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Eka Eloi Enoch Epopte Esoteric  

Glossary of terms (E):


Eka: (Eheieh)

Seeing also : Anu; Ad

Eka or the Inscrutable One, is in itself Adi, the First one. This ‘One' is the collective aggregation of all the main heavenly creators of our visible universe. He is the to be androgynous, the female Achath united to the Achad male in the One fundamental of the one that the Many in the plan of illusion are differentiated or Mâyâ.

Eheieh or Eheieh ( h and h '), is the first name of God according to the Kabalah, that the Schemers call ‘That cannot be seen for the eye', on account of its elevation.

He belongs to the world of the Ain Suph, Ain Soph ) ª d s ¤and ') : ‘ The Cause without cause', the Infinite. And its attribute is called Kether (rtk ) the crown or diadem, being its control exercised on the angels Haioth- Nakodish

(Mr w q hnht and H), those that are animated by the holiness, also known as the first chorus of the seraphs, seraphim and ipreS(.


Eloi: (El) (Elohim Sabaoth) (Eloah) (Eliom) (Zeus) (Jupiter)

Seeing also : Alhim; Târâ

Eloi is the Regent of Jupiter, and joint with the other planetary companies under the supervision of the Solar Regent Adonai, dethroned the rebellious Planetary Princes and to its army throwing them on the Earth. This planet, was converted again in the collector of the beings and energies reluctances of this system of worlds.
In the meantime, the Titans or Kabirim remained all under the jurisdiction of Eloi (Zeus, Jupiter), and them, united to a new pantheon of God and beings descended of the remaining planets of this solar system, enlarging the confusion and the disputes among the Asuras cloistered in this small star laboratory.
Târâ was the consort of Eloi the Regent of Jupiter, that was abducted by the Prince Tao of the Moon. Târâ represents the wife of the solar high priest and the union among both lights to the Buddha; the Superior Being in the sacrifice of its descent to the matter for the elevation of the human beings in its evolutionary road.

Târâ is therefore the Mother of the Buddha; the Wisdom represented by the planet Mercury in this solar system.

But she is not only the Mother of the intraterrestrial race, but also of the Fifth Race of surface.

When the fights of the Triad to put an end to the impious race of the Atlanteans. She interceded in front of Eloi (Jupiter), so that this permit to the Titans (Kabirim), the formation of the Fifth Root Race.

Eloi remains represented in the Kabalah by diverse names, according to the functions that represents this cosmic company united to various planets and worlds for all the galaxy:

He, El (: l '), the Highest God, the creator of the images of the bodies and all the other material forms, its attribute is Chesed (r sh ), that signifies the Kindness and the Mercy.

Eloah, Eloah ( h w l '), the creative God of the metals and all as much as exists in the material world , whose attribute is Tipharet (t r ' p t), the Sun, the splendor.

Elohim Sabaoth, Elohim zebaoth ( t w ' bc £ yhl '), the God of the armies that has on its charge the chorus of the archangels and to Mercury, creator of the animal kingdom, and whose attribute is Hod (rw h), Praise.


Enoch: (Henosh) (Enoïchion)

Seeing also : Hermes

The book of Enoch is a strange arcane book of prophecies and airtight messages rejected and feared by all the religions that came to know it and that even they drank of him without not even accept it officially.

The Jews repudiated the book of Enoch because in it appear strange prophecies that announce the arrival of a messiah of very similar characteristics to Christ. While they admit many of their know-how and they include them in their Mercavah, the magical book by excellence of the Kabalah. In every case, that is what the Christians they reproach them, according to the archbishop Laurence translating of the Book of Enoch in their comments:

<< The Jews rejected it as the other writings that speak of Christ. [Archbishop Laurence; Book of Enoch] >>


Nevertheless, the catholic Church continues maintaining to this same book as an apocryphal work, although the same Saint John seems to have taken of him some split of his Apocalypse. The Facts of the Apostles and the Letters show also, many strange seemed with the same one.

But the translation of the Ethiopian to the Latin of the archbishop Laurence, is relatively modern (1821), therefore this strange book was brought, in those dates, to Europe from Abyssinia, where had survived to the destruction and systematic pursuit to this work written in Aramaic and whose author appeared with the name of Enoch.

It is obvious that so much the Hebrew as the Christians knew the book in very previous date to that of its “second discoverer”, which seems to indicate that that book was “something annoying” so much for some like for other in its origins. Just as the own archbishop Laurence explains:

<< He is not possible to assure that we be convinced that the Old Testament surpass to the Book of Enoch… The Book of Enoch standard the preexistence of the Son of the man, the Chosen one, the Messiah, that "since the principle existed in secret", and whose name was invoked "in the presence of the Lord of the Spirits, before the creation of the Sun and of the constellations", The author alludes also to the  day that it was on the land and on the water", being seen in it certain analogy with the words of the Genesis. (1,2). [Archbishop Laurence; Book of Enoch] >>


In the notes of this book an intent can be observed besides of date measurement of the enigmatic book with very previous date to the Christian Age:

<< So that we can conjecture that the Book of Enoch was writing before the Christian Age by a great anonymous prophet of Semitic race, who, being believed inspired in a subsequent epoch to that of the prophets, took the name of a antediluvian patriarch to give greater authenticity to its enthusiastic prediction of the reign of the Messiah. [ Archbishop Laurence; Book of Enoch] >>


Wath patriarch refers the previous appointment? If we approach the Bible, we find us immediately with the following versicle:

<< Knew Caín to its woman, that conceived and give bird to Enoc. Began he to build a city, to which gave the name of Enoc, its son. [The Bible; Genesis 4:17] >>

But almost subsequently another enigmatic personage surprises us:

<< Knew again Adam to his woman, that give bird to a son, to who put the name of Set, saying: ‘Have given me YAHWEH another descendant by Abel, to who killed Cain'. Also from Set  was born a son that he called Enós; this began to invoke the name of YAHWEH. [ The Bible; Genesis 4:25,26] >>


What meaning has the same name of the two older patriarchs, from which, according to the biblical story, descends all the humanity and they be called “almost equal” one Enoc and the other Enós…? Or perhaps the name has a deeper and generic meaning…?

We will have to refer now to other authors that coincide in this observation, and as not to resort in this occasion to the prominent one and reckoned author Helena Petrovna Blavatsky:

<< In the original it can be reads: "had been established in the land the order of generation after generation". This is, “after the first human race procreated of a truly human way had been originated in the third root race... " which alters completely the meaning. All as much as in the English translation and in the badly compared copies of the Ethiopian text is exposed as there was to happen in the future, they expose in preterite the original Caldeics manuscripts; this is, not as prophecy, but like narration of events already carried out. When Enoch begins to "to speak according to a book", the story done by a great seer is reading themselves, from this and not of him are the prophecies. The name of Enoch or, "enoichion"; signifies seer or "internal view ", and therefore, to every prophet and adept he can be called "enoichion" without become a pseudo Enoch. But the seer that compiled the book of Enoch, he is shown us as the reader of a book in the following passage:

‘I was born the seventh one in the first week, [the seventh branch or branch race of the first sub-raze of the third root race, after he began the sexual generation...] But after my, in the second week [second sub-raze] large wickednesses they will raise themselves [they raised themselves more well]; happening in this week the end of the first one for salvation of the human kind. But when the first one be completed the iniquity will grow largely. [ H. P. Blavatsky, The Secret Doctrine Vol. V] >>


In these lines Blavatsky relates to Enoch with the previous races at the Atlantis flood, and even previous to the own Atlanteans, with the Lemurs, the Third Root Race related to the division of the sexes. At the same as relates the prophecies with the events and passed cataclysms suffered by the previous races to our Fifth Root Race, and not with the ones that predicts the Apocalypse of Saint John Evangelist.

Of the Great Book of the Seers, like they called the Greek to the Enoïchion, the book of Enoch, Henosh or Hanoch as the Jews also called him, there is an immense collection of books related in a form or another with Enoch, or better said, with all the figures related to Enoch: The Greek Hermes, the Seth and the Egyptian Thoth, and even the Roman Mercury. All those identifying with the teaching of the writing, the sciences and the arts to the men.

Flavio Josefo speaks us also about the book of Enoch, this Hebrew writer and Roman citizen of full right (37-103 A.C.), was one of the exhaustive historians of the Hebrew on the Christian Age and although rejected by they own people as a foreigner, he did not stops being a lover of the Hebrew religion and a defender of his customs… although very diminished his historic credibility by traitor to the Jews and not totally dependable for the own Romen.

In his youth, after soldier in the three large Jewish sects of his epoch: Pharisees, Sadducees and Esenies, he is affiliated finally to the Pharisees and he travels at age twenty-six to Rome as quality representative of the Jewish authorities. After diverse vicissitudes he participates to the side of the Romen in they attack to Jerusalem and receives permission of Tito to be appropriated of what wanted. But he only asks for the liberation of various prisoners and some copies of some sacred books…

What books were these…? That obviously it does not tell us Josefo, but we can speculate about the books that he knew and commented as the Book of Enoch…

Josefo speak about the story of Enoch hiding its books or rolls under the pillars of Mercury, who he calls Seth. This history is the same one that also is narrated of the mythical Hermes ‘Father of the Wisdom',  which buries its books under a column, and when he search it again observes two beautiful columns with the Science written in them. The enigmatic thing of the case is that Josefo speech of those columns as existing in their time, and describes like those columns were built by Seth and they were buried covered with hieroglyphics, which were copied and reproduced subsequently by the followers of Seth, in the secrets Egyptian Temples of the antiquity.

The Masonic legend affirms that the Wisdom is the same that was shown to Orfeo, Hesiodoto, Pythagoras and Plato. The same one that Enoch hid before the flood “in the bowels of the Land”, safe from any intrusion.

