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Glossary of terms A(a-l):



  Ab-b: ( I Am)

Seeing also: Monad

Ab-b, exoterically means dad', the God Father, the one who cares about its huge quantity of children living in the world of the matter. But esoterically it is also understood as the I-Am, the superior being or Monad which is the part of the man that moves into the plan of the divinity, and who really watches by the human awareness in his material projection.

A direct relation of the meaning of the I-Am, can be found in the Bible, when Moses is ready for his rite of solar initiation and Jetr, his father-in-law, priest of Madin is carried him o the deserted. Just as it prays nowadays the Bible:

<< Now Moses fed the sheep of Jethro, his father in law, the priest of Madian: and he drove the flock to the inner parts of the desert, and came to the mountain of God, Horeb. And the Lord appeared to him in a flame of fire out of the midst of a bush: and he saw that the bush was on fire, and was not burnt. The Lord appeared... That is, an angel representing God, and speaking in his name. And Moses said: I will go, and see this great sight, why the bush is not burnt. And when the Lord saw that he went forward to see, he called to him out of the midst of the bush and said: Moses, Moses. And he answered: Here I am. And he said: Come not nigh hither, put off the shoes from thy feet; for the place, whereon thou standest, is holy ground. And he said: I am the God of thy father, the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob. Moses hid his face: for he durst not look at God. And the Lord said to him: I have seen the affliction of my people in Egypt, and I have heard their cry because of the rigour of them that are over the works... For the cry of the children of Israel is come unto me: and I have seen their affliction, wherewith they are oppressed by the Egyptians.  But come, and I will send thee to Pharao, that thou mayst bring forth my people, the children of Israel, out of Egypt...

Moses said to God: Lo, I shall go to the children of Israel, and say to them: The God of your fathers hath sent me to you. If they shall say to me: What is his name? What shall I say to them? God said to Moses: I AM WHO AM. He said: Thus shalt thou say to the children of Israel: HE WHO IS, hath sent me to you. [The Bible; Exodus 3] >>


Mr. Ralston Skinner, author of The Source of Measures, relates us with another point of view that instruction of Moses about the secret of the Deity:

<< There is a referring fact to Moses and his too important works as to be omitted, when the God instructs him about his mission, the name to be able that assumes the Deity is, I AM WHO AM. Being the Hebrew words:

hiy Asher hiy

hyx' dH' hyx'

Whose value is 543, A diverse reading of the name of Moses (hHm) 345. [ Ralston Skinner; The Source of Measures] >>


The deep meaning of I-Am and its relation with the Christina source is The deep meaning of I-Am and its relation with the Christina source is shown in the works of the Count of Saint Germain, when this indicates us its powerful hidden sense:

<< I Am the Interior Teacher governing and controlling all my processes of thought, in the Perfection of Christ, integrally as I desire to be

I Am the Resurrection and the Life; I Am the Light illuminating each cell of your being; I Am the Intelligence and the Wisdom, directing each one of your efforts; I Am the substance omnipresent and without limit that you can use and to bring to the form; I Am the Truth that the perfect Liberty gives to you now; I Am the open door in the light of God that never fails [Saint Germain; The Book of Gold of Saint Germain] >>  


Ab-b is the hugest being that encourages Christ in its colossal task. Christ is moved for the supreme force: the Love, and along with his wanted Ab-b, his celestial father, for every company, He leaves without fear walking to the roads of the world to preach the Gospel of the Kingdom of the Skies.
Obviously that same Gospel supposed the most pressing and danger activity for the involutionary force and for the Dark Fraternity, therefore he preached its final destruction. Ialdabaoth, and the beings that accompanied it in the plan of activity in which had been confined,  worked desperately to do that Mihael failed in their material effusion, and they applied all their power to attack to the most Famous Champion of the Light in their voyage by the darkness of the phenomenal matter. But the physical destruction of Christ by hand of those dark beings did not impede the consummation of the mystery of the Golgotha, but showed once more, the magnificence of the to Supreme Being and its infinite love for all and each one of its creatures.

Christ, in its earthly image, does not teach already the cycles of the incarnations, neither the initiation processes toward the Lighting, not even the practice of the Greek Philosophy , like method of the Revelation. All that, already is surpassed in its message, therefore, the I Am, the Holy Spirit that exists in each human being, takes charge of to the internal awake.

He only preaches a way of salvation; childish in its surface, simple in its conception and imperceptible in its hidden aspects: THE LOVE. The Love is the great motor, the final impulse, the one that causes that the stars moved, the one that attracts them, the first cause of the Creative Verb. And the capable only force to elevate the matter toward the subtle worlds:
<< Love each other and to the God besides all the things  >>.

Ad: ( Adi) (Aditi) (Adi-Kaya)

Seeing also: dityas; Akasha; Sat; Sophia; Vch.         

Ad or Adi is the fundamental force of the universe, about which speaks us Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, founder of the Theosophical Company, being referred to the Seven Tattvas:

<< While the Hindu philosophy speaks generally of five tattvas only, the occultists enumerate seven, in correspondence with the other septenaries of the Nature. The tattvas are presented in the same order that the seven forces macro and microcosmic, and they are the following:

Adi Tattva. The fundamental force of the Universe, emerged al beginning of the demonstration (or "creator" [H. P. Blavatsky, The Secret Doctrine Vol. VI] >>

Aditi-Vch is the Goddess of the Wisdom, of whom the dityas or adytas take its name; being they called: The Children of Ad. The word Aditi is synonym of Akasha And both they recall the Space. Aditi, or the Space is in reality the Father and the Mother of all the God (Deva-Mtri), and he is, thus same, the Fifth Element, the Akasha, which is the root of all created. Aditi in the books Vedantines (relating to the Vedas) appears like Vch, the Daughter and the Mother of the Logos (in his third aspect Daiviprakriti or daughter of the Logos, according to the Bhagavad Gt). Thus, Vch is a form more than Aditi and Mlaprakriti, or the Chaos and Brahm: The spirit of God entering the Nature and fertilizing it'.

Aditi is also the Sophia Divine of the Greek Gnostics and Pythagorean. She is the Great Mother that extends through PhI, according to us he relates the Book of Dzyan:

<< The Great Mother extends with the N, and the |, and the B, the second | and the A N D, in her breast, quick to produce them, the brave Children of the B C || whose two Ancestors are the To and the I. [Book of Dzyan] >>


Adam: ( Ad-am ) ( Lohita)( Adam Kadmon ) ( Yima)

Seeing also: Ram

The name generic Adam-Adami had its origin in the Aryan town and subsequently was adopted by the Semites and the Turanies. The prefix Ad signifies in Sanskrit: The First one', thus Adam is DI-Nth: The First one Lord'. Although many cultures speak of the Ad-am, in reality they have existed various Adams, as shows it us Sir Charles Lyell:

 << The Ethnology, according to confession of some of its more educated enthusiastic, finds already impossible to explain the varieties of the human race, unless than not to accept the hypothesis of the creation of various Adams. They speak of an Adam white and of another one black; also of an Adam red and another one of yellow color. [Sir Charles Lyell, Geological Evidences of the Antiquity of Man] >>


The Hindus, when enumerating the births of Vmadeva in the Linga Purnaand they speak of the repeated births of Shiva, tells itself in that Writing, that in a Kalpa he was white, in another black one and in another of red color, after which the Kumra becomes four youths of yellow complexion"

Thus while the present or old Aryans Cots, are descendants of the Adam yellow, of the gigantic race Aryan-Atlas, the Semites have received the influences and are direct heirs of the Adam red.
The Adams are in reality the genetic potently and the final archetypes of the present enteric-physical bodies of the humanity, just as we know them nowadays. In the time in which they carried out its work, the Fifth Root Race, was not still a homogeneous, neither much less a regular group, but constituted a blend of evolutionary men, of very different cultural and intellectual progress. Aside from the Seven Races of human Color, them existed the re-incarnated Asuras , also the primitive men descendants of the involutionary Atlanteans  and animalized races; and even the own gigantic Atlanteans descending of the last surviving ones, who  took refuge in the mountains of Asian central and Europe.     
The Adam Semitic, is the Adam-Kadmon, or Man Archetype. It was called also the Java-Aleim, leader of the Hierofants they initiated in the science of good and evil science, known like the Aleim, that obtain their know-how through the initiation that awakes their intuitive faculties prompted by the snake and by Eva, the matter. Adam eats illicitly of the Tree of the Knowledge, that represents to the Esoteric or Secret Doctrine.

Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, contributes us with an androgynous mink of the Man Archetype :

<< The Adam Kadmon, or Man Archetype, the creative origin of all the things... This idea to relate the figure of the circle and its diametric line, this is, the number 10, with the meaning of the reproductive organs, and with the most Sacred... Place was carried out, like construction, in the Camera of the King, or Sanctum Sanctorum of the great Pyramid, in the Tabernacle of Moses and in the Sanctorum of the Temple of Solomon... Is the figure of a double womb, therefore in Hebrew the letter I Have (H) is, al same time, the number 5 and the symbol of the womb; and two times 5 are 10 or phallic number. [H. P. Blavatsky, The Secret Doctrine Vol. II] >>


The Kabalah presents the Adam-Kadmon, as the Semitic Adam, to image and resemblance of God. Adam is therefore the Great, the human being that drags to all the humanity implicitly toward the Verb of God, the great Adam-Kadmon Protoplast.

He is not understood in the Kabalah, as the first human individual, but this he admits the apparition of the human race simultaneously in all the surface of the land. In the Kabalah, the great Adam-Kadmon is androgynous, having two faces, the male face in front and the female one from behind. The prototype of the Adam that is in the Microprosopus, is likewise androgynous in front and from behind, to right and to left, up and down; which shows the universal equilibrium and the scale of the forces assets and liabilities in the assembly of the Nature.

Again, H. P. Blavatsky expands our vision of the female aspect and of the reviving one to be able procreative of the Nature:

<< The ideal Nature, the Abstract Space in which all in the Universe is mysterious and invisibly engendered, is the same female aspect of the procreative power of the Nature, so much in the Vedic Cosmogony as in all the others. Aditi is Sephira, and the: Sophia of the Gnostics, and Isis, the Virgin Mother of Horus. In all the Cosmogony you be found, after the Creative Deity, and higher than she, an Upper Deity, an Creator or Architect, of whom the Creator is not more than the executive agent. and still more high, over and around, inside and out, there is him Incognoscible and the Unknown thing, the Source and Cause of all these Emanations.

