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Hansa-Vâhara HâOuR Harappas Hermes Herukas Hieratic
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Glossary of terms (H):


Hansa-Vâhara: (Kâla-Ham-Sa; Agni-Ham-Sa)


The Hansa-Vâhara is completed, in its quality of projection or travel astral through the subtle plans, and carried out in the complete control from the A-Ham-Sa, the three arcane words that signify: I-Am-He and also He-is-Me. In them it have contained the universal mystery, the doctrine of the identity of the essence of the man with the divine essence. The test of the Kâla-Ham-Sa, or Black Swan, in which the spirit penetrates in the Unfathomable Darkness to descend to the same doors of the great Abyss of the Ahankâra, is the mysterious experience by excellence, where the spirit writes down finally in the I-Am of the Hamsa through the the Divine Wisdom or Wisdom in the Darkness. Of them the figure of the Agni-Ham-Sa, or Swan of Fire, in which it is transmuted the Kâla-Ham-Sa, or Black Swan, so that the spirit penetrate in the Unfathomable darkness, opening up this way for the initiate, on the doors of the Hansa-Vâhara 

The swan was always been present in all the allegoric demonstrations, where the spirit penetrates in the Unfathomable Darkness to seek its authentic identity. The classics idealized to the swan as a mysterious and invisible bird that did an egg in the Chaos, which later would become the Universe, thus in the Vedas, Brahmâ is called the Kâlahansa, the Swan in the Time and the Space, and in this way, he becomes the Swan of the Eternity.

In the Odyssey and the Iliad of Homer is spoken of Leda and of his two children Castor and Pollux, To which Jupiter grants them a strange gift; as semi-immortal they die and they live for shift in each alternate day, representing thus the day and the night. Leda assumes, in the allegory, the form of a white swan and gives birth its children of an egg, the ‘Egg of the Life that arises from the Chaos'.

In the Kalevala, the epic poem of Finland, the Mother Water creates the world with a goose or swan that puts six eggs of gold and a seventh one of iron.

Further on, even during the Middle Ages, the Swan represented to the pure Spirit, in very diverse forms, as relates it us H. Petrovna Blavatsky in the following appointment:

<< The chosen symbol for the majestic ideal of the Universal Principle will seem of little importance to respond its sacred character. A goose, and even a swan, can seem without doubt out of place, to represent the greatness of the Spirit. Nevertheless, it must have had some deep and hidden meaning, because they figures not only in all the cosmogony and religions of the world, but it was also elected as emblem by the Christians of the Middle Ages, the crusaders, like Vehicle of the Holy Spirit, that was supposed conducted the army to Palestine, to take the tomb of el Salvador from the hands of the Saracens. If we should give credit to the statement of the professor Draper in their 'Intellectual Development of Europe', the crusaders, conducted by Peter the Hermit, they were preceded, to the head of the army by the Holy Spirit under the form of a white goose in company of a goat. Seb, the God of the Egyptian Time, carries a goose on the head: Jupiter takes the form of a swan, and the same thing Brahmâ; and the base of all this mysteries, is the Egg of the World. [ H. P. Blavatsky, The Secret Doctrine Vol. II] >>


HâOuR: (Aour)

Seeing also: Fohat ;Dzyu ; Brill ;Demiurge; Nóumeno

HâOuR, is the heavenly time without limits, just as it express the Marquis Saint-Yves D' Alveydre, whose do we extract this appointment:

<< IHOH, I-the-Life, I-Am is the CaVi, the Creator by its Verb, the God Poet, the inspiring heavenly one or MAeTATRON, the ISHO, Divine Sky, and the MATA-TRON or Matesis of Salvation, in the HâOuR , or heavenly time without limits. [Saint-Yves D' Alveydre; The Arqueometre] >>


In the Kabalah, Aour (rw ')is the synthesis or Astral Light that wraps to the phenomenal bodies in the Magnetism universal called also the Gold of the Alchemists, that causes the Attraction or Love of the Stars. The Intelligence that guide to these force is called Tehor (rweX). A learned definition of that subtle mechanism, just as the Kabalah describes, we find him in the writings of Papus, the Dr. G. Encausse:

<< The Kabala teaches us that in the Universe occurs something very similar. Above the currents of light, previous to them, exists a mysterious fluid, that is independent of the beings created of the Nature, the same as the nervous force is independent of the blood corpuscles. This fluid emanates directly of God and comes to be the same divine body; It is thus the ‘Spirit of the Universe'.

