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The conscience that there is space, it distances and time is only the man's creation. To pass through the fine veil that separates the conscience of their full one to be able to add interior activity is only a matter of state of conscience, that is to say, of thought and feeling. 

[Saint Germain; The Book of Gold of Saint Germain] 




Dawn of Gold or Golden Transition:

Investigation and Chosen Works from Other Authors:

This section is born as a result of the work of personal search which have carried out during last year in the web and in many other books. Work that has found their fruit in the articles included in the following pages.

Articles in those that it is shown the study and compilation of some of the messages channeled by Mike Quinsey and Nancy Tate in those that we will discover a reality based on the work carried out by our siblings of the cosmos and the high entities that are already among us, guiding and channeling their energy by means of the groups that have been denominated ' Light Workers'.

  ET Global Contact  I:


From: mike quinsey [mike@quinsey.wanadoo.co.uk]
Date: Tuesday, 13 of December 2005 9:56
To: etfirstcontact@voidzero.net
Subject: [ET First Contact] Ker-On121305

Ker-On 12.13.05.

As you are beginning to understand, there is not a single event that will bring the opportunity for changes to commence. It has been a long journey to reach this point, and I mean hundreds of years not just 10 or 20 years. What is happening now is a multitude of different actions that are destined to bring about the Great Shift. Every channel of truth that is opened is another beacon of light that attracts more and more people to its cause.

The positive changes have been taking place as the background to activities of the dark. Small beginnings with all the promise of an outstanding victory for the Light. NESARA and First Contact are simply more events along the way, and even without them you would eventually succeed in claiming back your freedom. Both are however necessary due to the time factor involved, as there are only a certain number of years left to complete the mission. It is for this very reason that The Galactic Federation has been given a decree that authorizes their intervention, if matters have not reached a certain point of completion very soon.

The Ascension that you are involved in is a major event in this Galaxy. Remember that it extends far beyond Earth, and the reason we are involved with your part in the process, is because you are not fully prepared to handle it yourself. Furthermore, as the latest member to join The Galactic Federation you are given the same protection as every other member. There is however more, as there is a Heavenly edict that requires this sector of the Galaxy to be fully ready for the next phase in events. You will understand that whatever happens there is absolutely no way that it will not be achieved.

First Contact is your introduction to your Space Family, and a coming together that has been envisaged for a very long time. It is not that we have ever left you entirely to your own devices. Over millennia of time we have monitored your progress, and worked with Mother Earth. We have even visited groups, and given teachings that have enabled them to progress. >From more recent times the evidence of these visits still remains, and your most convincing proof lies with the Dogon Tribe. In modern times, we have visited you quite openly, and there are few but the out and out skeptics who would not accept that claim. There has been a twofold approach, one to warn of the dangers of nuclear weapons and secondly to familiarize you with Beings from other worlds.

Looking back, I would say that an excellent job has been carried out, and for many nothing seems more natural than meeting your Brothers and Sisters from Space. As usual, and in accordance with the needs of duality where both the Light and dark are represented, there are those who visit Earth with other intentions. The Greys who have dominated the ET news through their “abductions” are not members of The Galactic Federation, but in their own way have opened your eyes to the existence of other entities. Their activities have engendered fear, and this is still an aspect that we are dealing with. Suffice to say, that there has never been an incident involving our craft or members, which would lead you to believe that we come in other than love and peace.

At present our fleets wait in anticipation of being ordered to Earth. They are already so close, but out of sight or shielded from your gaze by methods used to provide invisibility. We would like nothing better than to allow you to see us more often, but there is an ongoing threat against us from most countries. You chase our craft and try to bring them down, but in this you will be unsuccessful as our technology is so far advanced. In such instances we avoid confrontation as we do not resort to unnecessary retaliation.

I am Ker-On and our Venusian scout craft were amongst the first to be seen upon Earth in the current era of sightings. Our bell shaped craft are now well known to you, and your George Adamski was the first to be taken aboard. In those early days there was a lot of disbelief about the existence of extraterrestrial craft, and various explanations were put forward. Today, space travel and your growing understanding of inter-dimensional travel, are allowing more people to accept our presence.

Our tasks to move you on and introduce you to new technologies have been delegated, and teams have been formed that are fully briefed to put them in hand immediately. Speed is of the essence, and you can rest easily in this respect as our methods and equipment are “out of this world”. To put it bluntly, your Earth is dying and yet little is done to acknowledge this state of affairs, and much less to put it right. Without our help, you would continue to see the ongoing break up of your environment, and its affect on health and nature.

By the very nature of the cycle you are in, it must be said that the results were foreseen. Our role for millennia of time has been to ensure that circumstances do not get out of control, and we have done much to stabilize Earth. We could not otherwise interfere in your evolution, as you have been put here to fully experience and understand duality. It is more a matter of seeing and experiencing your own creations, and it is only in recent times that you are beginning to realize your responsibilities in this respect.