Thus, therefore, he is easy to understand the reason of the why Adam-Adami is found in the Writing heats, surely more old than the Mosaics Books. In Assyrian, Ad' is the "father" and in Aramaic Ad' is "one", and Ad-ad' the "one unique", while Ak' in Assyrians creative. Thus Ad-am-ak-ad-mon' became Adam-Kadmon' in the Kabalah (Zohar) signifying: "The (Son) One of the Father Divine, or the Creator", therefore the words am' and om' they signified in a time, in almost all the tongues, the divine thing, or the deity. In this way Adam-Kadmon and Adam-Adami, they came they signify: "The first Emanation of the Father-Mother or the Divine Nature ", and literally, the "first One Divine". and easy is to see that Ad-Argat (or Aster' t, the Syrian Goddess, the wife of Ad-on, the Lord God of Syria or the Adonai Jewish), and Venus, Isis, Ister, Military, Eva, etc., they are identical to the Aditi and Vch of the. [ H. P. Blavatsky, The Secret Doctrine Vol. III] >>


The Garden of the Eden is also identifying by the illustrious author in its work Isis Unveiled:

<< The Garden of Eden, like locality, is not in any way a myth; belongs to those milestones of the history that at times they cause they discover al student that the Bible is not all mere allegory. "Eden or the Hebrew( dc-G) Gan-Eden, that signifies the Park or Garden of the Eden, is an archaic name of the country watered by the Euphrates and its many arms, from Asia and Armenia to the Eritrean sea." In the  Caldean Book of the Numbers, their situation is designated by numbers, and in the manuscript Rosenroth, left by the Count of San Germn (Saint Germain), it is described completely. In the Charts you would take hold it finds translated by Gan-duniyas: See, the Elohim (yhl ') of the Genesis says: 'The man has become one of us.' The Elohim can be taken in a sense, for gods or powers, and in another for Aleim or priests: the hierofantes begun in the good and the wrong of this world; because there was a school of priests called the Aleim, as long as the head of their congregation, or leader of the hierophants was known by Java-Aleim.) An Adam or Man, instead of being done neophyte and to obtain gradually its esoteric know-how through an initiation to regulate, uses its intuitive faculties, and prompted by the snake (the Woman and the Matter) and test illicitly, of the Tree of the Knowledge. [H. P. Blavatsky, Isis Unveiled Vol. I] >>


In Babylonia, Assyrian and Egypt, to Yima him is called also Pharaoh, and is compared al more beautiful tree of the Eden. Even Ezequiel speaks of him telling:
<< All the trees of Eden, the most chosen and better than the Lebanon they are consoled in the lower parts of the land. Therefore they also descended al hell with him (Pharaoh) [The Bible; Ezequiel XXXI] >>


But against what indicates his own name: The First one', Adam was not really the first man that inhabited on the planet, but the genetic power of the different races created by the Titans or Kabirim, just as he is shown in the Persian traditions referred al Adam Aryan or Kaimurath:

<< Before the creation of Adam, two races lived and succeeded each other on Earth; the Devs who reigned 7,000 years, and the Peris (the Izeds) who reigned but 2,000, during the existence of the former. The Devs were giants, strong and wicked; the Peris were smaller in stature, but wiser and kinder...
Gyan, call also Gyan ben-Gyan (or the Wisdom daughter of the Wisdom), was a King of the Peris. It had a shield as famous as that of Achilles, only that instead of serving against an enemy in the war, served of protection against the sinister magic, the sorcery of the Devs. Gyan ben-Gyan there was reign 2,000 years, when  Iblis, the Devil, was permitted by God to defeat to the Peris and to throw them to another extreme of the world. Neither still the magical shield, which being built in accordance with the astrological principles, and that destroyed the spells and enchantments, permitted to conquer to Iblis, that was an agent of the Destiny.
They count they ten Kings in its last called metropolises Khanoom, and the tenth one they say that was Kaimurath (identical to the Aryan Adam).
The giants inhabited the Mountains of Kaf, that contain a gallery built by the gigantic Argeak, where statues of the old men are kept, in all their forms. They call them Sulimanes, or the wise kings of east, and they count seventy-two kings of that name. Siamek, the son wanted of Kaimurath, was their first king, which was murdered by their gigantic brother. Its father since then, he caused conserved an eternal fire in the tomb that contained his ashes [Herbelot; Collection of Persian Legends] >>.


The Aryan Adam, known like Kaimurath by the Persians, also called Rama by the Hindus ,and even Hercules by the Greeks, finally known also as Ram, By the Caucasian tribes and northern Europeans. Rama, is represented al the same as the Semitic Adam-Kadmon, like the Man Archetype, reincarnation of Vishn, related to Agni and Indra.

Vishn is The Conservative, he lives in the mount Mrou and its symbol is a conch and a disk. He is also a Kumra, identical to Agni, the God of the Fire or Sun, and equal to Indra, the shining God of the firmament Thatkills Vritra or There, the Devil-Snake ,and conducts to the army of Devas against the other God revealed against Roars, by which him is given the nickname of Jishnu, the conductive of the celestial host'.

Indra is in reality a form more than Ishva-Ra, that is King and Lord of the Alhim, or the active force of the universe. Really, Rama is the great being that prompted to the Race Aria toward a physical and spiritual elevation. Yima, the First Man, thus called in the Vendidd, and its brother twin Yama (Rama), the son of the Manu Vaivasvata. Both they belong to two different epochs of the universal history, and to the two poles of the creative energy, the Divine Wisdom being embodied in the Land, and forced to test the bitter fruit of the personal experience, the pain and the suffering.

Another historic figure exists besides that possesses the same attributes that Rama but seen since the Hellenistic Theogony, we refer Hercules: In the history that counts us Hesodoto (700 a. C.), we see a Hercules (Heracles: Hraklh<V) complying his twelve tests to obtain the Three Apples of Gold', and one of his conditions he is to conduct to the oxen of Gerin from Eritia to the Hlade. The similarities with the tests that should comply the Rama-Vishn of the Hindu mythology are amazing, but especially in the fragment known as the Gerioneida, a history can be appreciated almost parallel between the task of Hercules and that of Rama; this last one, entrusted by Indra to eradicate to them Asuras incarnate in residual semi-human forms and to finish with the last remainders Atlanteans that savages live in the large genetic malformations. As well as Rama kills with great sadness to the monstrous Dan the Danava, son of Laksmi the goddess of the beauty. Hercules should kill Gerin, the gigantic three-bodies formed son of Crisaor and Calirroe, daughter at the same time of the illustrious Ocean.

The Sicilian writer Estescoro of Himera (600 a. C.) locates in Tartessos (Atlantic Spanish coast, located among Huelva, Cadiz and Tarifa) the development of the Gerioneida, concretely, the island of Eritia in the estuary of the river Tartessos (Guadalquivir) is related to Gdeira (Cadiz). Although this it is not the only classical  author that coincides in that affirmation, therefore Plinio the Old (century I d. C.) relates us the following Latin text about that mysterious island:

<< Ab eo latere quo Hispaniam spectat, passibus fere C alters insula est, longa passus M, tin plating... in qua prius oppidum Gadium fuit. Vocatur ab Ephoro et Philistide Erythea, to Timaeo et Sileno Aphrodisias, ab indigenis Iunonis' : In the part that looks to Hispania and to some 100 steps there is another island of 1.000 steps of length and... in which old was the city of Cadiz. Eforo and Filistides call it Eritia, Timeo and Sileno Afrodisias, the native Island of Juno. [Plinio the Old, Nottio Hispaniae IV] >>


And still we should listen to Estrabn (63 a. C.- 24 d. C.) in these beautiful verses: On the waves of the deep sea they arrived at the beautiful island of the God, where the Hesprides have its golden mansions '...

The name of Eritia was given to the island by corresponding to the hespride of the same name that inhabited it along with its son Euritin, according to it relates Estescoro. Euritin that was a son of Eritia and of Ares be a cowherd of Gerin and also he was died by Hercules (Heracles) along with his two-heads dog Ortos.

Hercules, in this passage acts the same role as Rama stabilizing did it the human race as to put an end to the last remains Atlanteans and with the last Asuras, the oldest Gods humanized by their own defects.

These deified beings evolve since the Divine Race to the Human Races that grow in the shadow of the Tree of the Knowledge of good and evil. In the Book of Enoch we have Adam, the first Androgynous Divine, the  being separated in man and woman, and being becoming Jah Heva, whose secret keeps the Egyptian Sphinx, which contains the Enigma of the Ages. The male and the female, the Cain and Abel, is the symbol of the generating power and creator symbolizing the water and the land. The secret of the alchemist, that Moses defines with the following words:

<< It is needed the Earth and the Water to create a Human Soul... >>

In the identification of all these personages we see a Hercules-Mars similar to Rama, the Indian Mangala, identical to Karttikeya, the God of the War that is at the same time Gharma-Ha, the born one of the sweat of Shiva and of the Land'. And nevertheless he is also: Lohita, the Red one, the Adam Kadmon.



Seeing also: Initiation, Ofitas, Ngas

The Adept is a student that desires fervently to know the mysteries that are hidden behind the formal reality, being distanced by the other part of the humanity that admits without discussion what the appearances indicate During its process of initiation, he can know or not, secret and to possess faculties;  how and when he could use these faculties is something that only he will have to determine and this is precisely what really will indicate his Quality.

Every Adept had to pass first by the seven and the twelve tests of the initiation symbolized in the twelve works of Hercules ( Hraklh<V), being considered the day of its spiritual birth as a second birth and therefore is appointed them like Dwijas or born two times'. Thus, every Adept is son of God' and son of the Light' after receiving the Word' and the seven divine attributes of the Lira of Apollo'.