As it be that of the famous book only are conserved some fragments  in Siriac and Caldeic  it is very devaluated by the successive interested translations, today is not possible to study this enigmatic document since the present formal reality, Therefore that book is not a book, at the same as Enoch is not only a person, but the assembly of all the seers and teachers of wisdom, represented in multiple incarnate beings with different tasks related to the instruction in this world.

Thus we see as the own Josefo compares Enoch with Elias, as to say of them that did not die, but the Lord was carried them:

<< It is writing in the sacred books that they disappeared (Elias and Enoch), but in such a way that nobody knew if they had died. [Flavio Josefo; Antiquities] >>


By if it were of some aid to understand the trails of an Enoch hiding the book before the flood “in the bowels of the Land” and “disappearing” as Elias in cars of fire, we can refer to the multiple allusions to the “angels” in the cited book, like the same angel Uriel that tells him Enoch:

<< He looks, I have shown you all the things, ¡Oh Enoch! And all the things I have revealed to you. You see the Sun, the Moon and ‘the ones that conduct the stars of the sky', which they do all their operations to be repeated at the stations. In the days of the sinners, the years will shorten itself… The Moon will change its laws… [Archbishop Laurence; Book of Enoch] >>

Azazel or Azazyel, is one of the leaders of the “transgressors angels” of the book of Enoch, who descended on the Ardis, the top of the mount Armón, and they compromised among itself being sworn senselessly mutual loyalty. In the book of Enoch we have also Adam , the first Androgynous Divine, being separated in man and woman , and being becoming Jah Heva, whose secret keeps the Egyptian Sphinx, which contains the Enigma of the Ages.


Epopte: (Epoptai) (Epopteia)

Seeing also : Mystoe; Initiated; Arcontes

The large 'epoptai', are the seers of the greater mysteries, whose name signifies: 'the ones that see the reality without any veil'. In the Greek mysteries taught by Orfeo, and practiced during centuries in the Telesterion of Eleusis, the epoptai were the large initiated, those that had passed the Katharsis or tests of purification of the greater mysteries, those that they compose the secrets of the Zodiac and of the ten human orifices, being the Epopteia the final revelation.

In reality, before the Mysteries of Eleusis, the first Mysteries that recalls the western history are those of Samotracia (Samothraki, Greek island, in the Aegean sea, al northwest of the island of Limnos). Due to that according to account the epic poem of Homer, the Iliad, Poseidon contemplated the battles that took place in Troy, since the mount Fengári, the highest promontory of the island.

Before the arrival of the Greeks, Samotracia was center of the religious worship of Cabiri, also called Kabiri in other parts of the old world, this worship is the most ancient one than is known in the present postdiluvian men, the children of Na Noah and of the seven Kabirim.

The Epopte was that initiated that having obtained in itself the distribution of the pure fire, began a new life. It was the new birth of the initiated, by means of which became a "two born times".

Listening from alive voice the story of Plato we will be able to realize the meaning of similar act in the life of a human being:

<< Initiated in which with justice can be called the most blessed mystery... once initiated in these mysteries, truly they can be called the more saints of all, we remained free of the excitements of the devils that assaulted us periodically. Also on account of this divine initiation we became spectators of simple, motionless and blessed visions, that appeared in a pure light We were pure and immaculate, free of this surrounding clothing that we call body, and what they are attached like the oyster to their seashell. [Plato; Fedro] >>


The largest historians of the classical antiquity as Diodoro, Siculo, Herodotus and Jamblico say that the origin of these Mysteries is lost in the night of the times and went back to thousands of years.

An example of it we have it in Pythagoras, who was initiated in all the mysteries of Biblo and Tiro, in the sacred ceremonies of the Syrians and in the mysteries of the Phoenicians, according to what tell us Jamblico in its book: Life of Pythagoras.

The title of Epopte is understood in the world intraterrestrial as the highest degree of compassable initiation in this planet. The large Epoptes of the Paradesa, are the ones that would have guided to the mortal man along the cycles in their elevation toward the Dhyân Chohans (the Children of the Flame and of the Fire, the Gentlemen of the Mystical Meditation or Gardeners of the Space) and at the same time since these to the Eka or Inscrutable One, watching discretely by the exterior race, and embodying on it as the Elevated Teachers when the mission thus imposed it as they testify in infinity of examples along all the history.



Seeing also : Initiated; Mystoe; Epopte
According to the vulgar denomination, Esoteric signifies hidden and reserved , what is impenetrable or of difficult access for the mind. That meaning refers also to the doctrine that the philosophers of the antiquity did not communicate but to a short number of its disciples, also refers to any doctrine that is transmitted orally to them initiated.

The beings evolved of the cosmos are permanently overturned toward its interior in which they flow the sources of energy (the Monadic and the Planetary Logos) in which the humans initiated know as interior or esoteric vision of the world, while the immense majority of the population of surface remains in a exoteric vision of the world that surrounds them, which, is not more than their own focus on the exterior world, without perceiving the reality of its interior life. The humans of surface lose thus its references and its course, looking at toward the stars and the other planets, when in reality, the road toward them have themselves in the center of their being, and of their own planet and in their solar system, therefore they are the authentic mirrors of energy and centers of life.




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