Now you have more awareness of your infinity, and your numerous lives and journeys upon Earth, you are beginning to understand your reason for being here. There is purpose and design in everything that takes place, and in this you can see God’s hand. There are Universal Laws that we as a Federation of Light adhere to, and even then we are guided by higher forces. We meet with the Universal Brotherhood and various councils that determine how God’s Will is carried out. At our level all of our actions are conceived with the greatest love for all life forms, and this is why we will be able to successfully restore Earth to its pristine condition.

One thing you can be sure of is that we will not let you down. Our promises are ones made eons of time ago, when you became cut off from your source and completely immersed in the lower vibrations. We ensured that you would always know subconsciously of your connection with the Light, and that you would one day return to it. That day has arrived, and we see that the Light is already gleaming out from Earth like a glorious sign of your achievements. Soon, we shall all celebrate your success with you in much joy and happiness.

Thank you Ker-On.

Mike Quinsey

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ET Global Contact  II:

From: mike quinsey [mike@quinsey.wanadoo.co.uk]
Saturday, 07 of January 2006 9:57
to: etfirstcontact
Subject: [ET First Contact] Ker-On010706

Ker-On 01.07.06

If you have any doubts about what is happening, look around you and listen to what people are saying. Even those who do not avidly follow the channeled messages are calling for changes, and many wish to dismantle the war machine. Just in your lifetimes you have seen so much death and destruction, and you know there must be a better way to live on this planet. You look to your leaders, but by and large they are of the old school who use power and might to have their own way. For millennia of time the power of force has been used against weaker countries. Policies are introduced that “keep them in their place” with little intention of helping to advance their standards of living or education.

Karma has played a big part in these matters and bear in mind that individuals apart, every country has its own path mapped out. The rise and fall of great civilizations shows you that every one has an allotted time span. It will also tell you that not one is invincible, and that those who rise up against others will eventually fall themselves. The Roman Empire is one such example, although it cannot be denied that they made a big impact upon the world.

Now we come to the present day and the circumstances are quite different, as the balance of power now lies with the sophisticated weaponry. Armies of foot soldiers are no longer the deciding factor, but how advanced your weaponry is compared to others. With it comes the potential of mass destruction on a scale hitherto unseen on your Earth. Now you will understand why the Higher Forces cannot allow matters to get out of hand, as the potential has always been the total destruction of Earth. Karma will not allow this path to be opened, but you have seen the threat before you and your response has been to demand an end to war.

Your leaders turn a deaf ear to your pleading, and only their vision of complete world control occupies their minds. They are arrogant enough to believe it can be achieved by coercion, but are also prepared to unleash the mighty arsenals of weapons to get their way. They can no longer invent the scenario that makes their proposed actions appear justified. People are much wiser and able to see through their subterfuge and covert schemes that are used to back their aims.

The picture is now one where two opposing forces of Light and dark are testing each other for supremacy. The light that is upon Earth is increasing exponentially, and as it grows more rapidly and is a serious energy that is bringing about changes. However, we from the Galactic Federation are supporting our allies upon Earth, and it is no longer a one-sided battle. If it was simply a matter of whose technology was the most superior, we would consider that ours would win hands down. However, confrontation is not our way, and neither is interference in the affairs of others. We act in accordance with Universal Law and have a great respect for the sanctity of all life.

Even those who are of the dark are still misguided souls of Light, and we are not out to destroy them. We will however ensure that they comply with the edicts of the Higher Councils. When our sound reasoning and pleading fails we shall enforce our orders to free Humanity from the clutches of the Illuminati. This time approaches very rapidly, but we first await the outcome of other events that are taking shape upon Earth. One way or the other we will remove the last cabal, and then we can go forging ahead with the long promised changes. We wish you as far as possible to be the ones whose actions bring this matter to a conclusion, as it is preferable that these are seen to initially come through you and not us.

Once the first move is made by you, we can back you up and we know that when we can come openly there will be no difficulty in convincing you all of our peaceful intentions. We have mentioned many times about the fear that some feel about our intentions, but it will be seen that we are not aggressive and do not use physical force. In the main we are accepted because our craft have been with you for almost seventy years, and in that time have become an accepted part of your lives. Your Government has of course been developing space craft and hiding their activities behind our presence. Along with the Greys, they have been responsible for most incidents that have taken place.

As ever, we closely follow every move that takes place upon Earth, and you need have no concern about our ability to contain what is happening. In time you will learn exactly what our role has been, and will be quite surprised at the degree to which we have helped you avoid catastrophes both on and off your world. Without us you would have been doomed a long time ago, and we have held everything in balance so that the end times can unfold in accordance with the greater plan.

I am Ker-On from Venus, and our vibration is somewhat different from others and we work very much on the feminine Love Ray. As you evolve some of you will choose to spend time with us for the very reason of the intensity of these energies. Of course, we live in a higher dimension and not on the surface that you normally see. We have physical bodies of a very refined vibration and we live in surroundings of absolute beauty and splendor. It is constant, and we are perpetually bathed in the most delicate light of scintillating colors. There is no decay or aging such as you know, and if we wish to change our environment we can use the power of thought. You would not find our buildings that unusual, but they have a smoothness and roundness that makes them more pleasing to the eye. They are also created in the perfection of the original thought.