The Adept, traditionally have belonged to Secret Fraternities, of very different tendencies and epochs, although nowadays that is not thus in many cases. The different societies determine the characteristics of the traditional a

<< The "adept" they have been able to be hidden with a lot of greater facility, inasmuch as, the general opinion the sight as fictions of novel...The followers of Saint-Germain and Cagliostro of this century continued another tactic instructed by the sarcasm from the pursuits of past epochs

There are many of these mystical Fraternities that nothing have to do with the countries "civilized". In their they ignored communities they are hidden the relics of the past. These "adept" would be able, if they wanted, to claim a marvelous series of ancestors and to present documents excuses for absence that would clarify to many people so much dark pages of the sacred history as of the profane one. If the Parents of the Church would have had the key of the known and the hieratic writings the secret of the Egyptian symbolisms and Indus, they had not left without mutilating neither a single monument of the antiquity. [Mackenzie; Real Masonic Encyclopedia] >>


Although exists the opinion that many adepts have remained hidden inside powerful organizations as the Catholic Church. Thus H. P. Blavatsky does a clear reference to it:

<< But there is in the world another category of adepts, likewise pertinent to a fraternity, and more powerful than none of the ones that are know by the profane. Many of them are personally good and benevolent, and even holy and pure from time to time; but as collectively they pursue, without rest and with resolved purpose, a private and Egotistical goal, they should be classified among the followers of the black art. These they are the monks and Roman catholic clergymen, that, from the Middle Ages, they deciphered the majority of the symbolic and hieratic writings. They are a lot more scholarly than never the orientalist will be it in symbolic secret and old religions; and as personification of the cunning and of the knack, each one of such followers retains hardly the key in its closed hands, and takes care that itself not the secrets be divulged while can impede it. There is in Rome and for every Europe and America, much deeper schemers of what could be imagined. So that the public "brotherhoods" of "black" adepts, they contain for the countries protestant greater danger, by their great one to be able, that a host of oriental occultists. And the peoples laugh at the magic! And the physiologies and biologists mock its power, and even the belief in which the masses calls "witchcraft" and "black magic". The archaeologists have in England its Stonehenge with thousands of secrets, and its twins Karnac of Britain, and, nevertheless, none of them suspects what has happened in its crypts, and in its mysterious corners, during the past century. Not even they know the "magic rooms" of Stonehenge, where curious scenes occur, when there is a new convert in perspective. In the Salptrire they have done themselves, and are being done each day, hundreds of experiments, without counting the ones that privately carry out skillful hypnotizing. It is tested that al to return to their normal state, the subjects forget completely as much as being found they hypnotized ordered them to do the hypnotizing one. [ H. P. Blavatsky, The Secret Doctrine Vol. V ] >>

It is more current of the desirable thing that many of the adeptss that supposedly continue the road of the right, really they work promoting to the involutionary forces of the planet. The organizations that guarded the initiation secrets tried safeguards them. The rabbi Simon Ben Jochai, compiler of the Zohar, communicated only orally the main points of its doctrine to its more chosen students. Thus the study of the Kabalah was subordinated to the upper initiations of the Mercavah, which only they could be learned in the darkness after very hard tests:

<< In the venerable sect of the tanaim, tanamim Or wise, they were the prudent males and scholars responsible for teaching practically the secrets of the initiation in the large and supreme mystery, just as regular the second section of the Mishna Hagiga, according to which the index of the Mercavah only should be trusted the old doctors. [Rabbi Simon Ben Jochai; The Zohar] >>


The mobile of the adept should always be the sacrifice and al delivers it service of the humanity as is related in this beautiful Hindu passage.

<< By a supreme effort of will, the adept, can be plunged completely in its Monad and to remain united her. Nevertheless, if such it did, would impede that his superior reached the posthumous Samdhi (been of happiness that is not real nirvana) since the astral, although pure body, serious too much land for similar state of happiness; and with this would create karma, therefore is egotist the action to harvest the fruits in own profit.

The adept then can renounce consciously to the nirvana and to be remained working in the land, by good of the humanity, which fits to do of two different ways: giving to them its body astral of physical appearance as has said itself, and summarizing in it its personality; or being taken advantage already of the entirely new physical body on a recently born one, already of some "body abandoned", like with that of a Raja dead Sankaracharya, to live in it as much as want. To this him it is called "Existence continued'. [Krislmasamj Aryan and Sitanath Tattvabhushan; Sri Sankaracharya] >>

Nevertheless, the sacrifice and the delivers in service of the humanity involves a heavy load, therefore as the same as happened with Buddha, Pythagoras, Zarathushtra and the same Christ, the society, handled by the involutionary forces  will repress brutally any outcropping of the Truth, marking the earthly life of these beings as Chrestos' (Christ's) or men of affliction.

But not all the initiated and the initiation schools intended the altruistic service, in many cases the ambivalence of the rites and meanings, especially the rite of the snake or ophite rite, determines dark interests of individual progress by means of the elevation of the Kundalini:

 << It has been detected repeatedly that the Snake is the symbol of the wisdom and of the Hidden knowledge. The snake has been related to the God of the wisdom, since the most remote times than the known history. This animal was the special symbol of Thoth or Taut. ... And of all the God, such as Hermes and Seth, that can be related to him. This is also truth regarding the third member of the primitive triad heats, Hea or Hoa. According to Sir Henry Rawlinson: "The most important titles of this deity refer to 'their functions as source of every knowledge and science'. Not only is the 'intelligent fish', but their name can be read as signifying at the same time 'life' and a 'snake' (a initiated follower), and can consider like 'figured by the great snake that occupies a so notorious place among the symbols of the God in the black stones that register the Babylonian benefits' Esculapio, Serapes, Pluto, Esmun and Knepp, are all deities with the attributes of the Snake; says Dupuis: All they are healers, givers of the physical and spiritual health, and of the lighting'. The crown formed by an asp, the Thermuthis, belongs to Isis, Goddess of the Life and of the Healing. The Upanishads contain a treaty on the Science of the Snakes, or what is the same thing, the Science of the Hidden Knowledge; and the Ngas of the Exoteric Buddhist, they are not "the fabulous creatures, of the nature of the upper snakes... and also considered as protectors of the law of Buddha ", like Schlangintweit believes, but living real men, some superiors to the men, by virtue of its Hidden Knowledge, and protectors of the law of Buddha, inasmuch as interpret correctly its doctrines metaphysics; and other morally lower by being "black magicians". Therefore, it is declared with truth that Gautama Buddha " tells itself that taught them a more philosophical religious system than the men, that were not sufficiently advanced to understand it in the epoch of its apparition". [Staniland Wake; The Great Pyramid] >>


The Ofitas worshipped to the snake, because she taught Adam that if he ate of the fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of good and evil, he would elevate immensely his own being, by the knowledge and the wisdom that thus would acquire. The Snake or Kundalini is at same time good and evil, depending on the type of the process of elevation that his energy be carried out by means of its own energi.

The Ngas (Sacred snakes) of the followers were then Ngas human that devoured the know-how and wisdom, which, when traveled through the dark path, finally they produced an astral dislocation if the elevation of the Kundalini did not accompany to the evolution Monadic.

Many wise and magicians of the antiquity were calls Dragons and Snakes, simply because was produced, in fact, a dislocation of its astral bodies, acquiring these the monstrous forms of these fabulous animals, due to that the subconscious of the human magician, by the contra natural form there was on-developed and inflated was separated of the conscious one perverted that there was carried until such extreme. 

The Snakes in the days of the Egyptian, archaic wisdom and heats they were represented perched to the Tree of the Life and they were adorned with seven heads, that represented each one of the Chakras that they should be controlled in process of the elevation of the Kundalini

 << The Snake of the Seven Thunders that pronounces the seven syllables, but that seals those things that the Seven Thunders pronounce. [The Bible; Apocalypse of St. John] >> 

According to the Apocalypse of St. John, the Snake of the Seven Thunders is in reality the God of Seven Letters or Jehovah. And according to the Kabalah, Jehovah assumes the form of the tempting snake in the Garden of the Eden.

Jehovah (YHVH) is the Jah-Hovak, the Jod male and the Havat or Eva, the Jehovah of double sex of the Kabalah. But is also Amun Ra, Amun (hidden), the old Egyptian deity, and its woman Mut (the mother).

Although, curiously, the Kabalah shows also the Israelites using to Ad-onai (A Do Na Y) with the attributes of the The Lord and to the Elohim as its representatives, the same terms that also remain reflected in the Bible. Nevertheless, while the Cabalists only knew al Ain-Suph and to the God of the mysteries, the Levites did not have any God in their Adytum

The great fight between the White Magic and the Black one, al arrived also Hebrew town and was reflected among the followers of the Path of the Right, the Prophets, and the of the Left, the Levites.


dityas: ( Adytas ) ( Elfics)          

Seeing also:   Ad; Daityas

The dityas or adytas stems from ditya,one of the names of the Sun, thus Vishnu is one of the twelve DITYA-s.

The present adytas are the descendants of the old God (Devas) involved with the matter to help Brahmi or Brahma in the same principle of the Kalpa, just as relates it Wilson:

<< The names of the deities of certain mystical class change with each Manvantara. Thus, the twelve Large God, spades, created by Brahmi so that they helped him in the work of the creation in the same principle of the Kalpa, that abstracted in Samidhi they neglected all which is created -by whose reason fell on them the curse to be born repeatedly in each Manvantara to the seventh one-, are calls respectively Ajitas, Tushitas, Satyas, Haris, Vaikunthas, Sidhyas and Adityas; they are Tushitas in the second Kalpa, and Adityas in the  Vaivasvata Period, besides, of other names for each age. But they are identical to the Minasas or Rijasas, and these to our Dhyn Chohans that embody.

In addition to those Beings, that, like the Yakshas, Gandharvas, Kinnaras, etc., you considered in their individualities, they inhabit the Astral Plan, there are true Devas; and to these classes of Adityas belong, Vairijas, the Kumiras, Asuras and all those high celestial Beings, to whom the Hidden teaching calls Manasvin, the Wise, the first of all, and who they had been able to convert all the men in the Beings spiritually conscious intellectuals of itself, that they will be, if they had not been "condemned" to fall in the generation, and to reborn as the mortals by  having neglected their duty. [ Wilson; Vishnu Purna] >>


The first adytas descending of the old God, they appeared during the Third Race Root, or  Lemurian Race, constituting the Hierarchy of the Chosen, which subsequently the Sons of Will and Yoga would be called, or the Sons of the Fire-Mist, those that formed a first basic nucleus where distressed the present inner Land Race. We can find them the whiteness of that race in the interesting story that relates us Blavatsky:

<< The first human beings almost completely developed at final of the Third Root Race, are the men of "golden color", of yellow temperament, after their separation in sexes and of the complete awake of their minds. Before that, they communicated for which now would be called "transfer of the thought"; although, excepting the Race called the Sons of Will and Yoga' -the first in who had incarnate the Sons of the Wisdom' -, the thought was very little developed in the rising physical man, and never was elevated beyond a lower terrestrial level. Its physical bodies belonged to the Land, and its Monads remained in an upper plan. The language could not be developed well, before the complete acquisition and development of its reasoned faculties. This language monosyllabic was the vocal father, by telling it thus, of the tongues monosyllabic mixed with hard consonants, that still they are used among the yellow races, acquaintances of the anthropologists. [ H. P. Blavatsky, The Secret Doctrine Vol. III] >>


