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Ga-Aya_SePher Gahana Gana GandHa Grock Gupta_Vidya Gûrû

Glossary of terms (G):


Ga-Aya_SePher: (Gaia) (Gaya) (Gea)

Seeing also : Fohat

Gaia or Gea is the name that the Greeks utilized to appoint to the Earth. Gaia is the fundamental goddess that the poet Hesiodoto mentions in the opening of the Theogony. In the Theogony, Gaia is not only the Land, but a lot more than that, she is the Cosmic Egg, which is seen from the outside all complete, but as it  has not been yet opened, its interior remains in the mystery, the Universal Womb that in our case represents to the Earth:

‘Gaia, the Great Virgin Mother that arises from the Chaos, the wave of the sea, to light Eros ( /ErwV) the mythological Lover, the Love that represents to the Divine Will in its eagerness by be declared in the world of the forms'.

The three essential elements of the mythical poem of Hesíodoto are the Chaos, Gaia and Eros. The chaotic state precedes to the creation, a fundamental plasma in which it is not possible to distinguish the matter from the energy or spirit. She is the unit done not yet declare, secret and incognoscible, without time neither space.

“Gaia, that of the Extensive Breast”, came to be the first demonstration after the Chaos, as the great mother that contains all the potentiality of the sky and the land represents the life that is based on the Fundamental love of Eros. Gaia is, therefore, the alive matter that organizes the Chaos by means of the union with the spirit or energy of Eros. He is then, the alive force, the ‘vital electricity' or Fohat that agglutinates the alive nuclei of the matter to conform to our Gaia, the Land : ‘The song of Life that agglutinates the atoms of the astral matter'.

In the classical world, the legend gave step to the rite of the Great Goddess Mother in the sanctuary of Delphi, old city of Greece, court summons of the famous oracle of the God Apollo, which was situated in the incomparable framework of the slopes of the mount Parnassus.

The sanctuary of Delphi was considered by the old Greeks as the Omphalos, the center or navel of the Land. Delphi was the headquarters of the oracle of Gaia, the goddess of the land. According to the legend, Apollo defeated to the monstrous snake Python, that guarded to Gaia and he expelled it of the sanctuary, which, later she shared with the God Dionysius. The delfics  priests developed a complex ritual, centered in the main priestess call Pitia. Its words were considered as originating from the same Apollo and the oracle was consulted by the Greek rulers and had like guide in all the large decisions of the Hellenic world.

Gaia is represented for the letter Greek gamma (g) whose numerical value is Three, that value permanently has been utilized in all the ideography and numerical symbols of the antiquity to represent al Planet, that is to say, to Gaia. That airtight symbol has survived in the course of the centuries in multitude of writings and legends as them were revealed by Zarathushtra and collected by the Iranians parses in the Zend Avesta, and also by the Rishis Hindu in the Rig Veda, like the doctor Geiger comments us:

<< Three lands… tells Itself , that this signifies three beds or layers one on another. [Geiger ; Civilization of the Eastern Iranians in Ancient Times] >>


The esoteric name of the Planet, of Ga-Aya_SePher possesses a hidden meaning of great significance, therefore itself is definite as: The ‘three spheres connected'.

Its real meaning is that the planet Ga-Aya_SePher is composed for three spheres inserted one into the other; two solids in the outsides and another fluidic among them. The two solids are concentric and they are governed by different magnetic fields, one polarized in the interior sun and another polarized in the exterior sun or systemic sun. The assembly forms a marvelous double system in which the two spheres are united in the surface of friction between the internal face of one and the external of the another by a magmatic mattress that is fed for the friction of both continental abyss  and by the gigantic compression of electric and magnetic lines that are generated among both spheres. The final result is that of a gigantic electro-magnetic condenser in which the magma is the systemic electrolyte.

This strange affirmation, far from being a “speculative” news, is a knowledge acquired by means of the initiations of the followers to the different esoteric disciplines during all the modern and old history, revealed and even publically to the neophytes , already since the 19th century, just as is exposed in the Chapter 3 of the Part II of the book.

