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Bagwandas Brâhatmah Brahmanes Brill Buddha BWâL

Glossary of terms (B):



Seeing also : Dwijas; Paradesa

The wise Bagwandas or master Gûrû are them destined to exercise the regency of the Education Centers and the Sacred Schools of the Agarttha, being thus same, the central nucleus or regent of all the sciences and arts of the subterranean world. They are also called: Cardinal, therefore its hierarchy is distributed according to astrological characteristics dividing into three hundred sixty-five Bagwandas, among which they are included the mysterious Zodiacal group of the twelve greater Bagwandas.

But we see the explanations that on these supreme teachering the Marquis Saint-Yves D' Alveydre offers us:

<< After the Pundits, they come, distributed in chambers each time more small, the solar districts of the three hundred sixty-five Bagwandas or cardinal.

The more nearby and highest circle to the central mysterious is composed of twelve members. These last represent the supreme Initiation, and they correspond, among others, to the Zodiacal Zone.

In the celebration of their magical Mysteries, they carry the hieroglyphics of the signs of the Zodiac, as same as certain hieratic letters , that appear in all the ornamentation of the temples and of the sacred objects.

Each one of these Bagwandas or supreme gurus, carries seven names, hierogram or ‘mentrams' of the seven heavenly, terrestrial and infernal Powers.

Only I will reveal here one of the objects of all this efficacy. The libraries that enclose the true body of all the arts and of all the old sciences for five hundred fifty-six centuries, they are inaccessible to every profane look and to every attack.

Only they are found in the bowels of the land. The ones that refer to the Cycle of Ram, they occupy part of the sub floor of the old Empire of the Ram and their colonies.

The libraries of the previous Cycles are found even under the seas that have covered the old southern Continent , and the subterranean constructions of the old antediluvian America.

What I am going to count here and further will seem a story of The thousand and one nights, and, nevertheless, nothing there is more real.

The true university files of the Paradesa occupy thousands of kilometers. From cycles of centuries, each year, only some of them initiated of high degree which only they possess the secret of some of the regions, they know the authentic objective about certain works , and they are obliged to spend three years recording in boards of stone, with unknown characters, all the facts that interest to the four hierarchies of the sciences that constitute the total body of the Knowledge.

Each one of these wise it carries out its work in the solitude, far from invisible every light, under the cities, under the deserts, under the plains and the mountains.

That the reader try to imagine a colossal panel of chess being extended under the land to almost all the regions of the Planet.

In each one of the booths the important events of the terrestrial years of the Humanity are found, in some booths the thousand-year-old and secular encyclopedias, in other at last , those of the Yougs smaller and greater. [ Saint-Yves D' Alveydre; The Mission of the India in Europe] >>


Brâhatmah: ( Brahytma ) ( Melki-Tsedek ) ( King of the World)

Seeing also : Paradesa ; Âgarttha

The Paradesa, Âgarttha, the 'White Island', the City , the Greater Planetary Center during the cycle of Ram, was the headquarters of the Central Sanctuary, which, was inhabited by the Brâhatmah. The dome of the Paradesa was formed by the Mahatma, the Mahanga and at last, in its peak, the Brâhatmah.

The narration of Ferdinand Ossendowski tells us the following thing:
<< The Kingdom of Agharti, in which, in palaces of marvelous crystal, live the invisible rulers of all the pious people, the King of the World or Brahytma that can speak with the same God, and its two assistants, the Mahytma, that knows the plans of the future events, and the Mahynga, which governs the causes of those events. [Ferdinand Ossendowski; Beasts, Men and Gods] >>


The spirit guide of that intraterrestrial humanity, is the Brâhatmah, or King of the World. He is in reality the Planetary Manu, and Regent in functions to the fall of Ahriman, the Terrestrial Planetary Prince, that lost all his executive functions of the different kingdoms inhabitants of this planet. The Brâhatmah, is therefore the only representative of the Planetary Logoi, at the same time that incarnation his before the world declared. The Brâhatmah, also he is known in the old cultures of surface as the Melki-Tsedek, the King of Peace and of Justice that reign in the city of Salem, and of which he is spoken in the Bible, the Christian sacred book, in the following terms:
<< And Melki-Tsedek, king of Salem, he order to brought the bread and the wine; and was a priest of the Highest God (Eliom or Eloi ) and he blessed to Abraham, saying : ‘ Blessed will be Abraham of the Highest God, possessor of the skies and of the land; and blessed will be the Highest God that he has delivered your enemies in your hand'. And Abraham gave him the decimate of everything that he had taken. [The Bible; Genesis 14:18-21] >>