They formed the first race of the Lemur-Atlanteans, that It constituted the base of our Fifth Race or race Aria. But will be again Helena Petrovna Blavatsky who guide us in this interesting story:

<< Continuing the tradition, we have to add that the class of hierophants was divided into two different categories: the ones that were educated by the "Sons of God" of the island, and initiated in the divine doctrine of the pure revelation; and other, that inhabited the loss Atlantis -if such should be its name-; and that being of another race (produced sexually, but of divine parents) they were born with a view that it penetrated all the hidden things, and that was independent, so much of the distance as of the material obstacles. Therefore, they were the quarter  race (Atlanteans) mentioned in the Popol Vuh, whose view was unlimited and that knew all the things at the same time. In other words, were the Lemur-Atlanteans, the first that had a Spirits Kings dynasty, not of you Hang, or "Ghosts", like some they believe, but of Devas real living, or Demigods and Angels, that had assumed bodies to govern to this Race, to which they instructed in arts and sciences. Only that, like these Dhynis were Rupas or material Spirits, they were not always good. Its king Thevetat was one of these last, and under the harmful influence of this King-Devil, the Atlantean Race became a nation of "magicians" evil. In consequence of this was declared the war, whose story would be very long to relate; and its substance can be found in the allegories disfigured of the race of Cain, the giants, and that of Noah and its just family. The conflict concluded with the submersion of the Atlantis, that has its imitation in the fables of the Babylonian flood and mosaic. The giants and the magicians "and every meat perished and all the men" [ H. P. Blavatsky, The Secret Doctrine Vol. III] >> 

Lets dare to relate the story of those fights, although very briefly:

The king Thevetat, on command of the Daityas and the devils Rkshasas that controlled the continent of Kusha fought cruel and fierce against the dityas and the Sdhus or wise guides of the Race Atlas, headed by Roth, the prince adyta that guided to the interior Land forces and to the inhabitants of the continent of M. The terrible consequence of the devastating war concluded with the second and final Atlantean flood. This war, besides, decided the destinies of the two towns, the inner Land and the world of surface in two cultures separated and different realities inside the same planet. The traces of this terrible war remained engravings in the collective mind of the present humanity and reflected in many of its traditional legends, in which, still the departure of the Elfics (dityas) toward the Sacred Island (garttha).
This second flood, was putting an end to the last large Atlanteans civilizations situated in the peninsulas of Ruta and Daitya, leaving only a remains organized of the culture Atlas in the island of Poseidonis, this last one would be destroyed some thousands of years later as a result of the geological actions that had fragmented the last remainders of the gigantic Atlantean continent of Kusha, and waste the continent of M. After the second great flood Atlas.

The beings known in the Nordics Legends of the present world of surface as the Elfics are called to itself like the Sons of Will and Yoga or Sons of the Fire-Mist, those that remained related to the terrestrial Logo , they wrote down finally in the planetary inner Earth centers for be not externalized again openly to the world of surface. The habitants of the inner Land world whose planetary center name was  Shamballah, known as the Sacred Island among the humans initiated that they acted abroad of the planet controlled, since that moment, by the rebellious forces involutionary, heirs of Ahriman, and by the other dethroned princes .


Page :12, 14, 15, 19, 216, 221.


Seeing also: Jehovah                  

Adonai Melesh is the tenth divine name according to the Kabalah, his intelligence is Metalhim (the fundamental creation or soul of the world) who served as guide to Moses. He is the leader of the Alhim or the force active of the universe in this solar system, those that influence on the animated beings by the holiness of the souls happy calls Issim by the Hebrews and that they constitute the Hierarchy of the Chosen, whose function is that of giving knowledge to the sons of the men instructing them in the miraculous science of the things.

Thus, the Kabalah shows also the Israelites using the name of Ad-onai (A Do Na Y) with the attributes of: The Lord and the Elohim as its representatives, the same terms that also remain reflected in the Bible.

Esoterically Adonai is the awareness that acts as the Solar Planetarium Regent in this system he is regent at the same time of all the Planetary Logos of the Solar system and he is found united with the eternal Hierarchies headed by Mihael the Creative Son of the local universe.

The figure of Adonai appears in many myths and legends of the old history with diverse names, since the Greek  Adonis, to the primitive Adon or Adomin Semitic. But we leave that Greek Petrovna Blavatsky, speak us of it:

<< If we are argued that the Jupiter Dodoneo was identifying with you Gave, or the Pluto Roman with the Dionysus Chthonius, and with Aidoneus, the King of the Subterranean World; where, according to Creuzer, the oracles were pronounced, then they will have the occultists the pleasure to test that, as much Aidoneus as Dionysius are the bases of Adonai, or Iurbo-Adonai, they as call to Jehovah in the Codex Nazareus: "should Not yield worship to the Sun, that is called Adonai, whose name is also Kadush and El-El", and also "Lord Baco". The Baal-Adonis of the Sds, or Mysteries of the Jewish pre-Babylon; became the Adonai by the Massorah, the Jehovah subsequent with directors. Therefore, the Roman Catholics are right. All those Jupiter belong the same family; but Jehovah has to be included in they so that turn out to be complete. The Jupiter Arius or Bread, the Jupiter-Ammon and the Jupiter-Bel-Moloch, are all correlation of Iurbo Adonai, and with him they form one alone, because all they are a Cosmic Nature. That Nature and that Power creates the terrestrial specific symbol, and the physical building and material of that shows that the Energy is declared for its middle as extrinsic. Therefore the primitive religion was something more and better than a simple worry on the physical phenomena, as observed Schelling; and higher principles than the ones that we, saduceans modern, known, they were hidden under the transparent veil of purely natural divinities, like the thunder, the winds and the rain. The old they knew and they could distinguish the corporal elements of the spiritual, in the forces of the nature. [ H. P. Blavatsky, The Secret Doctrine Vol. II ] >>



Seeing also: Arka                  

The Adytum is the Sanctum Sanctorum of the old, this constituted it a precinct closed in the western extreme of the temple that did the times of sanctuary, which was closed by three sides and whose only opening or door was cover with a curtain. The Adytum is the room of initiation it was called also, generally to a cell of stone situated in the geometric center of a temple, pyramid and usually under the level of this. In the Adytum, was used to existing a sarcophagus of stone where the  initiation rites, an Arca  (Argha of the Mysteries), in the which the sacred relics were situated delivered by the God of the community or nation.

Thus, since the Greek Arch (Arc) to the Chest of the Hebrew Alliance or the Christian Sacrarium, the Adytum have served to contain the Chest (Argha) sacred, whether understood as container of the inheritance of the God or like tomb (taphos) of which the follower after its initiation test will leave. In both cases, the meaning is the same one: The triumph of the Spirit over the Matter' or the Cosmic Resurrection'.

This was the meaning of the Tabernacle raised by Moses in the desert, and the one that subsequently would be situated in the same heart of the Temple of Solomon:

<< You will do a hanging of blue purple and scarlet five columns of wood of shittim for the drapery four bronze rings for the four angles of the same one panels of fine woods for the four sides: North, South, Western and This of the Tabernacle [The Bible; Exodus XXVI] >>


But that description was not alien to the other towns, therefore Flavio Josefo in their Antiquities, relates us how the columns of the Hebrew Tabernacle are very similar to the erected in Shot to the four elements, whose pedestals look at the four cardinal points and show the four figures of the Zodiac that represented the same orientation. Somewhat similar occurred in the Egyptian temples according to Clement of Alexandria.

Although, curiously, the Kabalah shows that while the Cabalists only knew the Ain-Suph and to the God of the mysteries, the Levites did not have any God in their Adytum, but the Sacred Chest of the Alliance, their Saint of the Saints. Thus, the Chest that began representing to God, finished being the same God.


ter:  ( Ether)

Seeing also: Laya, Akasha            

Esoterically, the ter is not the substance studied in the organic chemistry, but the vehicle of demonstration of the Fifth Element or Akasha, which is the base of the also called Akashic Files

The wise of the antiquity defined to Sophia as the Divine Wisdom that Moorish in the Akasha, while its daughter Sophia Achamth represents to the Lower Astral Light or ter. In reality, both are a the same thing view since two aspects, the spiritual one and the psychic one.

In the old human legends, as well as in the most charismatic books of the esoterism arcane there is a privileged place for the ter. But we listen again what the great scholar madam Blavatsky counts ourselves at respect:

<< All the old nations deified the ther in their aspect and power imponderables. Virgil calls to Jupiter, PaterOnimpotens ther' and the Great one ter'. The Indus have also placed it among their deities, under the name of ksha, the synthesis of the Ether. And the author of the homoemerian system of philosophy, Anaxagoras of Clasomene, believed firmly that the spiritual prototypes of all the things, the same thing that their elements, they were found in the ter without limits, where they were generated one what they evolved and where they returned -a hidden teaching.

Is, therefore, clear that the ter, in its higher synthetic aspect, once anthropomorphized, the first idea of a creative personal deity arose. Among the philosophers Indus, the Elements are tmasa', this is, "not visionaries by the intelligence to which obscures."

We have to exhaust the matter of the mystical meaning of the Fundamental Chaos and of the Principle Root, and to show how they were found related in the old philosophies with the Akasha (translated erroneously by Ether), and also with Maya, the Illusion, of which Ishvara is the male aspect. Further on, we will speak of the Intelligent Principle, or more well of the ethereal and invisible properties, in the visible and material elements, that "they sprouted of the Fundamental Chaos."

Because, what is the fundamental Chaos, but the ther? -It is asked in Isis Unveiled. Not the modern Ether; not the one that is recognized now as such, but like was known of the old philosophers a lot before the time of Moses: the ther with all its hidden and mysterious properties, containing itself the germs of the universal creation. The Upper ther or ksha, is the Celestial Virgin, Mother of all the forms and existing beings, of whose breast, as quick as he was "incubated" by the Divine Spirit, they sprouted to the existence the Matter and the Life, the Force and the Action. ther is the Aditi of the Indus and is the ksha. The electricity, the magnetism, the heat, the light and the chemical action, they are so little understood still today, that new facts come constantly to widen the horizon of our knowledge. Who knows where he finishes the power of this protean giant, the ther, or which is its mysterious origin? Who, we say, can deny the spirit that work in it, and unfolds of its breast, all the visible forms?[ H. P. Blavatsky, The Secret Doctrine Vol. II] >>


garttha: ( Agharti ) ( Agharta)( Hyperborean)

Seeing also: Shamballah , Paradesa,

Agarttha is interpreted therefore as: 'the ones that proceed (or inhabit) in the cavity (of the Land). Other authors name it as Agharti and Agharta. The capital is the mythical Shamballah (Shamb-Allah).