In such form, the Universe is constituted, equal That the Man: 1° Of a Body: the stars, and what these they contain. 2° Of a Life: the currents of light that wrap to the stars and carry with himself the active Energies of the Nature; the Angels. 3 ° The principal Will that is transmitted everywhere through an invisible fluid to the material senses, called by the occultists universal Magnetism and by the Cabalists Aour; it is also the Gold of the Alchemists and the cause of the universal attraction or Love of the Stars.

We can affirm thus same that the Universe, the same as the Man, is submitted to a regression and a periodic evolution and that as this last one, should be returned to its origin: God. [Papus , Dr. G. Encausse; The Intrigue] >>


Harappas: (Bohemian)

Seeing also : Agartha ;Aryan; Irshou

The esoteric indications carry us to infer that before the schism of Irshou, in the Agartha, a social class existed that was in charge of the basic tasks or less specialized, composed for millions of Harappas that were in charge of the tasks subordinates. All being born in the Paradesa was admitted in the society as harappa, state from which initiated their ascent by the Shamut, the Sacred Path. Not existing there discrimination by sex or race, with what the contenders to the upper social levels agreed since the lower degrees to the following degrees after hard studies and exhaustive testing controlled with the most scrupulous impartiality.

This group of beings or initiation degree was not more existing after the schism of Irshou, when a large quantity of them were expelled  to the “wild land” of the outside of the planet.

Thus, the archaeological science present speech confusedly of a warlike and “pastoral” tribes originating in the plains of Asia Central that conquered toward the 1.700 B.C., the magnificent and well adorned cities Ramidean of Mohenjo Daro, Chanju Daro and Harapa.

That town that is defined as battle-hardened, of clear skin and prominent nose, and even of blond and white characteristics, were known as the Purandara, ‘the destroyers of cities'. Nevertheless, they are the ones that introduce finally the Sanskrit and the writings of the Vedas, that surpass with a lot of those of the great culture of the Civilization of the Valley of the Indus that built those immense cities walled in the age of the bronze, that already they included river docks and maritime dikes that closed and maintained the safe of the ships from the ascents and descended of the large navigable rivers, with thousands of family dwellings of characteristic equals, that possessed running water, pools and baths with lavatory and one unimaginable public sewer system which still does not exist today in the contemporary cities of the India.

How a pastoral tribe of the steppe could defeat similar builders of cities? How it is possible that those “Aryan” that did not proceed of any known city could possess a culture so overwhelmingly upper, a strategy and military organization that permitted to conquer to the powerful and well organized city-states of the Valley of the Indus and to advance through Mesopotamia up to the Mediterranean and Egypt?

This upper people, of “unknown ” origin was melted subsequently with the Hindu Ramidean (Dravidic culture) and with the Iranians creating a very powerful Aryan base. Subsequently, some harmful sects and other profane developed a subculture related to the original magical rites deformed and devaluated originating in its old home, the Paradesa.

We listen now what the Marquis Saint-Yves D' Alveydre  relates us about the destiny of those beings expelled toward the outside of the planet:

<< The people coming from the workshops, the laboratories and the observatories intended to be erected in doctors, and to be dedicated without more to the practice of the Magic. Inevitably they fell in the black magic, and, being helped of certain transformed formulae, they received from the down some answers to the dictations that they intended to impose above.

It was then when the first expulsion in mass was produced, that caused the different tribes, some sedentary and other wandering. Among the first, there is one that has bloodied more the India that never achieved Moloch to bloody its altars, the investigation its colts, or the 93 its guillotines.

This sect, monstrous blend of ignorance and of superstition, that confuses in a same hatred to the Brahmanist and to the Buddhists, carved in some passes of the Himalayan, an enormous statue of stone.

The lower jaw is mobile and at to be opened shows a mouth of various meters of circumference on a sewer interior, that is going to stop into deep abysses full of water. A hydraulic mechanism causes be moved the jaw of this abyss, of the one that the builders were the most atrocious officiates. These sivaites, renewing the blackest political infamies of the druidical times, they were being accustomed to the peoples to the sacrifices that were meditating, doing that its infernal divinity  flowed entire devoured of alive oxen. From a distance could listen themselves a species of subterranean thunder, a storm of roars that were confused in the bowels of this monster with frightening gurgling of water, and noises of chains and the incessant crash of the infernal jaw. And the ferocious idiots that served the womb of this Beast, half mountain, half machine, declared that their God was satisfied up to the following day. Unfortunately! Soon it touched the shift to the men, above all to the wisest provided that could be thrown them hand. And this lasted entire centuries!