The figure of the King of the World in its different representations appears in all the old cultures, since the Mazdeites writings and the Kabalah, to the Vedas and the Hindu Purânas passing for the legends Norse Scandinavian. Thus it is spoken in all: ‘The seven primitive men of color, created by the Nature of the Heavenly Man'.
But, as it prays in the secular traditions of the culture Heats: ‘when “been married” among the Hierophants of the “Island” and the descendants of Noah the Atlantean, they resulted to be a mixed race of evil and good men, from which, they arose in one side the Hierophants or Guides of the Humanity and in the other side the dark Necromancers'.
Melki-Tsedek, the King of the World, appears constantly reflected in the Esenies writings of the community of Qumran, that have been transmitted to the present humanity, as an imperceptible gift of the passed times to the presents. An unconscious inheritance, that still lasts in the liturgy of the catholic mass, when is pronounced:
<< ... et quod Tibi obtulit summus sacerdos Melchisedech [Missale Romanum, Canon I] >>.


Brahmans: ( Rishis)

Seeing also: Yoghi

The Brahmans, the wise of the antiquity or Dvijas, they say to descend from the Brahmaputras, the mysterious Sons of God; therefore , the present Brahmans affirm to proceed from the mouth of Brahmâ, while the other castes descend of parts “less noble”. This paradoxical situation, in spite of arise a  “pure” man maintains their rights at the cost of a hereditary injustice and they do not lend the smaller value to the merits of each one, it is a consequence more than the degeneration of the sacred messages on the part of the priestly castes that have always utilized them in their own benefit. But that it should not impede us to appreciate the authentic value of the contained truth in the teachings of the Vedas.

The Rishis and Indian Brahmans considered the phenomenal world only as an illusion or world of deceit, where everything that they are perceived are the images that the reality world reflected in Maya, with it which, what is presented to the exterior senses lacks interest by being only shadows of the greater reality, and the attention should be concentrated then only in the own private matter where the authentic reality inhabits.
Zarathushtra, by the contrary, considered the world of the exterior reality to the human being, like the demonstration and the exterior clothing of the divine-spiritual existence, with what the exterior illusion of Maya, is only a veil that covers the spiritual life and to which one must study detained to decipher the keys with that Ahura Mazda weaves with threads of light the border of the worlds. The differences in the philosophical Arial doctrines in those first epochs, deepened differences and elevated walls that separated at final way to the two most beautiful trunks of the Arial culture.


Brill: ( Vrill)

Seeing also : Fohat

The Energy Brill and the Energy Prâna, that compose the eternal energy Ono-Zone they are expression of the First Greater Logos. The energy Brill is a harmonic energy with the strict laws that govern the Seven Sons of Fohat, or seven levels of vibration energy of the matter declared, that go since the rudimentary chemical electricity to the radiant energy passing for the sound and the light. Its levels are understood as inter-atomic, atomic , inter-molecular, molecular vibrations, etheric, inter-etheric and a last level of radiation that marks the start of a new cycle and which is called like dimensional vibrations.

But we hear now the explanation that gives us Trigueirinho Neto about this concept:

<< The energy Brill is the specific irradiation of the Ono-Zone energy. It adopts different qualities in each heavenly body in which is declared; is called the ‘light of the Light ' and, in the surface of the Land, will be best-known after the global purification, therefore all the planetary life will enter a more subtle vibratory state. Brill has important curative qualities, Many of them already were revealed in worlds evolved where complies multiple functions, among which is found the one which illuminates  the inner Earth cities. [José Trigueirinho Net; Esoteric Dictionary]>>


H. Petrovna Blavatsky with her deep cognition opens our mind to new, and at the same time old, hidden know-how:

<< We say and we maintain that the Sound, for example, is a tremendous hidden power; a stupendous force, whose smaller potentiality, when is directed with knowledge of the Hidden thing , could not be counteracted by the electricity that they engendered a million Niagara. It would be able to be produced a sound of such nature , that elevated in the air the pyramid of Cheops, or that caused revived and communicated new vigor and energy to a dying man, and even to a man that had exhaled its last breath.

Because the sound engenders, or more well said, congregates the elements that produce an Ozone, whose production transfers the faculties of the Chemistry, though is inside to the sphere of the Alchemy, he until resurrecting a man or to an animal whose "vital body" astral have not been separated on irreparable way of its physical body, by the break of the odic  or magnetic cord .