She was known also in the antiquity as the Sacred and Imperishable Island', that never he has been destroyed, neither he has suffered the luck of other continents, wrapped in wars and destructions. Agarttha signifies: The Unattainable to the Violence' therefore should be the unique one (the inner land) in lasting since the principle to the end of the Manvantara. It is the cradle of the first man and the dwelling of the last divine mortal chosen as a Shishta to be the future seed of the new humanity.

Agarttha has been related in the antiquity with the Hyperborean, as was called by the Greeks to the old and distant region where traveled each year Apollo the Hyperborean, of which told itself in the Odyssey Of Homer' that the Sun never was put during the half of the year'. The Hyperborean, is not Agarttha, but one of its entrances in the poles. (To see in this work, Part II, Chapter 3: The Hollow Land / The Secret Newspaper of the Admiral Byrd ')

If Agarttha is not found in the poles which is then the locating of that mythical region? To that enigmatic question, we find a great scholar with capacity to answer it, he is the Marquis Saint-Yves D' Alveydre, that this exciting history counts us:

<< Where is the Agarttha? In what precise place is found? Why roads one must walk, and what towns one must cross to arrive to there?

To this question, that will be done with every security the diplomats and the peoples of weapons, does not agree to answer more than what I will do it, in the meantime be not carried out or at least the understanding sign itself sinarquic!.

But as I know that in their mutual competences in all the Asia, some powers graze without being given account, this sacred territory, like I know, that in case of a possible conflict, its armies will pass for him, next to him, by humanity toward these towns and the own one Agarttha, I do not doubt in continuing the disclosure that have begun.

In the surface and in the bowels of the land the real extension of the Agarttha challenges the oppression and the compulsion of the profanation and of the violence.

If to speak of America, whose subsoil ignored has belonged him since the highest antiquity, only in Asia, near five hundred million men they know more or except their existence and their extension.

But themselves it will not be found neither a single traitor among them, to indicate the precise situation in which they are found their Counsel of God and their Counsel of the God, their head pontifical and their legal heart.

If despite all this to occur, if despite its numerous and terrible defenders were invaded, any invading army, although was composed by a million men, would see to be renewed the thundering answer of the temple from Delphi to the countless hordes of the Persian satraps.

Asking aid to the cosmic Powers of the Land and of the Sky, even conquered, the Templar and the confederates of the Agarttha, they would be able, if were necessary, to cause to explode part of the Planet, and to crush with a cataclysm to the profanators, and its country of origin.

By these scientific causes the central part of this holy land never has been desecrated weights al flow and reflux, to the collisions and mutual acquisitions of the Military empires, from Babylonia to the turanian kingdom of the High Tartaric, from Susa to Pella, from Alexandria to Rome.

Before the expedition of Ram and the control of the white Race in Asia, the

Deciding with good view the true limit of Europe with Asia, our Great Celtic Ancestor, situated, in the most splendid places of the Land, the Sacred School to whose head had carried it its initiation. The previous libraries remained intact, thanks to their own science, despite all the social and intellectual reforms that their luminous Initiative carried to the finish.

More than three thousand years after Ram, and from schism of Irshou, the university of the Sinarquic of the Lamb and the Ram suffered a first transfer, that does not allowed me to clarify more. Finally, almost fourteen centuries after Irshou, little time after akya Mouni, another change of place was decided.

Suffice to know my readers that, in some regions of the Himalaya to Among twenty-two temples that represent the twenty-two Arcane of Hermes and the twenty-two letters of certain sacred alphabets, the Agarttha forms the mystical Zero, the one that cannot be found. [ Saint-Yves D' Alveydre; The Mission of the India in Europe] >>


The Great Book or Book of Dzyan, speaks us also of it in the following terms:

<< A lot before the days of Ad-am (Unit and Universality), and of their wife He-va, where now alone desolate sterile deserted and salty lakes are found, there was a vast interior sea that extended on the Asia Central, al North of the arrogant mountain range of the Himalayan, and of their Western extension. On this sea there was an island, that by its beauty without pair, did not have rival in the world, and was inhabited by the Sons of Will and Yoga... This race could live with equal facility in the water, in the air and in the fire, because had unlimited control on the elements. They were the Sons of God; not the ones that saw the daughters of the men, but the true Elohim. They were the ones that communicated to the man the most strange secrets of the Nature, and they revealed them the Word ineffable, now loss. This Word, that is not word, has circulated once for all the globe, and still languishes like a distant and dying echo, in the hearts of some privileged men. The Hierophants of all the Priestly Schools knew the existence of this island; but the Word only was known of the Java Aleim, or main master of each School, and was transmitted its successor only at the moment of the death. There were many of those Schools, and the old classical authors speak of they [Book of Dzyan] >>


But not only the old writings speak of it also among the contemporarily there are traces of those legends. The narration of Ferdinand Ossendowski exposes us the following thing:
<< The Kingdom of Agharti, in which, in palaces of marvelous crystal, the invisible rulers of all the live pious people, the King of the World or Brahytma that can speak with the same God, and its two assistants, the Mahytma, that knows the plans of the future events, and the Mahynga, which governs the causes of those events. The elders that live in the edge of the River Amyl counted me me -to Ossendowski- the legend that a certain group of peoples of the tribes Mongols, they escaped from the demands of Jenghis Khan, being hidden in the subterranean country. Later, a Soyot that lived near the Lake Nogan Kul showed me the smoldering door that serves as entrance al "Kingdom of Agharti." Through this door, a strong hunter entered the Kingdom of Agharti and, after his return, he began to relate what had seen there. The Lamas cut him his tongue to impede that he spoke about the "Mystery of the Mysteries". When he arrived at the old age, he returned to the entrance of that cavern and he disappeared in the subterranean kingdom, the memory of what he had seen there, he illuminated his heart of nomad [ Ferdinand Ossendowski; Beasts, Men and Gods] >>.


And how not!, our inseparable friend Helena Petrovna also speaks us of those mysterious caverns

<< The Island' according to is believed, exists until nowadays, like an oasis surrounded by the frightening solitudes of the Desert of the Gobi, whose sands no foot has tramped of human memory is known that the Brahmans initiated in the India and especially the Yogis, that there is not a temple cavern in the country that do not have subterranean passages running in all directions, and that those caverns have to its running subways nevertheless, the troubadours and vagabonds of Persia and of the Caucasus, they will maintain still today that a lot beyond them snowed crests of the Kap or Caucasus there is a great hidden continent now for all [ H. P. Blavatsky, The Secret Doctrine Vol. III ] >>


AgNi: ( Agni)

Seeing also: Srya

Agni is the life-giving fire, not the fire understood as physical combustion, but the spirit of this. Thus, the Fire is only One, in the plan of the Unique reality and in that of the existence declared and therefore false. Their particles are igneous lives that live and they exist to expenses of each one of the other lives that consume. To those fires and to those igneous lives, themselves the flame the Devourer. Each visible thing in this universe is found constituted by similar lives, and when the Devourer have differentiated the Atoms of Fire by a peculiar process of segmentation, these last they become Germs of Life, which they are added according to the Laws of the cohesion and of the affinity.

<< Agni (the fire) is the first element, Adyta (the sun) the last one, and the water the union among both. This union takes place through the lightning. [A. Duperron; the Upanishads] >>


According to the ancient beliefs we should understand that Agni is the generating seed of the conscious life delivered by Prometheus to the men:

<< Agni is a divine bird that nested in the branches of the Heavenly Ash, caught that sprout and carried it to the Land in its peak. Now well; the Greek word 'Forw'  is the equivalent of the Sanskrit word  the fast one', epithet of Agni, considered as the bearer of the divine spark.

Prometheus son of Melia or of the Heavenly Ash, It corresponds thus to an a lot more old concept, probably, that the one that transformed the Pramantha of the old Indus-Aryan in the Greek Prometheus. Phoroneois the bird (personified), that brings to the land the heavenly ray. The referring traditions al birth of the bronze race, and the ones that do of Phoroneois the father of the Argolians, they are for us a proof that this thunder (or ray), as in the legend of Hefesto or Prometheus, was the origin of the human species.

Thus, therefore, Prometheus is something more than the archetype of the humanity: is its generator. In the same way that we have seen Hefesto modeling the first woman (Pandora) and endowing it of life, thus Prometheus kneads the humid clay, with which model the body of the first man to whom wants to endow of the spark of the soul. After the flood of Deucalion, Zeus ( ZeV), they said, had ordered Prometheus (Prwmh'tho) and to Athena (Aqhna) that produced a new race of men of the mud left by the water of the flood, and in the days of Pausanias, the slime that the hero there was employee with this object, was taught still in Focis. In various archaic monuments we see still Prometheus modeling a human body or with, alone or with the aid of Athena. [Mesomed; Mythologie of the Grce Antique] >>


Agni is also one of the Four Elements, which possess a previous, ancient tradition even to the concepts of the traditional Alchemy, just as appears in The Upanishads, the old Hindu treaties translated al Persian in 1640 low mandate of Dr Shukoh and subsequently translated to the Latin by Antequil Duperron in 1802:

<< The land, the sky, the firmament, the four cardinal points and the four intermediate points (elements) : Agni (the fire) Vayu (the air) ditya (the Sun) and Kandramas (the Moon).[ A. Duperron; the Upanishads] >>


The element Fire is that in which engraving is found the Trigone of the Revitalizing Fire, dominated by the astrological houses 1, 5 and 9. Its color is the red orange, its number is the 5, its throne the Sun, its planet Mars and its note Re maintained. The Cosmic Fire, is the predominant fire in the first and second sub-flat one of the cosmic physical plan, the Divine level and Monadic respectively. The Cosmic Fire defines to each particle of Unique Life, like sparks of that same fire, stimulating modifications in the forces of the interior of the atoms and permitting it, of that way, to surpass the existing limits in the form.



Seeing also: Chaitans; AgNi             

The Agnichaitans are the stellar Devas, high energies that inhabit in the solar fire of the stellar bodies and planetary nuclei, controlling the omphalos or magnetic nucleus, that is the door dimensional that permits the circulation of beings and energies through the world inter-dimensional or anti-material.

To penetrate in the central fire, the Agnichaitans guide those beings and energies since the exterior crown to the central nucleus to conduct them thus toward the dimensions assigned al fulfillment of its evolutionary task.