Nevertheless, in the Science of the Philosophers, the knowledge the east Alchemy still formed part of the mysteries of Hermes, watched for the public general practitioner, just as we observe in the already known Alchemic  work of the 17th century, The twelve tried the Cosmopolitan one, in which Sethon and Sendivogius, with the nickname of: ‘ The Cosmopolitan', they show us under a subtle veil the operation of the currents of life coming from planetary inner sun:

<< The fire of the Nature is not different of the Sun; is not more than a same thing. Because all has similarity, the same as the Sun has center and the middle among the spheres of the planets, and since this center of the sky expands downward its heat through its movement. Also there is in the center of the land a terrestrial Sun, that by its perpetual movement, impels the heat or its rays up, to the surface of the land...

Regarding the central of the Earth, it is a certain empty place where nothing can rest. The four elements throw its qualities eccentrically (if can be spoken thus) to the margin and circumference of the center, the same as the man throws its seed in the womb of the woman, in which does not remain anything of her, but after this womb has taken the portion owed, throws the remainder. The same thing at central of the land happens, whose magnetic force or of magnet, in some way attracts toward itself what is him own, to engender some thing, and the remainder pushes out was it for doing stones and other excreta…

You do not annoy if at times find contradictions in my treaties; this is the general custom of all the Philosophers and , if understand them, have need of it; the rose is not found without thorns.

It weighs and considers diligently what I have said before, to know about in what matter they distill the elements the humid radical to the central of the land, and how the central and terrestrial Sun rejects it and elevates for its continuous movement to the surface of the land. Also I have said that the heavenly Sun has correspondence with the central Sun, because the heavenly Sun and the Moon, they have a private force and a marvelous virtue to distill on the land through their rays. [The Cosmopolitan; New Alchemic  Light or The twelve tried of the Cosmopolitan] >>


If as says ours host: The Cosmopolitan, we annoy with him by his veiled observations; we respond then another Alchemist of more modern invoice, to understand a little more about the sublime art of Hermes. But before, he touches to narrate us another interesting story, that as so many other that here we refer they have been forgot in the gutter of the “official history”…

There for 1870-1880, in Philadelphia, a brilliant inventor, John Worrell Keely , amazed to the world with an incredible machine of its invention called of ‘dinaspheric force' that arrived at to be presented in the Centennial exposition of Philadelphia as the universal replacement of the machine of vapor. In that glorious epoch to the ends of the XIX century, in which Jules Verne published its book: Twenty thousand Miles of Underwater Trip (1870), where a fabulous captain Nemo commanded a ship submergible called Nautilus, which was propulsed by a mysterious energy very closed to the  force that Keely had just presented, lived itself a modernist elation that untied a wave of unusual scientific enthusiasm among the intellectual class. Being arrived even to create in Philadelphia an anonymous company with impassioned shareholders to market the motor vehicle of Keely called: Keely Motor.

¿What was exactly that mysterious motor? Good, the own Keely defines the force that feeds its motor as Force Inter-Etheric, a “strange ” force that was capable of developing 25 horses of vapor in its first and rudimentary prototypes. But we leave that be the own Keely who explain himself:

<< The one that examine my plots, If wants to be takes charge of the procedure that is employed and to form an approximate concept of its ‘modus operandi', has to reject the idea of the machines that function for the principle of the pressure and exhaustion, by the expansion of the vapor or another analogous gas that collides against a resistance, just as the piston of a machine of vapor. My machine does not have piston; neither eccentric, neither the most minimum pressure exercised in the mechanism exists, any that can be its size or capacity. My system, in all its parts and details, thus in the development of the power as in its diverse applications, is based on the nice vibration. Of no other way would be possible to awake or to develop the force, and likewise impossible would be that my machine functioned in accordance with some another principle... This, nevertheless, is the true system, and from here that all my operations be directed in this direction; that is to say, that my force will be engendered, my machine will go and my tube will function, through a conductive wire, Only after years of incessant work, and almost innumerable experiments, that obliged me to build many and very rare mechanical apparatuses; only after investigating and to study in great detail the phenomenal properties of the substance "ethereal," produced per themselves, I have come I be able to dispense with complicated mechanisms, and to obtain , like I intend, control on the strange and subtle force that am handling. [Bloomfield-Moore ; Keely' s Secrets] >>


It is possible that someone is being asked: ¿What do all these disquisitions on machines in the etymologic study of the word ‘Gaia', that is to say, the Earth…? ¡ Already we go to it, already…! As our friend The Cosmopolitan would say: ‘The rose is not found without thorns'…