And if all this seems too much antiscientific, even for paying attention to it, the Science explains the mechanical and physical laws of the event by why it is known as owed the recent phenomena produced by the one called: Keely motor. What is the force that acts as formidable and invisible, but tremendous generator of force, of such a power, not only capable to drag a machine of 25 horses, but until has been utilized to raise in high the assembly of the machinery? And, nevertheless , all this has been verified with only pass a violin bow by a pitch, according to what has been tested repeated times. Because the Ethereal Force discovered by John Worrell Keely, of Philadelphia, well known in America and in Europe, it is not an hallucination.

Nevertheless they have failed in its efforts to utilize it -failure foretold and maintained since a principle by some occultists-, the phenomena presented by the discoverer during these last years have been marvelous, almost miraculous, not in the sense of the supernatural thing, but in that of the superhuman thing. If had itself permitted to Keely to leave graceful, he could have reduced to atoms all an army in the space of some seconds, so easily as reduced a dead ox to that state.

If it is asked why him was not permitted to mister Keely to pass from certain limit, the answer is easy because it was due to what he has discovered of an unconscious way, is the terrible sidereal Force known by the Atlanteans, and by them call Mash-mak, to which they appoint the Rishis Aryan in their Astra Vidyâ by a name that do not we want to bring to light. Is the Vril of the Future Race of Bulwer Lytton, and of the future Races of our humanity.

The name Vril can be a fiction; but the same force is a fact, of the "that little doubts itself so in the India as of the existence of the Rishis, since is found mentioned in all the secret books.

This vibratory Force, is the one that directed against an army since an Agni-ratha, placed in a flying ship, or globe, according to the instructions found in the Astra Vidyâ, will reduce to ashes to 100,000 men and its elephants, with the same facility that if was a matter of a dead rat. In the Vishnu Purâna, in the Ramayana and other works, this force in the fable is allegorized on the Kapila wise, whose “look became a mountain of ashes to the 60,000 sons of the King Sagara”; and is explained in the Esoteric Works, and is alluded to it in the name of Kapilâksha, the Eye of Kapila. [ H. P. Blavatsky, The Secret Doctrine Vol. II] >>



Seeing also: Avatar

In the fifth century before Jesus, a great entity called Gautama Buddha met its environment in the India to a group of disciples and spoke them with these words in its sermon of Benarés:
<< This is the Noble Truth respect al origin of the suffering. It is the vehement desire the one that causes the renewal of the transformations... [ Buddha ; The Doctrine of the Heart] >>

This was the great teaching that emanated of the mouth of Buddha:
<< The life is suffering and the man should seek the way to be freed from the same one and to come to be participant of the Nirvana. The man in the course of its incarnations is subject to the desire of continuous reincarnations , but in comparison, the only worthy goal of effort is that of being freed exactly of the desire of those continuous reincarnations, to penetrate in the existential state in which the soul no longer feels the impulse of utilizing a physical body to be join with the sensory and phenomenal existence. If that is not on this way, the man  remaining united to the upper spiritual plans or Nirvana. The man should seek therefore, the perfection of the own one to be through the independence of the physical existence, in order to being join with everything that ties him to the origin of its own divine spirituality. [ Buddha ; The Doctrine of the Heart] >>

Buddha talk about the teachings of Krishna, about the Asuras and human perverted that practiced rigorous penitence with the only goal to promote their dark Ego. As it said Krishna:
<< The men that practice rigorous austerities, not orderly by the Writing, and, nevertheless, they are possessed of selfishness and vanity, being left to push for the violence of their passionate desires, and tormenting senselessly the constituents elements assembly of their body; such men, they have demonic tendencies. [Valmiki; The Ramayana] >>

But still it remained a last great representative of the willing Light to be delivered al world of the men. This lofty personage, is the Buddha of Compassion. The Maitreya Buddha, the great stranger among us, that was not recognized neither still by its fellows, the own buddhist.

To resemblance of what to occur with the same Gautama Buddha, who was not accepted by the Brahmans, because its words and facts wounded the thousand-year-old faith guarded by these and its profitable society, based on the castes and privileges of a few over the immense majority. Mahatma Gandhi, was neither identifying like the expected Buddha of Compassion by its own fellows.
Mahatma Gandhi, the Soul of the World, is the flaming incarnation of the King of the World that is shown before the men as The King Beggar, the Creator Being, that lives among his creatures like the humblest one of them, the one that continues the steps of Mihael the Powerful, and the one that as the Christ leaves to the roads carrying only the Truth and the Love. He is the Maitreya Buddha, the White Horse, incarnation of Vishnú that will come from Shamballah.