Seeing also:        Lipika ; Akasha           

The room of the Agra-Sandhn is the registration in stone that reflects the soul of the large beings that have obtained the level of the third initiation or superiors in this planet and that with their sacrifice and delivery they have helped the liberal arts of the same one in their upward road and, therefore, they have been one with the Samna, the creative verb of the planetary Logos in their state of Reflection,  the first One in the Universe of Illusion.

The Agra-Sandhn, is the registration Akashic where are shown the qualities  and defects of each to be. Just as this paragraph of H. P. Blavatsky

<< The Indus Chitragupta is what reads the relation of the life of each Soul in their registration, call Agra-Sandhani; the Advisors that read theirs in the heart of the deceased, that becomes a book open before Yama, Minos, Osiris or Karma, they are not more than other so many copies and variant of the Lipika and of their  Astral Files. Nevertheless, the Lipika are not deities related to the Death, but with the Eternal Life. [ H. P. Blavatsky, The Secret Doctrine Vol. I] >>



Seeing also:  Mahat, My

The Ahankra element is the region in which the recognition of the own individuality, or the feeling of  I-Am-Me, begins to be defined. That is to say, the formal environment, that is where the human Ego unfolds inside the illusion created by My. 

In the Vishnu Purna tells itself that the Chaos or continuous Vacuity by the triple aspect of Ahankra, al that belongs. The Ahankra does not only signify selfishness, but the concept of itself', what is born of Mahat (the Divine Mind); being you Flow (the Human Mind) the first outline of the personality. Thus it is split you Flow in the duality of ego and mind of the man. The lower I-am or Kama Manas, hallucinated by the illusion of the individual physical existence, the sovereign of the five is believed tanmtras and he falls in the selfishness.


Ahriman: ( Ravana)

Seeing also: Ialdabaoth         

Ahriman was the dethroned Terrestrial Planetary Prince, Ahriman is named in the Ramayana as Ravana, describing it in its epoch of decadence after its union to it revolved cosmic favored by Ialdabaoth, the Shining Star and Daughter of the Morning, who was previous to the appearing of the Dhyn Chohans or Manage evolutionary of the Time and the Space, also antecesor of the Pitris, the Sons of Pit, the Father of those Collective creators of the World and of the Men.
Unfortunately, at the moment of the Great Curse or the Great Shadow, like we know it at present, the Earth as room planet of the system, had a colligation fundamental with the seventh one of this planetary system that was Saturn, therefore the Seventh members of a Septenarie Chain of Worlds are maintaining a union and special tuning inside the assembly of global relations.
For greater complication the terrestrial Atlantean Quarter Race, was born under the empire of the Moon and of Saturn, Soma and Shani. Which, they developed in this Race the aspects linked with the Dark Rays of the Moon and the Concrete Mind, whose planetary influence exercised Saturn.

Therefore, Ahriman, the Terrestrial Planetary Prince, was aligned gladly with Ildabaoth, regent of Saturn, who at the same time was hardly united through the related Cosmic Ray, to Ialdabaoth the Galactic Regent.
Ravana is the decrepit incarnation parched of the Rebellious Planetary Prince that still girds the crown of the terror that joins with his subjects Asuras, in an against-nature loyalty tie.
Ravana is the main enemy of Rama (the Aryan Adam), and he abducts to Sita to destroy the work of evolutionary elevation of the same humanity that helped to build in a remote past.
Ravana, or Ahriman, the dethroned Rebellious Planetary Prince, appears reflected in the figure of the snake of the Eden that tempted to Eva in the chronicles of the Adam Semitic. And he is one of the main causes of the fall of the present human race:
<< Ravana, scourge of the world, installed in his throne of gold, surrounded by his admirable entourage, with his ten faces, his twenty arms, his copper color eyes and his enormous chest; with his white teeth, his dilated appearance, his always open mouth as the death Delivered without brake to the enjoyment of all the imaginable pleasures, you ignore that has arisen for you a horrible danger... [Valmiki; The Ramayana] >>


In the Zend Avesta, the  Mazdeites book by excellence, he is related us another interesting story about Ahriman:

<< Angra Mainyu (Ahriman), being surrounding by fire, he tries to conquer the Skies, when Ahura Mazda, descending of the solid sky in which he inhabits, low to help the skies that rotate and to the Amshaspands, the seven Sravah brilliant, and accompanied by its stars, fight with Ahriman and the Devas obliged to embody'. [Darmesteter; Zend Avesta] >>


But Ahriman not always has been the fallen figure that these paragraphs show us, it was also in past times, the Holy Airyaman' cited in the Vendidd:

<< The Holy Airyaman (Ahriman), the dispensator of the happiness', the implacable one', the Dava of the Davas', is invoked in the Airyama-ishy with the following prayer: you Avoid ours enemy, Oh, Mazda and rmaita Spenta! [Darmesteter; Vendidd Sdah] >>


rmaita Spenta is in this prayer the Spirit of the Land, also called Angra Mainyu or Ahriman. The literature Magiana or Mazdeite, tells us that the Lord Asura is the Lord Asura Vishvavedas, the one that all knows him', the Omniscient Lord ' and Asura Mazdh is the Lord that grants the intelligence'. Thus Ahriman destroys the Bull created by Ormuzd (The Bull is here similar to the My Hindu) and is punished because of it withdrawing its divine quality.

The Pitris-Sophia, the great Gnostic work, gives us more details about the war in the skies' and of the figure of Ahriman. But it will be Greek P. Blavatsky who count him us:

<< The pure Dhyn and the Devas  of the oldest religions were converted with the time, in the Seven Devs, the ministers of Ahriman, "each one chained to his planet " (See the copy of the Letter of Origins or Diagram of the Ofitas) among the Mazdeites; Asuras  and some of the Rishis-good for the Brahmans, bad and indifferent; among the Egyptian Gnostics Thoth or Hermes was the leader of the Seven, whose names are given by Origins as: Adonai, genius of the Sun; Tao, of the Moon; Eloi, of Jupiter; Sabaoth, of Mars; Orai, of Venus; Astaphai, of Mercury, and Ildabaoth (Jehovah), of Saturn. Finally, the Pistis-Sophia, that is the largest modern authority on Gnostic beliefs exotericism, that the dead one Mr. C. W. King, mentions as "precious monument of the Gnosticism". This old document is echo of the archaic beliefs of the ages, although iIt disfigures them to serve to sectarian end. Manage them Astral of the Spheres, the planets, they created the Monads, or Souls, of its own substance, with "the tears of its eyes and the sweat of its torments", endowing to the Monads with a spark of its substance, that is the Divine Light. [ H. P. Blavatsky, The Secret Doctrine Vol. II] >>


Ahura Mazda: ( Ormuzd)

Seeing also:             Ahriman; Zarathushtra.

Ahura Mazda or Ormuzd, as is also known in the genealogy Indus-Iranian, was the head and synthesis of the seven Amesha Spentas, or Amshaspands, and therefore he himself was an Amesha Spenta, the focus of where emanates in it physicist the spiritual sun, the Seven Rays, the Seven Tongues of Fire and the Seven Planets or God. Ahura Mazda, that signifies the Lord Wise, is one of the Sons of the Wisdom, that formed the Man without Mind and they endowed him of his. The Caldeics Magicians said Yima, being referred to the Man to speak of the humanity: The beautiful Yima'; the first mortal that converted with Ahura Mazda, answering him in proud tone when this asks him to be its priest:
- I have not born, I have not been taught to be the preacher and bearer of your law'
Yima, the First Man, thus called in the Vendidd, and their brother twin Yama (Rama), the son of the Manu Vaivasvata, they belong to different two epochs of the universal history, and to the two poles of the creative energy, the Divine Wisdom being embodied in the Land, and forced to test the bitter fruit of the personal experience, the pain and the suffering. Which they evolve since the Divine Race to the Human Races that grow in the shadow of the Tree of the Knowledge of good and evil. This concept remains very well represented in the following mazdeite text , the Zend Avesta:
<< Invokes Oh Zarathushtra! To my Fravarshi, because I am Ahura Mazda, the largest one, the best, the most beautiful of all the beings, the most solid, the most intelligent and whose soul is the Holy Word... [ Darmesteter; Zend Avesta] >>


In this phrase Ahura Mazda, the solar being that represents to Adonai talk to Zarathushtra to be directly to the spiritual counterpart of the Solar God that is his Fravarshi, or the nucleus of the greater solar Logos , to which Zarathushtra can agree freely through the subtle connections that the Avatar of each one have has with the Logoi solar or planetarium in whose orbit of influence
Thus, Ahura Mazda, is not constituted itself in the center of the power but in the messenger of The Word', whose source is found also in the heart of the same Zarathushtra.
Therefore, Ahura Mazda and Ahriman are the two poles of a same force, the difference is that Ahura Mazda sacrifices voluntarily its glorious demonstration for the sake of its Fravarshi, who is in reality the Eternal Light, while Ahriman is praised to itself. The first Mazdeites did not believe that the Light and the Darkness being eternal and antagonistic, but they arose like cyclic evolution of the Time without Limit; the Unknown Cause to which the Mazdeites called Zeruna kerne.

According to Blavatsky, Ahura Mazdh (Asura Mazdh) remains related to the  Vedic

<< In the Zend Avesta the same thing is seen: In the religion mazdeites or magism, Asura is the Lord Asura Vishvavedas, the one "that all knows him" or the "Omniscient Lord "; and Asura Mazdh, that is converted later in Ahura Mazdh, is like Benfey shows "the Lord that grants the Intelligence: Burns Medha, and Ahura Mazdao. In another part of this work he causes he sees, under a not smaller authority, the Asura Indus-Iranian always was considered as septuplet. This fact, combined with the name Mazdh, like he has said itself, that does of the septuplet Asura the "Lord" or "Gentlemen" collectively,  which grant the Intelligence", relates the Amshadspens with the Asuras and with our Dhyn Chohans, that they embody, as well as also with the Elohim, and with the seven encouraging God of Egypt, Heats it, and all the other countries. [ H. P. Blavatsky, The Secret Doctrine Vol. III] >>


AShaH:  ( The Moon)

Seeing also: Soma

AShaH, the Moon, the reflection of the Sun, is also, the Kandramas Hindu of the Upanishads. Mooth or Mut, in the hierograms Egyptian; Mut is the Egyptian name of Venus or the Moon that signifies at the same time: Mother'.

Mut is a wife mother and daughter of Ammon, and in its aspect of daughter', she was respected the Eye of Ra', that is to say the vehicle by which Ra watches al world (the Earth).