The enthusiastic follower of Mr. Keely , Mrs. Bloomfield-Moore, relates us also some interesting reflections of Mr. Keely on the ‘central neutral', which they are of fundamental importance to understand the concept of the Hollow Earth:

<< Mr. Keely explains the way to function of their machine saying: "It has Not been found never the way of producing a neutral center, as to project the machines until today built. If it had been obtained, they would have had term the difficulties of the Investigators of the continuous movement, and this problem would have come to be a established fact. Only the initial impulse of some would be needed as many pounds, on such mechanism, to cause to function during centuries. In the project of my vibratory machine done I do not try to obtain the continuous movement; but a circuit is formed that has really a neutral center, which is in conditions to be lived by my vibratory ether, and while is found under the action of said substance, is in reality a machine that is virtually independent of the mass (or globe), what takes place on account of the amazing velocity of the vibratory circuit. Nevertheless, with all its perfection, needs that supply him itself vibratory ether to constitute an independent motor. All the constructions require foundation of a resistance provided to the weight of the mass that should bear; but the foundation of the Universe are based down in an a lot more tiny empty point than a molecule; in a word, and to express with accuracy this truth, in a point inter-etheric, for whose comprehension an infinite mind is needed. To investigate the depths of a E Center, is exactly the same thing that to seek the confines of the vast space of the ether of the skies, with the difference that one is the positive field, while the other is the negative." [ Bloomfield-Moore ; Keely' s Secrets] >>


We begin to arrive now to the determinant point of the Central Planetary Sun concept or Laya nucleus of the same one. How is possible that a remote small point in the center of the planet will be the ‘point of application' of all the mass of the  entired planet…? Therefore, we will have to listen again to Mr. Keely:

<< For which it is concerning to the volume of the planets, we would ask from a scientific point of view: ¿How the immense difference of volume of the planets can exist, without breaking down the harmonic action that characterizes them? Only I can answer to this question with property, entering in a progressive analysis, from the central etheric rotatory nucleus that were set by the Creator with its power of attraction or accumulation. If it is asked me what power gives to each etheric atom its inconceivable velocity of rotation, I will answer that any finite mind will be able never to conceive it. The philosophy of the accumulation is the only test that similar power has been given. The area, if thus can be told, of such atom , presents by attractive or magnetic force, elective or propellant, all the receptive force and all the antagonistic force that characterize to a planet of the major size; consequently, continuing the accumulation, the perfect equation remains. Once it set this tiny center, the power that would be needed to start it of its position, would have that to be as large as the one that was needed to cause to change of place to the greater existing planet. When this neutral atomic center varies of place, the planet has to follow him. The neutral center carries with himself all the weight of any accumulation since the starting point, and the same one remains, by always in equilibrium in the eternal space. [Bloomfield-Moore ; Keely' s Secrets] >>


This definition would be able to contradict in nothing what the academic science theory which defines a nucleus of atomic reaction by gravitational pressure in the center of the planet –they will say some-. Good… Well, yes… and not –we answer-. But better we ask directly to Mr. Keely about what he has really meant:

<< We will imagine that, after the accumulation of a planet of any diameter, of 20.000 miles approximately, therefore the size do not affects to the question, all the material of it will be ousted except for a bark of 5.000 miles in thickness, leaving an empty space between the crust and a center of the size of a ball of ordinary billiards. It would be needed to move this small central mass, a power as large as the one that were precise for move the bark of 5.000 miles in thickness. Besides, this small central mass would drag always with himself the weight of the bark, maintaining it equidistant, and there would be no contrary power, by large that were, that could join them. The imagination disturbs itself at to contemplate the immense load that bears this central point where the weight ceases... This is what we understand for a neutral center. [ Bloomfield-Moore ; Keely' s Secrets] >>


As it is to predict, Keely did not have a happy end, did not get rich, neither received of an inflamed and exalted multitude, the glory and the fame that offers this corresponded society, in the shape of small statues, distributed by the gardens where they are used to doing their needs the irreverent doves…

Keely, ruined and abhorred by the company that believed in it, disappeared of the first plan of the newspapers to be lost in the mist of the anonymity. ¿What happened? Where are now its motors and its ingenious…? Why failed in marketing some tangible and real prototypes? This time we will not look at or put sideways toward a factual power in the shadow that all controls it… But to the property characteristic of the force that Keely employed to move its ingenious: the own Inter-Etheric Force. This force is conducted since the Etheric Body of each individual that acts as antenna or receptacle, being he himself, the catalyze of happiness forces to supply it in small quantities to the mechanism of transformation.

