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ET Global Contact:

This year will be, according to many messages and canalizations, the year of the first Global Contact in the whole planet. During this year, such and like the the messages announce  like we will show next, a new age will open up as it was denominated: The Golden Age.

Although in fact this section doesn't seek to convince anybody, here there is not apocalyptic tags, we not even sell salvation to someone", we simply present facts... thousands of UFO observations have taken place until today and many more they will be produced in next months, we only seek here to give faith of them and to create a platform or exchange forum where everything who wants it can participate and sharing their data and information.

The answer to the obvious question: What it is getting ready and why?  is not at all so obvious, each one has its own answer and it is inside all man where him should look for it. As help to that introspective meditation and the exploration of our interior reality we present here a part of the messages channeled by Mike Quinsey and Nancy Tate that are presented in the section: ET Messages


The Alive Planet:

The planet that we inhabit is a wonderful living being which takes care of us and it has being guarded our evolution until the current crossroad of paths. Today, in the day of their next ascension, we want to dedicate to our mother  Gaia our deep gratitude and love in fact.

The integration of the alive images of our dear planet in this page has been carried out by Sebastián Salado using images obtained in the Web:  http://www.fourmilab.ch/earthview /, being these alive pictures generously offered by  John Walker to be integrated in a self-modified picture updated on-line with the astronomical observatories, databases of satellites and dedicated software like analytic motors and calendar converters.  

John, thank you for your splendid work and your wonderful creative genius...


 Thanks to the invaluable contribution of: Fourmilab :: Earth and Moon Viewer

ET First Contact:

According to what indicate us many messages and canalizations the Earth is entering in a radiation belt that some call: ' The Encouragement of God'. This consists on a photonic wind of high energy that is facilitating the opening of channels and energy that will allow to the humans of surface to take conscious contact in a global way with the beings of high dimensions that have been monitoring the process of evolutionary ascension of the current human race.   

The Source approaches in this way to its creatures by means of the energy of the creation transmitted by means of the Light and the Creator's Love. In a certain point of the process the siblings of the stars will be clever to intervene in the evolutionary progress of this planet in a pondered way but with resolutory content, and that moment is identified in these messages inside the margin of the present year 2006.

As we said in the presentation, in this section we don't seek to convince anybody and neither there is apocalyptic tags, not even salvation to someone is ever sold", we simply seek to create a forum of information and discussion centered in these evolutionary messages, the videotapes and UFO observation documents and ET contacts documented or not.

The imminence of those events doesn't leave time for hesitations, the formal media offers us a total and absolute blockade of this type of informations and the vicinity of these facts, although who control them in the shade they know them perfectly. For that reason the information flows today by other beds like Internet and the P2P nets, which constitute the only sources of information not yet controlled entirety by the system.

And they are in fact these two means those that will use from this web to exchange data, messages, videotapes and pictures that will go opening our heavy terrestrial mind toward one of the most aglow marvels in the whole history of the humanity. 

This is the beginning of Our Golden Age, although it is still necessary to bring closer the shoulder to make it flourish, and for that reason we unite to the numerous groups that already begin making public them toward the brilliant light of that New Age. Following this aim, we distribute openly from this web the ' ET First Contact' Spanish translations on behalf of the evolutionary messages that courageously have been publishing by Mike Quinsey and Nancy Tate.

We will also present in the following pages the videotapes and reports that show the multiple UFO observations and the machinations of the dark forces that play with the wills and the governments decisions in altar of their unwelcome interests. 

You can see in the finder below the summary of the most important news that are really happening today in the world in this same moment and also you can accompany us in figuring out their hidden meaning...




 Forum and Mail List: Global Contact 

Stay informed daily about all that really happens in the World from your own electronic mail! Participate with your own ideas and expose their doubts in the following forum and Mail List:

[Global Contact Mail List ] <<You can Receive in your own mailbox of electronic mail the messages and the news diffused from this Web. Joint to the Forum of the Web and participate. . . <<

Global Contact  is a mail list where you will be able to find articles and data related with the New Golden Age and to participate sharing your own messages, translations, videotapes, pictures or works to the other members of the list.
And where you will also receive weekly the study and compilation from some of the messages channeled by Mike Quinsey and Nancy Tate translated to the Spanish by Nady Martínez and Sebastián Salado.