Among the tribes less guilty than they were expelled from the great University next to the previous, a wandering one exists, that since the fifteenth century strolls by Europe its singular practices. This is the origin of the Bohemians: Bohami, ‘you set apart of me'. These poor peoples carry with himself some vague memories, and some lost formulae among a pile of superstitions more or less rough.

It would not be able to speak of the tribes expelled from the Agarttha without mentioning its humbler servants, some men that dedicate their life to travel through the entire India charming with marvelous and surprising prodigies the full poetry of mystery. Everyone has read the extraordinary things that do the Fakirs.

The Fakirs are in their majority old students of the Agarttha, that themselves there were person under arrest in the entrance of the high gradations, and they have consecrated to a religious life, seemed to that of the mendicant monks of our medieval age. [ Saint-Yves D' Alveydre; The Mission of the India in Europe] >>


Hermes: (Mercury ) ( Azazel ) ( Azazyel) (Aziel)

Seeing also : Seth ;Kabirim; Thot

The Egyptian Sphinx, the same one that keeps the Enigma of the Ages faithfully, knows the truth about the great mystery that surrounds to Hermes the Dioscur. The own Egyptian pyramids, built before the second Atlantean flood, were built in address to the constellation of the Dragon when this was on-line with the terrestrial north pole, and they were used occultly as cult to the two big Manus Semites Dioscurs: Seth and Hermes

Hermes (Enoch or Enos) was a son of Seth according to the esoteric tradition, and both were considered by the Sabeans as the most important planetary God. In reality, they were a matter of the same one to be in two different polarities. The deity Kabiri original from the Semitic group, was Prometheus (Hermes - / Ermh<V), that brought the light to the World and endowed the Humanity of intelligence and reason. The “Fire stolen to the God” known in all the terrestrial cultures, and the one by what the Titans were condemned to the Titanic Works. This “Fire” is idealized as the Three Sacred Divine Fires by the initiated in the Old Arts. Another of the memories that Prometheus (Hermes) has left in the historic memory of the Semites is the figure of Azazel (Azal, the “one separated of God”). In the Zohar it can be read the history of “the Ischins, chained to the mountain in the desert”. Allegory that alludes to the spirits tied to the land during the cycle of incarnation.

Azazel or Azazyel, is one of the leaders of the “transgressors angels” of the book of Enoch, which descended on the Ardis, the top of the mount Armón, and they compromised among itself being sworn senselessly mutual loyalty, following what it  tells in the Zohar:
<< Azazyel taught the men to do swords, knives and shields, and also to manufacture mirrors, to see what is behind one. Amazarak instructed to all the sorcerers and to the crushers of roots; Amers explained the Magic; Barkayal, the astrology; Akibeel, the meaning of the wonders and of the signs; Tamiel, the astronomy, and Asaradel taught the movement of the Moon. And these seven were the instructors of the man… [Rabbí Simeón Ben Jochai; The Zohar] >>


But in the Zohar, also reads themselves that the Ischins are the Bne Aleim, the Children of God that were mixed with the mortal men because they were envoys for it. The Bne Aleim are shown like belonging to the tenth subdivision of the Thrones, and there is explained also how the ‘men spirit', the Ischins, help to the magicians to produce the Homunculi, the ‘smaller men'.

The Abate Luis Constant, best-known as Éliphas Lévi, explains us these events with a private interpretation of the Zohar:

<< Azazel, fact king of the world, refuses to God and contributes the dangerous science and the war. He teaches the men in the use of the gold, of the jewellery and of the iron, manufactures the jewels for the women and the weapons for the men; the men are disputed the gold and the women, needing spears and swords, gather the coquettishness and the sorrow. The one that should be the angel of the kingdom has exchanged in the angel of the anarchy; the men instead of being civilized, will be beaten, so that the women appear magnificently adorned.

The eleventh angel, the one that in the pack corresponds by force, standard to the men the art of the fascinations and of the prestige, that are the lie of the force. The ninth one, the one that corresponds to the number of the initiation teaches to cause to fall the stars of the sky, that is to say, to displace the most luminous truths and to drag them into the current of the error. The men learned to guess for the air, by the land and by the other elements, instead of being trust in the light of the being.