But any another individual was capable of carrying out that subtle feat with the machines of Mr. Keely, and thus he was the only human capable to cause to function his own machines. The situation arrived until such extreme, that in certain occasion the shareholders of the company "Keely Motor" put in the workshops a man with the express object to discover their secret. After six months of attentive observation, one day he said this to Keely: ‘Now already I know how is done'. Keely left him to act the regulating key that directed the force of the machine that was manipulating then, which both two had been mounting together. The man turned over the key, and nothing resulted. ‘You leave that see again how you do', the man said to Keely. This agreed, and the machine functioned immediately. Again the operative without any success tried it… and thus, the marvelous inventions of Keely failed clangorously in its commercialization.

Perhaps was Keely a to be out of place…? Someone that handled an innate force to which the remainder of the mortals did not have the right still by his degree of internal evolution. The Time will tell it us…. Or perhaps not…



Seeing also : Gana; Ga-Aya_SePher; ShiVa

The Exterior World, that represents to all the beings that inhabit the exterior surface of Gaia, also known as Gahana, the world anarchical and inharmonious, the fearsome civilization of the bad spirits and of the somber men.

She, Gahana, is the decadent daughter of a mother, on the contrary, beautiful and pure, Gana, the Paradesa, mother of a noble race of faithful spirits to Aditi, the fundamental and indivisible Nature, she is also the Gan-Isha, the Harmony of the Universal Agency, related directly with IshVa, the King and Lord of the ALHIM. On the contrary, Gahana is the gloomy antipode of Desire, his wild animal stepsister polarized and subdued by ShiVa, the Destroyer, custodian of the decadent humanity represented faithfully by the necklace of human skulls that shows off in his neck the terrible God.

Thus, we can read in the Vishnu Purâna, which does he tell itself that is the God of this terrible world:
<< Glory to you, that you are one with the Saints, whose perfect nature is always blessed, and crosses without obstacle all the permeable elements. Glory to you, that you are one With the Race-Snake, of double tongue, impetuous, cruel, insatiable of enjoyments and filled of wealth... Glory to you ¡Oh Lord! that do not have neither color neither extension, neither dimension (ghana), neither any accountable quality, and whose essence (rûpa), the purest one among the pure, is only appreciable by the holy Paramarshis. [Wilson; Vishnu Purâna] >>


Gana:  (Gan-Isha ) (GaNa)

Seeing also : Ga-Aya_SePher; Gahana; Agartha ; Paradesa

The Interior World , thatrepresents to all the beings that inhabit the interior surface of Gaia, also known as GaNa, the Paradesa , mother of a noble race of faithful spirits to Aditi, the fundamental and indivisible Nature, is also the Gan-Isha, the Harmony of the Universal Agency, related directly with IshVa, the King and Lord of the ALHIM. Gahana is the mirror of Desire, its gloomy antipode, its dark stepsister polarized and subdued by ShiVa, the Destroyer.

GaNa represents also to the Earth element, that is found represented in the Trigon of the Earth and of the Principle, dominated by the astrological houses 2, 6 and 10. Its color is the blue one, its number is the 10, its throne in Virginity, its planet Mercury and its note fundamental Sol.



Seeing also : Gahana ; Agartha ; Paradesa

Gandha is the river of the Life, the universal current of life which flows docilely through the declared world, like a kind perfume is treated.