Gandhi was ignored by the own Buddhists, therefore its “political” acts did not agree with the prototype expected in their traditions for the figure of the Buddha of Compassion. They did not recognize in the same way that the Brahmans had not accepted before to Gautama Buddha, therefore as to wound the thousand-year-old faith of the own Brahmans, these they considered to Gautama as the “evil aspect of Vishnú ”.

So much more was happened with Christ, when the rabbis said of Jesus, that he was Nebo, the false messiah, the destroyer of the old orthodox Jewish religion. The large beings that embody to guide the humanity, they should break the old structures paralyzed and not vitalized by the millenniums of vices and imperfections that have been accumulated in the old religions. The authentic message remains thus crystallized and devaluated by the priestly castes that intend to hold the use of the “truth”.
In a constant way, the human societies that were visionaries in their day by the always new messages of the different stellar awarenesses in service, they tended to crystallize and to dogmatize the said messages by means of the discriminated use ans manipulation of the message by a small elite. The same one that sequentially rejected the teachings of the teachers that appeared later, trying to straighten the constant bypasses of the inconstant human race of surface.

But the large figures sent to this planet with the mission to adapt the new teachings, as necessary to accommodate the human evolution with the cosmic one, were always microcosmic projections of the Great Light. The humanity, blind and mute before the Light and the Love, collects this sacred teaching in their older traditions and, even so, they are incapable to understand it.

The Great Light is the Face of God, the same one to which refers the Bible when God tells to Moses: ‘My Face will go in front of you'. The same Angel of the Face is today for the Christians the Archangel Michael, from which Christ is his Feruer or Face Declared. The schemers call this angel: The-Shaddai; the Hindu Vajradhara and the Tibetan called: Dorjechang.

He is the great instructor of the world, that renews permanently his commitment with the neediest, the Divine Wisdom, to be revealed without face that shows in each new effusion an always renewed face. In this occasion, the new incarnation of the Great Light was Mahatma Gandhi, the Feruer of Oeaohoo, the Youngest one, the New Life that becomes the germ of all the things. He is, besides, the Brâhatmah , the alive representative of the terrestrial Logoi. The divine being that from the Throne of the World descends toward the depths of his own creation. The son of Adonai the Planetarium Solar Regent.
Mahatma, the Soul of the World, the third face of the Melki-Tsedek , like the King of the World is the Supreme Priest of Anu, the One, and of his Son Mihael. Since the throne of the Brâhatmah, the Being of Compassion, he observed with infinite pain how the humanity of surface went to the spiritual and moral drift; controlled and manipulated, almost absolutely, by the recalcitrant and involutionary forces which wile millions of years they had been assured the factual power in the surface.
The Great Evolutionary Cycle approached huge steps to this planet and the humanity of surface was found out of course. Even the own planet was being threatened for her in its blind insanity.
Then, the Buddha of Compassion assumed the supreme task; and continuing the steps that the Creative Son was arranged to embody then in the aching humanity, in order to illuminate its steps in the hard floor of the material reality. And thus it was born, of the legend of the King Beggar, the Mahatma, the Buddha of Compassion; to teach with its example and in its own world the road of the Truth…


BWâL: ( Baal) (The Sun)

Seeing also : Sûrya ; AïShaH

Baal is the image traditionally opposed to the Hebrew Jehovah, and it appears in the Semitic tradition as the ‘enemy' the adversary of Jehovah, almost in the same way that in Egypt, Atón, the spirit of the Sun, is situated against the ophite cultured  of Ammon-Jehovah. Thus the old testament is full of references to the God “enemy” of Jehovah as the God of Madián (Mazda or Ahura Mazda) :

<< YAHWEH have rose us and now YAHWEH has abandoned us and has us placed in the hands of Madián. [The Bible; Judges I SAW: 13] >>

Baal was also called Adon or Adomin by the Semites and Adonis by the Greeks, be noted the similarity with Adonai, which , as prays in the Codex Nazareus: "you should Not yield worship to the Sun, that is called Adonai, whose name is also Kadush and El-El ", and also "Lord Baco". The Baal-Adonis of the Sôds, or Mysteries of the pre-Babylon Jewish; became the Adonai by the Massorah, the Jehovah subsequent with directors, the Yacchus.

According to which counts to us the Marquis Saint-Yves D' Alveydre, we understand to BWâL as the spirit that inhabits in the Sun, and also like the liberator of the yoke of the Matter:

<< BWâL, The Sun which is the RASh (husband), of the Moon or AïShaH, thus the MeShIaH is the RASh of the there Is Kahalah, the social state, and at the same time the MOShIWo, the liberator of the yoke of the matter because will be situated above the HaGO or administrative being. [ Saint-Yves D' Alveydre; The Arqueometro] >>




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