Additionally to the mail list of the web we have created an Exchange Forum in which you can be exchanged opinions and works freely among the participants of the forum: http://www.eListas.net/lista/contactoglobal/ and also being receiving the mail and messages from the forum of the web assiduously.

You can check yourself in: http://www.eListas.net/lista/contactoglobal/alta , but is better to register first as eListas user in: http://www.eListas.net/ 


 UFO Images and ET First Contact Messages

In the following pages we will show the images picked up from the web and in the P2P nets (Emule) that will be able to be discharged and observed from Google Video and from the Emule net.

You will also be able to consult the the 'ET First Contact' Spanish translation messages.


Images ET Area 1 (UFO in America, Australia and Oceania)

The news that we listen to newspaper in the informative of radio and television are ' Alienate'?. As little as we pay attention to the data distributed by the big multinationals of the information, we will find that they are 'copied' one from another. Discover with us those ' Other News', the images that we present in this page are realities that only our fear dares to deny. Do you also have new data as to contribute on that? loaded it into the Google Video server or the Emule one and send us the references so that the other members will know them. We constrain on this chapter the American and Australian videotapes only for space reasons in the web.

Images ET Area 2 (UFO in Europe, Asia and Africa)


In the last times there has been a great UFO activity in the entire world, but has been a great action of hiding to the public those facts on the part of the dark forces. To discover that fact and to give to know the big mysteries that are developed to our surroundings like living in a parallel reality it is a luminous task that has always been impelled by solitary individuals. And irrevocably in their environment a great reaction has taken place to hide those people and to hiding the light emanating from a well-known nucleus of investigators, dedicating in it their life and effort. Today we recover the work of some of them as humble tribute to their firm integrity and their inexhaustible human kind. Then, we include some of those videotapes on this section as well as much more UFO images in Europe Asia and other locations.

Images ET Area 3 (UFO in the External Space and Global Conspiracy)


The UFO contacts from the International Space Station, the old MIR or the Shuttle ship is not any novelty, on the contrary, it is very well-known that all the astronauts received special instructions to ignore the undeniable reality that is presented by the windows of their space ships. All the pilots of airships know too well the 'danger' of declaring an encounter with UFO. Is there a silence conspiracy behind these facts? Discover the evidences of the 11-S and other painful and shameful assemblies of the Cabal of the Illuminati here to get the total power on the world.

Messages ET Part 1 (Translated Messages from October 2005)
In these articles it is shown the study and compilation of some of the messages channeled by Mike Quinsey and Nancy Tate in those that we will discover a reality based on the work carried out by our siblings of the cosmos and the high entities that are already among us, guiding and channeling their energy by means of the groups that have been denominated ' Light Workers'. The ' First Contact' is the moment in which the forces of the Federation will be shown openly, it won't be an isolated and directed contact toward the ruling domes or elected messengers as in the past, but a global contact and in front of the eyes of the all human beings of the planet. Really, like this has been said, it would be more appropriate to use the term of Global Contact than that of First Contact, because many isolated contacts have already taken place, for more information it can consult himself: A SECRET GOVERNMENT for MILTON WILLIAM COOPER and also in the TRASCRIPCIÓN MAPUCHE, see pages: The Secret Government and Trascripción Mapuche of this web.
Media Video Selection Currently in Internet
In these videos is shown the activity of the Illuminati to carry out its calendar of world slavery. Also is envisaged the new view point vision of the current world situation by the groups that have been denominated ' Light Workers'. The ' First Contact' is the moment in which the forces of the Federation will be shown openly, it won't be an isolated and directed contact toward the ruling domes or elected messengers as in the past, but a global contact and in front of the eyes of the all human beings of the planet, for more information you can consult: A SECRET GOVERNMENT for MILTON WILLIAM COOPER on this web.






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