We continue to evolve through studies and actual experience, and we are ever in acknowledgment of The Creator. We too look upwards and through our greater understanding have a constant communion with higher souls. They will come down to our level of vibration and we converse in our special Temples of Learning. You can no doubt see how much of what you have on Earth is a reflection of what is above. When you ascend, you too shall be in such levels of creation and you will soon adapt. I leave you with these thoughts until one day soon we can share our experiences. I send you loving wishes, with the energies of Venus to carry you ever forwards.

Thank you Ker-On.

Mike Quinsey.

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ET Global Contact   


From: mike quinsey [mike@quinsey.wanadoo.co.uk]
Date: Saturday, 14 of January 2006 10:19
To: etfirstcontact
Subject: [ET First Contact] DIANE011406

Diane 01.14.06.

We come to you as something of a mystery, because you wonder how much we differ from yourselves. You have seen many drawings and even photographs of various ET’s and have noted both our similarities and our obvious differences. From the early days of your UFO sightings that commenced in the 40’s, our many types of ships have been noted from small scout craft to enormous Motherships. Smaller craft have been seen leaving and entering them on many occasions. Landed craft have been spotted numerous times and again you have many detailed drawings of them. Sometimes physical evidence has remained, including impressions in your soil, and also the imprints of the legs of some small craft.

Along with crashed craft that have been retrieved with bodies of the crew, and other ET’s who have become captives, you have had many opportunities to learn about us. This is fine to satisfy your initial curiosity, but contact has had to be made to give you information to further your understanding. Messages have often been given at the time of contact, but this has not proved a totally satisfactory method. It was therefore necessary to open up other channels of contact, and many have participated in this work. At various times teaching contacts were arranged, and slowly we have been able to convey much about ourselves.

Our aim has been to give you an overall picture of many facets of our reasons for contact, and allow you to understand the aspects of our lives that are similar to yours. That we feel has been successful and we are no longer seen as vastly different to you. Indeed, some of us are so obviously connected to you, as evidenced from our features and human like appearance. Some others are quite different, and have at various times been seen physically, or in the higher dimensions. We are no longer strangers to you and we know that you have prepared yourselves for contact.

What you cannot know unless we tell you, is our approach and understanding in spiritual matters. In fact some of you even wonder if we are at all spiritual at all, and whether we have any belief in God. On Earth you have various interpretations in respect of your Gods. You seem to recognize the possibility of One God, but often claim that one particular God is the only true one. Your problem originates from a few thousand years ago when ET’s came to your Earth, and they took power by presenting themselves as your Gods. These in fact were false Gods, but their teachings have survived and are evident today and still taken for the truth.

The dark forces were in those days allowed to approach you, because your inclination was to practice religion in a way that they could manipulate and control you. They used your lack of understanding, superstition and fear to lead you into a belief in them. You were confounded by their ability to perform what appeared to be miracles, and you held them in awe. They were the vengeful Gods, and ruled with a rod of iron and much of your merciless treatment of others came from their examples.

As your history shows, more spiritual Beings also came to Earth and brought with them a new dispensation. They taught about a God of Love, and promoted new ideas to bring you together as Brothers and Sisters. However the old ways had taken a firm hold and it was difficult to make progress. Even when you left Earth the practices of the past went with you, in a consciousness that affected your subsequent lives. Most of you have unknowingly experienced the new teachings, but generally only moved forward very slowly. However, once the seeds of these were established they took root to be nurtured and grow with time.

Now I tell you that we have never experienced your drop into the lower vibrations, although we learn from you. We still carry the true knowledge of our creation and understand evolution, and like you are also on a path that will continue to take us upwards. We serve you out of great Love and respect and it is your destiny to rise up and join us. It is where you belong, and soon there shall be encounters that will reveal the total Truth about you. You are wonderful Beings of Light who are about to re-discover your true station in life.

Now you must move away from any unbending belief in what you have been taught, and be ready for a new understanding. Life in many ways is a continual expansion, and this particularly applies to your consciousness. The starting point has to be a belief in God, and from there all other growth will come from a true understanding of God’s Love and God’s Laws. When you have it clearly in mind, you will be able to make a sensible and accurate judgement of all other teachings.

Help in finding the truth will come with us, and you will also have the opportunity to listen too and talk with the Masters. They will rectify the mistakes and deliberately misleading teachings, to leave you with a clear and precise understanding. It will help to start clearing your mind now, and allow for the fact that you have been ruled through fear and not love.

I am Diane, of The Galactic Federation, and I come as one of many who are here to guide you into the gentle ways of life. There is so much we can discuss with you that will remove the blinkers from your eyes. We wish you to join us and share our knowledge and understanding, and together we shall all move forward as One in great love and harmony. You can make this change quite easily, as you are merely awakening to your real self. You have been veiled from the truth for far too long, and it is now time to lift up out of the lower vibrations and fully into the Light. See in us your potential and know we shall lovingly lift you up.

Thank you Diane.

Mike Quinsey.

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