The Marquis Saint-Yves D' Alveydre, does this interesting description counting us about AShaH and its environment:

<< AShaH, is the reflection of the Sun that is the RASh (husband), of the Moon, thus the MeShIaH is the RASh of there Is Kahalah, the social state, and at the same time the MOShIWo, the liberator of the yoke of the matter, that will be situated above the HaGO or administrative being. [ Saint-Yves D' Alveydre; The Arqueometre] >>


The Moon, As sequential ancestor of Third Round, of the present humanity in the Earth, was the mother and older sister of the Earth (see the analogy of Mut and Ammon). She coexists at present with the Earth by karmic motives and as commemorative of what in a remote time was happened The Moon, in their previous projection like original planet of the Earth, explode by the air being fragmented in thousands of rocks that were disseminated for the inter-stellar space. This unfortunate act was due to a planetary catastrophe produced by the previous lunar humanity; dragging in their fall, to a huge quantity of monadic beings that suffered during long cosmic periods the experience traumatic of the eradication.

This epic tragedy is recalled brilliantly by the Marquis Saint-Yves D' Alveydre, that relates it, in metaphorical key by means of these exquisite verses:



And you, sad Ayshah! What fatality!

This Astral Universe is not the Liberty,

It is the Need breaking down the Adversary. The Chaos!

Is not the Pardon, is the Law!

Is not already my Direct Kindness, is the Force!

Is not already the Eternal Live , is the Time!

Is not already our Sky, is the Abyss, the Space,

Is the Elongation in the Investment

Of the Revolutions of Stars and Destinies,

Where the Security of the Beings disappears

Trembling set against the Winds, anxious, carried

To the Adventure in the Night of the Unhappiness,

From Duration into Duration, from Misfortune into Misfortune!

And is there where you go, far from the Sky, far from Us,

To drag to the incarnate Nature in yourself

To this Abortion of the Generations,

To give Its Series, transforming the Assembly

Without being able to see it, shouting of Pain,

In each Birth, in each new Death!

Of you they will be born two Types: The Good one of your Love,

The other that of your Envy...

and, nevertheless, my Day

Will arrive...!, But in your heart, Spiritual Woman,

That reign always AYSh, the Man of the Spirit,

And-MeShy' L, announcing you Was it of your Messiah!

[ Saint-Yves D' Alveydre; The Theogony of the Patriarchs]


During the Quarter Patrols they condensed new planetary nuclei in the incipient nebula that would form subsequently this present solar system. One of those planetary nuclei the native awareness of the old Lunar planet and of the new Earth constituted, that little by little were being condensed in a double planetary system, in which, the son suctions as much as found of useful of the body of their old mother. Since the first moment, the Earth was shown a lot more active than their elderly mother the Moon, absorbing the majority of its mass to the situation of gravitational equilibrium in which both stars remained finally separated.

The Logoi Planetary Terrestrial began then the task of re-creation of the first etheric human races, and decided to initiate the formation of the first human that would constitute the First Root Race of this Quarter Planetary Cycle , creating the first men based on the Lunar forms inherited of the previous planetary Rounds.

From the Lunar forms, the first men that were generated during the First and Second Roots Races, had been a hodgepodge among great part of the old Lunar humanity, those that could not reach the spiritual evolution expected in their cycle and the Lunar animal Monads, that not having been able to complete their evolutionary cycle they had passed to the human cycle by been not responsible for the terrifying planetary catastrophe happened in the previous Lunar round.

Thus, the previous Lunar humanity should remain a cycle more in the sequential planetary successor that was the Earth, and in this way, the Lunar humanity lived together on the other hand, with the old animal beings that were elevated to the human level since the old Lunar planet. Although they had not participated actively in the destruction, in fact they were suffering its consequences in the multiple lacks that an truncated evolution had granted them.

That Lunar humanity have not the sufficient thing managed to evolve like to be elevated on the cycles of re-incarnation; was constituted during the Lemurian race in the generating nucleus of the involutionary forces  that subsequently would join with the Fraternity of the Darkness.

The Moon, or Soma, as is called to the influence of the lunar essence on the Earth, is the God of the mystery that dominates on the nature of the man of surface, and the one that develops in this Race the aspects linked with the Dark Rays of the Moon.


Aj:   (Aja) (Subconscious)          

Seeing also: Kundalini, Matih-Apaneya, Ophite        

The Aj or Aja, signifies in Sanskrit 'not born', being referred to the part of the being that does not participate in the incarnation, or subconscious area of the same one. We can see more in detail the meaning of the word Aja in the Purusha Skta of the Rig Veda, in which this is defined like the eternal and nonato spirit', that is to say, the part of the human being that remains gone to sleep, to descend to the matter.

Aja-Purusha (the man unborn), also serves to appoint to the lamb or innocent, signifying metaphorically, the mind-subconscious or spirit of the man not involve with the free will.

It is known that the normal human being utilizes only eight percent of its mental potentiality, that remaining capacity or subconscious', simply is reserved until the man reach the capacity to use it by means of its spiritual development. The Ofitas have sought always to acquire that potentiality by means of artificial methods as the elevation of the Kundalini through the control of the respiration and other methods that very little have to do with the spiritual elevation. The hypnotism or mesmerism is another black art that consists on the control of the subconscious of another person by means of the suggestion. The ritual of the Matih-Apaneya among beings evolved permits to be communicated mentally among them without violating the mental intimacy of each one.

In Egyptian language, the Aj is the luminous and immortal principle that forms splits member of the individual. The 'aju' are the companies in which the God or the dead persons can be comunicated.


Akasha:  ( Akashic)

Seeing also: ter

The Fifth Element is defined by the old wisdom as Akasha, which, is the base of the also called Akashic

A more extensive vision of the classical concept of the ter-Akasha offers it us madam Blavatsky:

<< All the old nations deified the ther in their aspect of imponderable power. Virgil calls to Jupiter, Pater Omnipotens Aether', and "the Great ter " (Georgica, Book I). The Indus have also placed it among their deities, under the name of Akasha, the synthesis of the Ether. And the author of the homoemerians system of philosophy, Anaxagoras of Clasomene, believed firmly that the spiritual prototypes of all the things, the own thing that their elements, were found in the AEter without limits, where they were generated one's they evolved and where they returned: a hidden teaching.

Because, "what is the fundamental Chaos, but the ther?" Not the modern Ether; not the one that is recognized now as such, but like was known of the old philosophers a lot before the time of Moses: the ther with all its hidden and mysterious properties, containing in itself the germs of the universal creation. The Upper ther or ksha, is the Celestial Virgin, Mother of all forms and existing beings, of whose breast, as quick as he was "incubated" by the Divine Spirit, they sprouted to the existence the Matter and the Life, the Force and the action. ther is the Aditi of the Indus and is the ksha. The electricity, the magnetism, the heat, the light and the chemical action, they are so little understood still today, that new facts come constantly to widen the horizon of our knowledge. [H. P. Blavatsky, The Secret Doctrine Vol. II] >>


The wise of the antiquity defined Sophia, as the Divine Wisdom that Moorish in the Akasha, while its daughter Sophia Achamth represents to the Lower Astral Light or ter. In reality, both are a same thing view since two aspects, the spiritual one and the psychic one. The Akasha is been therefore the vehicle, or basic substance in which is supported the formal world' or material, since its start in the fundamental Chaos to its dissolution, to the final of the Manvantara.

Thus, so the spiritual world be declared: Manas, the mind, should die in the Akasha to enter in Laya.

In the Vishnu Purna the function of the Akasha is shown us in all its significance in the narration of the Second Creation or Bhta. This narration of the creation, has curious similarities with the one that The Bible in the Genesis relates us. Thus the Second Creation or Bhta of the Vishnu Purna helps us to understand the mysterious words of the Genesis:

<< And God said: Let there be a firmament made amidst the waters: and
let it divide the waters from the waters.
A firmament... By this name is here understood the whole space between
the earth, and the highest stars. The lower part of which divideth the
waters that are upon the earth, from those that are above in the clouds.
And god made a firmament, and divided the waters that were under
the firmament, from those that were above the firmament, and it was so.
And God called the firmament, Heaven; and the evening and morning
were the second day. [The Bible; Genesis I] >>


We compare now these strange words with the explanation that madam Blavatsky offers us about the Second Creation or Bhta of the Vishnu Purna:

<< II. The Second Creation, Bhta, was the Rudimentary Principles or Tanmtras; with the result that he calls it the Elementary Creation or Bhtasarga. It is the period of the first blow of differentiation of the precosmic elements, or the Matter. Bhtadi means the origin of the Elements", and it precedes Bhtasarga, the Creation", or diferenciacin, of those Elements in the Primordial Akasha, the Chaos or Vacuity. In the Vishnu Purna is said that it continues for the triple aspect of Ahankara, to the one that belongs, being translated this word by Selfishness, but meaning that untranslatable term of the self-concept" (I-am-ness), what is born firstly of Mahat or the Divine Mind; the first hazy outline of the personality, because the pure Ahankara becomes in passionate and finally in rudimentary or initial; he is the origin of all being, so much conscious as unconscious", although the occult school rejects the idea that there is something that is unconscious, I save in our plane of illusion and ignorance. In this period of the Second Creation, the Second Hierarchy of the Manus, the Dhyn Chohans or Devas that are the origin in the Way (Rupa), the Chitrashikhandinas, those of Brilliant Crown or Rikshas; those Rishis that have become the exciting Souls of the Seven Stars, (of the Ursa Major). This Creation refers, in the astronomical language, to the period of the Fog of Fire, the first degree of the Cosmic Life, after its chaotic state, when the atoms leave from Laya. [H. P. Blavatsky, The Doctrine Secret Vol. II]>>


Allah: ( Allah)

Seeing also: Ahura Mazda; Jehovah

Mohammed preached the Islam, as the original and pure monotheism that Allah (Allah, or al-ilah, the God') brought to light to the humanity since the creation, and that was revealed by numerous previous prophets of the Islam that have a lot in common with the Judaism and the Christianity. In the Islam the concept of a God was defined more alive and nearby that the created by the one based on the figure of Jehovah. The Islam uses often, to be referred to God, names that express in general particular qualities or divine attributes. Among the most frequent they are found: Rahman (the merciful) and al-Rahim (the compassionate.) But the Islam, at  same as occur with the Catholicism, quick remained absorbed by the factual powers and the radicalization of ideas. The school of Mutazila and their rival traditionalists, the followers of al-Ashari promulgated dogmas that finally finished in fratricides fights. These disputes did not remain in a theoretical and intellectual level, but they were related to political fights on the problem of the nature and source of the religious authority and politics in the Islam. In the first half of the century IX, the followers of Mutazila were supported by the caliphate. Nevertheless, at final, they succeeded their rival traditionalists, who also they were opposed to that the caliphs had religious authority in the Islam. Thus the division between the Shiites and the Sunni groups radicalized the Islam, permitting to the involutionary forces the absolute control of their leading dome. Just as was happened before to the Catholic Church, the Koran counts how Mohammed was carried at night since the place of The Mecca where he slept to the throne of God in the skies. In the morning he was found again in The Mecca. He is a matter of the story of the Nocturnal Trip (Isra), that provided the thematic one for great quantity of allegories in the Sufism. Really when Mohammed left of to be guided actively by beings of great spiritual potentiality who were identified as angels, the Islam remained at mercy of the involutionary terrestrial forces. The syncretistic religions have constituted some pernicious red capes that due to their badly use, finally they have left spiritually paralytics to the men by their extraordinary accustomation to them and al little interior development that these poor aids have favored, corrupted like they were for the egotistical and material interests.