Then, the weakest launched shouts of anguish toward the sky, and the four angels of the harmony, the ones that represent the letters of the tetragram divine: Michael, the angel of the letter Jod, the genius of the father, the active creative force; Gabriel, the angel Of the letter Bé, the representative of the mother of the passive creative force; Raphael, the angel of the letter Van, the genius of the creative work, and Uriel, the angel of the generating fire, touched by the querulous shout of the men they responded to the foot of the throne of God and they entreated him that caused ceased the frightening disorders of the land. Then is when God announced its plan to purify the world by the flood, in order to suppress the damned race of the giants, and seeking how to save to them pressed, saw that were also cowards and guilty, and did not find more than to the family of Noah worthy of obtaining the grace of the Lord. And God told to Raphael, the angel of the true science and of the pure initiation, the one that governs the planet Mercury, the sacred genius of the triple Hermes : "Go to seize of Azazel and throw him, tied of feet and hands, in the darkness. You will put him a bandage before the eyes, to prevent from him on see not any light in further times, striking the land with the foot, will open abyss in the desert of Dodoel, and there will precipitate him in the abrupt rocks and in the peaks of the stone, and there will be for never ever. Later, when the judgment day arrive, will be called to respond of its crimes and condemned to the eternal fire. "As for you, cause know to the land the media to be cured, give him the medicine for its plague, and becomes toward the side of the truth the revelations of Azazel, that have given rise so many sins among the men". [Éliphas Lévi; The Book of the Splendors] >>


This text constitutes one of the keys of the personality of the divine Hermes: ‘Raphael, the angel of the true science and of the pure initiation, the one that governs to Mercury planet, the sacred genius of the triple Hermes: 'Go to seize of Azazel and throw him, tied of feet and hands, in the darkness'.

We see here that in this story, Hermes possesses two faces, in one he is Gabriel, the flaming one Regent of Mercury, and in the other is Azazel, who also possessed the same assignment before the “rebellion”. In these lines we begin to sense the unfathomable mystery of the God Dioscurs… Maimonides tells it us explicitly:

<< There is an impenetrable mystery in the story concerning Azazel… [ Maimonides ; More Nevochin] >>


If we consult the Kabalah we find us another enigmatic surprise that enlarges still more the mystery. Among the 72 Geniuses pertaining to the 72 Names of God. 

We find to Aziel (l' and zh ) the God of Mercy, that dominates the acts in faith good and the reconciliations… But perhaps who better can advise us in this intricate search will be ours already well known scholarly:

<< The Sabeans, that worshipped to the ‘Managers of the Seven Planets' in the same way that the indus worship to their Rishis, they had to Seth and to their son Hermes (Enoch or Enos), as the highest one of the Planetary God. Seth and Enos were taken from the Sabeans and then disfigured (exoterically) by the Jews; but the truth regarding them, still can be discovered even in the Genesis. Seth is the ancestor of those primitive men of the Third Race in which they had incarnate the Planetary Angels; he himself was a Dhyân Chohan, and belonged to the ‘reportorial' Gods, and you Enos (Hanoch or Enoch) or Hermes, told himself that was its son; being Enos a generic name of all the primitive "Sighted" (Enoïchion). From there the worship. The Arabian writer Soyuti, says that the most primitive files they mention to Seth, or Set, like the founder of the Sabeism, and of the pyramids that represent the planetary system, they were considered as the place of the grave, so much of Seth as of Idrus (Hermes or Enoch); that they went there in pilgrimage, and sang prayers seven times at day, being returned toward the North (Mount Meru, Kaph, Olympus, etc.) Abd Allatif refers us also some curious things about the sabeans and of its books, and also Eddin Ahmed Ben Yahya, that wrote 200 years later. On the step that this last one maintains "that each pyramid was consecrated to a star" (to the Regent of a Star more well), Abd Allatif assures us that there was read in the old sabeans books that "a pyramid was the tomb of Agathodaemon and the other of Hermes" : Agathodaemon was not another that Seth, and according to some writers, Hermes was its son. [ H. P. Blavatsky, The Secret Doctrine Vol. III] >>



Seeing also : Dakini;

The ferocious Herukas, the drinkers of blood, they are in reality the male aspect of the Dakinis or Kerimas, the terrible goddesses that keep the doors of the infra-world. In this brief story of the Bardo Thödol, or Tibetan Book of the Dead, we can perceive the different types of astral realities that hound to the human mind after the death, in reality all these figures represent forces and energies that live in the ajna-chakra and they are untied in the process of the death:

