lives of terrible men that in the surface of the planet knocked down empires and they decimated entire generations drowning in blood to millions of beings. These cruel men are acquaintances by the history as Alexander the Great, Gengis Khan and Hitler.


Ishva-Ra : (ISHOUA-Ra) (ISHO)

Seeing also : ShiVa ;Monad; Khum.

Ishva-Ra is a King and Lord of the Alhim, the force active of the universe, and appears in the seated Hindu imagery on the Tigre that embodies by force of the Creative Verb representing to itself the lines of the tiger to the space-temporary and luminance-energy waves that generate the worlds declared. The water that surround to the sitting figure are the Water of the Space, the Khum, the Darkness Mother of all the beings. The trident represents the Triloka, the government of the Three Worlds, and the Snake of Wisdom rolled to its neck, signifies the Cosmic Mind that is curled on the trunk of the Asvattha, or Tree of the Life, bearing fruit. Finally the knot that forms their hair in the high part of their head, from which a rainbow leaves, is a metaphor that is alluding to Nat (the knot) and to Our (the living light), that symbolize the Nat-Our, the “Nature” in the first correspondence of the Inaccessible Light.

If we attend to the explanations of the Marquis Saint-Yves D' Alveydre we can verify the deep esoteric keys that converge in this being:

<< IshVa, is the King and Lord of the ALHIM, the ISHOUA-Ra, Heavenly Kingdom of the Cristic Power, that at the same time is the SheMa of the Shema-IM in the SheMaM or ascent of the MeShIaH on the throne and under the crown of glory. ISHO, Divine Sky, and the MATA-TRON or Matesis of Salvation, in the HâOuR, or heavenly time without limits. [ Saint-Yves D' Alveydre; The Arqueometre] >>


The figure of Ishvara is declared in the Vedas in the form of Avalokiteshvara or corporeal demonstration of Ishvara in the image of Krishna, like we can observe in this passage of the Bhagavad Gîtâ:

<< Contemplates, ¡Oh Pârtha!, my Form increased a hundredfold, my Form thousand times multiple and of diverse species, figure and color in all its divine aspects.

Contemplates the Adityas, the Vasus, the Rudras, the two Ashvines and the Marutes. Contemplates this multitude of wonders that nobody Admired before now, ¡Oh Bharata!

¡ Oh King! It spoken that thus there was Hari, the great one Lord very powerful, appears to Pârtha, transfigured in the supreme form of Ishvara.

With multiple eyes and mouths, with infinity of prodigious aspects, with multitude of celestial ornaments, with divine weapons of incalculable price without number. It dressed with delicious clothes and necklaces, anointed with oils of celestial fragrance, the infinite and full of prodigious God of face to all sides. Radiant so that if thousand together suns shone in the firmament, was its light only half-light of the magnificent glory of that Mahâtmâ. [Annie Besant; Bhagavad Gîtâ] >>


But the figure of Ishvara is universalized and is projected beyond the tradition Vedic, being declared thus same as the Osiris Egyptian, the Ahura-Mazda of the Zoroastrian and the Logos of the platonic. Thus Ishvara (Lord of Isha) relates directly to Ishvara with the spiritual fire, that is to say, with the Monad of each being and his Regent Avatar:

<< Ishvâra resides in all mortal beings, and puts them in movement, by its supernatural powers, all the things that rise the wheel of the time. Is the Creator and the Destroyer, in truth.

The primitive Fire was supposed that had an insatiable appetite to devour. Maxim of Tiro tells that the old Persians threw to the fire flammable matter, and they shouted: ¡Devours, Oh Lord!

In the Irish language , Easam, or Asam, signifies to do or to close. Aesar was also the name of one of the old Irish God; the literal meaning of the word is "to light fire"…

We observe then, how Ishvara is in reality the Regent Avatar that resides in the highest point of the self conscientious forms and, therefore, King of all the cosmic forces declared.




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