Krishna, is defined to itself, and to the characteristics of their own nature, with the marvelous appointments that appear in the Bhagavad Gîtâ:

<< I Am the Spirit of the to Become, their principle, their medium state and their end. From among the beings I am the noblest one of all they created. Among the spiritual beings I am Vishnú; among the stars the Sun; among the lights the Moon; among the elements the Fire; among the mountains the high Mérou; among the water the great ocean of the world; among the rivers I am Gandha; and Ashvattha among all the trees; I am the Regent, in the true sense of the word, of the men and of all the living beings; among the snakes I am the one who exists eternally, the Great Circle of the Time, that is the base of the human existence [Annie Besant; Bhagavad Gîtâ] >>


Grock: (Brock)

Seeing also : Sheu ; Kinay

The Grock or lower elementary were also known as the Brock, those beings that were invoked during the black Shabbat, provocative act toward the Jewish-Christian Shabbat, there they congregated the sorcerers and their neophytes. The most famous place of meeting in Europe for the old and medieval sorcerers was Brocken, the highest peak of the mounts Harz in Germany, where elapses the impressive scene of the Shabbat described in the Faust of Goethe. The two most important they were celebrated in the night of April 30 (night of Walpurgis) and of October 31 (Halloween, eve of the Day of All the Saints). Also they were celebrated in the nights of July 31 (harvest Festival) and 1 of February (eve of the Candelaria).
The Shabbat began with the initiation of the neophytes and the ceremony included to lend oath of obedience to the Devil, signing with him pacts of blood and desecrating crucifixes and other sacred objects; to assign a spirit assistant under the form of cat, mouse, weasel, toad or another small animal, that acted of servant of the sorcerer, and to carry out diverse obscene acts of obedience to the Devil and its vicar.

To the ceremony of initiation continued one act of general worship that, frequently, included a black mass, in opposite to the catholic mass, these  worship was yielded to Satan.


Gupta_Vidya: (Gunas)

Seeing also : Sat

The Gupta Vidya is the clarification of the hidden knowledge , the revelation of the locked mysteries in the three qualities , the three “Gunas”.

The three Gunas according to the Hindu theology were : Sattwa, the conformity to the pure essence of the being or Sat, the eternal, always present root and without change. Rajas, the impulse that causes the expansion of the being in a specific state or Asat, the phenomenal world declared; and finally Tamas, the darkness or unique principle.

The Greeks knew those three principles as Chaos, Theos and Kosmos. In the elevation of the man, Rajas represents to the horizontal line of the cross, the world declared in which the soul elevates from Tamas, from the darkness toward the Sattwa, the pure essence of the forming being, the vertical line of the cross:

<< From the Harmony emanates the knowledge; from the Emotion the desire; from  the inertia, the error, the ignorance and the laziness. The ones whose are situated in The Harmony they elevate to the high thing. The assets dwell in the intermediate region. The inert people sink wrapped in the most despicable qualities.

When the Seer notices himself that the qualities are the only agent; when knows that on the qualities he prevails, then he participates of My nature. When the inhabitant of the body transposes the three qualities that came from all the bodies, he liberates from the birth, of the old age, of the affliction and of the death, and drinks the nectar of immortality. [ Annie Besant; Bhagavad Gîtâ] >>


Gûrû: (Goro)

Seeing also : Sâdhu ; Bagwandas

The master Gûrû are them which are destined to the formation of the initiated in different degrees and capacities, and carry the seven names, hierogram or ‘mentrams' of the seven heavenly terrestrial and infernal Powers.

Thus it is like Ferdinand Ossendowski collects the secular traditions of the Lamas from  the Urga region in his book called: “Beasts, Men and God”:

<< The throne of the King of the World, is surrounded by millions of incarnate God. They are the sacred Panditas (Pundit). The own palace is embraced for the palaces of the Goro (Gûrû) who possess the secret of all the visible and invisible forces of the land, also of the hell and the sky and who can do all that is needed for the life and the death of the man. [Ferdinand Ossendowski; Beasts, Men and Gods] >>


Another sample of the secret activities of the master Gûrû, offers it us Helena Petrovna Blavatsky in these enigmatic lines:

<< The Snake, the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and the Badly, and the Tree of the Life, are all symbols transplanted of the floor of the India. The Arasa-maran, the banyan so sacred among the indus-since Vishnu, in one of its incarnations, rested under its immense shadow and taught there philosophy and human sciences-, the Tree of the Knowledge is called and the Tree of the Life. Under the protective shadow of this king of the forests, the Gurus teach their disciples their first lessons on the immortality, and they initiate them in the mysteries of the life and of the death. The Java-Aleim of the Priestly School, tells in the tradition heats that they have taught the children of the men to be able to be like they. [H. P. Blavatsky, The Secret Doctrine Vol. III] >>




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