<< These orders of deities are goddesses Indies and Tibetan in its origin; the Kerimas possess forms human, the Htamenma and the Yoginis possess human bodies and animal heads. Each deity symbolizes an impulse karmic concrete or tendency, that appear like hallucinations in the conscience of the deceased during the State of Transition. The Kerimas constitute another type of energy of the rage. The five Herukas are the existence of the energy such as is, while the Kerimas constitute the activation of the energy. The Kerima white, dances on a corpse, its task is that of extinguishing the mental process, for which uses a corpse of boy as mallet. Generally the corpse symbolizes the fundamental and neutral state of the being; a body without life is a state without thoughts, good or bad, a state not-dualistic of the mind. The yellow goddess maintains an arch and an arrow, therefore carries out the unit of the practical thought and the knowledge. The red Kerima carries the banner of the victory done with the skin of a marine monster. The marine monster symbolizes the principle of the phenomenal world, signifying with it that this is not rejected but accepted such as is. In the north , the Black Petali holds a Vajra and a skull as cup, signifying the immovable duality of the Reality. That is to say, each figure complies the function of a private energy. The function of the Kerimas is to do of a union tie between the body and the mind. The mind, in this case, is the intelligence, and the impulsiveness of the body . To intervene the Kerimas between the intelligence and the action, they cut the continuity of the self-preservation of the ego; this is its angry quality. They transmute the destructive energy in creative energy. That is to say, the impulsive force that exists after the panic or any action is transmuted. [Bardo Thödol; Tibetan Book of the Dead] >>



Seeing also : Hierogram

The Hieratic term is relating to the sacred things or to the priests of the old civilizations, of which some smaller tracks in the Persian, Egyptian cultures they remain us also in the pre-Hispanic cultures.

This term is also used in the classical antiquity, and more concretely applied to certain writing of the old Egyptians, that was an abbreviation of the hieroglyphic and also to certain class of papyrus that was brought of Egypt. Be told also of the style or gesture that has an extreme solemnity, during the sacred ritual.


Hierogram: (Hieroglyphic)

Seeing also : Hieratic; Vattan; Irdin; Sanskrit

The term of Hierogram or Hieroglyphic applies to the writing in which, as a general rule, does not represent the words with phonetic or alphabetical signs, but the meaning of the same is composed by figures or symbols. The common type of Hieroglyphic that is known at present is the one that stems from the Egyptians, Hindustani, Mesopotamia and other old towns that used this kind of writing mainly in the monuments.

Likewise it is associated this term to each one of the characters or figures used in this kind of writing.

The concept ‘Hieratic' (Great or Sacred ) is confused with ‘Ideografic' (representation of ideas) when is spoken of the language Hieroglyphic. The cultures originating from the Races Third (Lemurian) and Quarter (Atlantis-Mú) they possessed a rich Ideographic language, as corresponded to an intellectual ability not yet developed fully. Thus we can observe at present the ‘gliptolitos ' discovered by the doctor Cabrera Darquea in Ocucaje, situated in the plains of Nazca in Peru, pertaining to the Lemurian epoch, and also the pertinent to the old civilizations of the Indus in the cities of Harappa, Mohenjo Daro and Chanju Daro; dated approximately –according to the official archeology - in 3000 years B.C., but that in reality they correspond to it was immediately subsequent to the flood of the continents of Atlantis and Mú.

On this point cannot stop recalling to the colonel of the British army James Churchward, theosophist and investigator schoolfellow of madam Blavatsky; at same time as discoverer and defender of the evidences that configure the modern esoteric theory of the existence of the continent of Mú.

James Churchward, to the season British colonel destined in the India Colonial of ends of the 19th century, carried out a great quantity of trips and investigations across all the India, Siberia and Mongolia in search of the archaeological evidences of the alphabet Uighur in which he himself assures are writings the mysterious secret Naacals files, identifying as the last relics of the submerged continent of Mú. James Churchward relates in their books, how one ‘rishi' in the India, showed him some ancient boards kept in the secret cameras of an arcane Hindu temple, which were engravings in a language ideographic strange that, according to what  counted him the priests of the temple, they formed a tiny portion of the treasures rescued by the Naacals before the Cataclysm that submerged the seven sacred cities that existed in the continent of Mú.