Seeing also:  Laya; Akasha

The laya becomes the Soul of the World through its energy centers and of awareness. The laya is the personification of the empty one and, nevertheless, is the base of each one of the visible and invisible things. According to the Hindu traditions: The yoghi should be one with the laya in soul and in essence being capable of plunging its soul in her'.

The Yogchryas of the Mahyna school affirm that laya being the personification of the empty one is eternal and immutable in its essence, being reflected in each object of the Universe as the Moon in the tranquil and clear water'.

Teaching consequently that the Truth in this plan of demonstration is always relative therefore themselves subordinate to the distorted images of the Reality that we observe in the declared world or My, which they are the distorted reflection call Paramrtha,from the identifying original image as Paranishpanna or the Absolute Perfection.


ALHIM: ( Alhim)( Elohim ) ( ALaHIM)

Seeing also: Dhyn Chohans; Logoi; dityas; PhI

The ALHIM, (Alhim or Elohim) are the Powers of the Verb (the God) that control the material worlds or the gravitated astrality', also called A-Rets or Arets (the Land). According to what is referring us the Marquis Saint-Yves defines him D' Alveydre:

<< The ALHIM, the Powers of the Verb that control the A-Rets, the gravitated astrality and his evolution. This universal gravity proceeds of the ROUAH-ALHIM, as main motor that contains the ROuaH, the cycles of the eternity and the NaHaSH, the time in spires

With any of the names that we be given them: Powers, ALHIM, Angels or God, these Guardians of the universal functions are to the Verb like the letters to the Word. Each one, according to its function, presides to all of State of Forces in the astral Skies. In luck of that, by the Skies of the organic Time, this Function extends instantly through the Ether, in all the Universe, to all the hierarchies of beings and of things that the double visible Sky encloses in itself, to the central fire of each globe, fire that himself does not form part of the astral Sky, but above all of the Sky fluid. [ Saint-Yves D' Alveydre; The Arqueometre] >>


The Elohim are the Seven Creative Spirits, and they produce at the same time, to their own image, to the Seven God or Stellar Spirits, calls also the Spirits of the Face' that conform the Holy Spirit, the RUACH-Elohim (Rouah-Alhim).

The schemers have always identifying a secret relation among the name of the Elohim or Alhim and the number cabalistic-Pythagorean PhI (f + p). According to Ralston Skinner, author of The Source of Measures. The value of the letters of the name Alhim ( yhl') Is: 13514, the which, is at the same time a combined in the secret calculations of the number 31415 or number p (Pi) 3'1415. Thus the Kabalah says explicitly that Elohim is a general abstraction'; what is called in math a constant coefficient' or general function', that is to say not individual to each approach, that participates in every construction as the general reason from 1 to 31415. In the Zohar, is shown clearly that in the principle the Elohim (Alhim) were calls Achad, (One, or the deity One in Many').

The Elohim, they were The ones that communicated to the man the most strange secrets of the Nature and they revealed him the ineffable Word, the SheMaIM, now loss. This Word, that is not a word, has circulated once for all the globe, and still languishes like a distant and dying echo, in the hearts of some privileged men. The Hierophants of all the Priestly Schools knew the existence of this Word that is not a word but a sound; but the Word only was known of the Java Aleim, or  main master of each School, and was transmitted its successor only at the moment of the death.

In the book of Isaac Myer, titled the Qabbalah, is shown us a beautiful explanation of the Hebrew genesis:

<< B'raisheeth barah elohim ath hashama'yem v' ath haa' retz', this is, "In the principle (the) God (is), created the skies and the land" (whose meaning is); The six Sephiroth of Construction, on which is B'raisheeth, they belong All down. It created six (and) in these they are (they exist) all the Things. And those they depend on the seven forms of the Skull, to the Dignity of all the Dignities, and the second "Land" does not enter the calculation, therefore has said itself: "AND of her (that Land) that suffered the curse, left... "She (the Land) did not have form and was empty; and the darkness was on the face of the Abyss, and the Spirit of Elohim... breathed (me'racha'pheth, this is, protecting,... On the water." Thirteen depend on thirteen (forms) of the highest dignity. 6.000 years penden (have references a) in the six first words. The seventh one (thousand, the millennium) on her (the damned Land), is the one that is strong by itself. and was desolated completely for twelve hours (A... day).... In the tenth triplet, she (the Deity) will re-establish... them and all the things they will be renewed like before; and all those six will continue. [Comments about the Siphra Dtzenioutha: Isaac Myer; The Qabbalah] >>


In these comments we see the Elohim creating the world and something more but we see what has telling us liphas Lvi, about the Siphra Dzeniutta, as the great schemer appoints to the hidden book by excellence:

<< "In the beginning (Bereschith ), Elohim created the sky and the land ". This versicle contains six words, at beginning of which figures the word "Bereschith". That number is the emblem of the seven parts of the "Head" of where every blessing emanates on the land. The second versicle of the Genesis Begins with the word: "and the land " (sees-haaretz). It is of the land that emanates the curse; because God has cursed it. The Writings say that the land was report and naked (thohou and bohou), and that the spirit of Elohim floated on the water. Is an allusion at thirteen o'clock glories of the Glorious one. The world will subsist during six thousand years to which the six they allude first words of the Genesis. At the beginning of the seventh millennium, everyone will be annihilated in twelve hours. Is to that cataclysm that refer the words. "Was thohoy and bohou". To the tenth third hour of the seventh millennium, God will excuse us its mercy and will renew the world replacing it in the state in which was during the six preceding millenniums. I have here why the Writings tell us primarily that God created the sky and the land, and then they teach us that the land was "thohoy and bohou " and that the darkness covered the face of the abyss; this state of the land I will be renewed really after the creation, al beginning of the seventh millennium. To this epoch the versicle alludes (Isaiah II, 11) : "AND God will be powerful that day".

Among the signs that God recorded in the sky at the moment of the creation, a snake extended to all the long thing of the land and with the queue rolled to the head could be seen deform and blemished. This snake passes, once each thousand days by the great ocean, where has the head destroyed, as well as is writing (Psalms, LXXIV, 13) : "You have destroyed the heads of the dragons in the fund of the water". There are two dragons, but is only one the one that dies; and that is why here the word thaninim' (dragons) is writing without the director "i", what gives to the word the singular number.

The Writings add: "AND Elohim said: That the light be (iehi) fact, and the light was (veiehi) fact." They are found again in this versicle the sacred names: Ieve' Sees'. The Vau final appoints the lower Schekhina as well as H appoints the upper Schekhina ; they maintain the scale in equilibrium. The versicle "AND Elohim saw that the light was good" appoints the "Hayoth" of which the Writings say that they go and they come. The word "good ", in this versicle, appoints al just of which the Writings say that is good, as well as is writing (Isaiah III, 10) you Say al just that is good. [Comments al Siphra Dzeniutta : liphas Lvi; The Book of the Splendors]>>


Really the text of the Siphra Dzeniutta is one of the most important cabalistic texts and at the same time, of the most hidden in its esoteric interpretation, which contains the figure of the Elohim (custodians of the stars) and the keys of the present planetary transition. Therefore, we can not avoid showing this beautiful Hebrew text in all its splendor:



1 BrE' Hiyt BArA' 'lOhiym 'Et haHHAmayim w' Et hAS' Arec: 2

whA' Arec hAytAh tOh wAbOh wxOHek val-Pney thm wrx

'lOhiym mraxepet val-Pney hammAyim: 3 wayyO' mer 'lOhiym

yhiy 'r wayhiy-' r: 4 wayyar' 'lOhiym 'et-hA'r Kiy-Xb

wayyabDEl 'lOhiym BEyn hAS' r bEyn haxOHek: 5 wayyiqrA'

'lOhiym tHE' r ym wlaxOHek qArA' lAylAh wayhiy-vereb

wayhiy-bOQER ym 'exAd:



rA' Ahw 2 :rAB'Ah tBE' w yaYmAKHah tB' andihl' 'Z rAb tyH' rb 1

yBNKP-lav tepeYxrm andihl' xrw ht yZNKP-lav eHYOxw hObw hfOt hBAtyAh

-you' yBihl' 'rTCyw 4 :r'-yihyw -you' yBihl' 'rTCyw 4 :r'-yihyw r' yZihy yYihl' rem' CByw 3 : yBAGmah

'rqCyw 5 :eHOxah 'rqCyw 5 :eHOxah yBEb rY' Oh yBEb andihl' lZdbCyw bx-yik rY' Oh

By rqyob-yihytw brbev-yihytw hAlyAl 'rZq eHYOxalw and r' Al |yYihl'

> : dABxe'>


[Siphra Dzeniutta]



But there is another specific function that comply a special type of Alhim, the ALaHIM or guardians. They are the responsible for giving to mental every life their food and their elements. The ALaHIM, they are also the responsible for the Horizontal Door and of the Western Door of the astral world. They are calls also the Lions of Fire' and the Lions of Life' whose esoteric key have itself hidden in the symbol zodiacal of Lion.

They appear in the archaic traditions as the Large Kings of the Devas, thus same represented like the Four Zodiacal Chaitans or the Four Living Creatures. They are represented also, according to the Bardo Thdol, as the Four Guardians of the east Door: The White Goddess with head of tiger and taking the sting; the Southern one, the Yellow Goddess with head of hog and taking the tie; that of the West, the Red Goddess with head of lion and taking chains of iron, and at last, that of the North, Snake and taking the bell.





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