Churchward traveled also from the India to Mesopotamia, Syrian and Egypt in search of the evidences and traces of the old pre-diluvians civilizations. After his pair to the reserve, was established finally in New York where he was dedicated to travel by the U.S. West, Mexico and Central America in search of those same evidences that showed a great communality in the style of those arcane characters.

Subsequently, to its works, many investigators, archaeologists and scholars have found an endless number of tests and archaeological among the ones finds the 270 characters that are found pictographic and figurative found in multitude of soapstone seals during the excavations in the archaeological ruins of the cities dwellers of the Indus river, situated in the regions of the Sindh, Lothal and Gujarat. In Mesopotamia, the archaeological ruins of the antediluvians cities of Eridu, El Obeid, Uruk and Djemdet wakes with ideographic characters found  of similar cut to the Hindustani ones rescued among the remainders of their colossal buildings of terraces and temples.

But more curious than tis is that those characters are found widespread from Pascua to Peru, Central America and Mexico in a great quantity of symbolic and simple forms that always accompany to the gigantic native megalithic constructions, some of them submerged as the controversial underwater cyclopean masses in the tip Isekiu or Iri-Zaki, in the island of Yonaguni, near to Okinawa in the South of the Japan.

All these ideographic characters are not other than the signs and symbols Lemurs and Atlanteans, that gave step during our Fifth Race or Race Aria to our modern writing as at present we know it.

An archaeological trace that can be equivalent in importance to the Rosetta Stone of Champollion written in hieroglyphic, demotic and Greek, we find it in the pillar that shows off the edict of Ashoka, a lipi of the epoch India of Maurya, of the century III B.C., in which a bilingual wake can be appreciated carved in prácrito (ideographic ) and Devanagari (ideological or syllabic).

Everywhere the old languages leave step to the New tongues adapted to the mental development of the new race. Another example of it can have it in the complexity of the cuneiform writing directed toward concepts of arithmetic and geometry very advanced that implied the management of powers, roots and equations. This new “Aritmetológical” writing was more harmonious with the development of the intelligence of the contemporary man and to its new mental capacities.

Nevertheless, the term utilized in this work as Hierogram or Hieroglyphic, goes beyond the definition that the present Archeology does of that concept, and refers to the signs and universal symbols that bind with the teachings of the Marquis Saint-Yves D' Alveydre in their work The Arqueometre, in which the characters of the language called Adamic are emphasized, as well as the Vatan alphabet, Which is a limited form of the Irdin, the universal language utilized by the Brothers of the Stars and the intraterrestrial  beings at present, just as defines it Trigueirinho Neto in its works: New Signs of Contact, Mirna Jad and The Numbers and the Life.


Holistic: (Holism)

Seeing also : Numinous

Holistic it is the doctrine that does emphasis in the study of the elements since its totality. The perceptive constitution obliges us to know the reality as contrast among antonyms or contrary and synonyms of given objects, nevertheless, the structure of the holistic thought permits us to conceive the reality like a whole in which the polarity I-Another and I-World are dissolved, being produced then the mystical experience.

Holistic drift from the Greek term 'holos', that signifies all; the Holism is a philosophy that motivates the processing of the agency as a whole (a unit) more than like you a individual split. In this sense, tries to carry the spiritual, physical , social, and emotional dimensions of the people in harmony and highlights a role of therapy or processing that stimulates the own process of healing.

The holistic medicine stands out the interaction among the body I live and the spirit, that in the holism is defined like the to give the person an orientation of life and the sense of its own happiness. Besides, the holistic medicine stands out the importance to maintain the own sense of the welfare and the health.

The Numinosity aims that the conscience of the numinous (absence of any definite border between the spiritual world and the natural one), is the mystical experience, and this has a definite place in the human brain. Being found located this central, in the right hemisphere of the cerebral structure, just in the temporary lobe of the right hemisphere that forms part of the associative limbic bark; the one that splits the sense of the attention and the sensation from the  awakens. This cerebral zone would act as a holistic user (understood like a whole) instead of the classical binary user of the left rational brain.

Another interesting aspect on this reasoning is that the conventional mystical experience alters the conception of the time as sequential entity, if we understand like that the mechanism responsible for the visualization of the time like a sequence of effects which resides particularly in the left or dominant hemisphere.

Thus we find that this not sequential effect of the time, is especially patent in the oniric world, in which, the subjective reality is found framed in a timeless world.





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